Those little side trips


Happy weekend everyone.  It’s been a busy day for me and I’m really too tired for words — so I’m going to keep this short.  If you haven’t made it over to Tres Chic you’re missing out on some great stuff.  I’m wearing a casual sweater and jeans by Entice that are so comfy for the weekend or those last minute grocery runs when you have no food in the house.

I’m also wearing a new hairstyle by Iconic called Nicolette.  I was real fortunate to be selected as a blogger and look forward to showing you more great hairstyles in the near future. The hair is rigged mesh and materials enabled and comes in a variety of color tones. You can find it now at Hairology, which runs until January 30th. I’m also wearing some lipstick by Zibska, which is called Nerissa and available at this round of The Secret Affair.

*Hair: Nicollete by Iconic @ Hairology
*Lip Makeup: Nerissa by Zibska @ The Secret Affair
*Champs Elysees Sweater – Maitreya by Entice @ Tres Chic
*Champs Elysees Jeans – Maitrey by Entice @ Tres Chic
Skin: Barbara Applier ( Catwa ) Europa 01 by Glam Affair
Mesh Body & Catwa Head in Basics

Scene :
Bottle With Natural Juice by  {Imeka} @ Collabor88
Bag With Apples by  {Imeka} @ Collabor88
HM BW 4M White_1.00 by Haru Motors
Grocery Bag by Barbie Designs {old item}
Standard Curtains Watercolour Forest by Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9
Camden Cove by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

Staying connected, no matter where you are


Every time I visit one of my youngest sisters, who lives further up the state from me, one of the things that I enjoy is her office set up.  She has two large computer screens, which is quite handy for her as she works with numbers and spreadsheets. I have my own little folder on her computer where I have SL stored and it’s always fun logging in from there as I get to feeling all techie.

I didn’t feel so smart when I accidentally re-textured all three screens when I was setting this up, even after putting a prim over each to prevent that from happening. From time to time I still make these mistakes.

Anyways, on to what I am showing today.  First, this new hair by eXxEsS called Coco, which is available at the main store. It’s materials ready and comes with a breeze version for that natural hair blowing in the wind effect.  The dress that I am wearing is by Zibska and its at the Secret Affair for a few more days.  It includes 5 standard sizes and fit mesh options for the following bodies: Venus/Isis/Freya/Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Eve Slim & Pulpy and Tonic Fine & Curvy. It also offers 12 colors via a color change HUD.

I am also showing the Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite Shops that is wearable and animated.  It’s available now at On9 also for a few more days as the event comes to an end. I’m wearing the panda version, but can be found also in a mouse, piggy and mixed version.


Lastly, I want to mention this XChip SmartHUD and the exclusive social APP “Wink”, which is available at Uber for free.  According to the information that I received, the hud’s goal is to create a smart phone app feeling for a more fun user experience.  You can stay connected with friends through the integrated social network or follow them, post status updates and receive your friends updates in real-time, both on the web and in-world.  Plus many other features.. like meeting your soulmate or a new best friend with the wink app… so go grab yours for free at Uber and visit the website here for more information.

*Hair: Coco by eXxEsS
*Dress: Pallas [Maitreya] by Zibska @ The Secret Affair
*WEARable Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite @ On9

*XChip Smart Hud & Exclusive Social App “Wink” by The [Den.] @ Uber

Emmet Desk & Desktop Computer by DIGS {Modded/2 Desks used}
Nerd Haven – Tri Screen by .random.Matter. @ The Epiphany {Modded}
Leather notebook by Oyasumi
Nerites Wire Chair Metal by Scarlet Creative 
Tumbler / Busy by Brocante @ The Epiphany
Smart Phone by {what next}
Carried Away / Keys by [Commoner]

Pose:  Sit 014 by !bang {In-world store closed}

Soul box

Bee & SF 0033

Over the weekend I visited this gacha resale place and was surprised by many of the decor items that I was oblivious to.  I was like where is this from and how did I miss this when it came out.  There is just so much being created now that it is impossible to keep up anymore, but how lucky are we to be spoiled for choice.

Today I am showing a few things for home and garden.  This summer retreat is a new release by Shutter Field.  It’s roomy and has that summer feel to it with all the windows and makes for a lovely piece to create your own outdoors retreat.  The furniture decor inside is mostly all from Bee Designs.  It is their “A Song for You” gacha, currently at the Lost & Found Event.  It’s the perfect setting for either outdoors or indoors and if you’re a lover of music then the black musical wall decor is for you.  There is another musical instrument piece that is not shown.

The room divider inside is by Mushilu and it’s currently at The Secret Affair. I am showing the white washed green version, but it is available also in a brown wood tone and in other screen colors.

The other item that I am featuring today is the sassafras trees outside, which are from Little Branch.  It’s a four seasons tree, which means that on touch you can pick the season you want and it’s available at this round of Shiny Shabby.

Have a great Monday!

