Jian for the Neighborhood

Jian 056

Doing a quick post to tell you about the Beaumont pool that Jian has released for this weekend’s event The Neighborhood.  The pool is just 14 land impact and comes in both a pg and adult version and seven texture choice options with just a click.  It comes with solo and cuddle animations and the adult version has adult ones included.  It’s $150 lindens throughout the weekend only, so don’t miss it.

*Beaumont Pool Patio – Jian  *** for The Neighborhood***
Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Nanohana – *alirium*
Grass Field Green – [We’re CLOSED]
Land Forms – Studio Skye
Seraphim 2nd Birthday Tree – [We’re CLOSED]
Cloth Chair Brown – [We’re CLOSED]
Rock 1 – 3D Trees {Re-textured}

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Peaceful corner in the garden

Beaumont 009

The neighborhood is back in action with some more home and garden stuff for you.   Jian has made a new gazebo that compliments two of its previously released sets with the same name.  The Beaumont gazebo has six texture options for both the structure and the roof.  It comes ready with single sitting animations and five couple cuddle animations.  For this weekend only you can purchase it for only 150 lindens, otherwise, after the weekend it will increase in price.   One of the previous sets is the Beaumont brick fence set pictured here that comes with texture change options for all the fence pieces.  The other set is the brick path that I previously blogged.

I’m always on the search for a good windlight as lighting is not my forte, so I was excited when the owner of Olive recently shared her collection of windlights that she has made over the last few years.  I am using the blue haze one, though modded it to make it lighter without completely losing the blue haze.  I just wanted to make sure that you could still see the quality of the texture of the gazebo and fence.

*Beaumont Gazebo – Jian for ***The Neighborhood***
*Beaumont Fence Set – Jian
Taradha Lights – Jian
*Field of Poppies {round} (colors violet, fushia, orange & yellow) – Little Branch @ LTD Event
Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadown* white Flower – KIDD Creation
Piu! (bohemian) – *ionic*

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The little bunnies.

Bunnies 008

When I got these baby bunnies from Dysfunctional Designs I thought they were the cutest little things.  These are the rezzable version, but you also get a version to hold and it moves in your hand to stand up.  How cute is that! On top of that you can just touch and it brings up the menu giving you several options for color.  They will be released today at the We ❤ Role-Play event and the rock besides me is actually a butterfly emitter, which allows you to set the range and and color of the butterflies.  The butterfly rock will be available today for The Neighborhood.  Another great item that Dysfunction Designs made for this holiday is the Easter basket that was for 50L Friday, except I was not able to get this picture done until late last night.

Sleepy Girls 013

This last picture was a bit of a fluke.  I was struggling a little with doing a dual log and every picture was coming out with one of us having our eyes closed or both.  Wearing eyes lashes and your eyes all scrunched up was nothing pretty.  I did a little processing and here we are taking a nap.

Have a great Saturday and if I don’t get around to anymore posts this weekend…. have a Happy Easter!!

Hair – Pink Hustler – 8069 @ 50 Shades of Lust

Hair – Love Soul – *115* Jet Black
Outfit – Girl Logic – Mommy’s Little Egg

*Easter Basket – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
*Butterfly Rock – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] for The Neighborhood
*Baby Bunny – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ We ❤ Role-Play

Pose: My Safe Place by Tiny Gems {slightly modified} {on their midnight board}

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Morning Delight.

Saturday Morning 005

Just a quick post to show you this great country kitchen set that is out today by Dysfunctional Designs for The Neighborhood.  Lots of texture choices for the wood, metal, counter top and back slash to suit your style and need.

Enjoy your Saturday!

*Cozy Country Kitchen Sink & Oven – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] for The Neighborhood
Jute Natural Rug – Apple Fall
Lily Mint Chair – LISP
Vintage Radio Mint – Willow Home @ Kustom9
[Ossory] Cabinet, Basic Plates & Bowls, Pitcher, Tea Caddy & Wooden Craft Dog – Ispachi
Tray, Croissant Basket, Duo Cappuccino, Butter & Knife & Blueberry Pancakes – GA Home @ The Chapter Four
Hudson Townhouse- Scarlet Creative

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Buttercup 008

The following is quite long though something a very good friend of mine sent me.   It’s quite ironic that it was within a day of winning this cute giraffe called buttercup at the Creepy Kawaii Fair, which ends today.

