Chau dieta


*ClaireNecklace (Black) Scripted by Baubles! by Phe @ On9
*Anna Maitreya_Lara Jacket by [KR] @ Tres Chic
*Shoes: Daphne – Maitreya by Empire @ Chapter 4
Hair: Secret – {Medium Roots} by Pr!tty
Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Maitreya Lara by Addams

*Frontage Photowall Cafe & My Little Motto by Mushilu @ Tres Chic
Urne de Terra Cuite by Apple Fall
Red Plant by Mesh Plants

Pose: Waiting by .::Morphine::.


It’s time to sit back and enjoy the holiday spirit


Today I’m featuring a pop corky game by THOR that is available at the main store. It makes for a good Christmas gift for those who enjoy playing games. I included some information below credits on how to use this game.  Not pictured here is a brick wall that serves as a background that is part of the set.

Now if you enjoy the hunting in Second Life, then you should go visit DRD to complete the Krampus Hunt where you get all sorts of Christmas goodies. Though you must be a group member to participate, but it’s free to join.

*Holly Fuzzy Sweater Lara by Vinyl @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Boots: Arcade Dec ’16 – Lace – *Maitreya* – Rare  by Empire @ The Arcade
Reva Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills
Marisa Doble Lace Short // Maitreya by Addams

*Pop Corky Game & Giver Box by ..::THOR::.. {barrel & bottle opener board}
The Krampus Hunt by DRD Items: {must be in group to participate}
3 DRD TKH – That Brats Old Sled
5 DRD TKH – That Hideous Stocking
7 DRD TKH – That Jolly Mans Reindeer
10 DRD TKH – That Hideous Bear
12 DRD TKH – Krampus Sack
13 DRD TKH – That Hideous Centerpiece
14 DRD TKH – That Hideous Mug
Stadium Chair – Acid Rain by DRD {Group Gift}
Abandoned Sign & Coaster Chair by [Fetch]
Dirt Ground- Heavy by [TUFF]
Sirokare-Kusa-Kawabe Mesh-6m6m by Poche

…::THOR::.. Pop Corky Game (Barrel)

Rez the Set On Ground : total prim with the Bricks Wall 7 Prims Land Impact / 3 prims without the Wall
Mandatory to play the Game are :
a)..::THOR::.. Pop Corky Game (Giver)
b)..::THOR::.. Pop Corky Game (Barrel)

++Touch the Giver to deliver the Thrower [ ..::THOR::.. Bottle Cap Thrower (wear-me!) ]
++Accept it and wear as is or add it (worn on right hand)
Once worn the system will log You automatically to the Game Server.
Chat will announce the login,
You have two Game Modes.
You can select these clicking the barrel.
Touching the Barrel it will display a menu.

**Wild Mode : no turns, just throw the corks, the first player that reaches the target point wins.
**Turns Mode : Starting from the 1st logged player all player will throw and following the login order.
The 1st player that at the end of the turns reaches the target point wins.

Hover Text on the barrel will display the player points and turn.
Go Mouselook and hold left mouse button to charge throw power.
Min Power is 1, Max power is 12 .
Avatar will play a “charge” animation,
Point the Crossair in the desired position.
Avatar arms will be in “aiming position”.
Upon the right hand you will see the
|||||||||||| increasing till the maximum allowed (12).

Of course you can release the hold before it reaches the Max
to launch the corks at lower speed.

Once the left mouse button is release,
the avatar will play a throw animation, throwing the cork.

While flying the cork will leave a trail (it will vanish in 7 seconds)
to allow the players to see the the ballistic trajectory,
and adjust the aim in the following shots.

////////////////// Other Options //////////////////

Touch the Barrel for menu ( just logged player will be able to display a menu )

** Select the Target Hit Point : 50 or 100
** Select : Reset to Reset the game
(Game will store anyway the game mode set in his long term memory)

for any info, IM me in world (andraus thor) or, best way, send at me a notecard

A day out in the country


Today I am featuring the upcoming new release by JIAN of their lively labs that will be at the upcoming September round of The Arcade.  These are just a few of the dogs in the collection… the animated ones and if you think these are cute wait until you see the static decor ones.

The complete collection consists of 19 dogs, 16 commons and 3 rares with 1 reward to collect after you play their machine 25 times.  There are 4 rezzed wandering pups, 4 worn companion pups, 4 held ones and 4 static decor pups. Then there is 3 animated adult labs that are rare.  The decor pups are not shown in this post, but I can tell you as mentioned above they are cute and just adorable.  The colors of the dogs are white, chocolate, black and golden, which I’ve made sure to feature one of each color in this post.

Besides the static ones all the animals have unique little things they do. For instance the adult animated worn companions are idle, walk, runs, chases its tail, pants, barks and digs in the dirt as shown here. I really loved seeing this as it just brought it to life for me.  To give you another idea the small companion pups are idle, walk, run, pant and bark as well as yawn and scratch its ears as they walk with your avatar.