*Summer Retreat – Basic by Shutter Field
*A Song For You Gacha by .:Bee designs:. @ Lost & Found
-PG Bed Rare
-Pallet Couch Rare
-Pallet table
-Guitar wall decor
-Pair of pots
-Man silhouete
-Notes wall decor
-ZZZ black
-ZZZ golden
*Biombo. Room Divider Big Clare Green by Mushilu @ The Secret Affair
*Sassafras.v3 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Shauna’s Chair by Apple Fall
Travelling Heart – Whippet – Standing & Sitting – Cream by FoxesThe Epiphany
Real Grass*Green Meadow*White Flowers by Kidd Creation
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Climbing Rose White by Mesh Plants

The Huntress

aisling 018

DDD 0152

First Picture~
*Huntress House – .aisling. @ The Secret Affair
Pine Trees – 3D Trees
Forest Light – 3D Trees
Ferns Young Sparse – 3D Trees
Forest Plants – 3D Trees
Forest Trunks – 3D Trees
Forest Brushwood – 3D Trees
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium* 
Mossy Rocks – Forest Floor
Wayzata Butter Churn – POST
Old Lamp Stand – POST
Mesabi Railroad Lantern – POST
“Popcorn Trail” Crochet Spread 1937 – POST
Inter Monopole –POST
Darkbloom Journal – POST
Country Bench/Dark – Shutter Field

Second Picture ~
*Wuldars bed adult Pink – Tiar @ Fair Play
*Medieval Sconce – [DDD]/Dsyfunctionality
*Medieval Bench – [DDD]/Dsyfunctionality
With Love Mix – Zigana
With Love Pile – Zigana
Hanging Books – Zigana
Apothecary Cabinet Dark – Zigana
Candles – .aisling. {past gacha}
Boxes – .aisling. {past gacha}
Rug Naturel – Zigana
Bushy Plant w/ Birdy & Eggs – Ariskea {March Group Gift}

Keep the fire burning bright

NC 031

Featuring some furniture by [Noble Creations] today.  The first is this antique table and chairs that are available at the Fantasy Collective.  They bring a smile to my face as they remind me of my paternal grandmother’s own dining room table that was similar except hers had six chairs.

The fireplace is at the main store and comes in a dark and light version. The wall standards are now out at The Secret Affair, and come with a Hud to change to two texture choices and four color selections.

The remaining items are listed below.

*War Wall Standards – [Noble Creations] @ The Secret Affair
*Antique Table & Chairs/Dark – [Noble Creations] @ The Fantasy Collective
*Antique Fireplace/Light – [Noble Creations]
Flowers – LODE –  Decor – Melody Pot [Violet] @ Shiny Shabby
Cereza Fur Rug – Wayward Muse
Purity Fur Rug – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] {Tinted Slightly w/ Color}
Antique Art – Apple Fall {modified w/ picture from Post}
“Wolfskin,” Zorn, 1915 – Post
Romantic Candlesticks – Pilot
Khan’s Keep Skybox – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Antique Sofa – [Noble Creations] {past special inauguration group gift still available if you join}
Simple Swords Wall Decoration – [Noble Creations]

Make the most of your day, because soon it will be gone

Decor 016

Happy Saturday everyone!

It’s good to have a little sunshine back today, especially after yesterday’s stormy weather.  The rest of the eastern states are getting the brunt of this winter storm passing through.  My friend in Tennessee sent me some pictures of her pasture with the donkeys she raises roaming around, with trees and bushes covered in icicles and the ground covered in fallen snow.  To someone who doesn’t get snow it looked so inviting and picturesque.

Instead I have sunlight streaming in heavily through my window, but it’s pretty windy with a slight coolness so I’m getting ready to open lots of windows.

I’m going to this post in now before I forget as the day goes on.  The wooden dining set is a new item by Mushilu, out now at the Secret Affair.  It’s available in different wood colors. I am showing the light version wood.

The La Vintage set is the pillow decor pieces shown by unKindness at the newest round of Lost & Found that just opened yesterday. The pieces can be bought separately or as a set.

The rest of the items are old gacha items or items in my inventory.

*Wooden Dining Set – Mushilu @ The Secret Affair
– Table Large White
– Table White
– Stool White
– Lamp Lights White
*La Vintage Set – unKindness @ Lost & Found
– La Vintage Pillow Seat
– La Vintage Pillow Stack w/Lace
– La Vintage Pillow Stack
– La Vintage Pillow Drawer
– La Vintage Lamp
Windmill Wall Decor – Brocante
Melted Candle – Dust Bunny
Coat Rack – Dust Bunny
Braided Rug – Dust Bunny
Sunday Newspaper – Dust Bunny
Pastry Rack – Dust Bunny
Bowl of Cereal – Dust Bunny
Cinnamon Roll Skillet – Dust Bunny
Blueberry Waffles – Dust Bunny
Snack Basket – Dust Bunny
Egg Soldiers – Dust Bunny
Blueberry Pancakes – Dust Bunny
Old Milk Churn Chamomile & Primrose – Ellen Crescendo
Old Milk Churn white with Petunia – Ellen Crescendo
Hayabusa Design Willow Tree M15-1 v2-1 T10G – Hayabusa Design
Wish You Were Here Prefab – Scarlet Creative

The storm passed and the sunshine started pouring in

“When the sun shines.. we’ll shine together.. told you I’ll be here forever.. said I’ll always be your friend…took an oath ..I’m a stick it out till the end… now it’s raining more than ever… know that we’ll still have each other… you can stand under my umbrella you can stand under my umbrella.” ~

Kuro 029

With the heavy rain fall that we had today these umbrellas would be just the thing to sit under just to watch the downpour.  I love a good thunderstorm, though when it’s accompanied by lightning it’s best not to take that kind of chance.  I took a much needed nap instead.

