Unwanted visitors

Morning!! I had another late night at work — it’s been a while since I’ve pulled in almost 12 hour days so it takes some getting used to.  Not that I’m going to make that my norm.  If I’m short on words it’s probably I’m in a rush.  Today I’m featuring the fantastic work by Anhelo, showcasing their Camping Go Go Gacha at the Arcade. I’ve linked you up with the vendor key if you want to also take a peek.

Have a great one!

*Camping Go Go Gacha by Anhelo @ The Arcade
{Vendor Key}
–ANHELO-G05-01-182GA : car RARE
–ANHELO-G05-02-182GA : cooker
–ANHELO-G05-03-182GA : dishes
–ANHELO-G05-04-182GA : gas stove
–ANHELO-G05-05-182GA : bottle
–ANHELO-G05-05-182GA : cutting board
–ANHELO-G05-06-182GA : water jug
–ANHELO-G05-07-182GA : shelf A
–ANHELO-G05-08-182GA : shelf B
–ANHELO-G05-09-182GA : flower speaker
–ANHELO-G05-10-182GA : instant camera
–ANHELO-G05-11-182GA : camera bag
–ANHELO-G05-12-182GA : flash pkg
–ANHELO-G05-12-182GA : fukafuka
–ANHELO-G05-13-182GA : table
–ANHELO-G05-14-182GA : chair
–ANHELO-G05-15-182GT : bonus item A
–ANHELO-G05-15-182GT : bonus item B

Giraffe by Just Animals
Black Bear by Just Animals
Twisted Tree by Studio Skye
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]

The times are changing

DDD-Jian 006

I am doing a second post today as I wanted to show a couple of items that are available today only for 25 lindens for 25L Tuesday.   This is a mostly role-play/fantasy/gorean list of content creators who participate.  Though I often find individual pieces or decor items that I can mix in with my own style of dress or decor.

Today for 25L Tuesday two creators that I blog for are participating.  The first is Dysfunctional Designs who has the simple wooden cabinet.  It has a land impact of 2, and has six texture choices for the wood.  I opted to use it outside in this picture, but its uses are many.  Anything your imagination comes up with. I’m also showing the simple metal fence that came out previously, except I was not able to blog it then.  It is available at the main store.  It has several choices for changing the metal.

The other item that I am featuring is the cobblestone path from Jian, also available today for 25L Tuesday.  The path can be changed for the season by simple HUD, and there are 3 rock textures.  The other thing that I like about the path is the transparent ground option, so if you just want the stones.

I picked up another bargain today for 25 lindens.  That’s the wooden ironing board at Hello Tuesday.

*Simple Wooden Cabinet – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs ***for 25L Tuesday***
*Cobblestone Path – Jian ***for 25L Tuesday***
*Simple Metal Fence – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Birdhouse Charm – Zigana
Weeping Willow – 3D Trees
MK Ultimate Sc M7 v2-0 tf-4 DBa1 – Hayabusa Design
MK-BT Bo Maple M1 v1-1a tf-3a derived 1 DBa1 – Hayabusa Design
MK M24 v4-2 VLPE tf-1 DBa1 – Hayabusa Design
Hurley Rural Garage – Post
Empties, Weeds Three, Plant One, Herbs Two, Plant Four, Plant Three – Zigana
Lazy Sunday Chair.Neutral – Zigana
Banjo. Neutral Old – Zigana
Chime Moon – Zigana
Potting Bench – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Leaf Autumn Grass – Zigana
Primavera in Toscana Clay Plots – 8f8
Potting Shelf – Apple Fall
Red Roses Foliage & Pumpkins – aisling
Old Ironing Board – !Six O’Clock! ***for Hello Tuesday***
Metal Washtub – Dutchie
Raccoons – Jon Haskell/Sculpty Creations Animals
Fall is Coming Sign – Kalopsia

*Review copy

The bears are back!

Bears 077

Only a couple of days now before the doors open once again for a fresh new round of Arcade goodies.  The famous collectible bears are back in town! BoOgErS has put together this fine selection of bears pictured above for the September round.  There are three rares and 12 commons to be had and only 25 lindens for each pull.

There is also some cute cuddle bears that are a free gift that are not shown, but will be available at the arcade as well.