I can’t wait to show you the rest soon!

*Lively Labs Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade **September 1st**
-Adult (Companion) RARE
-Adult (Wanderer) *REWARD* {Black and Chocolate shown}
-Black Wander Pup
-White Companion Pup
-White Wander Pup
-Chocolate Companion Pup
-Golden Held Pup

Hair: Sylvia by MINA @ The Gacha Garden
Meryl Top Maitreya by Addams
Halsey Bootcut Jeans Maitreya by Vinyl

Garden Tree 08 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Fence Posts by Sensorya Xue {old item and part of a stable build}
Walking, Standing & Grazing Horses Beige by United InshCon
Itchy Grass [Gold] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dirt Road by Happy Mood

Pose: Beach Stroll by Bounce This Poses {female pose used only}

Walking away from those things that no longer serve me


The words seem to be stuck in my head this morning as I get to writing this post.  I had one of those nights where I slept like a log, but then woke up with a dream playing in my head and so I feel a little sluggish still even if half my day is almost gone.  I have racing thoughts going on of what I need to accomplish later today in between the two appointments I have this afternoon The list being checked off and yet you have this thought niggling in the back of your mind that you’re forgetting something.  In my case nothing new. I am quite forgetful already as it is.

Anyway, it’s Friday and hope some of you are off to a good start for the weekend ahead. Today I am showing another prop by Industry 7, the City Wall Set that is part of their Urban Studio gacha at The Epiphany.  I’m only showing a partial view of the wall, plus I put together two side by side for this scene.  The other item is trashcan prop with the catchy saying.

The other item that I am featuring today are the Triteleia heels by Empire. These over the knee lace up heels are just the kind of shoes a girl needs for a Friday night. Empire makes some of the hottest shoes in-world and if you like these then join the VIP Group for a minimal cost of only $499L to stay up to date on new releases and get some amazing group gifts like I’m wearing.  These are made to fit several bodies, the Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Venus and Maitreya, which I am using.  It includes a hud with 2o colors to choose from, so it’s really a great bargain.  I look forward to showing some more fabulous shoes from this creator in the near future.

*Shoes:  Triteleia by Empire {VIP Group Gift}
Hair: Stay the Night by Magika
Tattoo: Cash by .Reckless. 
Silverstone Top Tuly by Emery @ Collabor88
Marisa Doble Lace Short by Addams @ Collabor88

*Urban Studio_City Wall Set by Industry 7 @ The Epiphany
*Urban Studio_Trashcan Prop by Industry 7 @ The Epiphany
Neon Legs by Seven Emporium

Pose: Ottoman by oOo Studio {Ottoman made transparent to use pose}

Checking in and checking out

DaD 022

If I ever got a dog in real life it would probably be an English bulldog.  I think they have the cutest face ever.  I had a co-worker once who had one and hers was super big with all the folds in the skin and I would often joke with her saying that he had a face only his mother would like… meaning her.  She would laugh as she knew I was messing with her. It looked like this one here  except a bit wider.

Hope it’s been a great Monday!

*Excuse me, Where is…? Gacha by DaD Design @ The Gacha Garden
– 01 Key Rack Rare
– 02 Rare Set of Wooden Panels
– 10 Wall Sign Reception
– Seed Of Inspiration “Reception Desk”
Potted Pothos by Soy
Potted Ponytail Palm by Soy
Green & Tan Luggage and Luggage Cart by Intrigue Co.
Motel- Small Phone Fade by DRD
Shape Lamp by Kalopsia
Potted Plant/Stand & In Jar by [ kunst ] @ Uber
Smile Lightbox/Warmlight by {vespertine}
Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 03  & Male 05 by Pink Acid

Desperado Boater Hat [Black] by Majesty @ Kustom9
Hair: The Evening Lights by Exile
Meryl Top by Addams
Tight Harem Pants by Gabriel @ Shiny Shabby
Posh Pumps by Reign
Nocular Sunglasses/Gold by David Heather
Antique Water Bottle  by [ kunst ] @ Uber
Plain_L Node – [White] Chat (F) by Le Primitif

Pose: The Ginger Series by an lar [poses]

You’re a cutie…yes, you

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ~ Lena Horne

Circa 018-2

This is a quick post as I have just enough time before I have to go out the door this morning.  I’m showing this lovely morning glory spring set by [CIRCA], currently available as a gacha set at the Dreams Gacha Fair.  I listed all the pieces used in the picture, but there is a few more pieces that complete the set. The sit pose I am using is not from the ottoman, but it is actually a pose by [evoLove], which is available at the newest round of GENRE.

I’m also featuring some landscape items by Little Branch.  The wild grass and the white cherry blossom trees available now at the current round of the LTD The Event.

All these spring colors are sure to brighten up your days.  If the spring colors don’t do it, check out this adorable English bulldog.  He is cute, isn’t he?  I’ve yet to name him, but I think that I have a perfect name in mind.