Men Love Iron Buttercups

Long before the days of Steel Magnolias, there were Iron Buttercups.  An Iron Buttercup is a woman most often associated with the South, but she does not have to be from the South or have even stepped foot in the South. Nor does she need an accent! She is self possessed, possesses self confidence, and always responds/acts like a lady in public. She understands loyalty, and is willing to give everyone a chance unless they prove her otherwise wrong.  She is generally attractive.  She may not be movie star drop dead gorgeous, but has learned to make the most of what she has. This is a lady with her own mind.  She may or may not always speak it, but make no mistake, this woman is no pushover and everyone knows it.  Men like her because she sets boundaries from the beginning, and an Iron Buttercup knows men don’t go for doormats. (Neither does she)  When a man captures an Iron Buttercups heart, he knows he has something valuable. Such a woman is a challenge, making it all the more appealing to him.

While Iron Buttercups are often found in the South they can live anywhere, and they can be from anywhere.  They’re found throughout all walks of life/social stratas and in all cultures.  Long ago, they were originally born and bred in the South which is why so many of them remain today.

Iron Buttercups are seldom found in abusive relationships or for that matter bad relationships with men, at least for very long.  An Iron Buttercup may be divorced, separated, or she may have at one time been in a relationship with a man who was an alcoholic, cheat or abuser, but that’s the past, and she will not repeat history a second time. An IB can be a bitch, but only if deserved. A woman can become an Iron Buttercup at any point in her life.

Here are the Top 11 relationship tips from the Iron Buttercup Guide to Happiness with Men which has been handed down to women for generations.

  1. Never chase a man-Men are the natural born hunters so the chase comes naturally to them. To chase a man defies the laws of Buttercup nature. An Iron Buttercup knows the only relationships worth pursuing are with men who are interested in her.(This does not mean a woman can never take the lead) A wise old Iron Buttercup said, “Men are hunters, women are gatherers: let the man hunt you!! Gather the benefits”.
  2. Never call, text, Facebook, or email a man incessantly.  One text perhaps, one call until he returns communication. And only if you have reason to believe he is interested in you. Preferably, he contacts you. Many Iron Buttercups NEVER call a man unless returning a call.
  3. If he doesn’t return the communication back off. Don’t continue to try and communicate with a man who is clearly not interested. If he is interested, he will call back, even if there is a delay. Remember this most of all.
  4. If you have been dating someone who suddenly disappears, shows a lack of interest or starts dating someone else, back off.  Hold your head high, stifle the instinct to cry and go into an emotional spin and get on with your life instead! The next and better man is just around the corner! This is your mantra, use it generously. And Never, never, never, put your life on hold to wait for a man to come back around!
  5. Drop him like a hot potato if he abuses alcohol or drugs on a regular basis-it will only get worse.  If he abuses you physically or emotionally, mistreats you, is a sex addict, makes fun of you, or treats you in a condescending manner. If he lies to you, wants money, or you find him active on a dating site after establishing an intimate relationship, drop him. Look up the words narcissist, addiction, and psychotic and understand what they mean.
  6. Drop him like a hot potato if he mistreats your children, parents, family or pets.
  7. Every man you meet is not your soul mate. Every man you are interested in will not become your husband/boyfriend.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince.  Meeting your next husband or soul mate is not an everyday occurrence, and not every relationship will work out. Learn the art of moving on gracefully instead of holding on. No one said it was easy, but it is necessary if you want to find the right man and insure your own happiness.
  8. Never give up your own interests. Don’t put your life/interests on hold for a man.  Don’t give up your interests in the pursuit of him/his interests.  An Iron Buttercup knows a woman with her own interests is an attractive one who has something to talk about.
  9. If you choose to date a married or otherwise committed man, understand you roll the dice, you take your chances.  This is a risky situation at best, likely to end in a train wreck. If it does not work out move on, and do not be bitter.  Understand that married men seeking other women often lie or change their minds. Naiveté is not attractive if you are over 25. Some men lie-frequently.
  10. You are not in a committed relationship unless you have a ring on your finger, or made and received a verbal commitment as such and both parties agree. If you are not committed, you are free, and so is he. No IB lives as a committed woman, if she is not. In other words, if you are not committed don’t tie yourself down to a man who doesn’t want commitment. If you are committed and he is not, you are not committed.
  11. The Golden Buttercup Rule-You must love yourself first. You must protect yourself and not put yourself in bad situations. If you are in a bad situation that causes unhappiness, get out of it now! Never wait for him to ‘change.’

Skin – *YS&YS* – Sabrina Shy @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – Truth – Avena in Blacks
Top – Emery – Selina Top Grey @ Collabor88
Shorts – Blueberry – Cossy Denim Ripped Shorts Faded Light @ Uber
Flo’s Watermelleh Donut – Flowey {previous Atelier Kreslo event item}

Donuts Sign – Seven Emporium @ for The Neighborhood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {Group Gift}
Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Goblin: Green – *alirium*
Medusa: Dawn – *alirium*
Giraffe – +Half-Deer+ – Tiny Teacup Giraffe Buttercup @ Creepy Kawaii Fair

Pose: Sitting Pose 9 by KMA Poses

A moment of peace is always welcomed.

