Keeping warm


Today I’m featuring a family item and stuff for the little ones.  BoOgErS has a family blanket with a few poses for you and your family to indulge in your sitting on the couch moments.  As you can see it works well on the floor too.  I made the blanket smaller here to fit my scene and adjusted the poses to accomodate that resize.  I’m also showing another cute bear in the gacha set at the Arcade.  This one has a toast head called “Terst Berr”.

The other items being showcased are all by Buglets, which most are from her Advent Calendar this year. You have to be a group member of her store and you can still grab the previous days gifts if you missed a day. The claus bell is a gift for The Play Room event, so you have to be a member of that group to grab it.  Buglets also has a gacha at that event, so make sure you check it out.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and stay warm!

*TD Emileigh Jammies [Snowflakes] (Baby) [Day 3] by ~*Buglets*~ 
*Lil Miss Claus Bell [Gold] w/ Sound TPR VIP Gift by ~*Buglets*~  @ The Play Room
*Christmas Hand Bell (touch for sound On/Off) [Day 8] by ~*Buglets*~ 
*TD Lil Miss Claus Glasses {part of TD Lil Miss Claus Gacha} by ~*Buglets*~  @ The Play Room
Hair: 51 (Brown) by *barberyumyum*

*Terst Berr VIB by <:*BoOgErS*:> @ The Arcade
*Family Blanket Christmas Chevron VIB by <:*BoOgErS*:> @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
*Cozy Slippers [Cranberry] by ~*Buglets*~ 
*Santa Lamp (Touch nose for On/Off) [Day 5] by ~*Buglets*~ 
*Bauble Christmas Tree [Day 4] by ~*Buglets*~ 
Oversized ‘Merry’ Bauble by {what next}
Oversized ‘Christmas’ Bauble by {what next}
Snowden Peaks – Gingerbread Garland by Artisan Fantasy
Gabriel’s Fireplace by Kalopsia @ The Arcade
Gabriel’s House RARE by Kalopsia @ The Arcade

Today definitely calls for a Lazy Sunday

Uk 004ps

It’s going to be a lazy one for sure, but without sun as I had enough of that yesterday.  It was scorching hot at 84°F and with humidity it always makes it feel even worse and I wasn’t exactly dressed for the weather.

Today I am featuring what lil me is wearing and posing with.  The cute lemon tankinis by Buglets is currently at this months round of The Play Room.  It’s a gacha item, there are six common colors for the tankinis and six common colors for the sandals.  There is one rare, which is a texture change parasol that will match the color of your outfit.  It’s not the one that I’m showing as this one belongs to the pose also by Buglets.  It’s the Dance in The Rain gacha pose set available now at the main store.

I’m wearing a new tattoo by Endless Pain, available at 50 Shades of Lust event that opened today and will run until May 6th.

Featuring also this summer dock by unKindness that comes with single and couple animations and two versions of the dock, with and without rotation animations. It can be found at the LTD The Event.

I made another group cover yesterday with my “This Day Brings to Life a New Beginning” post on Friday and now added to Features.  Thanks everyone and have a great Sunday!

Aphrodite GC 4-16-16

F312 Hair by Tram @ The Seasons Story
Top/Bottom by Blueberry {Lingerie Group Gift}
*Searching for Demons Tattoo by Endless Pain @ 50 Shades of Lust ~MFGC

Sydney Wearing~
*Marie Gacha/Tankini [Lemon] by ~*Buglets*~ @ The Play Room
Hair *156*Jet Black by [Love Soul]
Rain Boots by Turnips

*Lazy Summer Dock by unKindness @ LTD The Event
Ducklings by Jian

*Pose: Dance in the Rain w/ Umbrella by ~*Buglets*~


Love you this much

Buglets -Unk 003

*Grace Gacha – Buglets @ The Play Room
-Dress (Rare), Necklace, Glasses, Bracelet, Bows,
Balloon, Ring, Purse, Tights, Nails, Puppy & Boots

