A beautiful romance

Morning everyone!  It’s a new round at Cosmopolitan and as usual lots of variety to be found.  I’m wearing a dress by Hilly Haalan, which is great for this summer heat as wearing anything tight in this heat is just unbearable. Yesterday was really hot with a heat index of 102 Fahrenheit… it was a scorcher.

The other items I’m featuring from this round is the swing decor in the corner by Sources. It’s available in a few colors and the planter by Chez Moi, which is part of their outdoor bed set at the event.  I’ll be showing the bed in another post soon to come.  I’m also using a pose by Di’s Opera that is available at Cosmo as well.  The front side braided hair is by Tetra and is one of three new hairstyles she has at Hair Fair.  

The bronze star wind rose decor on the wall is by Blue Sky, and it’s available at Summerfest.

The last items that I want to mention is the garden nook set by DRD, which is a new sponsor and I’m super elated to be blogging for them.  I’m featuring their garden nook set available now at Shiny Shabby.  The set includes the fountain, table and chairs and the flower bucket on top.  DRD is also having a summer sale that you definitely do not want to miss. The sale is going from today to June 27th, and it’s 40% off store wide and 70% on select items that are moving to marketplace and more.  You can view the creators Flickr here to get more details.

Have a splendid Saturday!

*Orange Hair v.2 by Tetra @ Hair Fair
*Ellis Maxi Dress Maitreya by [hh] @ Cosmopolitan

*Kipsa Brown {swing} by SourcesCosmopolitan

*Potted Lilly of the Valley by  Chez MoiCosmopolitan

*Garden Nook Set by DRD @ Shiny Shabby
DRD – Garden Nook – Fountain
DRD – Garden Nook – Rattan Chair – Green
DRD – Garden Nook – Rattan Chair – Red
DRD – Garden Nook – Pedestal Table
DRD – Garden Nook – Flower Bucket

*Wind Rose – Bronze by [-BLUE SKY-]Summerfest 2017

Sandpiper Wanderer (Rez!) by *HEXtraordinary* @ Summerfest 2017
El Albergue by Ionic

*Pose: Blend 1 – 5 by Di’s OperaCosmopolitan

Morning sunshine

It’s an early post today as I’ve been up for two hours already and before the lack of my normal sleep hours catches up with me I’ll take advantage to post.

Today’s is another mixture of fashion and decor and most of it is from this round of Cosmopolitan that ends tomorrow so you still have time to grab some amazing things. If you’re not familiar with this event, it’s bi-weekly and has everything from poses, to clothing to decor.

I’m wearing jewelry by Supernatural in the gold tone, but you can find it also in 3 other options. The dress top is by Elegance Boutique and if pink isn’t your color then you have 15 other colors choices.  The panties are from JF Design, which are part of their bra/top and panties/skirt ensemble that is super sexy as well. You can find all these items at Cosmopolitan. The skin that I’m using is by YS&YS and it’s an applier for the Lelutka bento head called Paris and available at a new event called eBento. It’s their first round and by the name you know it’s all centered around everything bento.  The event ends June 7th so plenty of time to visit.

The Chinese bathroom decor is by ETNIA, which is available as individual items or as a fatpack with items ranging from 1 to 4 land impact. It’s available at Cosmopolitan. The house that I am using in this picture is by Schultz Bros., which is their participation for the May subscription box of Deco(c)rate. It’s too late to get the box at the lower rate, but you can still grab it at a higher price.  Visit their website for more information.

The last item is the pose, which is by Di’s Opera, that is part of their graceful set and available at Cosmopolitan.

Have a great Saturday and if I am able to I will be posting again to bring you some of the great home and garden decor at the just opened Home & Garden Expo, which is an annual event that works to raise funds for Relay For Life of Second Life. More about this event with my first post.

*Skin: Paris Tone 02 Skin Applier – Lelutka Bentho Head by *YS&YS* @ eBento
*Alba Earring & Necklace [Gold] by .::Supernatural::. @ Cosmopolitan
*Dress – Pink – “Chloe” – Maitreya Lara by Elegance Boutique @ Cosmopolitan
*”Sisley” Panties (Maitreya) – Sugar Pink by JF Design @ Cosmopolitan
Hair: Asuka by Truth

*Moderna House by [Schultz Bros.] @ May Deco(c)rate 
*Chinese Bathroom Set by [ETNIA] @ Cosmopolitan
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Sink
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Mirror
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Soap Pump
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Toothbrushes in Vase
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Napkin Box
[ETNIA] Chinese Bathroom – Dry Plant Vase

*Pose: Graceful Set by Di’s Opera @  Cosmopolitan

Pretty in pink

Happy Friday and Good Friday!

