Riding in the fast lane

Hot Chick 038

Happy Easter!!

I’m bursting at the seams having just finished a huge breakfast and feeling a slight buzz from drinking one glass of sangria.  That stuff is pretty lethal! Or maybe my niece slipped in a little more wine than required.  I don’t know.  I’m feeling it!

I am showing some pictures I took last night on my bike.  I had a great evening, with somewhat of an eerie effect to it.  It dawned on me after I got in bed that the time had passed so swiftly and yet as I lay there I had a feeling of being at peace. I can’t attribute it to anything I did last night, other than I slipped off into my own little world without a care and was just doing things automatically.

Hot Chick 036-2

After getting severely beaten the other night I thought to get in a little practice. I can’t seem to focus lately, and last night was no better. I did a few runs on my own at first until someone showed up and gave me a reason to push a little harder. I won the runs, except it didn’t feel victorious as they were new and still getting accustomed to riding the bike. Though after that I got easily distracted with wanting to grab a picture of myself.

I know. I’m so vain like that.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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