*Canvas Hope Set – unKindness @ FaMESHed
-Day Bed
-Floor Lamp
– Footstool
Sleepless Sttic Skybox – Dust Bunny
Book Pile – Dust Bunny
Magnolia II Vase Rare – LODE {past gacha}
Payphone – Floorplan
Amelie Bookcase w/ Decor – {what next}
Star Screen – Junk
Sketchbooks – SORGO
Rug (Natural) – Soy

I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then

Buglets 001

There is a saying that your soul is healed by being with children.  I can attest to that having been around children for the most part in the last twenty plus years. Last night I was watching a one minute video of my nephew’s five month old son as he grabbed both of his feet in his hands and then proceeded to raise his right foot directly into his mouth.  It gave me a good chuckle as it brought back memories of my nephew, the baby’s father, having done the same thing when he was at his age. The laughter and the good memory was medicine to the soul.

It makes me reflect on the times when I take off the shield of my adult persona and get into the small size jumping bag of beans of little me and I realize how quickly the mood alters.  It’s subtle and yet there is like an automatic shift in my atmosphere as I wiggle around in the small shape.

Buglets 002

My soul needed a little healing, so thank you Buglets for this lil witch costume to feature.  The set is available at The Play Room that opens today.  It is a gacha set that includes 8 commons: hat, top, skirt, tights, flats, bucket, bracelet and flying broom and 1 rare – the cauldron with four poses.

I’m also featuring the little Halloween hair clip by Buglets that can be found at this month’s round of Hello Beautiful.  It comes with a texture change HUD for the bow and pumpkin.

*Lil Witch Gacha – *Buglets* @ The Play Room **Opens October 5th**
*Halloween Hair Clip – *Buglets* @ Hello Beautiful **Opened October 1st**

Mew Mew – Jumpin Jacks 
Fall Harvest: Barn, Wagon Wheels, Clucky’s Feed, Barrel Display – Pixel Mode {Sept. 2015 Arcade}
Pumpkin Stack – Dust Bunny & Tenshi {Sept. 2015 Arcade}
Cat Lantern Halloween – La Galleria {Store Gift}
Japanese Maple V1 & V2 – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Itchy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*

Pose: Tricksters by Imperfect

Playhouse ruckus

Crabby 027

Showing some cute stuff for the toddleedoo, which can be found at a couple of events that are specifically for the children avatars in Second Life.   Buglets has a playhouse gacha set at the current round of The Play Room, which started August 5th and runs through August 31st.  The set includes the rare playhouse that is not pictured here, but is shown in the gacha key shown at the bottom of this post.  Along with the 1 rare there are 14 commons, most of which are shown in this picture and detailed below.

Most everyone knows BoOgErS for its line of toys and children furniture.  Do you know that the creator behind the store has now started to make clothes for children too?  Sydney’s little friend is wearing a top and shorts by BoOgErS, which can be found at La Boutque until August 26th.  Several choices of tops and shorts that can all work together and comes with two versions to fit both kids and toddleedoos.

Go and make your little one happy by giving them their own playhouse to play in.

Hair – Love Soul – *113* Jet Black
Dress – Petite Bowtique – Kelly Outfit
Hair – LeLutka – Seiko
*Top – BoOgErS – Tank Top Babby Crabby @ La Boutique
*Shorts – BoOgErS – Belted Shorts Babby Sand @ La Boutique

*Ryleigh’s Playhouse RARE – Buglets @ The Play Room
*Ryleigh’s Gacha Set – Buglets – Ryleigh’s Poster, Panda chair, Sleeping Bags (Blue & Purple)
Pouf (Pink & Green), Coloring Clutter, Play Table, Puzzle, Toy Shelf, Dino (Pink & Green) @ The Play Room

*Review copy

~_Buglets_~ Ryleigh's Playhouse Gacha Key

Playing house


The little ones like to play house or sometimes like in this case take over the house.  Showing some items for the little ones today.  These tents are from Buglets as a gacha item and can be found at the current round of The Play Room. There are 10 commons and 1 rare and come with 12 poses for you and a friend.  It’s low impact at only 3 land impact. I’m on the setting up pose, but did use my handy dandy animare hud to move my head around so I could face the camera. You know we little ones are vain like that.

