Home built with love and dreams


This luxurious home is a new release called “The Naples” by Galland Homes. This Mediterranean beauty has a land impact of 227 if you use the ultimate version with the mesh clay roof or you can choose the standard 183 land impact version with a flat plane roof.


I will let the pictures do the talking, but warn you that you will need at least a 4096 space to put this home on.  This home is very typical to the homes you will find in some of the more luxurious neighborhoods in the gulf, southwest and eastern parts of Florida that I opted to decor the outside with that in mind.  picmonkey-collage

This is a home that really dictates you take a visit and have a walk through.

Have a great one!

*The Naples by Galland Homes **New Release**

Other Landscape & Decor used:
Palmetto.v1 by Little Branch
Spruce Trees by 3D Trees
Yews by 3D Trees
Fountain (Tiled) by Ionic
Urne de Terra Cuite by Apple Fall
Plaster Horse by Apple Fall
Rosemary by Apple Fall
Raffles Range Planter by Patron
Orange Espalier (Left Front Orientation) by Patron
Petunia by Dutchie
Creative Outdoors – Bench Green by Apt B
L’Olivier by Apple Fall
Potted Cheese Plant [White] by Soy
Grass {from a build} by M. Law Designs
Palmetto, Queen Palm & Bamboo by OPP
Dwarf Palmetto by Indigo Orbit
Hedges by Static Forge
Cobblestone_Straight by Anna Erotica
Ryusei-Red_1.36 by Haru Motors
Apple Fall Privet Ball (Variegated)by Apple Fall
Morning Dew Grass by T-Spot

Lunch time

Epia 013

*Sheriff Dept. Uniform Tan/Black by Every Pixel is Art/(epia) @ The Men’s Department (See details for more info. below credits)
Hair: Hair *77 by *barberyumyum*
Chinese & Chopsticks by Apple Fall

Stop Sign by Seven Emporium
Brooklyn Battery by Seven Emporium
Pop Machine by Seven Emporium
US Mailbox Stamped by Seven Emporium
Pop Machine by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Payphone Sign by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Missing Payphone by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Trash Can (3 Prims) Type 1 by Static Forge

************ Details ****************

To change the Sheriff Dept. Uniform’s appearance simply attach the HUD that we have included for you.

The unisex uniform comes with the following features:
♦ Fully HUD-controllable. Simply left-click the HUD buttons to control various options.
♦ Uniform scripts can be remotely removed through HUD.
♦ Visibility of (epia) collar pin, police department patches, and sergeant chevrons can be individually toggled.
♦ Color of epaulets and pocket laps are switchable.
♦ Stripe on side of pants can be toggled.
♦ A campaign hat with 3 different and logo metals and multiple trim colors.
♦ High quality mesh- and texture work.
♦ 3 Standard Sizes for male AND female included (S, M, and L).
♦ Alpha layers included.
♦ Comes copy & modify! – This means you can add your own patches!


Another day almost over.


The Perfect 10 event just started today with some new home and garden decor.  The natural tone wicker rose set by Willowinds is one of the items you can find during this round.  The chaise comes with single and couple animations and the ottoman comes with single poses.   To complete the set is the wicker basket and tray with drink and book.

The other item you can find at the Perfect 10 event is the wall set by Galland Homes.  The set comes in individual pieces giving you the ability to design your own layout for whatever your needs may be.  It can serve to surround your land or to make an enclosed area like the one I created adjacent to your home.  It is a low impact mesh product, at 1 prim land impact for every two linked pieces.

The Perfect 10 event runs from June 1st to June 15th.

I will be doing a second post a little later to show you some more items from the event.

Happy shopping!

*Wicker Rose Set – Willowinds @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10
*Modern Landscaping Wall Set – Galland Homes @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10
Hedges – Static Forge
*Cypress Oaks {4 Seasons} – Little Branch @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Petunia, Scindapsus, Aglaonema Full, Green Flax & Schefflera Tall – Dutchie
Mini Greenhouse & Basil Plant Potted – Alouette
Glass Vase w/ Yellow Flowers – Dutchie
Enameled Chinese Vase – Dutchie
Valiano Bistro Table * Chairs – Trompe Loeil

*Review copies

Outdoor living.

ARIA 019-2

The spring weather definitely invites you to spend time outside and I got to do a little of that over the weekend sitting out on the lanai enjoying the breeze and reading.  It’s why I can appreciate outdoor sets like this one that [ARIA] has created for this round of FaMESHed.  The set includes the sectional sofa, side and coffee table, decorative bowl of apples, cactus plant and the blue Hawaiian drink.  The sofa has a texture change menu for the cushions, upholstery and wood.  You also get a few choices to change the wood on the tables.

This set is not limited to just the outside, as it can work really well inside a home.

*Thea Set {Sectional Sofa, Side Table, Coffee Table, Potted Cactus, Stone Bowl w/ Apples & Decorative Blue Hawaiian} – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
Banana Trees – Apple Fall
Cast Iron Fountain Wall Decor – [free bird] {just passed Wayward Hunt}
Hedges – Static Forge
Flower Arrangement Shoubu White – Monkey Banana {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Portland Cosy Cottage Log Store Warm – Lisp
Tabletop Magazine – [Noble]
Basset Hound – Just Animals
Mediterranean Palm – Kidd Creation

*Review copy.

Lesson 33


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I love many of her quotes, because they embody such strength and are always full of wisdom.

Lesson 33:  Choose Powerful Interpretations

Despite how it seems, it’s never the events of our lives that cause us pain or suffering. It’s what we make those incidents mean about us that either builds or diminishes our self-love. Having someone not return your smile or your phone call, for example, may not necessarily upset you, but how you interpret these situations will very likely influence the way you feel about yourself.

Each interpretation we make either adds to the quality of our life or takes away from it. This week, choose powerful interpretations!

Your Self-Love Assignment

Think of one situation or circumstance from your past that you’ve deemed painful, embarrassing, or hurtful. Notice how you interpreted this event by examining what you made it mean about you.

Now invent three positive interpretations of this occurrence that would leave you feeling powerful and strong, rather than weak and victimized.

Pick the interpretation that makes you feel the best about yourself – the one that most nurtures your soul and feeds your self-love.

Write this interpretation down on a sticky note or an index card, and read it to yourself every day this week.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points every time you choose a powerful interpretation.

Hair – Clawtooth – Pink Flamingos – Softest Black @ Collabor88
Top – Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Oatmeal
Pants – [R3] – Etta Jeans [V3] with HUD
Socks – Maitreya – Prim Socks – White {modified}
Boots – Ionic – My Winter Boots – Camouflage @ The Chapter Four
Rock Mossy by [We’re Closed]
Pampas Grass by Dop Kidd
Pergola Ivy *Half-Circular* by Dop Kidd
Janine Swing by Cheeky Pea
Grass Patch by TUFF
Grass Sculpt by Serenah Raynier
Banyan Tree by 3D Trees
Spruces by 3D Trees
Tree for Background Bush by Forest Feast
Hedges by Static Forge