I dream of shoes


No, I really don’t dream of shoes.  That would be a nightmare!  There was a time that I owned a tremendous amount of shoes outside my virtual world. I’ve since outgrown that bit of glitz and glamour in my life.  The last time I dared to wear a pair of stilettos for the day I found myself with these painful cramps in my calf by mid afternoon.  That was a quick cure to reverting back to flats.  So I’m not sure if I find it comical that I own quite a bit of shoes here or that it’s a silent tugging that I miss wearing stilettos.  I need to wean myself slowly out of my flat season, because I’ve gotten quite comfortable in it.

You’ve heard all the reasons why women like wearing heels?  The usual they make us look taller, they make us look sexy and don’t make us look fat.    I have to admit it does give my avatar some oomph and lift when I wear stilettos.

There is no contending they lift my spirits up.    Even if they give me a charley horse every once in a while.



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