Some people just like to show their “ass” off …

I’ve probably only attempted to play tennis in real life maybe once or twice when I was much younger and it wasn’t a sport that I took to.  I can only sit and watch it for so long, though it’s the same with most sports.  My attention just seems to wander off during sports games.

Today I am showcasing a few items in this scene/various pictures being shown. I really like seeing collaborations between designers and this is one of those times when everything is just marvelously done.

The tennis court set by DaD Designs comes with red/green clay tennis court, the metal fence kit modular system, the umpire chair and single and couple poses.  You can find this set at Shiny Shabby until May 15th and also get more details below credits.

Then you have Astralia who provided some of the accessories — tennis bleachers, umbrella and chairs, tennis balls basket, tubes and decor balls as well as the tennis rackets in different colors.  You can find this set at Shiny Shabby as well.

The tennis dress I am wearing is by Dead Dollz and available in a few colors and can be found at the main store.  While not featured, but part of the collaboration are Gabriel who has tennis outfits for men at Shiny Shabby and poses by RK Poses at their main store.

This blondie just can’t handle a loss…she’s so competitive!!  We started with posing using the Chloe & Odette pose by Ilaya at Pose Fair 2017, except Lotus started to move her face and arms and I took a snap as she was playing around.

*Tennis Court Set by DaD Designs @ Shiny Shabby
-Red Clay Tennis Court” c/m
-Fence System
– “Chair Umpire Tennis Court” c/m

*Tennis Collection by Astralia @ Shiny Shabby
-Astralia – Decorative Tennis Bleachers
-Astralia – Tennis Court Chair
-Astralia – Tennis Court Umbrella
-Astralia – Tennis Balls (rezz)
-Astralia – Tennis Balls Tube
-Astralia – Tennis Balls Basket 

*Smash Tennis Dress by Dead Dollz @ Main Store
Hair: Quinn by Elikatira
Racket by Astralia
Air Sneakers (Lime) – Maitreya by Tetra

Lotus is wearing…
Smash Tennis Dress by Dead Dollz @ Main Store
Hair: Loomer by Lamb
Lacey.Socks (Maitreya) by fri.
Tennis Sneakers White/Blue by Milk Motion
Racket by Astralia

*Poses in Pics 1-3 are in set by Dad Designs {part of tennis court set}
Pose in Pic 4 is Chloe and Odette [1] by [ILAYA] @ Pose Fair 2017


I’m very proud to present my latest creation “Tennis Court” 100% original mesh.

This beautiful Tennis Court is composed by:

Each of these groups is also sold individually

Footage: 34,6×17.3
Land Impact: 19
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

Is composed by
– Single post
– Double Post
– Door post
– Metal Fence 3 layout A-B-C-
– Door
Land Impact: 1 each
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

Land Impact: 6
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer
Include 3 single Judge pose

n° 3 couple poses
n° 5 single poses
(racket/outfit are not included)

When all else fails, join the circus

Una 0052

*Circus Gacha by Una @ The Gacha Garden
-Tent Rare
-Tickets Rare
-Circus Poster
-Letters CIR Brown
-Letters CUS Brown
-Balloons Blue, Green, Pink & Red

Hair: Gigi by pr!tty @ The Chapter Four {gacha}
Outfit: Jude Dress w/ Stockings & Suspenders by Dead Dollz

Pose: Windows Poses by Izzie’s

Spring cleaning makes you want to take a catnap

UK 0142

*Spring Cleaning Gacha Set by unKindness @ FaMESHed
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Line White
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Line Green
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Seat v2
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Empty
– Spring Cleaning Clothes Basket Seat

*Kitten Collection by JIAN @ FaMESHed
-Snuggle Pile
-Wanderer (Rez me!)
-Sleepy 1

*Mystic Birch_Cluster {4Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Mystic Birch {4Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed

Hair: Mayu by Argrace
Dress: Moriarty – Black Denim by Dead Dollz @ Shiny Shabby
Spring Brise_v2 {With Flowers Menu} by Little Branch
Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Morning Dew Grass by T-Spot

Taking a break

La Mexicana 004

I had planned on blogging this dress for Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, except I will not be around to do it then.  I need to take a break from Second Life for now to deal with some things and so will not be blogging in the mean time.

Thank you to all my readers for your continued support as its meant a lot to me to have your readership, likes and comments.   I also want to thank all the creators/designers who have honored me with their creations to share with the Second Life community and even those non-second lifers who follow.  I acknowledge all the responses that I received in understanding this needed break. You are all awesome!

Until my return, may each of you continue to enjoy and have fun and don’t spend all your lindens at the gachas!

In my most authentic Mexican voice…. “Viva Second Life!”

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Sadie
Miss Mexico National Costume – Dead Dollz {not available}

Pose by Del May