I paint flowers so they will not die ~ Frida Kahlo

I figured since morning will come too quick here in a few hours and I will be a bit cranky after only a bit of hours of sleep that I might as well post this now and get it out of the way.

I’m showcasing Ionic’s new gacha at The Chapter Four event called the Spirit Gacha.  It’s got some cute artistic items as well as other adorable decor items that are all detailed below.  The one thing that I want to point out is that I heavily modded the curtains, so the actual version is just two panels and not four as shown.

Have a great Friday!!

*Spirit Gacha Set by Ionic @ The Chapter Four
ionic : Spirit House Rare
ionic : Painter’s Easel
ionic : Painter’s Little Table
ionic : Little Red Alien [Poster]
ionic : Messing Me Around [poster]
ionic : Clover Little Plant
ionic : Canvas & Other Stuff Table
ionic : Interior Plant
ionic : Translucent Curtain [B] {modded}
ionic : Hanging Moon Phases [Gold]
ionic : Spirit Shelf
ionic : Morning Breakfast

Refurbished Spring Drawer by [ keke ] {{past Feb. Deco(c)rate}
Grungy Varnished Stool {Lazy Weekend Gacha} by ..::THOR::..
Artist’s Set Canvases by **InteriorAddiction**
Artist’s Jar of Brushes by **InteriorAddiction**
Artist Brushes by Tartessos Arts
Worn Rug by [Brixley] {store closed}
Bulldog_Dog_v3.3 by [TomatoPark]

Just us “guys” hanging out


I took a hiatus for a day to get some fantasy posts done on my Alexa’s Fantasy Wardrobe Blog, but I’m back again today to show you some more awesome decor.

The first is this new release that is an exclusive for the SwagBag Event tailored for men. This is a themed crate event, similar to Luxe Box, where the crate is delivered on the 1st of each month with fifteen unique items that are made exclusively for this event.  If you miss grabbing the crate during the open period, you will only be able to purchase those particular items as a previous Swagbag at twice the price the month after its release.  Below credits I’ve put some additional information that the creator has provided on this set that is included in your delivery box with purchase.

Next I’m featuring another fantastic collection by JIAN.  This time they brings us raccoons, which are fantastically detailed.  There are static, wanderer and a companion that is the only one that I didn’t include in this picture.  You can find more details at the bottom of credits and can find the raccoons at FaMESHed.

Tomorrow I will be showcasing a new home by Maven Homes, which I can’t wait to show you all.

Until then… take care!

*Man Cave Set by ..::THOR::.. – NEW @ SwagBag Event
..::THOR::.. Vintage Fridge with Giver
..::THOR::.. Wheel Speaker
..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)
..::THOR::.. Aged Car Setee
..::THOR::.. Snooker Lamp (with chains)
..::THOR::.. Man Cave Rules Sign
..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster
..::THOR::.. Industrial Coffee Table
..::THOR::.. Pool Balls Candles
..::THOR::.. Magazines
..::THOR::.. “Eightball” Ashrtay
..::THOR::.. Meowix The Cat (lying) *Gift*

*Raccoon Collection by JIAN – NEW @ FaMESHed 
JIAN :: Raccoon (Wanderer – Rez me!)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sit R)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look L)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sit L)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Feed)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look R)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sleep L)

Messy Beer Cans by Soy
Potato Chips by Tartessos Arts
Convenience Store Snacks – What Thins RARE by -RC-  Cluster
Convenience Store Snacks – Cheeze Wangz by -RC-  Cluster
Case of Beer/ Full by Talen Morgan
Echoes of Autumn – Wines by Second Spaces @ Collabor88
Container Plan Gacha / Rare by Haikei

Man Cave Set ~
The fridge is an object/landmark/notecard giver, so, just put inside what you want FULL PERM, and by clicking on, all can have it (inside there is some example to wear…yeah…BEERS! cheers^^).

The lamp have a notecard inside (editable) where you can set your preferred light/glow/color etc (very simple to use, just open it and edit), or, if you want, just hold click on for 5 seconds, and a menu appear (just when you turn off the lights, all come back to the old setting about the notecard).

The guitar, is a little jukebox, have inside 4 fine high detailed guitar songs, just click on it and choose your, or if you prefer, just put inside your own splitted music (as usual for objects that have sounds/music).

