Found the cookies!

Cookies 010

Doing a quick post this evening to show a few items for the toddleedoo.   The first are these dinosaur pajamas that BoOgErS made for the Gen-Neutral event, which ends tomorrow so you still have a little time to grab them at a great price. There are two options available for you to choose from.

Over the past weekend I made two batches of peanut butter cookies, which amounted to about four dozen.  So it made me chuckle as I was doing up this scene as I recalled the amount of cookies I had in the last days.  I’m glad they’re all gone now.   This cute “found the cookies” pose is by Buglets and is available at the main store.

There are a couple of items that I picked up today for kids Fifty Linden Friday like the peg board toy and the black sneakers, which are a part of a complete outfit.  You can find all the details below.

Hair – Tram– D219 Jet Black
Mesh Head – *Cute Bytes* – Baby Mesh Head #1 Kiss
Glasses – Sorgo – SMQ Shades Wood Glasses
*Dinosaur T-Shirt – BoOgerS @  Gen-Neutral
*Dinosaur Sweatpants – BoOgErS @  Gen-Neutral

Hair – Doe – Elfie
Top – Des Lunes – Dungaree Tee/Buggies
Overalls – Des Lunes – Dungaree Sand
Sneakers & Socks – a Dash of Dulce – Mouse Socks & Keds for FLF

Peg Board – Larnia Kids for FLF
Shiba Inu-Playful – +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade

*Pose: Found the Cookies! – *Buglets*

Playhouse ruckus

Crabby 027

Showing some cute stuff for the toddleedoo, which can be found at a couple of events that are specifically for the children avatars in Second Life.   Buglets has a playhouse gacha set at the current round of The Play Room, which started August 5th and runs through August 31st.  The set includes the rare playhouse that is not pictured here, but is shown in the gacha key shown at the bottom of this post.  Along with the 1 rare there are 14 commons, most of which are shown in this picture and detailed below.

Most everyone knows BoOgErS for its line of toys and children furniture.  Do you know that the creator behind the store has now started to make clothes for children too?  Sydney’s little friend is wearing a top and shorts by BoOgErS, which can be found at La Boutque until August 26th.  Several choices of tops and shorts that can all work together and comes with two versions to fit both kids and toddleedoos.

Go and make your little one happy by giving them their own playhouse to play in.

Hair – Love Soul – *113* Jet Black
Dress – Petite Bowtique – Kelly Outfit
Hair – LeLutka – Seiko
*Top – BoOgErS – Tank Top Babby Crabby @ La Boutique
*Shorts – BoOgErS – Belted Shorts Babby Sand @ La Boutique

*Ryleigh’s Playhouse RARE – Buglets @ The Play Room
*Ryleigh’s Gacha Set – Buglets – Ryleigh’s Poster, Panda chair, Sleeping Bags (Blue & Purple)
Pouf (Pink & Green), Coloring Clutter, Play Table, Puzzle, Toy Shelf, Dino (Pink & Green) @ The Play Room

*Review copy

~_Buglets_~ Ryleigh's Playhouse Gacha Key

Playing house


The little ones like to play house or sometimes like in this case take over the house.  Showing some items for the little ones today.  These tents are from Buglets as a gacha item and can be found at the current round of The Play Room. There are 10 commons and 1 rare and come with 12 poses for you and a friend.  It’s low impact at only 3 land impact. I’m on the setting up pose, but did use my handy dandy animare hud to move my head around so I could face the camera. You know we little ones are vain like that.

I’m also wearing some new nails also by Buglets, which can be found at the store.  The cabin nails comes in lots of colors and each color comes with four options.  I’m showing the ads below so you can get an idea of the colors for both items.

Happy shopping!

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *115*
Top – TinyOwl – Senorita Maiden Top {part of senorita outfit}
Shoes – TinyOwl – {part of senorita outfit}
*TD Cabin Nails – Buglets

*Lil Beach Tent Gacha – Buglets @ The Play Room
Daisy & Buddy Bears – BoOgErS {June 2015 Arcade}
Essential Rug – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
Foundry Hide Sofa – Scarlet Creative
Cluttered House – Pile of Board Games – Second Spaces
Connect Four Board – Supernerd
Domino – Hideki
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws Rare – Ispachi {store closed}

*Review copy

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