MeshedUp 055

Another weekend and that means a new round of The Neighborhood, where creators/designers bring you home decor items for $200L.   MeshedUP is bringing you this vintage hall bench that comes decorated with single sits for female and male.  Also with the bench is the rug that has a pair of slippers nestled beside it.   Great pieces to decorate your home with.

Have a great weekend!

Hair – Truth – Holly in Blacks
Jacket/Top – Ricielli – Pandora Jacket/Top @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Jeans – Le Primitif – Love Him BF Jeans Dark @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Shoes – Elysium – Karla Wedge Sandals Khaki @ The Dressing Room Fusion

*Vintage Hall Bench & Rug – MeshedUp @ The Neighborhood ***Tomorrow***
The Pea Princess’s DIY Book Stable – [keke] @ Shiny Shabby
Amore Roses – Bee Designs
Garnet Lounger – Bee Designs
Marais Umbrella Stand – {what next}
New Orleans Studio – Barnesworth Anubis {modified/textured walls}
Crate – Bee Designs {store packaging box}

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This is my last post on the jewelry that is available at the Jewelry Fair, which completes my commitment to blog at least one item from each of the creators that nicely sent me their items to blog.  Not being a big jewelry person in either world, mainly opting to wear just a watch and the occasional rings this was sort of an accomplishment.

When putting together this outfit I had a little mishap, which turned out alright.  Absentmindedly I was clicking removing one hair and clicked to wear another from the same creator without really paying attention.  Then when I did look I found both hairs still attached to my head. Looking closer I didn’t think they looked bad together so I left them.


I mentioned that I rarely wear jewelry in my real world, even though I have a jewelry box that contains all sort of fashionable jewelry that I either purchased because I thought they looked great and envisioned wearing or gifts over the years.  When I wear earrings I usually go for small size earrings that won’t feel very weighty on my small ears.

These I’m wearing are not small.  I chuckled at the name — big stud triple diamond earrings and what girl doesn’t like big… stud… and triple diamonds?   The earrings along with the Aztec silver necklace are from Luxury and thought they went pretty well with this equally fabulous dress from Luas that is available at the new round of the Secret Affair that recently opened.

Skin – *YS & YS* – Jenie 06 Fashion @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – booN – KGI848 in Black
Hair – booN – RAE822 in Black
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
Dress – Luas – Corina Dress Black @ The Secret Affair
Flowers – Azoury – Bouquet of Flowers @ The Secret Affair
*Necklace – [Luxury] – Aztec Necklace Silver @ The Jewelry Fair
*Earrings – [Luxury] – Big Triple Diamond Stud Silver @ The Jewelry Fair 

The House of User Skybox RARE – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
The Nevermore Black/Gold – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
Roderick’s Salon Sofa RARE – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
Roderick’s Console – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
Usher Rug – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
Roderick’s Books – 22769 [bauwerk] @ The Secret Affair
Fall Table Lamp Maroon {part of Fall decor set for The Neighborhood} – Plethora
Bowl of Autumn Branches Coal {part of Fall decor set for The Neighborhood} – Plethora

Pose: Female 07 Pack by Terra Design {modified with Animare HUD}

Still of the night.



I was in the mood a couple of nights ago to throw something together with some of my recent finds. Experimenting with lighting, a nice little tip that my friend Draco taught me.  Though I had a heck of a time trying to get the bicycle wheels to show and not fade out as I drew the camera back to get a bigger size of the room.  I had most of my settings as usual, so no idea what the issue was.

Despite the little bit of troubles I was rather pleased with the outcome and decided I would post it today.


VaCaTiOn 01 House – {iD}
Headlight Track Lights – Stockholm & Lima @ The Mens Department (TMD)
Bicycle Wheels – Stockholm & Lima @ TMD
Heart Marquee – Seven
Barlet Rug One – Junk @ TMD
Spotlight – Oyasumi – TMD
Desert Floor Plants (Blue & Red) – Kalopsia @ Olive Event
Crate Books Chair – Kalopsia @ TMD
Round Coffee Table & Coffee Cup – Kalopsia @ TMD
Ladder Wall Lamp – Kalopsia @ TMD
Mesh Antique Books – Dutchie
Brown Book – Dutchie
Banjo. Warm Days – Zigana {June Arcade}
Castaway Map – Cheeky Pea
Found Twig Mobile – Lark {previous Neighborhood}
Breakfast Plate – Oyasumi @ Kustom9
Metal Cup/Silver – Oyasumi @ Kustom9
Coffee Maker – Oyasumi @ Kustom9