Raccoon Collection~

━━━━━ Companion Version
Wear this version on your avatar, or better even: right click and ‘add’ it from your inventory. You are now stylin’ with your raccoon buddy at your side.
If you click on it, you can resize it or turn animations on or off.

━━━━━ Wanderer Version
Rez out your wanderer raccoon.
Click on it.
From here you have some options…
– Resize: Resize your raccoon
– Radius: Tell your raccoon how far from the point you turn it on it can wander
– Reset: Reset the script in case your raccoon freezes up (unlikely)
– Wander: Turn your raccoon on and watch it go! Turn it off and it will return to the point where you first turned it on.

━━━━━ Static Versions
Static meshes. You can resize and modify these as you please.

Twisted happenings


The [Den.] has come out with a new skybox — the Room 341 out now at the newest round of Uber.  The size is 24 x 22 x 6m and is 73 prims.  One of the things to note about the builds from this creator is they are easily adaptable to fit whatever need you may have. For example this skybox can easily be used as a personal home or used for a business and modifiable to customize to your liking.  The first two pictures top and bottom of the photo below show the bigger room in dark and light lighting.  The other two pictures show the skybox as a double without doors, which makes it great for a store.

Featured as well is the decor wall clock by unKindness currently at the monthly Tres Chic event.  It’s available in a few colors. The other items by the same creator is the table and ottoman that is below the television at the LTD Event.

The Den Collage

To decorate the room above I used items from Finishing Touches.  The yellow loungers, rugs, round table with vases and the column shelves with the accessories are the hunt gift by Finishing Touches for the Twisted Hunt.  There is one other piece as part of this gift that is not pictured, which is the column shelves as stand alone.

It’s been three years since I last fully did this annual hunt. If I remember correctly you get no hints to find the twisted hunt object and there are dozens and dozens of the same object all over the store.  Though the gifts for the hunt were always pretty good as evident by the prize that Finishing Touches has put together for it.  There are other accompanying pieces to this set available in gacha at the store.

Happy shopping and hunting!

*Room 341 – The [Den.] @ Uber
*Chic Wall Clock (Black) – unKindness @ Tres Chic
*Opulent Table & Ottoman Set – unKindness @ The LTD Event
Twisted Odyssey Gift Set – Finishing Touches for Twisted Hunt 
{Regal Lounger, Column Shelves w/ Accessories, Wrinkled Rug,
Stone Column Table & Greek Key Vase Duo Black/Gold}
HD Wall TV Sytem & HD Box Tv – Tartessos Arts
Strelitzia Plant – The Loft
Lola Bowl Teal – The Loft
Lightbulb Terrarium – Apple Fall
Key Lamp (Nickel) – Apple Fall
Deer Head (Black) – Apple Fall
Porthole Mirror – Apple Fall
Books – Apple Fall
Magazine Files – Apple Fall
Rico’s Clock – Apple Fall
Winner Trophies – Apple Fall
Plaster Horse – Apple Fall
Open Book – Apple Fall
Ceramic Chubby Squirrel – Apple Fall
Unknown Specimen – Apple Fall
Cornish Dolls House – Apple Fall
Armchair – PG – Black – Consignment

SL Drawing Class 101

Yama 027-4

Doing a final post for the Home & Garden Expo, unless I get a chance to do some more or feature items in other posts.  I hope that by now you’ve had a chance to stop in and check out the expo and help support Relay for Life of Second Life. It ends on March 6th so you still have time.

I am showing some of the art pieces by Organica, which I absolutely love being an artist in real life.  While I sketch from time to time in pencil I am more comfortable with a paint brush using oils. The easel horses come with a few poses as does the posing stools. The light illuminating from the can light was inserted by me in the photo processing just so you know it’s not that lit. I just wanted to give our model a slow burn… coughs, as he was being a bit obstinate in not wanting to use the poses in the stool. The canvases leaning against the stool are by Meshopotamia and also at the expo.  I used other art pieces from various creators and are listed below.

I enlisted the help of some friends for this picture as it’s always nice to create scenes with other people and not just always by yourself.

Thanks Yama & Tall!