It’s a short one this morning. I’m featuring items from this round of Cosmopolitan. This event is a bi-weekly, so you always have just a limited amount of time to go grab some wonderful stuff at great prices.

Have a fabulous day and start to your Easter weekend!

*Hair: <Roza> Natural Tones by FABIA Mesh Hair @ Cosmopolitan
*Top & Panties Maitreya White by Rust Republic @ Cosmopolitan

*Sakura Decor by Puke Rainbows @ Cosmopolitan
[PR] Sakura Rope Rug – Pink & White
[PR] Sakura Round Puf – White
[PR] Sakura Cube Puf – Pink
[PR] Square Wooden Wall Planks – White & Pink
Sweet Days Gacha by [Glitzz] @ The Gacha Guardians
01 [Glitzz] Sweet – Wall Damask Pink 
18 [Glitzz] Sweet Day – Vanity White 
20 [Glitzz] Sweet Day – Frames 
22 [Glitzz] Sweet Day – On my Desk 
[Glitzz] Package Box by [Glitzz]
Cabaret- Princess Puss – Ginger by Birdy
Ocean Oasis Gacha – Gilded Gator by Sayo

*Pose: In Style Pose Set by Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan

The invisible scents

New round with all sorts of great stuff over at Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday. The discounts for the latter only today and the top and skirt from Elegance Boutique is just one of the items up for grabs for a bargain.

The rest of the items are available for the next two weeks at the Cosmopolitan Room starting with a new hair by EMO-tions called Mirella.  It’s a cute bouncy short bob style hair with bangs.  The pose is part of the cosmetics series by Di’s Opera and can be purchased individually or in a fatpack.

The majority of the decor shown is by KraftWork, which are pieces from their Soap Collection Gacha.  The wall vessel lamp is one of the pieces in the set by Big Bully. The hexagonal is one of the commons from the gacha set by Puke Rainbows.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

*Hair: Mirella by .:EMO-tions:. @ Cosmopolitan
*”Amy” Tank Top & Skirt -Black – Maitreya by Elegance Boutique @ Hello Tuesday

*The Soap Collection Gacha by KraftWork @ Cosmopolitan
1 KraftWork The Soap Collection Shop Scale Rare v1
2 KraftWork The Soap Collection Display v1 (3LI)
2 KraftWork The Soap Collection Display v2 (8LI – unlinkable)
3 KraftWork The Soap Collection Bag of Soaps
4 KraftWork The Soap Collection Wooden Table
5 KraftWork The Soap Collection Chalk Board
6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v1
6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v2
7 KraftWork The Soap Collection Soap Stand
8 KraftWork The Soap Collection Fruit Tablet Soaps
9 KraftWork The Soap Collection Sea Salt Bottles
*Vessel Lamp by Big Bully  @ Cosmopolitan
*Light Hexagonal Wall Tiles 1 – Black Common By Puke Rainbows @ Cosmopolitan

*Pose: Cosmetics Set by Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan

Shades of a passing season


I know this picture has more of a fall mood then the spring season mood we are heading into, though everything minus the grasses that I’m showing are items you can find at this round of Cosmopolitan.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

*Hair: Stella by .:EMO-tions:. @ Cosmopolitan
*Ken_Sunglass_FAT_For men by ::::c*C*c::: @ Cosmopolitan
*Marguerite Statement Necklace, Coral/Gold by (luc) @ Cosmopolitan
*Teagan Jacket – Dress Maitreya by [Hilly Haalan] @ Cosmopolitan
*Floating Feathers 9 (Brown) by Persefona @ Cosmopolitan

*Wooden Plank Set by THOR for Hello Tuesday
..::TH::.. Wooden Plank Table 1
..::TH::.. Wooden Plank Bench
..::TH::.. Wood Slice Stool
..::TH::.. Botanical Book
..::TH::.. Magnifying Glass
..::TH::.. Compass
..::TH::.. Cutter
..::TH::.. Pencil
..::TH::.. Leaf 1
..::TH::.. Leaf 2
..::TH::.. Leaf 3
..::TH::.. Coffee Mug
..::TH::.. Moka Coffee

*Pose: Luxious 2-6 by Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan

Itchy Grass [Gold] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*

Lesson 36


I may be redundant when I say the following.  It just feels like I’ve spoken this before or maybe I just thought these things and never wrote on them.

