Hanging by a moment

Gazebo 006

Just a quick post today to show you these two items.  The first is the cedar gazebo by DaD Designs available at The Fantasy Collective.  It’s 100 original mesh and has a land impact of 16.   If you’re a group member of the Fantasy Collective you can pick up gifts at the event by clicking all the pumpkins.  The gift for DaD Designs is a barrel with couple animations.

The other item is the hang out basket seat by Dysfunctional Designs.  It’s only 4 land impact and has texture change options for the wood and for the cushions.

*Cedar Gazebo – DaD Design @ The Fantasy Collective
*’Hang’out Basket – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs

It’s harvest time

Dad 0281

*The Bayou Cottage – DaD Design @ The Fantasy Collective
Autumn Leaves Wreath – {what next}
Sugar Maple Trees – Botanical
Hermit [Crimson] – *alirium*
Dwarf Forest – *alirium*
Nanohana – *alirium*
Dirt Road – Happy Mood
Harvest Sign & Pumpkin Basket – {what next}
Pembury Bench – {what next}
Rainboot Cart – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
Pumpkin Scale – Dust Bunny & Tenshi @ The Arcade
Pumpkin Crate – Dust Bunny & Tenshi @ The Arcade
Hanging Leaves – Dust Bunny & Tenshi @ The Arcade
Fall Bunting, Hay Bales, Pumpkins – The Artist Shed for enMESHed into Fall Hunt
Pumpkin vine Leaf Emitter – La Galleria {Gift}

Me dijo, eres dulce y mala al mismo tiempo

He said, “You are sweet and bad at the same time.”

The Mexicana 048

I really loved this table and chair set that [noctis] created for The Fantasy Collective, because it reminds me of the furniture from some of my border trips to Mexico.  I call them border trips as they were only visits that didn’t venture beyond a couple of cities from the border line.  My very first trip was while visiting San Diego, California and crossing over the bridge to Mexico through Tijuana.  I will never forget that trip as it was heart wrenching to see little children no more than 5 years of age panhandling for money.  Another border trip was through Hidalgo, Texas when I was actually in Fort Worth and our party made the jaunt to McAllen and then on to Mexico.

It’s a pity that now those trips across the border are not considered the most safe, but who knows what the future brings.

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Celina @ On9 Event
Dress – Luas – Licinia White @ The Fantasy Collective

Rural Farmhouse Rare – Apple Fall
Table & Chairs – [Noctis] @ The Fantasy Collective
Superlong Potted Cactus – Soy
Boho-Colored Kitchen: Shelf Rare, Chest, Kitchen Stuff, Covered Pot, Clay Pots, Table, Busket w/ Bread, Jam, Wooden Plates, Milk & Butter Pot {gacha from March 2015 Shiny Shabby} – [Zerkalo]
La Cantina: 07 Hanging Apron, 06 Wine Rack, 01 Easel Rare, 09 Wine Set, 02 Bucket {gacha from May 2015 Shiny Shabby}- YS&YS
Magnolia II Vase Rare {March 2015 Arcade} – LODE
Golden Shower Vase [white] – LODE @ The Arcade

Pose: Reluctance to Walk by Del May

Floating away

Oil Painting 002-1

One way to enjoy this fabulous summer weather in your Second Life is taking to the open sea if you like being out in the water and sailing. Jian has released this beautiful Pinnace of the Solstice for you to travel in to enjoy the air, water and companionship or going solo is perfectly fine too.

There are two versions of the boat included. A scripted version for use in the water and the other is non scripted for you to simply rez as a decorative piece.   The curtains can be recolored and it’s only 17 land impact.

You can find this new release at The Fantasy Collective.

*Pinnace of the Solstice – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
Fish Shop Daughters: Lotus Dark & Red {May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – {anc}
Fish Shop Daughters: Leaking Rugs – {anc}
Mesh Heron Animated – TLC

*Review copy

She will fall again, and again.

Scraped Knees 001

I still bear some scars from growing up as a tomboy and even some as a clumsy adult like the slanted backwards letter “t” on my ankle for falling over bed rails during the process of moving.  It seems I can’t escape them in Second Life either.  Saying that my scraped knees with band aid is a new release by ‘Things’ for the newest round of The Fantasy Collective that begins today.  It comes with appliers for Slink, Belleza, Omega and TMP and a version without the band aid is also included.