This wonderful piece of artistic furniture named “Next To You Chair” was created by Kuro for the upcoming round of Shiny Shabby that opens its doors tomorrow.  It has 15 singles animations and 7 cuddle ones, plus 9 umbrella and 5 seat textures to choose from.

The hook thorn trees shown are from Little Branch and can be found at the Wayward Carnival event.  You will also find a few other new landscape items at the event, so plan a visit.

Hair – Damselfy – Livly Rigged {Hair Fair 2015 Gift}
Aphrodite Bra Silver – .aisling @ The Secret Affair

*Next To You Chair – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
*Hook Thorn {Dark} Little Branch @ Wayward Carnival Event
Wall Butterfly Green – Little Branch
Wall Butterfly Pink – Little Branch
Real Grass *Green Meadow* Yellow Poppy* – KIDD Creation

*Review copy

Dear future husband.

Lady 004

On9 opened with a new round today and Shutter Field is participating with this daybed, one of three colors, that has single and couple animations.  It makes a great addition to your decor outdoors or indoor for that matter.  I could not help and smile when I heard the song “dear future husband” for the first time as I was taking this picture. The pop and doo-wop song is about a woman listing the qualities she requires in a potential romantic suitor.  It’s comical to my quirky sense of humor, because my scene consists of a church and liberty torch, part of the Statue of Liberty, known as the american iconic symbol of freedom.  It’s also modeled after the Goddess of Liberty, who also represented freedom from tyranny and oppression.

So dear future husband of mine…  I think it’s a sign that I should demand ask nicely to keep some of my freedom.

Hair – D!va – Mia
Robe – Peqe – Dis Robe II @ The Secret Affair

*Messy Daybed – Shutter Field @ On9
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Neva Chapel – Scarlet Creative
Colored Bushes, Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green – [We’re Closed]
Summer in the Park Blank, Liberty Torch, Pigeon Lady – [Consignment] @ The Arcade
Steps Light Curving – [TUFF]

Pose: Talena by Eternal Dream Poses

Looking beyond what was in front.

LB 027

I didn’t feel that I gave these olive trees a proper showing the other day with the picture I took being misty and foggy that it hid the texture and look of the trees.  Plus I wanted to show the other version of the tree that includes the hanging leave wreaths.

I’m in one of these fussy periods that I can’t seem to settle on anything that I put together.  That kind of moment when everything you try on just isn’t right or you decorate a whole room and then don’t like it and you tear it all down. It was that feeling of restlessness that lead me to do something differently when I was in-world last night.  Instead of the usual organizing some picture for a future blog post I hit the music scene on the grid.  I am not sure if that made the mood even worse.

How oddly it felt to be surrounded by other people and feeling almost like I didn’t belong in that scene.  You may wonder what about when I shop at events.  I confess to taking advantage of that trick of derender everyone on radar so that I can move around a bit easier.  I’m prone to get into my invisible alpha and then cam once I figure out the layout.   I hopped around a bit trying to find music that would entice me enough to stay, but after not finding much comfort there I ended up logging and going to bed.   It’s made me reflect how out of touch it felt and whether I have isolated myself so much with just doing nothing other than blogging and having the occasional odd chats here and there with my SL family that going out to socialize now feels odd.  I’m hoping it’s just a passing moment caused by the stress factors outside of this platform.

Hair – Olive – The Sweetpea Hair @ The Arcade
Green Headband – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Bra – FDD Stories – Deidra Bra Rare @ The Secret Affair
Corset – FDD Stories – Deidra Corset UltraRare @ The Secret Affair

Olive Tree {with leaves bands} & Olive Tree – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Fluffy Grass V1 – Garden of Dreams
Doberman Standing – Just Animals

Pose: Hera Set by Kirin

*Review copy.

You left me beautiful memories.

Only If you Knew 025

Head Accessory – LODE – Vesna [dry vintage] @ Shiny Shabby
Hair – Analog Dog – Tangled
*Jumpsuit – [MoDANNA] – [Buxelles Collection] Jumpsuit Black Birds
Necklace Top – Kibitz – Nara Top Steel Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Tattoo – Things – Fehu @ The Secret Affair

SACrE FrAnCaiS – Never Totally Dead
Garden Tree 07 & Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Red Poppies Field & Apple Tree Dark {with Apples Menu} – Little Branch
Primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack {March 2015 Arcade} – 8f8
Country Bucket & Dryer – Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress – Botanical

Pose: Sabrina Set by oOo Studio Poses