Thinking of you


*Skin: Leah #Medium 02 (Lelutka Applier) by Essences @ Shiny Shabby
*Tattoo: Goldi by Aurica Store @ Cosmopolitan
*Bish Crown by Astralia for BishBox
*Hair: Rebel-Re-Remy-Essentials by Iconic  {re-release}
*Akimas Dress (Maitreya) – Black by [sYs] @ Tres Chic
*Boots: Lily-Maitreya by #Empire
Mesh Body: Lara V3.5 by Maitreya
Mesh Head: Simone Bento Head V2.6 by  LeLutka

*Hors d’oeuvre, Cheese Platter MIFF 2017 by {luc} Boutique @ MadPea International Food Fair 
*Daisy’s Coottage Rare by Hive @ The Arcade 
Modern Chair & Ottoman / Coffee by Brocante
Modern Loveseat / Coffee by Brocante
Hargrave Buffet Cherry by The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88
Hargrave Table Lamp Yellow by The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88
Hargrave Sunburst Mirror Brass by The Loft & Aria @ Collabor88
Interior Plant by Apple Fall
DD Cotton Heaven Curtain by Dreamland Designs
Candle Sconce by The Loft

Pose: Smoking Hot by Artis Poses

Tidings of comfort and joy


It’s one of those days where I don’t have any words to pour forth, so I leave you with credits.

*Hair: Martini A by eXxEsS 
*Fringes Scarf by Meva @ Tres Chic
*Mercury Jacket (Maitreya body) – Black by [sYs] @ Tres Chic
*Mercury Shorts (Maitreya body) – Black by [sYs] @ Tres Chic
*Pansy Boots by Empire @ Collabor88

*Christmas Books Tree by [Merak] @ Tres Chic
*Holiday Wreath C by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Christmas Gift Pile by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*EggNog Set by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Stollen Plate by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Munchkin Kitten Gacha by JIAN @ The Fantasy Collective
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Calico Wandering Kitten
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Tabby Wandering Kitten
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Siamese Held Kitten
*Wild Rug (Beige) by [Noble Creations]

Angel & Wreath Table by [kusshon] for {POE9 Hunt}
Noelle Cottage V1.1 by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Noelle Sofa PG by

Pose: AE Get Down 1 by Artis Poses {slight adjustment to right hand}

Down by the water wheel


Doing a late post today as I posted to my other blog this morning.  I’ll probably be doing double posts either on the same blog or vice versa like today, one on each. That’s because this month is a bit busier with the unexpected Fantasy Gacha Carnival event taking place.  It had been announced in the group some time back that the last one in August would be the last of that quarterly fantasy event. Apparently that wasn’t the case for now and so it means maybe doing one or two posts a day until things are back to my normal pace with just main store and ongoing monthly events.

I am showing the water wheel mill by Mushilu at We ❤ Role-Play.  This is available in three colors; the blue version as shown and then a red and green one.


I’m wearing a sweater and jeans by [sYs] available at the Liaison Collaborative. Both are mesh body compatible and the jeans can be found in four options and the sweaters in twelve color options.

*MELLOW Sweater (Maitreya Body) – Black by [sYs] – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative 
*MELLOW Jeans (Maitreya Body) – Denim by [sYs] – NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Dakota Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills

*Water Wheel Mill by Mushilu @ We ❤ Role-Play 
The Willow Pond from Studio Skye
Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Fairy Willow Tree M16-1 v1-3 P1G by Hayabusa Design

Pose: Sits 02 – Pose 5 by {Imeka}

You’re a cutie…yes, you

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ~ Lena Horne

Circa 018-2

This is a quick post as I have just enough time before I have to go out the door this morning.  I’m showing this lovely morning glory spring set by [CIRCA], currently available as a gacha set at the Dreams Gacha Fair.  I listed all the pieces used in the picture, but there is a few more pieces that complete the set. The sit pose I am using is not from the ottoman, but it is actually a pose by [evoLove], which is available at the newest round of GENRE.

I’m also featuring some landscape items by Little Branch.  The wild grass and the white cherry blossom trees available now at the current round of the LTD The Event.

All these spring colors are sure to brighten up your days.  If the spring colors don’t do it, check out this adorable English bulldog.  He is cute, isn’t he?  I’ve yet to name him, but I think that I have a perfect name in mind.

Enjoy your Saturday!

*”Morning Glory” Gacha Collection by [CIRCA] – @ Dreams Gacha Fair
-String Light Stand – Moss & Cream
-Chalkboard Sign – Brown Frame
-Glory” Wall Trellis – Blue/Purp Single
-Wall Trellis – Multi Single 1
-Planter Bench – Cream Wood
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Fountain Stand – Tan Stone
-Area Rug – Grass Green Weave
-Ottoman Seat A – Grass ZigZag
-Bread & Fruit Basket
*Wild Grass {Green} by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*White Cherry Blossoms by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*Belle Epoque No1 Pose by [evoLove] @ GENRE {slight adjustment to Head Position}
Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 03 by Pink Acid @ The Chapter Four
Real Grass *White Flowers* – KIDD Creation

F312 Hair by Tram @ The Seasons Story
RIO T-Shirt by [sYs] @ The Chapter Four
Electra Short Exclusive by Addams {not available}
Laced Gladiators Silver #4 by Reign @ Epiphany

Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro!

Epia 001

My sister PB gave me the keys to her house while she’s away and said make yourself at home and so I did.   I should send her a note letting her know she needs to make a pit stop on her return trip to restock her liquor cabinet.

In the meantime… “Salud!”

Cheers also for the new combat boots that (epia) has released for this round of FaMESHed.  The boots are mesh and 3D modeled to fit and come with 8 choices in texture for the boot and 3 for the metal.  They can also be re sized by HUD or manually.