*Wooden Easel – [ Organica ] @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Can Light – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Posing Stool 1 & 2  – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Purple) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Blue) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Red) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Canvas Kit 002 – Meshopotamia @ Hope 3 @ Home & Garden Expo
“Torso,” Ingres, 1801 – Post {Framed Removed}
Toronto-Shelf Canvas – Bazar
Artistic Tray – {Vespertine}
Artist Box – Tartessos Arts
Artist Brushes – Tartessos Arts
Artist Paint Thinner – Tartessos Arts
Artist Palette – Tartessos Arts


South Woods Plus

Den 028

The [Den] released a new home called the South Woods Plus, which is a larger version of its South Woods Retreat home featured last year here.  It is a lot roomier at 16x21x8m, with a land impact of 56 and is 100% mesh.  Available currently at Uber until February 23rd.

I’ve listed every item used in the picture, but nothing is new except the house being featured.

*House – The [Den] – South Woods Plus @ Uber
Curtains/Pewter – Con & Floorplan
Priya Dressing Screen – MudHoney
Floria-Living Room Cabinet – Bazar
Meredith Chair – MudHoney
Floria-Frames Decor – Bazar
Floria-Sofa – Bazar
Floria-Side Table – Bazar
Floria-Broken Head Sculpture – Bazar
Floria-Tall Table – Bazar
Floria-Living Room Chair – Bazar
Decor – Melody Pot [White] – LODE @ Shiny Shabby
Weave Carpet – The Loft
Starburst Mirror Bronze – The Loft
Sawadee Paradise Plant – Tartessos Arts
Tripod Lamp – Junk
Family Bed – Aphrodite Shops
Sawadee Plant 2 – Tartessos Arts
Sweet Garden Grass06 – Happy Mood
Shrub – Yygreen – Happy Mood
Morning Dew Grass – T-Spot
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] –*alirium*
Spruce Trees – 3D Trees

Open for happy hour

P10 0022

Today I am featuring these modern bars by HJM Designs for the upcoming round of Perfect 10, a home and garden event that takes place at The Cookie Jar sim.   The bars have a land impact of 8 and come with single and couple animations, one of which is a bartender as shown. You can find these bars in an assortment of colors at the event.

The other decor item that I am featuring is the lighted tree behind me with lace by unKindess and is available at the Wayward Winter event.  This tree is part of the dark set, but you can find it in several wood tones.

The last item that I am featuring is the new hair by enVOGUE called Miriam.  It is a cute bob with hat that comes with a Hud to change the color.  You can find this new hairstyle at the main store.

*Hair – enVOGUE – Miriam
Romper – *Fishy Strawberry* – Yvonne Kimono Dress/Flowers Iris @ Kustom9
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Sybil’s LadyBug

*Modern Bar/Yellow – HJM Designs @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10 {Starts Feb. 1st}
*Modern Bar/Red – HJM Designs @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10 {Starts Feb. 1st}
*LoveLace Tree Dark-Sparkle – unKindness @ Wayward Winter
Neon Taco Sign – [Fetch]
Bergamot Path/Dark Oak – LISP
Mediterranean Wicker Rug – Tartessos Arts

The boss man’s space

He asked me, “what’s your favorite position?”  I said “CEO.”

Epia 011

*”Big Boss” Set – (epia) @ The Men’s Department
{Desk, Chair, Cabinet & Desk Lamp}
Ralph’s Boat – Apple Fall
iFall Notebook 2015 – Apple Fall
Nevada Cow Skull – Zinnias
Deer Skull – Apple Fal
Masculine Bar – Apple Fall
Old Coat – Apple Fall
Winner Trophies – Apple Fall
Row of Books Ancient History – Dutchie
Row of Books Pastel Ordners – Dutchie
Row of Books 10, 13 – Dutchie
Rico’s Clock – Apple Fall
Magazine Files – Apple Fall
Its a Horse – Pilot
Larkin Set – Cactus Planter – Pilot
Annan Reclaimed Frame – Apple Fall
Crown [Gold] – Pilot
Glide Statue – The Loft
Soaring Against All Odds – Pilot
Charlotte’s Pears – Apple Fall
Horse Bust Fragment – Apple Fall
Whiskey & Cigar Set – O.M.E.N.
Foundry Hide Sofa – Scarlet Creative
Antlers – The Loft
Sawadee Rug – Tartessos Arts
Gachatopia Safe – Apple Fall
Larkin Set Vase – Pilot
Bric-a-Brac Desk Paper Trash – aisling
Bric-a-Brac Desk News – aisling
Bric-a-Brac Desk Blotter – aisling
Bric-a-Brac Desk Globe – aisling
Bric-a-Brac Desk Pencil Pot – aisling
Airplane Decor – NOMAD
Bird Cage Book Ends – Apt B
Old Cigar Box – JoHaDeZ
Annan Sidetable – Apple Fall
Cowboy Hat – E-Clipse
Troyka Potten Croton – DIGS

The best journey takes you home

Tuscany 008

DaD Designs brings us their latest creation with the “Tuscany Country Cottage” a 100% original mesh home.  The creator states in her notes this cottage is a typical house of the Tuscan countryside.  I particularly like the large patio at the entrance with two double doors that lead into the house where you will find two large living rooms and a small room.