Normally, I talk about real life events when I do these lessons.  I primarily started doing the lessons for personal growth.  Since I am and interact the same in both worlds, obviously with a bit more care and on occasion maybe daring to do things I wouldn’t even consider in real life, Second Life would be part of that growth.  Though not doing much or interacting with that many people these days in-world it does limit my ability to utilize examples that could pertain to these lessons.

Today’s lesson brings to mind something that I have observed when it comes to liking or disliking things on Flickr or on blogs.  Being a blogger who likes to take pictures it’s only natural that I would like to shop.   One of the ways I have stayed in touch with what is newly released is by perusing blogs and Flickr.  Since I am talking about Flickr I will take time to mention that I don’t make it a practice to favorite too many fashion pictures as there are far too many that I like that it would clog my favorites.  Generally, I stick to liking landscapes, furniture pictures because it helps me remember things I own as well and recently I started to favorite pictures of things I want to go look for once released.   Mainly, I like favoring pictures that tell a story.   You’ve heard that statement that a picture is worth a thousand words.   For a great example, I recently liked several photos of Harvey Crabsticks as they were a sequence and telling a story.  I love that sort of thing.


To my observation.  I have noticed that many people will like a picture of yours just because you liked one of theirs.  I simply don’t understand that.   I rather you like my picture because you really do like it, other than liking it because I happened to like one of yours.   I do believe that sometimes we will go and look at someone’s work when we note they liked one of ours.  I have done this, and will like something I might have not seen.  Flickr pictures are being uploaded continuously by members you follow that there is bound to be pictures that you will miss.  That being said I still see this soft token of “people-pleasing” in observance.  The same thing applies to blogs.

In short. It’s not a big deal.  Like to your hearts content.  Just an observation.

The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 36:  Please Yourself

People-pleasing is one of the great epidemics of our times. I know so many people who can’t seem to find the time or energy to nurture their own dreams or bring their goals to fruition. Could it be that people-pleasing is the silent culprit behind their exhaustion and over committed schedules?

Many of us learned early on that pleasing others is a good way to receive validation or affection. And now it’s become a habit that we perpetuate even though it doesn’t serve us or our visions. This week, take your focus off of pleasing others, and instead look for ways to please yourself.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Reflect on one area of your life where you feel resentful, powerless, or resigned. Allow yourself to see how many of your actions in this part of your life are driven by your need to please others. What lengths do you go to in an attempt to get others to like you? Do you pretend to be the “nice” guy or girl? Do you conceal some of your brilliance or hide some of your power so that you won’t intimidate others?

Next, ask yourself if your quest to be liked and please others has actually paid off. Is it bringing you what you want?

Allow yourself to see what would be available to you if your first commitment were to please yourself. How would that affect your sense of worthiness, joy, and self-love?

Finally, identify three actions you could take this week that would be pleasing to you … and take them.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points for every action you take (or don’t take) that pleases you!


Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Hair – CaTwA – Sandy V2 Hair
Dress – Color.Me.H.O.F. – Mesh [Victoria Dress[Plum] @ Collabor88
Earrings – Lazuri – Silver & Black Onyx Earrings
Ring – RYCA – Rig Gold/onyx
Shoes – !SSD – Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos {must be worn with Slink AvEnhance Female High Feet}
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Female High Feet
Pose: Seduction Poses by Di’s Opera


Tampa House – InVerse
Grand Piano Mesh -Michigan Shack
Salvadore Sculpture – Aria
CB Potted Plant (pink marble) – Tygra Lefavre/Casa Bella (came with CB Luxury Skybox)
Curtains – HEAVILY EDITED from pieces of Fanatik Curtains & Sanctuaire Curtains
CB Floral Creme Rug & CB Rizzy Rug Sculpted – Tygra Lefavre/Casa Bella (came with CB Luxury Skybox)
Sakura Tree – Nadine Reverie/3D Trees
Yellow Forest Daisy Flowers – Bunnie Badger/Two Moon Gardens
Yews & Garden Hedges – Nadine Reverie/3D Trees
Stone Wall & Gate – AA Build & Design
Japanese Tori Gate – Botanical
MK-BT Bo Maple Tree – Mitsuko Kytori {just visible in background}