Hair – Analog Dog – 42 Black
Top – Maitreya – Ana Top * Tie Dye Zero
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans
*Boots – (epia) – Rebel Combat Boots @ FaMESHed
Pipe – Leonard! – Bubble Pipe

Some say a dog is a girl’s best friend instead of diamonds.

Shutter 036

Quick post to share that the wooden shed and the garden cushion I’m sitting on are from Shutter Field and can be purchased at their store in-world today at a discount for Lazy Sunday.

I spent my evening time last night sorting through my inventory organizing some items received and trying to see what I can do to take a few pictures to honor my commitment to those creators who share their creations with me to blog.   It’s two fold in a way.  I am trying to distract myself from over thinking and not let myself be hooked to give into irrational fears to the challenges that are forthcoming in the next few weeks.  That’s the problem with being the strong one sometimes, because when it’s your turn to face challenges no one really thinks you need a hand.

May you enjoy the rest of what remains of your Sunday.

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Shiny Hair
Top – Fashionably Dead – High Low Pleats Orange @ Collabor88
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans

*Old Woodshed – Shutter Field for Lazy Sunday
*Garden Cushion Vintage – Shutter Field for Lazy Sunday
Rural Farmhouse Rare & Potting Shelf {TCF March 2015} – Apple Fall 
Douze Roses Basket Pillow & Ladder {Shiny Shabby April 2015} – Apt B
The Industrial Side Letters – Apt B @ 6th Republic
License Plate Light {Kustom9 April 2015} – Apt B
Shabby Frames & Shabby Door Rare {Shiny Shabby Feb. 2015} – [kunst]
Roses Rustic Market Table – Lacrime dell’anima
Fluffy Grass V1 – Garden of Dreams
Sweet Garden Grass 07 & Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Ultimate Great Dane – Zooby



The king of hearts.

“Every man has two men in him. A king and a fool. How do you know when you’ve found a queen? When she speaks to the King in you.” ~

Sometimes soothed by the darkness 01

Hair – Lamb – Stranger @ No21
Top – Milk Motion – Loose Knit Sweater Palegrey
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans @ Shiny Shabby

*Vintage Frames*Froggy – [MeshedUp] for The Neighborhood ***Saturday March 28th only***
Railway Set Rare & Mr. Spring Toy – Nomad @ The Arcade
Open Road Collection Radio – Consignment @ The Arcade
Trois Pillows Mono & Blue/Pink/Yellow – Llorisen
Garden Craft & Oldbook – {anc} @ The Arcade
Rug & DIY Picture Frame – Apt. B
Stack of Suitcase – DRD
Schefflera Tall – Dutchie
Book & Glasses – {CE} 
*Cassina Sofa *Latte* – Strawberry Box Home Store  @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect Ten Event ***Starts April 1st***

*Review copies.

Faced with inevitable change…the choice was mine.

“…Deception and manipulation kill relationships because they are the opposite of respect and honor.  Only honesty and openness build deep relationships.”  ~ Calvin Dillard

Frozen in time 4

My father was a musician and he played the accordion from a very young age teaching himself and learning from hanging out with musicians who played.  The music he played is known as “Norteno,” which means northern and a popular form of music that originated around the Texas-Mexico border.  Dad played basically everything from corridos that are long ballads usually about political and popular issues of the time and today some of the most popular songs are those that involves the drug trade, a major controversial issue that has resulted in the loss of lives for many musicians who sang those songs.   He played rancheras, which themes revolved around love, patriotism and the music is usually a waltz, polka or bolero.

Mexican music to me is a lot like country music where it’s all about love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak.

This accordion is a new release by Happy Mood at the SOU by Creation JP event, which is what prompted me to go to the event. While not the same kind of accordion my father played, which was the button accordion, it was a timely release because what I gained that day was an answer to a plaguing question.

Happy Sunday!

Skin – WoW Skins – Fionora
Hair – +elua+ – Demi in Blacks @ SOU by Creation JP
Outfit – [sYs] – Capucine Tuxedo @ SOU by Creation JP
Bow Tie – [sYs] – Bow Tie Red @ SOU by Creation JP
Shoes – *YS&YS* – Xmas Sandals @ The Dressing Room
Accordion – Happy Mood – Wooden Accordion @ SOU by Creation JP

Itchy & Puffy Grass Frozen by Alirium

Pose: Dumbfounded Male by Del May

Sometimes there is no turning back…

“Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.”


Every now and then I’ll have regret over something that I did or didn’t do or something said or not said.  In the last couple of years I’ve taken more of a stance to keep my thoughts to myself not out of fear or the fear of the repercussions. I think it’s a learned behavior and taking on an attitude of trying to maintain the peace — maybe more my peace of mind than anything else.  I can’t control anyone’s actions or behavior either way, though I can control mine.  Being of the stubborn sort I tend to get into that place of becoming resolved and making a decision and there is no turning back.  That doesn’t mean I am inflexible, though more cases than not…  I’ll live with the consequences even if it means heartache and sleepless nights.  In the end it’s all about what is in your best interest.

Enough of my self-analytic babble.

This jewelry that I am wearing today is from [sYs] and it’s got attitude written all over it.  You can find this and much more at the Jewelry Fair that runs until the 28th of September.


*Necklace & Bracelets – [sYs] – AXIOM Necklace & Bracelets Gold @ The Jewelry Fair

Skin – Lumae – Evie Tone 6 Cookie {Lazy Sunday}
Hair – *Soonsiki! – Kaleidoscope *Blacks*  @ The Men’s Department
Dress – CaTwA – Marilena Dress V2 w. Color HUD

Pose: Doubt Take You by Del May {slight modification with Animare}

*Review copy.