The Old Brewery

I’m super excited to have been selected as a blogger for this round of 6th Republic, which starts tomorrow.  Today’s post is featuring The Old Brewery from Schultz Bros., who I actually already blog for so I received it a few days earlier to get it posted today. I was amazed at all the pieces to this gacha, which you can find the gacha key here.  It was a bit overwhelming at first when I rezzed all the pieces out and thinking how does all this go together.

Well I’m pretty happy with the outcome. There are 20 pieces to collect, of which 18 are common and 2 rares with 1 special price after 25 plays.  The cost of the gacha is 50L per play.

Looking forward to showing you some great items in the coming days from this event.

First Pic~
*The Old Brewery Gacha by Schultz Bros. @ 6th Republic *May 6th*
Schultz Bros. 01. The Old Brewery – RARE
Schultz Bros. 02. Malt Sacks Pallet
Schultz Bros. 03. Beer Barrel Stack
Schultz Bros. 08. Brew Kettle
Schultz Bros. 12. Serving Tank
Schultz Bros. 13. Brewers Shelf
Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck – RARE
Schultz Bros. 15. Crate of Beer

Feature Pres Signage – NYC by [Con.]
Park Bench – Metal by [Schultz Bros.]
Sewer Drain by [URCS]

Second Pic~
*The Old Brewery Gacha by Schultz Bros. @ 6th Republic  *May 6th*
Schultz Bros. 03. Beer Barrel Stack
Schultz Bros. 04. T-shirt Display
Schultz Bros. 05. Beer & Glasses Shelf
Schultz Bros. 06. Piping Chandelier
Schultz Bros. 15. Crate of Beer
Schultz Bros. 16. Beer Barrel Bar
Schultz Bros. 17. Beer Tap
Schultz Bros. 18. Cycled Bar Stool
Schultz Bros. 19. Bar Towels
Schultz Bros. 20. Stocked Glass Shelf

Pop Corky Game (Giver) by ..::THOR::..
Candlestick Phone by ..::THOR::..
Old Demijohn by ..::THOR::..
Oil Lamp by ..::THOR::..
Whiskey & Cigar Set by O.M.E.N
Chianti Bottle by Out of the Box
Burton Brewery Vintage Poster by Antique Artworks
Old Cigar Box by -JoHaDeZ-  {store closed}