Hot Havana nights

Bee 0077ps

I’m doing a second post today as I have a few decor items that are coming up in the next days.

What I am featuring is this new swimming pool by Bee Designs.  It’s available at the Cosmopolitan Room. It comes with single and couple animations, including some swimming ones.  Everything in the picture except the house and palm trees behind me are included as part of the decor with the pool.

It’s raining crazy right now, but when it’s not it’s hot and humid and perfect for a swim in the pool.

*Paradise Swimming Pool by Bee Designs @ The Cosmopolitan Room
*Small Palm Tree by [ht:home] @ Genre
Sweet Dreams Cottage by DaD Design

Hair: Haku by Argrace
Slate Bikini by Ison @ The Epiphany

Two-in-one sort of day

Tres Chic 023

I was in the middle of finishing up these pictures last night when suddenly I lost my internet.  I had forgotten that they were laying out cable in the neighborhood and services were going to be cut off in the evening hours until the morning.  It’s why I didn’t get around to posting anything yesterday, as it’s already the next day here.

Hope it’s a great Wednesday!

Tres Chic 015

Picture 1:
Hair: Honey Whiskey by Magika
Necklace: Orix Gold Necklace by [Modern.Couture] {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Top: Ruffled Cami/Dani Beige by Mimikri  {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Pants: Cropped Cotton Pants/Dani Beige by Mimikri {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Shoes: Lea Pumps by Pure Poison {Gift at FaMESHed for Members}

*”Café Volo” Series by [CIRCA] @ Swank Event
-Flower Vase & Shakers2 – Orange
-Flower Vase & Shakers2 – Red
-Tall Table – Red/Teak (15 pos)
-Tall Seat A & B – Teak/Red (16 pos)
-Tall Table – CherryOlive (15 pos)
-Tall Seat A & B – Olive/Cherry (16 pos)
-Tall Table – Dk Cocoa/Cherry (15 pos)
-Tall Seat A & B – Cherry/Dk Cocoa (16 pos)

*Coffee & Cocktail Chalk Art Signs by [CIRCA] @ Swank Event
Sign -“French Martini”
Sign – “Cosmopolitan”
Sign – “Slim Moscow”
Sign – “Shots Menu”
Sign – “Mint-to-be Mojito”
Sign – “Hot Coffee Cup”
Cocktail Chalk Art – Sign – “OPEN”
Cocktail Chalk Art – Sign – “Dark ‘n’ Stormy”
Cocktail Chalk Art – Sign – “Ship Wrecked”
Cocktail Chalk Art – Sign – “The ‘I Do’ ”
Cocktail Chalk Art – Sign – “Wedding Cake Martini”

*Neon Signs by by [CIRCA] @ Swank Event
Neon Coffee Sign
Neon Bar Sign – Classic colours

Music Corner by Cozy Essentials {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Spring Shed Gacha Roses by .:Bee Designs:. {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Juice – Tropical Breeze by Artisan Fantasy {Tres Chic April/May 2016}

Pose: Megan 10 by Amite Poses {Tres Chic April/May 2016}

Picture 2:
Hair: Mayu by Argrace
Dress: Halter Bow Dress Animal Print by BlackRose Fashion {Tres Chic April/May 2016}
Shoes: Brienne Flats Cocoa by {for Slink Flat Feet}
Bike w/ Pose: Embrace the Unexpected by :LW: Poses {Tres Chic April/May 2016} {modded/hat removed from pose}

Spring Swing by {Sitting Pretty} {Tres Chic May 2015}
Ultimate Great Dane (Fawn Color) by ZOOBY
Garden Tree08 – yGreen by Happy Mood
Dirt Road by Happy Mood
Wild Grass Collection by Studio Skye
Dwarf Fores [Old Gold] by *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
Broken Gate by Razor Bird

Spring cleaning makes you want to take a catnap

UK 0142

*Spring Cleaning Gacha Set by unKindness @ FaMESHed
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Line White
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Line Green
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Seat v2
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Empty
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Seat

*Kitten Collection by JIAN @ FaMESHed
-Snuggle Pile
-Wanderer (Rez me!)
-Sleepy 1

*Mystic Birch_Cluster {4Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Mystic Birch {4Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed

Hair: Mayu by Argrace
Dress: Moriarty – Black Denim by Dead Dollz @ Shiny Shabby
Spring Brise_v2 {With Flowers Menu} by Little Branch
Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Morning Dew Grass by T-Spot

Last Christmas

Last Xmas 005ps

As I was going through the poses on this chair, which are a few for activities and sleep I settled on this one as it sort of fit my contemplative mood.  Gazing at the beautiful tree I thought of how different my last Christmas is to this year.  I don’t bemoan material things as those have never been that important to me.  No, I grieve the loss of people that were in my life then who no longer are.

For some reason I think this could be my last Christmas in Second Life.  I don’t know what the future brings obviously, it’s just more or less a thought that funneled through my mind right now.  On January 8th, I will have been in Second Life for 5 years, which in my book is a pretty long time.

That day is also very significant.  It was the same date of January 8th two years ago, that I also met someone who came to be a very important part of my life.  I miss that period in my life, where everyday was more carefree and not as heavy.  I miss him too.  My Christmas wish for him is always that he find peace, happiness and joy.

I’m thankful for many things, but today I’m just thankful for even the cool weather that has me shivering from cold.

Hair – Argrace – Minato {past group gift}
Vest – Atomic – Faux Fur Vest
Top – Baiastice –  Stef Sweater-Chocolate
Pants – .:villena:. – Chinos in Creme
Boots – Reign – Moccasin Caramel
Watch – Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MTX Watch

*Winter Chair – Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops @ Tres Chic
New Orleans Studio – [ba]
Reminiscence.Tree – LeLutka {group gift}
Rug w/ Fringes Green – Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Wood Santas – Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Pillows . Winter Hat –Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Photo Frame . Snowflakes – Sway’s [Advent 2015]

Joy is not in things, it is in us

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…But if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red.”

