Calm after the storm

Morning everyone! Not enough time to say much as I need to get going this morning to beat some of the morning traffic. I’m counting the days before the school season ends and traffic will be lighter.

Anyways, leave you all to enjoy today’s picture and wishing you the best of days.

*Conservatory Gacha by [Duvet Day] @ Cosmopolitan
[DD] Conservatory Life Sofa MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Armchair MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Table MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Jar MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Table lamp MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Rug MC
[DD] Conservatory Life Pouffe MC

*Leda’s Set by Granola @ Blush Event
Granola. Leda’s Mirror. White.
Granola. Leda’s Tin Candle A.
Granola. Leda’s Tin Candle Lid A.

*Serenity Style– Jocelyn Lovely Treasures Cushions Basket @ Shiny Shabby
*Serenity Style– Jocelyn Lovely Treasures Rolled Carpets @ Shiny Shabby

*Serenity Style-Boone Vintage Tricycle Silver

Gacha Items from Scarlet Creative
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Sep 17 – Sofia Basket MC
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Sep 17 – Sofia Lantern White MC
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Sep 17 – Sofia Clock Neutral MC
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Sep 17 – Sofia Cabinet MC

Breakfast in Paris – Croissant by BackBone
Magazine Prop by The Domineaux Effect
Potted Dragon Tree by Dust Bunny
Basset Hound Sitting by Just Animals
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Magazines
Exotic Plants / Piles by {vespertine}
Exotic Plants / Button Fern by {vespertine}
Exotic Plants / Ficus -Rubber Plant by {vespertine}
Artsy Books by Tarte
Valarie Silverleaf Wreath by [Tia]
Valarie Glass Dome – War Letters by [Tia]
Anya House by Scarlet Creative

In the times of revolutionary change

Genre 010

*Old House Brown by BananaN @ Totally Top Shelf
*Cannon Decor by Mesh India @ Genre
Askov Water Well Pump by POST
Big Ole Log by The Domineaux Effect
Garden Tree 08 by Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Titan [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Dark Green] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*


Just go for it

Genre 021

*Top: Sure Shot T-Shirt-Ball by Entice @ Genre
*Shorts: Sure Shot Skirt-Red by Entice @ Genre
*Shoes: Sure Shot Sneakers-Red by Entice @  Genre
Hair: \ Editorial Southern wind – Blacks+Whites by Tableau Vivant {Past Arcade Gacha}

*Mossy Garden Walls by unKindness @ LTD Event
Jump w/ Planters, Bar & Training Cones by The Domineaux Effect
Yews by 3D Trees
OPTT Three Branches M5 v1-2 Hand – 5G by Hayabusa Design

*Pose: Parkour Female by {Rook} @ Genre

Your heart is where your mind wanders

Dad 013

One of the most celebrated days, at least in America, is Valentine’s Day, which is on February 14th.  The day of romance often celebrated with a special planned event like a romantic evening out or in and often with an exchange of cards, gifts, flowers or candy.

If you need some help, DaD Designs brings you this lovely hammock held by these heart palm trees.   I think it’s perfect for that special day or any day as it’s a great outdoor item for your home.  One of the great feature of these trees is the leaves blowing in the wind.  It is available in both adult or pg version and lots of features, which I have included under credits.

*”Heart Palm Trees w/ Wind & Hammock – DaD Design for the MIX Event
Country Swimming Pool  – DaD Design
Sculpt Palm Trees x3 & x12 – SimPro Designs
Privacy Fence A (Birch) – The Domineaux Effect
Morning Dew Grass – T-Spot
Potted Palm Tree – mesh – 3D Trees {past gift}
Dock Chair w/ Blanket – Grey – Shutter Field
Rattan Couple Sofa & Chair – Aphrodite Shops

by touch wood structure of hammock you can change colors of:
*mattress – cover – pillow 1 – pillow 2- pillow 3 – pillow 4
colors available: cream (stripes & plain) – teal (stripes & plain) – green (stripes & plain) – gray (stripes & plain)

Animations (PG version)
* 33 single sit animations including drink, laptop, jump (with props & items)
* 20 Couple cuddle animations

Animations (Adult version)
* 33 single sit animations including drink, laptop, jump (with props & items)
* 20 Couple cuddle animations
* 45 Couple sex animations ( with props)

Land Impact:
Heart Palm trees : 6
Shadow (unlinked)
Wood Hammock : 9
Lights : 4
Copy & mod yes (scripts are not modify)
No transfer

Cat snooping

ChicChica 036

I think one of my sissy’s cats escaped again and look she’s taught it some skills.  I think she’s checking out the 21Shoe website to take a peek at all the shoes in the next round that starts on June 21st.  In any case I am showing the Sesa Denim heels from ChicChica that are made to fit the Slink and Maitreya high feet.  I love pointy shoes, so these are just excellent for me.