*Bears by BoOgErS @ September 2015 Arcade *** Coming Sept. 1st***
Rare Bears: Goodnight Bear, Witch Bear and Fishin’ Bear
Common Bears: Peach Bear, Juice Box Bear, Clown Bear, Pear Bear,
Candy Corn Bear, Olive Bear, Donut Bear, Noodles Bear, Pizza Bear,
Hot Dog Bear, Fairy Bear and Ready To Go Bear

Winter Harvest Picnic Table – {what next}
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadow* White Flowers – KIDD Creation
Climb Frame, Carousel, Round Swing, Pyramid Net & Play Tower Rare – (epia) {past arcade gacha}

Sweat the tension and stress out of your Second Life

Den 068

In need of some relaxation in your life?  The [Den.] has released a sauna, which is currently available at the newest round of Uber.  The perfect thing to sweat the tension and stress out of your  Second Life.  The size of the 100% mesh sauna is 9x9x5m with a land impact of 53 and comes with 6 animations.

The topiary plants are from [CIRCA] and come in various forms and sizes and are available at the main store.

Hope your Thursday where ever you are is less rainy than mine!

*Sauna – The [Den.] @ Uber
NOEL: Frilled Fur Rug/Milk – {anc}
*Spring Cafe – Topiary Planter -Dblt Rount – [CIRCA]
Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil
Floored Towel & Folded Towel – Surge
Blackwell Decorative Floor Towel – [ARIA]
Newspaper and Coffee Beige w/ Steam – LISP
Sheryl Garden Lantern – MudHoney
Zaid Room Divider – Fetch {in-world store closed}
Finley Chaise Lounge – [ARIA]
Finley Side Table & Decorative Vintage Teacup – [ARIA]
Wild Thistles – Apple Fall


This home runs on staying playful

ARIA 057

New round of N21 just opened a few days ago and [ARIA] is participating with the release of the Leonora two sitter sofa.  The sofa is a mid-century influenced design that comes with 6 choices for the velvet fabric, 3 wood shades for the wood portion and 10 choices for the cushion.   You can find it in both adult and pg version, copy and modify materials ready.

The rest of the items are pretty much from my inventory except the fireplace, which is a decor item currently available at Collabor88.

*Leonora Two Sitter Sofa – [ARIA] @ N21
The Arrival – Lamentation of Swans – Ispachi {store closed}
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws Rare – Ispachi {store closed}
Yellow Plant – Just My Imagination
Bertram Armoire – Estatica
Bertram Stool – Estatica
Artemis Fireplace – Lisp @ Collabor88
Wall Panels (dark) – Theosophy
Wood Sculpture – Bazar
Greek Vase – Bazar
Traveler Photo Frame – Bazar
Traveler Roman Amphora – Bazar
Red Round Rug – Wilson Galicia
iFall Notebook 2015 – Apple Fall
Raffles Range Planter – Patron

Sometimes being with friends is all the therapy you need

Girls 051

It’s not often that I get to spend any time together in the same room with these two ladies that are friends and also part of my SL family.  While two of us share the same time zone and are in the same country the other is in another part of the world 14 hours time difference.

Though when we get an opportunity to hang together, it’s always a lovely time.  The conversation just flows and ranges from what we had for breakfast or dinner, the joys and struggles we may be experiencing in our lives to whatever event is going on in this world we inhabit in our down time.  It really doesn’t matter what we talk about ~ it’s just an opportunity to connect with people with common interests who care for one another.

Aphrodite made it possible to share in this moment together with their summer pool party items currently available at the Cosmopolitan Event.  The inflatable floater sits up to six people and has 1o sits for each sit.  You get a few color choices for the floater with just a click that brings up the menu.  It also includes the inflatable floating drinks cooler that comes in four options: soda, juices, booze or beer.

Next, are the beach tropic decor items by [CIRCA] now available at the main store. The lounger set has two chairs that come with 10 animations each and is perfect for around the pool or just outdoors to enjoy the last rays of summer.  Not shown is a small table with tropical drinks.  I like the palm motif decor, and would work wonders indoors as well when you want to bring the sunshine inside.

Hair – Argrace – Hikari
Beach Basics Bikini – Luas

*”Summer Pool Party” – Aphrodite Shops @ The Cosmopolitan Event
{Floater, Beers Drink Cooler and Sodas Drink Cooler}
Mediterranean Palm Tree – Kidd Creation
Crooked Palms – NT {store closed}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Floored Towel 2 & Stacked Towels – Surge
*”Beach Tropic” Miami Palms Motif Decor – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Lounger Set – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Sun Lotion & Mag Decor – [CIRCA]
Tropical Palm Plant v.5 Full Perm – Leika Meili
Splash Pool – Apple Fall
Headphone Skull Gold – Swallow
Sunscreen Tube – {what next}
*”Seaward” Beach Ball Multi – [CIRCA]

*Review copy

The gamers life

Games 038

It’s blistering hot outside today.  It sucks the life out of you if you’re in that oppressive humid heat for very long or it does me.  I’ll say thank goodness for air conditioning.