The first floor contains two large bedrooms.  There is a pergola covered with vines with the leaves blowing in the wind and a bunch of grapes, which is a nice feature.

Aphrodite 004

I’m also showing the golden Autumn outdoor set from Aphrodite Shops. Everything pictured besides plant and dog are included in this set.  It contains an abundance of animations and food and drink for an enjoyable experience.

Details provided below.

*Tuscany Country Cottage – DaD Design @ Cosmopolitan Room
*Golden Autumn Outdoor Set – Aphrodite Shops @ Tres Chic
Mediterranean Plant – Tartessos Arts
Nanohana – *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*
Enchanted Woods – Studio Skye
Great Dane – Zooby
Deer – Just Animals

In the heat of the moment

Aria 070

New round of Uber and look what [ARIA] has brought us.  The Giada bedroom set is a mixture of modern and industrial and includes the bed, side table, drawer cabinet, hanging bulb light, the potted zamioculcas plants and book decor.  You get texture options with the bed, side table and drawer cabinet to personalize to your own taste.

You can grab this set in either PG or Adult version and both come with poses for single and couples with some attachable props as well.

I am a bit tolerant in my Second Life, because scattered clothes on the floor would drive me a little nuts in real life.  I’ll just pretend this was in the heat of the moment.

*Giada Bedroom Set – [ARIA] @ Uber {July – August 23}
Stratford Industrial Loft – EliBaily
Ikon Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
#2 Magazines & #4 Tossed Clothes  {from Look Through The Window Gacha} – Haikei

*Review copy.

He’s a messy kind of guy

Kuro-Aria 003

I was slightly tempted to double log and bring in the male alt to feature one of the more pg versions of the poses in this adult furniture.  Though I work much faster just going alone at times.  It’s hard enough dressing one not to mention it’s a lot easier on my computer too.  I love wearing my mesh body, though I’m slightly put off with the fact it takes longer to dress these days.

Anyways, that’s a whole different conversation and a soap box kind of post that I’ll leave for a rainy day.  Instead let me talk about what I’m showing while I sit so modest in my red satin mesh corset lingerie by Blacklace.  I just got the updated version of this outfit that I never worn and thought perfect timing as I’m featuring adult items that just seemed to say wear it.

Kuro is participating in this round of ROMP with several office decor pieces that are available in PG or adult versions. It’s kind of neat that to use the desk you have to click on the key on the top drawer and a menu will pop up that allows you to rezz decor and to enjoy the animations all you have to do is sit on the desk decor you rezzed out.  The idea behind the rezzing menu is to give you some privacy and gives you the option to set it to group, everyone or just yourself.  You can find this set at a 30% discount throughout the event period.

You’re bound to get thirsty after the use of that furniture, so [ARIA] has you covered with the Lux bar cart that has wine decanter, glasses, cocktail shaker, coasters and a potted flower that comes with texture change options.  This bar cart can be found at this round of The Men’s Department and if you rather decorate the cart on your own, there is an empty version included as well.

All details below.

Hair – Little Bones – Nebula
Collar – Eclipse Art Studio – Collar Oculus Cross
Lingerie – Blacklace – Gloria: Red Satin Mesh Corset w/ Omega & Slink Hud

*Wavie Desk Black, Belted Chair, Haller Chair & Boy Lamp – Kuro @ ROMP
*Lux Bar Cart (Decorated) – [ARIA] @ The Men’s Department
3 Prim Retractable Silk Curtain – La Galleria
Inspiration Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag Rare & Tossed Clothes – Tres Blah {March 2015 Arcade}
Stockholm-Typewriter, Sneakers Decor, Headphones & Music Tapes – Bazar
Rotary Phone/Black – David Heather {March 2015 Arcade}
Zelia Pillow – Painted & Chevron & Plant – MudHoney {June 2014 Arcade}
Dover Clothes Gacha_Wire Hangers – EliBailey {June 2015 Arcade}

*Review copy