The American Countryside


There’s a bit of excitement in the air as the month draws to a close when the doors will open for the next round of the Arcade.  The gallery is now up, but I’ve not really had a chance to sit and go through it just yet.  Though what I’ve seen so far in the blogs and flickr it’s another great round of amazing stuff starting with another set that I’m showing today by Hive.


The American Countryside gacha is just fantastic. There are 17 commons and 2 rares, which are the barn and the shed and the reward for hitting the machine 25 times is the fence kit that has a secondary color option on touch.  The two rares have a texture change option — for the barn: the bottom front panel and for the shed: the side displaying a faded american flag.


So many wonderful pieces to use as a single unit or as a complete set to decor your own homes.

Have a great Saturday!

*American Countryside by Hive @ The Arcade
-The Old Shed RARE
-The Old Barn RARE
-Lighted Piggie
-Broken Farmer’s Market Sign
-Country Drum Fan [silver]
-Dinner Bell [post white]
-Bin of signs
-Forgotten Basketball Hoop
-Spare Bins
-Forgotten Clothesline
-Wash Tub [Silver]
-Wash Tub [Rusted]
-Corner Section
-Entrance Gate [With Sign]
-Country Drum Fan [Onyx]
-Barn Lamp
-Milking Stool
-Dinner Bell [Rusty Red]
-Butter Churn [Open]
-Butter Churn [Closed]
-Hay Hooks

Other items used:
Hay Bale (Pile) by The Artist Shed {past hunt gift}
Field Tools on the Wall by Moon_Sha
Bales of Straw by Clutter
Dirt Road by Happy Mood
Garden Tree08 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Shrub – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Itchy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Grazing Horse Whiteby United InshCon
Standing Horse Bean/Whiteby United InshCon
Walking Horse Blackby United InshCon
18 – New Beginnings – Hen Set by 8f8
17 – New Beginnings – Geese by 8f8

A day out in the country


Today I am featuring the upcoming new release by JIAN of their lively labs that will be at the upcoming September round of The Arcade.  These are just a few of the dogs in the collection… the animated ones and if you think these are cute wait until you see the static decor ones.

The complete collection consists of 19 dogs, 16 commons and 3 rares with 1 reward to collect after you play their machine 25 times.  There are 4 rezzed wandering pups, 4 worn companion pups, 4 held ones and 4 static decor pups. Then there is 3 animated adult labs that are rare.  The decor pups are not shown in this post, but I can tell you as mentioned above they are cute and just adorable.  The colors of the dogs are white, chocolate, black and golden, which I’ve made sure to feature one of each color in this post.

Besides the static ones all the animals have unique little things they do. For instance the adult animated worn companions are idle, walk, runs, chases its tail, pants, barks and digs in the dirt as shown here. I really loved seeing this as it just brought it to life for me.  To give you another idea the small companion pups are idle, walk, run, pant and bark as well as yawn and scratch its ears as they walk with your avatar.

I can’t wait to show you the rest soon!

*Lively Labs Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade **September 1st**
-Adult (Companion) RARE
-Adult (Wanderer) *REWARD* {Black and Chocolate shown}
-Black Wander Pup
-White Companion Pup
-White Wander Pup
-Chocolate Companion Pup
-Golden Held Pup

Hair: Sylvia by MINA @ The Gacha Garden
Meryl Top Maitreya by Addams
Halsey Bootcut Jeans Maitreya by Vinyl

Garden Tree 08 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Fence Posts by Sensorya Xue {old item and part of a stable build}
Walking, Standing & Grazing Horses Beige by United InshCon
Itchy Grass [Gold] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dirt Road by Happy Mood

Pose: Beach Stroll by Bounce This Poses {female pose used only}

Lets make it a sweet moment to remember

P10 012

The Perfect 10 Event is ongoing until the 15th of this month. Dreamland Designs has a romantic lovers bed house available in both pg and adult version in a Valentine’s theme.

The day draws closer, so plan ahead.

*Romantic Lovers Bed House – Dreamland Designs for Perfect 10 Event @ The Cookie Jar
Ash Trees – Jian
Morning Dew Grass – T-Spot
Colored Bush-Light Green – Happy Mood
Standing Horse Bean/White – United Inshcon

Be your own kind of beautiful.


Lead me not into temptation …
Oh who am I kidding!
I know a shortcut.

{Chuckles… at inside joke.}
Hair – Taketomi – Ana II Blacks
Dress – Cynful – Deliciosa @ Going Bust
Boots – Reign – Fiona Boots Cognac @ No. 21
Necklace – Ariskea {Chakra} Gemstone Necklace
Bracelet – Ariskea – {Chakra} Gemstone Brace {Sacral}
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed
Horse White Brown – {not certain on creator}
Itchy & Puffy Grasses – Alirium
Pose: The Sun Set by Ma Vie

Lesson 32


I have been experiencing a little insomnia the last few days and found myself reading to try and wear myself out just before bedtime.  I have never really had any problem once my head hits the pillows as it only takes me less than 15 minutes to settle down and drift off.   It’s driving me a little stir crazy since I am returning to work next week  and I need to get my body realigned to a normal schedule.

One of the books I found myself reading is from one of my favorite all time authors, Dr. Seuss.  My appreciation for his works is evident if you ever took a peek into my book case, which hold books that I hold dear and close to my heart for the hours of enjoyment they’ve brought into my life.   While I have come to enjoy the lifestyle of being an e-book reader, there are books that I still like to hold in the palm of my hand and turn the pages as the story unfolds.

Dr. Seuss, well known for his children’s stories did write a couple of adult books, and the one that I like to pull out and read for a bit of laughter is the “The Seven Lady Godivas.”  A story of seven Godiva sisters that never wear clothes, who as a tribute to their father’s fate (flung from a horse to his death), agree never to marry until they can alert their countrymen all about the dangers of horses.  Dr. Seuss writes the story with his well known style of humor unabashedly, as he reveals the origins of horse proverbs most of us have probably heard of.

To that end I decided to do a little horse play, plus I wanted to show off these boots that I absolutely love from the POE6 Hunt, which ends in a few days.


© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 32: Have Some Fun!

Believe it or not, most adults need to be reminded to take time out for fun. Trained as we are to get things done, we often devalue or neglect this most important aspect of life. But doing things just for the sake of our own enjoyment recharges and rejuvenates us. Having fun is actually a necessary activity that feeds and nourishes us at the deepest level. Have some fun this week, and enjoy the benefits it produces in virtually every other aspect of your life.

Your Self-Love Assignment
This is fun week! Your assignment is to make a list of ten activities that you’d do on a regular basis if your life were dedicated to having fun. Then schedule at least one of those activities into your week.

Enjoy yourself!

Self-Love Points Earned
Give yourself 100 points for every fun-filled activity you participate in.


Hair – Truth – Dove in Black & Whites Pack
Dress – Maitreya – Poise Dress Color Pack 2
Socks – Maitreya – Dahlia Socks
Boots – Pelletteria Morrisey – Western Boots {POE6 Hunt Gift}
Spruces – 3DTrees
Grass Patch – TUFF
Grass Sculpt by Serenah Raynier
Edited to include Mesh Horses – Laika Amat
1st Picture Pose – Kiss Me Silly by G’Secret Motions {Marketplace}
2nd Picture Pose – Adrienne Set by oOo Studio