Today I’m showing a few items from a couple of creators.  This gaming hole set is by Jian and it’s available starting today at the Festival of Sin Event that runs until September 15th.  The set includes the tv console, chairs, pizza boxes, the gaming systems and light, table and chips.   The wood texture is changeable by menu and the chairs have lots of fun poses, like this one I’m using sitting on my stomach.  All that munching on junk food wore me out.

Next, is (Epia), who is participating in this round of Men Only Monthly with several new items for men.   The gentlemen shoes you see on the floor, comes with a color change menu giving you eight colors to choose from.  The fur hat with flaps also has color change options for both the main hat and side fur.  The men are being spoiled with so much color options to choose from as the panel cap comes with even more color and design options. The Men Only Monthly runs until September 15th.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Hair – [Entwined] – Anna {past Shiny Shabby Opening Gift}
Bees Antenna Headband {past event gift}
Top – Emery – Galadriel Top Grey
Shorts – Blueberry – Cuffed Denim Shorts Black
Shoes – Fri. – Effy Sandals

*Games Hole Set – Jian @ Festival of Sin {August 22 thru Sept. 15th}
{Light, Table, Chair, TV Console, Pizza & Pizza Boxes, Game Systems, Chips}
*Fur Hat – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
*Gentlemen Shoes – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
*Five Panel Cap – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
Tree Top Ground Version – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Mesh Blinds Wide Long-Teak – Lisp
Hanging Bulb-Triple – Seven Emporium
Square Frame Wall Leaners – Sever Emporium
Rocket Chair [Flames] – 22769~[bauwerk]
Philby Record Player – Seven Emporium
Bowl of chips – Depoz Party Supplies
Assorted Candy {old items from past event}
Bottle of Verona Beer – (epia) {past arcade item}

*Review copy


A getaway where you can smell autumn in the breeze

DaD -029-2

I’m trying out a new theme.  I loved the previous one except the lettering was quite small, so lets see how this one works.

It’s hard to believe that autumn is almost here.  Not that I get to see much of the autumn season down here in my part of southern Florida.  Everything stays green all year long, while many parts of the country burst into colors of orange, red and yellow.  I don’t get snow either.  It’s one of the nice things about my Second Life… that I can enjoy the autumn and winter season whenever I want.  Not to mention the joy of setting it up and decorating in the way that I would love having it in real life.

DaD Designs is releasing a new build.  The Woodstock Cottage is like the perfect home to get away to and enjoy the season.  The rich dark brick and wood tones that make up this house just creates that warm and cozy atmosphere. There is so much included with this build that makes it such a great build to have, not to mention bargain.  The cottage  comes with several add on’s, such as the stone path with round central plant bush.  Ivy with leaves blowing in the wind and climbing bougainvillea that come in three colors.  Not shown are the stone walls that come in 4 designs.  It has several ample sized rooms and I really appreciate the high ceiling walls with the wood beams.  The gothic style windows and doors is a nice feature as well.  You can find the cottage at 20% off during the Fantasy Collective event, where it will be released. The event runs from August 22nd to September 15th.

The other items that I want to point out are the hydrangea bushes by Jian.  Like most if not all of Jian’s landscape products, these bushes also come with the all seasons hud to change the texture and color of the plant leaves and flower by the season you want.  Jian had also recently released this birdy home petunia planter for 25L Tuesday, but I was not able to blog it in time.  It’s a cute decor item that comes with a robin.

DaD 033-2

I was in the middle of decorating when a box hit my inventory and I got these new fall items by Shutter Field.  It was labeled as decor so I didn’t hesitate in opening and instantly knew that I would use some of the items in this scene. They were just perfect for what I had in mind.  I love the pumpkin in the basket decor! That just screams autumn season to me. The other items include the fall letters, the autumn frame on the table and the box of plants on the window seal. You can get a head start on decorating for autumn with these decor items.

I’ve blogged this dining set by [ARIA] before on it’s release, but I think it’s a perfect table for the upcoming season.  Especially, with the red chairs, which is one of several colors with the texture change option, so completely adaptable for other seasons.

