Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 8

“When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
5-1-14 w Draco 3
Yesterday I visited the China sim for the very first time.  From what I read from a description on it the sim was designed as an interactive Chinese brush painting.  It’s not a new sim.  It’s just new to me, having never visited or even known about its existence.
5-1-14 w Draco 7
I must admit as much as I still enjoy the wonders of this virtual world I had lost a little of that exploration bug.  Someone once told me that the novelty does wear off after a while.  Maybe there is some truth to the statement.  I like to believe that I try to always keep that inner child open to the creative imagination that gets sparked by the things I do in this world, including exploring places like this one.
5-1-14 w Draco 4
In thinking about this.  Sometimes I just lack the patience to stand still long enough for a place to completely rez so that I can enjoy what it offers.  More often than not I teleport out as quickly as I entered.  The landmark in the inventory for a future visit and as time passes the intention of visiting becomes something of the past.
5-1-14 w Draco 5
Though I was quite happy to visit this place and was quite delighted with the concept.  The simplicity is what makes it very appealing and beautiful in my eyes.
5-1-14 w Draco 6
Location: China Sim
If you would like to participate in the SL Travel 52 challenge, you can find all the information here at a SECOND for Imagination.

Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 5


Pic 3

Last week was a rather quiet week for me as sometimes we need that space of silence to ponder our thoughts or just take a break from the ordinary.   I hope to play some catch up with continuing to take part in the Travel 52 Challenge, so I will probably do two this week.


Some time back I ran across an item made by Quark Fallen, which then led me to find his little nook in this Second Life world we all partake in.   His art work is amazing… there is a magical feel to his creations that quickly transcend you to a place of believing in fantasy and fairy tales and the happily ever after.


Throughout the locations you will find some scattered pose balls to sit and intans for dancing.  Most of the pose balls were for two people, as this place is meant to be shared with someone special.


I used the creators picks to teleport my way to the ship, which is where it was easiest for me to find the other spaces he has created.   There you will find the other locations, one which is a chateau that you can only access through rental.  It’s meant to be a private place for couples to enjoy each other’s company dancing or a bit more.   I took the thirty minute rental to see it, and well it had a lovely space when you teleport there to take pictures and well not being camera shy I posed away.

The stairs that lead to the private bedroom space. 


You can subscribe to receive notices of his new creations and also to receive his past gifts.  If you look closely you will also find some free gifts that are absolutely delightful for decor and pictures.


Location:  Leroy




Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 3


This week’s travel challenge took me to Museum Island, which is situated on the Sunny Breezes region.

Upon arrival you immediately get the feel of being at a museum with the high arches, the signs and the banners.  This is an Italian museum that features some of the historical ancient sites. You get a little bit of ancient Rome, Egypt and Babylon, just to name a few.  With artistically done buildings that house the Nefertari Tomb, the Pompeian House and the Library of Ephesus, and many other historical wonders.


An ideal place for those who want a bit of culture and historical education in a beautiful setting that has been artfully designed and pretty flowered landscaped paths around the museum. It even has animated tour, while not narrated and a bit fast, it was kind of cute seeing my avatar walk around without having to use my mouse. I looked a bit clumsy at times, though that’s normal for me. There is even a boat tour that you can take.


I was pretty much the only person at the museum, until a couple arrived, which was nice to see them both take the animated tour together.


Lots of little places for taking pictures.  As you can see I couldn’t help but take a snapshot of myself, which I really like this hair as it resembles my recent haircut and style in real life.



Hair – Tram – C407 Black
Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Paradise
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 31 ExtraLong
Dress – LpD – *Elena* Dress Cipria Mesh

Pose:  aDORKable Poses – Blooms 3 {no longer in-world}

Location: Museum Island

Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 2

Pic 4

Instead of looking at the destination guide for places to visit as a start to do my second postcard in the Travel 52 Challenge, I opted to go through my landmarks.  I figured that if I did that I could at the same time get rid of some of the landmarks that were no longer valid and that proved to be the case.

I landed at Noweeta Grassland and was immediately drawn to the fall colors.

Pic 1

Now I’m not sure how long this place has been around, though I know that it’s been over a year since I last visited.   It’s a beautiful landscaped homestead that has animals scattered throughout and if you love horse back riding, then you’ll love this place.  There are other things like a balloon ride or if you simply prefer to sit and relax, then you have the cafe or the many little areas for you to enjoy the perfect ambiance of this place.

Pic 5

I loved the giraffes that were roaming about and it reminded me of a trip that I took last year to Animal Kingdom, so I was smiling as I was taking the pictures.


Location:  Noweeta Grassland