Enjoy your Saturday!

*”Morning Glory” Gacha Collection by [CIRCA] – @ Dreams Gacha Fair
-String Light Stand – Moss & Cream
-Chalkboard Sign – Brown Frame
-Glory” Wall Trellis – Blue/Purp Single
-Wall Trellis – Multi Single 1
-Planter Bench – Cream Wood
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Fountain Stand – Tan Stone
-Area Rug – Grass Green Weave
-Ottoman Seat A – Grass ZigZag
-Bread & Fruit Basket
*Wild Grass {Green} by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*White Cherry Blossoms by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*Belle Epoque No1 Pose by [evoLove] @ GENRE {slight adjustment to Head Position}
Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 03 by Pink Acid @ The Chapter Four
Real Grass *White Flowers* – KIDD Creation

F312 Hair by Tram @ The Seasons Story
RIO T-Shirt by [sYs] @ The Chapter Four
Electra Short Exclusive by Addams {not available}
Laced Gladiators Silver #4 by Reign @ Epiphany

Shop till you drop

Jian 015

*Plush Storage Bench – Jian @ The Chapter Four
*Simple Metal Streetlamp – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Snuggle Blankie ~ Bunny Love  – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things

*Pose: Shopping Queen by p.o.s.e.

*Little Love Outfit – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things
{Includes dress, shoes, headband and bracelet}

*Hair – eXxEsS – Celina
Bubble Necklace – Glam Affair
Arm harnesses – Glam Affair  {past limited edition item}
Andromeda Top &  Pegazo Pencil Skirt – Addams
Chacha Sandals Red Hots – ieQED {past Shoe 21}

Symi-Green/Blue by Exposeur

The stalker

Spying 023

I’m doing another male post in my male series and as you can see I am easily amused.  I usually don’t have any prearranged thoughts of what I will end up doing when I log in other than I mainly go in-world these days to put something together to blog.  I know it sounds a bit boring.  Though I can’t say I find myself bored.  It’s about the right amount of stimulation that I need to keep me busy and focused as I filter through what’s on my mind and I begin to relax leaving behind the day.  It’s only when I’m restless beyond a certain point that I end up searching for something more to appease the mood.

Saying that I have begun to start to venture out a little more to take in some of the SL scenery.  I’ve been seeing some great pictures of locations in-world on Flickr that I would love to go visit.  The problem for me is that I’m starting to rez everywhere in a world of grey again, it makes the experience not so pleasant to want to do it again and again.

This night I began like usual by putting out recent purchases and moving them around and that’s how a scene starts to develop.  With this particular scene I had placed out several of the cute beach huts in varying colors by Trompe Loeil, which are now at Collabor88.  I know you can’t see the actual build, but worth checking out and a bargain at 88L.   As I saw them side by side the idea hit of having a guy scoping out the girl with binoculars.  Though as you can see things don’t always end the way you begin.  The pose sort of set the tone on this one.

Happy Friday!

Hair – Olive – The Daisy Hair – Morning Coffee {March 2015 Arcade}
Shirt -{amiable} Mew Meow Summer Oversized Shirt & T-Shirt @ The Kawaii Project
Shorts – Addams – Bermuda Denim Rolled @ FaMESHed
Shoes – Reign – Bow Flops White

On him ~
Hair – Aeros – Teghran
Sweater – Sharp by [ZD] – Mesh Zipper Cardigan Grey {Store Gift
Shorts – Trashed – Denim Short Smile for ***Menstuff Hunt 2015***
Shoes – Killaq/Islamicmonkey – Sneakers Brown

Kiya Beach Huts – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
DuffelCat Siemesee – BoOgErS @ The Kawaii Project

Pose: Leave The Pieces by Vibe  & Mannerism Polar MB_01 by Mannerism/Mikey Batriani {past hunt}

Gone fishing.

Gone Fishing 007

Hair – Mina – Guusje Natural @ FaMESHed
Top – The Annex – Kasa Bikini White {upper}
Shorts – Addams – Bermuda Denim Rolled Up w/ Belt @ FaMESHed
Fishing Pole – Vestige {prop for The Fishing Prop Guy pose}

*Gee Bear, Dave Bear, Big Hug Bear Purple, Big Hug Bear Pink, Lost Bear, Roscoe Bear, Big Hug Bear Blue, Buddy Bear, Big Hug Bear Magic – BoOgErS @ The Arcade
*Dock w/ Steps with Ramp, Dock w/ Steps No Ramp, Dock Chair w/ Blanket, Dock Chair Brown – Shutter Field  {made steps in one of the docks invisible}
*Crate & Blanket Set {Blanket, Lantern & Tray w/ Bread} – Shutter Field
Shrub Pink, Sweet Garden Grass 06 & 07, Swet Garden Grass 06 Yellow & Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Ash Trees – Jian
4 Season Ancient Double Oak – Sweet Revolutions

*Review copy.