First Pic ~
*Woodstock Cottage Main w/ Add on’s – DaD Designs @ The Fantasy Collective ***August 22nd***
*Hydrangea Bushes – Jian
*Birdy Home Petunia Planter/Birdy {Robin} – Jian
Beaumont Brick Fence – Jian
Boxwood Shrubs – Jian
Grass – Garden of Dreams
Garden Tree 08 w/ Lights – Happy Mood
Kiki Simple Bench/Dropwood & Watercan w/ Print – Vespertine
Great Dane – Zooby
Exelero Roadster Champagne v1.2 – [Surplus Motors] {mania board}

Second Pic ~
Flower Frame – Apple Fall
*Box of Plants-Autumn Flowers – Shutter Field
*Letter Decor-Woods – Shutter Field
*Pumpkin Harvest – Shutter Field
*Autumn Frame – Shutter Field
Pearl Chandelier – Apple Fall
Eva Dining Room Set – [ARIA]
{Dining Table & Chairs, Sideboard, Plumeria in a Vase}
Cognac & Pipe Tray – Aphrodite Shop
L’Olivier – Apple Fall Apple Fall
Horse Bust Fragment – Apple Fall
Horse Fragment – Apple Fall
Bidjar Antiqe Rug – The Loft
Antique Art – Apple Fall {used own art texture in frame}
*Review copy

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color

Un Jian 014

I’ve had computer issues all day and still trying to resolve it.  I was one step close to throwing a major hissy fit and throwing the thing out the window if not for the calming effect of a friend, who provided compassion, guidance and sound judgment when mine went out the door.

As a result, my post will not be very long, but I did want to get this out today to show the latest home decor offerings by a couple of creators.  The retro living room set is by unKindness and is currently available at the Cosmopolitan Event that runs bi-weekly.  Each of the pieces are sold separately or you can grab them all at a discount buy purchasing them as a set.   You will find animations for male, female and couples.

Next, are the mermaid canvas paintings on the wall and the ones leaning against the window by Jian.  These paintings are texture change by the touch of a menu giving you several choices of art to choose from to fit your decor and style.  I went with this particular art as the colors blended well with the retro set and I was wanting to show these items as soon as possible and took advantage of showing them together.  The canvas art can be found at the newest round of Enchantment.

*Candy Retro Set – UnKindness @ The Cosmopolitan Event
{Couch, Chair, Coffee Table, Lamp, Side Table, Shelf & Rug}
*Canvas Paintings-Mermaid – Jian @ Enchantment
Tots RV Retro Green – The Loft
Retro Zone – Antenna – Standby Inc.
Sunday Planters-Pinball blue – Willow Home
The Smiling Garden Washtub Plants – O.M.E.N.
Alex Books – MudHoney
Writer’s Room-Book Stack – Pixel Mode
Books * Plant – Cleo Design {part of Empress Armchair Decor Set}
[Ossory] Wooden Craft Dog Ispachi & Miniature Swan {store closed}
Hit with Me & Box of Love – Seven Emporium {resized to miniature}
Paper Diamond Curtains – BoOgErS
Agenda – Kalopsia {part of Paris Decor Set}
Hansel & Gretel-Little Mermaid Macarons Rare – O.M.E.N. {previous arcade}
Fairytales-Little Mermaid Hair Comb Packaging Box – O.M.E.N.

Surround yourself with what brings you joy

Bunnies 028

I’m pretty short on words tonight, so this time around I am going to point you down to my credits to get all the information on where you can find all these cutesy stuff including what I’m wearing.  Most of these items are at events or otherwise at main stores.

Hair – Dura – Boys & Girls *41
*Top – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Leather Top Black @ anyBody {August 7-31}
*Jacket – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Cascade Leather Jacket Black @ anyBody
*Shorts – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] High Waist Shorts Dark Blue @ anyBody
*Shoes – MoDANNA – [Moet Collection] Strap Cage Heels Art Deco @ Black Dot Project {August 10-Sept 4}
*Forest Fashion Friends – Baby Fox (Rare) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden

*Paper Cranes, Dandy Star Strings Long, Button Pouf, Paper Cranes Trio, Daydream Mirror – Dysfunctional Designs @ Collabor88
*Forest Fashion Friends – Bluejay Purse, Cardinal Purse, Bunny (White), Bunny (B&W), Bunny (Caramel), Bunny (Black), Bunny (Brown) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
*B&W Rugs 3 and Rug 5 – Kuro for  the Mix
*Nerd Bear Decor/Chair & Be Yourself Frame – Shutter Field

*Review copy