I’m also wearing some new nails also by Buglets, which can be found at the store.  The cabin nails comes in lots of colors and each color comes with four options.  I’m showing the ads below so you can get an idea of the colors for both items.

Happy shopping!

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *115*
Top – TinyOwl – Senorita Maiden Top {part of senorita outfit}
Shoes – TinyOwl – {part of senorita outfit}
*TD Cabin Nails – Buglets

*Lil Beach Tent Gacha – Buglets @ The Play Room
Daisy & Buddy Bears – BoOgErS {June 2015 Arcade}
Essential Rug – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
Foundry Hide Sofa – Scarlet Creative
Cluttered House – Pile of Board Games – Second Spaces
Connect Four Board – Supernerd
Domino – Hideki
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws Rare – Ispachi {store closed}

*Review copy

PicMonkey Collage

Selfie for SL-Instagram

Messy 031

Lots of goodies for the little ones as well around the grid.  I am wearing some the new boots by Buglets that are gacha at this round of the The Play Room.  There are two rares and fourteen commons and truly you can’t go wrong with any color you get.   I’m wearing the rose colored ones and to give you an idea of the other colors just take a look around my messy room.  I am also wearing some cute floral sunglasses that I tipped up, but these come with a color HUD to change the lens, frame and flowers.  You can hardly see the pretty nails I am wearing, but if you want some fun colors then stop by Hello Beautiful and pick these up. See the snapshot below to see all the pretty colors for the shoes, glasses and nails.

Every princess deserves her own castle and Heart Homes just released this new castle bed that has an abundance of animations with props for toddlers and parents. You can find the bed and the huggable toys that are on the bed at the Dreams Fair.

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *113*
Outfit – {Soda Pop Shop} – Gina Set
*Boots – Buglets – TD Lil Diva Boot [Rose] @ The Play Room
*Nails – Buglets – TD Summer Ombre Nails @ Hello Beautiful
*Glasses – Buglets – TD Floral Sunglasses @ {Miss Chic} Bi-Weekly Kids Event

*Sofia Castle Kids Bed & Rug – Heart Homes @ Dreams Fair
*”Sofia Friends” Huggable Toys – Heart Homes @ Dreams Fair
*TD Lil Diva Boots – Buglets @ The Play Room
Fun Time Alphabet & Drawing Time {past gacha} – BAMSE
Coloring Book for ToddleeDoo – LeMomo
Milestone Set/Window & Curtain – UR Building Components
Imperial Princess Rocking Chair – AR

Pose: Selfie w/ Phone Prop by Shutterbugs {was part of an outfit combination}

*Review copies.


When you play, never mind who listens to you.

Rainy Day 041
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *113* Jet Black
Glasses – Madeleine’s – Sadie Bow Glasses (Pink) Rare {past gacha event}
Jumper Pink – !K*K!@ Dream Kids Event
Shoes – That’s So {Kyoot} – Polka Dot High Tops (Peach) @ Dream Kids Event
Pear Ukulele Orange – Cocoroni @ Xiasumi School Festival

*Stuff on Shelves for Walls, Balalaika Hanging Natural & Sky, Balalaika Leaning Natural & Sky, MatryoFlo & Matryohead Gig Poster – BoOgErS @ Shiny Shabby {new round April 20th}
Green & Orange Hopper Fish – McKidz @ The Play Room
*The Hook, Cursed Witch & Cruel Devil Snuggie Pillows – Flutter @ All The Little Things Event {ends tomorrow}
Basket of Pillows – Shutter Field
Vader – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
Pillow Friends Pig, Duck & Lady Bug – [REZ]idential {past gacha event}
My Rugs – Ionic
Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Paper Heart Curtains – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Fatty Llama – Ison Home {past arcade}
Kokedoma C-3 – D R O P {past gacha event}

*Pose: Once Upon a Time Set (#5) {used child pose only} – [Dot Dot Dot] @ All The Little Things Event {only available at event & ends tomorrow}