Reflections 011c

Hair – Argrace – Seri
Glasses – SORGO – SMQ Shades Wood
Cardigan – Medley – Loose Cardigan Black
*Lingerie – MoDANNA – [Mesquine Collection] Lace & Satin Lingerie @ anyBody
Socks – Maitreya – Dahlia

JOY Light-Up Letters – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Merry Christmas Mailbox – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Hanging Snowflake Light – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Vermont Mug & Box of Cookies – {what next}
Chair . Christmas – Sway’s {Advent 2015}
Christmas Tree Rare – Dust Bunny {past arcade}
Claryon Curtains Cream – The Loft
Gift Stack 3 –Clutter
Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (Black) – Apple Fall 
Log Candle Center Piece – Shutter Field {group gift}

Memories of you always make me smile

Today I’m simply doing a tribute to my father to celebrate his birthday. It’s been 6 years since dad passed and more then ever I miss him terribly.

Dad loved old cars and would from time to time share a long ago memory of some vehicle he drove or owned. The belair was one of those vehicles so when I saw this version recently it was a given that I needed to get it. It’s about the right size as he liked big cars.

His other love was music and dad played the accordion from a young age up until his last days.  I’ve showed this accordion on a previous post remembering my father and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring it back out to use as this was his passion. It’s not the same kind of model as his were always the button and not the piano variety.

That Texas marquee was another must have and no it’s not because all my exes live in Texas…well just one! My Dad who grew up in Texas would have chuckled at that as he was a bit of a jokester himself.

Today is a little hard for me not being close to home to take him flowers personally, but I know he wouldn’t want me to give it a second thought. Easier said then done.

Feliz Cumpleaños Papi! 



Be like melting snow — wash yourself of yourself

DDD LB 017ps42

Sometimes I have so much to say and other days like now I sit here waiting for the words to flow and nothing comes out.  It’s not like my mind is totally blank. In fact my mind is racing with too many thoughts floating around in there… like what do I need to get done today to where did this year go?  It will be dad’s birthday in a few days and I’m no longer near to take flowers to his grave site.

Then there is a ping beside me letting me know there is a text on my phone and a good reminder to get out of my thoughts.

Some more awesome winter trees by Little Branch out now at FaMESHed.  The gazebo is by Dysfunctional Designs as well as the whimsical umbrella that is texture changeable by touch and both can be found at the main store.

Hair – Argrace – Irori
Sweater –  ::FAC:: – Mijo
Skirt – Maitreya – Haerringbone Grey
Boots – Reign – Marylin
*Whimsical Umbrella – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs

*Ornamental Gazebo – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Conifier.V2 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifier.V1 {Winter} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifer.V3 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Grass1l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Elk Male Grazing & Looking – Just Animals

Pose: Female Model Pose 57 by Exposes Poses

I miss his presence when he’s gone

Aria 011

Hair – Argrace – Tamaki
Lingerie – [Liv-Glam] – K Collection Lilly’s Lingerie {store now Legendaire}

*Hayden Bedroom Set – ARIA @ 6 Republic  **Opens Nov. 6th***
{Bed, Nightstand, Rug, Rack, Mirror, Table Light & Potted Succulent}
*StiKs Lights_Light Wood – unKindess @ FaMESHed
*Sleepy Puff – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
Hudson Townhouse – Scarlet Creative
Flying Curtain – Kalopsia {Modified – made transparent}

Sometimes being with friends is all the therapy you need

Girls 051

It’s not often that I get to spend any time together in the same room with these two ladies that are friends and also part of my SL family.  While two of us share the same time zone and are in the same country the other is in another part of the world 14 hours time difference.

Though when we get an opportunity to hang together, it’s always a lovely time.  The conversation just flows and ranges from what we had for breakfast or dinner, the joys and struggles we may be experiencing in our lives to whatever event is going on in this world we inhabit in our down time.  It really doesn’t matter what we talk about ~ it’s just an opportunity to connect with people with common interests who care for one another.

Aphrodite made it possible to share in this moment together with their summer pool party items currently available at the Cosmopolitan Event.  The inflatable floater sits up to six people and has 1o sits for each sit.  You get a few color choices for the floater with just a click that brings up the menu.  It also includes the inflatable floating drinks cooler that comes in four options: soda, juices, booze or beer.

Next, are the beach tropic decor items by [CIRCA] now available at the main store. The lounger set has two chairs that come with 10 animations each and is perfect for around the pool or just outdoors to enjoy the last rays of summer.  Not shown is a small table with tropical drinks.  I like the palm motif decor, and would work wonders indoors as well when you want to bring the sunshine inside.

Hair – Argrace – Hikari
Beach Basics Bikini – Luas

*”Summer Pool Party” – Aphrodite Shops @ The Cosmopolitan Event
{Floater, Beers Drink Cooler and Sodas Drink Cooler}
Mediterranean Palm Tree – Kidd Creation
Crooked Palms – NT {store closed}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Floored Towel 2 & Stacked Towels – Surge
*”Beach Tropic” Miami Palms Motif Decor – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Lounger Set – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Sun Lotion & Mag Decor – [CIRCA]
Tropical Palm Plant v.5 Full Perm – Leika Meili
Splash Pool – Apple Fall
Headphone Skull Gold – Swallow
Sunscreen Tube – {what next}
*”Seaward” Beach Ball Multi – [CIRCA]

*Review copy