Lesson 42

Out of Patience

I had hoped to ask more than two people to answer the questions in this week’s lesson for me.  Unfortunately, I was only able to get to two and only got one response back prior to this posting.  My SL brother was one I asked if he would answer these questions as he’s been a constant in my life here for the last year.  I value his thoughts and know that he would tell me honestly what he felt.

Thank you Paris!  It is nice to know that what inspires you about me is that I hold true to my values – values about love and relationships.  I appreciate that you think anything is possible for me in the next year specifically that I find the love of my life in real.  That you want me to be selfish and let loose and step out of my comfort zone and not deny myself.

I am grateful to be connected with people who don’t often tell you what you want to hear, but tell you the truth as they see it in love.  I may not always agree, but I do value their thoughts and opinions.

Thanks again Bro.  

Time Wasted

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 42: Learn from the Mirror of Relationships

It’s been said that the three greatest mysteries of the world are air to birds, water to fish, and man unto himself. What this means is that oftentimes the things that we’re most familiar with are the hardest to understand. It can be difficult to take an honest assessment of ourselves because we lack an objective perspective.

Looking at ourselves through the eyes of others gives us a better understanding of our strengths, our limitations, and our potential. By embracing the perspective of another, we can discover aspects of ourselves that are hidden from our own view.

This week, use the mirror of relationships to gain insight into yourself.

Your Self-Love Assignment

This week, seek out two people whom you admire, and invite them to answer the following questions about you:

  • What about me inspires you the most?
  • What do you think is possible for me in the year to come?
  • What behavior, habit, or belief do you think I would have to give up in order to make this the best year of my life?
  • What skills and abilities do I have that you would like to see me develop?

Look for common themes in the feedback you receive, and distill these insights into three specific action steps that you can take this week.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points for every person whose perspective you consider, and 50 points for taking the feedback they give.


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