I am also showing a new decor item by Aphrodite Shops.  The mesh animated fountain has real water sound and movement and also comes with animated butterflies flying around.  This one is in the beige marble, though you can also find this in white.

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Piia @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Top – Ignition Art – Ariel Top @ L.O.O.S.E.R. Bi-Weekly Designer Event
Jeans – Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Dark
Phone {part of pose pack} – Adorkable Poses {store closed}
*Shoes – ChicChica – Sesa Denim for **21Shoe** {starts June 21st}

*”Summer Flowers” Fountain (beige) – Aphrodite Shops
Gazebo RFL 2013 – The Domineaux Effect
Great Rock of Dingo – [we’re CLOSED]
I’m Busy {cat w/ laptop} – Tentacio @ The Kawaii Project

Pose: My own created with Animare Pose & Animation System

*Review copy.


Until the cows come home.


Hair – [elikatira] – Quirky {retired}
Hat – Regimade – Cowboy Hat [straw] {old hunt item/tinted and modified}
*Dress w/ Boots – {lil unicorn} – Southern Belle Neon @ All The Little Things ***Starts June 7th***

*Wearable Animals w/ AO – Little Llama @  All The Little Things ***Starts June 7th***
~ Cows & Horses and Wanted Poster – Too Cute ~
*Little Sunshine Ranch {gacha items} – Sugar Blossom @ All The Little Things ***Starts June 7th***
 Hay Y’all Barn – Turnip’s (older item}
Hay Wagon – Fabled
Chicken Family w/ Hay – Sweet Revolutions
Itchy & Puffy Grass – *alirium*
Hay Bales – The Domineaux Effect
Pose: Jhene by {pose maniacs}

*Review copies.

The ride was good while it lasted.


Advice from a HORSE
Take life’s hurdles in stride.
Loosen the reins.
Be free spirited.
Keep the burrs from under your saddle.
Carry your friends when they need it.
Keep stable.
Gallop to greatness!

~llan Shamir ~

Skin – Lumae – Beth Tone 6 Cookie
Hair – LeLutka – Sheena
Jacket – Coco – Equestrian Jacket Navy @ Collabor88
Pants & Boots – Coco – Riding Boots + Pants @ Collabor88

Complete Pony Training Area – The Domineaux Effect
Yew Trees – 3D Trees

Pose: Farm Friend Pose {inc. Horse Prop} by Fashiowl Poses

Lesson 47

5-1-14 Blog

While I enjoy this lesson and have given it contemplation and could probably identify several choices that haven’t been in my best interest.  I can’t help and remember the fortune cookie that I received today at lunch and feel much more inclined to take the wisdom in it as part of this lesson. It read,“How can  you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes.”      

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 47:  Feed Your Internal Flame

Have you ever wondered why certain people light up a room when they walk in? Why do some of us have the clarity to envision an inspiring future and the courage to go after our dreams? You may think it’s a result of charisma or determination, or just plain old good luck. But I’ve come to understand that it’s the strength of our life force – that unique inner power that keeps us alive spiritually and physically – that gives us the stamina to translate our dreams into realities.

You can think of your life force as a flame that lives inside you, giving you passion, strength, and energy. Every choice you make either adds to this force, making it stronger and brighter, or diminishes your inner force, reducing its power.

Your assignment this week is to make choices that feed your flame.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Look back over the past 30 days of your life and allow yourself to see the choices you made and the actions you took that diminished or dampened your inner flame. Did you overwork, overeat, over commit, or overspend?

Now ask yourself, “What actions could I take in the week to come that will feed my internal fire and leave me feeling great about myself?”

Commit to taking one action each day that will keep your internal fire blazing.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points for every action you take that feeds your internal flame.

Hair – Boon – AAN330 Black
Dress – Cold Logic – Everette.Minty
Shoes – [tea.s] – Andel Flats Blossom for Slink Flat Feet
Jewelry – Moondance Boutique – Lotus Set @ Designer Showcase
Purse – !1mm – Icecreambag Gacha Marble Choco
Pose – Vestige – Ariela Set
Scooter Ivory Mesh – What Next {Previous Arcade}
Macaron Paper Bag Vegetables RARE – BCC {Previous Arcade}
Flower Bundle Yellow – Pilot
Cottage Deck Weathered – The Domineaux Effect