I was pleasantly pleased when I saw the newest decor items that Little Branch recently released for the new round of Shiny Shabby.  The wall butterflies that come in various colors and the wall clock also in several colors fit perfectly with my newly decorated home.  I love having a decorated home in Second Life, though it does limit my space for creating scenes for blog posts.  I tend to always find just one more thing that feels right at home and my available prim count goes even lower creating more of a challenge.  Oh well, that’s another reason why derendering works so well.

Close up 004

I am also wearing a scarf that the designer of MeshedUp has released for the Fantasy Collective as well.  I did a zoom in picture above to show you how pretty it is.  You can find the scarf in several colors to fit just about any color combination that you’re wearing.  

Hair – Mina – Elvire
*Scarf – MeshedUp – Umut Scarf Pattern A @ The Fantasy Collective **Starts June 22 at 12 Noon SLT ***
Dress – Storybook – Torment Electric
Chest Tattoo – Things – Kreon
*Leg Tattoo – Things – Scarped Knees & Band Aid @ The Fantasy Collective ***Starts June 22 at 12 Noon SLT ***

Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
Primavera in Toscana Curtains – 8f8
Recycled Desk – Apple Fall
‘iFall’ Notebook 2015  – Apple Fall {was gift for Seraphim B-Day bash}
Sketchbook – Apple Fall
Bon Voyage Vintage Camera – Tres Blah
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod – Apple Fall
Shauna’s Chair – Apple Fall
With Love Pile – Zigana
Worn Luggage Bag – Apple Fall
Flea Market Finds Vintage Cigar Boxes Rare – Second Spaces
Artist Desk & Plant – Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
*Wall Butterfly {Green} & {Pink} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Antique Frame Natural & White – Picnic
Patchwork Rug – Apple Fall
Flea Market Finds Crate of Old Music – Second Spaces
Zigana Packaging – Zigana
Love Nest-Vintage Books – Zerkalo
Frame with Mail – Sari-Sari
*Wall Clock – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Roller Skates – Emporium

*Review copy

Silent predators always watching.

Jian 021-1

The tent, bed mats, fire and log are Jian’s latest creation for The Fantasy Collective.  The tent and beds are texture change to fit your color taste and you also get several options with the fire and beds and log come with a handful of animations.  The perfect set for your role-play needs.

The weekend is going by too fast for me, even though it’s a long one since tomorrow is memorial day and a holiday. It’s also the anniversary of my dad’s passing so this time also lends itself to feeling a little somber. Combine that with the recent events happening in my life it’s surely not put me in the most communicative mood lately, hence my posts without much to say other than posting credits.

I was in the middle of setting up this scene when a friend messaged me asking me what I was up to.  We live on the same sim and yet rarely get to catch up since she’s in Europe and on usually when I’m at work and she’s asleep when I’m on at night.  So it’s always nice to catch up with each other when we are online at the same time.  She is also a great sport as I had her out of her fancy clothes in minutes and into a field jacket matching mine, but that was after having a giggle when she kept her high heels on.   You can tell she’s never been camping.

Alexa ~
Hair – Analog Dog – Tangled
Jacket – Amitomo – Bon Voyage Gacha Field Jacket #3 {March 2015 Arcade}

Hair – Argrace – Sae
Jacket – Amitomo – Bon Voyage Gacha Field Jacket #5 {March 2015 Arcade}

*Camp Anawanna Tent & Bed – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
*Camp Anawanna Fire & Log – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
Spruce Tree, Forest Dark Dance Clover, Creeping Cinquefoil, Forest Stones, Forest Branch Tree
& Fern Young Sparse & Forest Plants – 3D Trees
Forest Life Deers, Ground Platform & The Bear – Alehandrita Design
Flask Decor – May’s Soul @ Shiny Shabby

The melody still rings in my ear.

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.”
John Greenleaf Whittier, Maud Muller – Pamphlet

Those feelings 099

In a few days it’s my real life birthday and I’ve been contemplating a lot of things lately in my life.  The age thing doesn’t bother me.. it’s more just pondering on stuff that has happened and did not happen by the time I reached this age.   A fellow blogger participated in this past Monday’s meme that dealt with finishing off some I statements and I told her she could have almost written mine.  They sort of fit in with my thoughts of late, so I thought of giving it a go.

