The Cocoon

Doing another home and garden post to feature the newest home by DaD Designs. All the details are right below credits.


*Cocoon House by DaD Designs @ Ultra Event

—-Cocoon House—-
Footage: 35.5 x 30.0
Land Impact: 83
Copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
No transfer
The concept of COCOON is a house with many spaces inside and outside developed without interruption for the view. for the presence of large windows.  In close connection with the house is the swimming pool that becomes the entrance of the house itself.

Cocoon House is available PG & ADULT version.
The animations Menu is just ONE for all (to reduce to 0 sit /stand up constantly when customer decide to change area).
From inside the house you can sit on the objects and the starting point of the animation it is always the same
Start point is always the same and you receive a Menu with 3 areas.
The points of the house from which you can access the animated menus are
swimming pool: water
living / 1st floor: The black wall partition

Simplify by sliding the mouse over these areas appears chair symbol (click the left mouse button)

n° 20 Single animations
n° 35 Cuddle couple animations
n° 76 Sex Couple animations

n° 20 Single animations
n° 35 Cuddle couple animations

Near swimming pool there is a switch to change color/intensity/access

I know how complicated terraforming in Second Life.
The ground is never perfect near the edges of an object!
For this reason I have added a “bonus mesh” you can use near the outer edge of the pool.  My advice is rez home and terraforming perfectly and, at the end, add the prim bonus on the edge of the pool.

You can use it as an extra space or stairs.