I am… perhaps too stubborn at times to my own detriment
I want… to sometimes escape from every responsibility that I have
I have…more to be thankful for than not
I wish…things were less complicated at times
I hate… injustice
I fear… losing myself and losing loved ones
I search… for everything on Google
I wonder…far too many things
I regret… not having children
I never… will cook as good as my mom
I always… try to keep learning in some way
I usually… want to know the logic behind it
I dance… awkwardly no doubt
I sing… great to my ears
I often… procrastinate more than I should
I sometimes… over think and analyze
I cry… more easily now
I need… to restructure some things in my life
I should… become less of a hermit
I love… O.o

Hair – eXxEsS – Cosma
*Top – MoDANNA – [Sioux Collection] Cutout Shirt Red @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2 *** Starts Today – March 28th***
Shorts – [Motivaction] – Morena Mini Shorts Denim
*Tattoo – .Things. – Maita @ The Fantasy Collective
Boots – Fri.day – Layla Boots @ 50L Friday
Pink Guitar – Consignment

Pose: [Fantasy] Savage Set by Axix

A labor of love.

Towing the Princess 035

“If you do something out of duty it will deplete you, but if you do something out of love it will energize you.”

“The moment when you want to quit, is the moment when you need to keep pushing.”

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.” 

Body – Maitreya – Lara V.2.1
Skin – Izzie’s – Neva Asian Skin
Tattoo – [Demonic] – Beauty Tattoo {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Hair – May’s Soul – Samurai Hair White {Feb 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Bodysuit – [R3Volt] – Dee BodySuit [V3]
*Top – MoDONNA – [Trompeur Collection] Bodysuit Black @ anyBody
Pants – Chronokit – Long Sarouel Pants Black
Shoes – 22769 – Femme Jika-Tabi Worn Leather @ The Fantasy Collective
Kasa, Lethal Ribs, Ninjutsu Belt, Grapple – PFC – NinjaStuffs {Aug. 2014 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Hair – D!va – Nene @ Shiny Shabby
Accessory – Axix – Sakura Dream v.2 Gold @ The Fantasy Collective
Purple Kimono Aiko – Sweet Tots
Qitou Paper Parasol Daisies/Green – Paper Moon {Aug. 2014 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Garden Tree 06, Wire Grass Green, Sweet Garden Grass 05, Dirt Road & Colored Bush Purple – Happy Mood
Cherry Blossom Rickshaw – Xin @ Origami

Blogger Bubble 4 – aDorkable {in-world store closed}
Don’t Drop It – Del May {slightly modified with Animare HUD}

Until the cows come home.

Cows Come Home 025

This picture really represents my desire just to be able to sleep.  I had high hopes of sleeping in this morning, when the neighbor’s car alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. and so after that wake up I drifted off only for my phone alarm to go off an hour later.  Guess it was a sign to wake up.

My big pixels have no trouble finding rest as you can see, while the little me wants to play.   These Bessie the Cows are from Dysfunctional Designs and are available at the Fantasy Collective.  There are two versions, the static grazing cows and one with poses and there are several texture choices for the cows.

I’m off to do some real shopping, so everyone have a fabulous Saturday!

Eyelids – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Hair – Little Bones – Lavender {50L Friday}
Top – Bueno – Vintage Bustier Black @ Kustom9
Skirt – Bueno – Denim Skirt Black @ Collabor88
Shoes – {Livalle} – Flup-Flops Paisley {50L Friday}

*Bessie the Cows – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ The Fantasy Collective
Seraphim 2nd BD Trees – [We’re CLOSED]
Shrooms Red – [We’re CLOSED]
Wild Flowers – [We’re CLOSED]
Kiki Simple Bench/Mint Leaves & Watering Can – {Vespertine}
The Philosophy of Time Travel Book – Floorplan
Retro Lunch Boxes – Balaclava {50L Friday}

*Review copy.

She knows.

“Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn.”

013 Final


Skin – Al Vulo – Salina @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – Boon – KB0906 Black
Headpiece – :(SH): – Kathleen White @ The Fantasy Collective
Headpiece – Miamai – Regina Red @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress – Peqe – Dominance Red
Necklace – Aisling -Tallulah Gold Rare
Pauldrons – Aisling – Tallulah Gold Rare
Arms – Aisling – Tallulah Gold
Bracers – Aisling – Tallulah Gold
Hands & Feet – Slink – Avatar Enhancement
Shoes – Yasum – Roman Raps w/ HUD


Fairy Garden Ruins – Boudoir
Flying Leaves (Green) – Kalopsia
Itchy Grass (Brown) – Alirium

Pose: Hera by Kirin {modified w/ Animare HUD}