It's a grey area.

*Kitchen Gacha Set by [Schultz Bros.] for PocketGacha
[Schultz Bros.] 01. Main Counter w/ Sink – RARE
[Schultz Bros.] 02. Corner Counter w/ Cabinets
[Schultz Bros.] 03. Single Counter w/ Cabinet
[Schultz Bros.] 04. Kitchen Island
[Schultz Bros.] 05. Island Bar Chair
[Schultz Bros.] 06. Braid Rug
[Schultz Bros.] 07. Kitchen Lamp
[Schultz Bros.] 08. Refrigerator
[Schultz Bros.] 09. Fridge Cabinets
[Schultz Bros.] 10. Kitchen Stove
[Schultz Bros.] 10. Plate, Bowls & Cup Stack
[Schultz Bros.] 11. Stove Vent & Cabinets
[Schultz Bros.] 12. Hanging Pots & Pans
[Schultz Bros.] 13. Spice Rack
[Schultz Bros.] 14. 1929 Sweetheart Toaster
[Schultz Bros.] 15. Kitchen Backsplash
[Schultz Bros.] 15. Mugs
[Schultz Bros.] 15. Bowl Stack
[Schultz Bros.] 16. Plates, Bowls & Cup Stack
[Schultz Bros.] 16. Bowl Stack
[Schultz Bros.] 16. Mugs
[Schultz Bros.] 17. Short Glasses
[Schultz Bros.] 17. Medium Glasses
[Schultz Bros.] 17. Tall Glasses
[Schultz Bros.] 18. Tea Pot
[Schultz Bros.] 18. Tea Cups
[Schultz Bros.] 18. Plates

‘Patisserie’ Set by {what next} @ Collabor88
‘Patisserie’ Dish Drainer 
‘Patisserie’ Bowls Decor
‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Mixer
‘Patisserie’ Bake Decor

Herringbone Floor by MudHoney

Porcelain Place Setting – w/o Menu by [-BLUE SKY-]

ISON HOME – Fatty Llama
ISON HOME – Fatty Elephant
ISON HOME – Fatty Chinchilla

Misc. Decor Items by Dust Bunny
dust bunny . toaster oven . color change . RARE
dust bunny . waffle maker . color change
dust bunny . tea pot . color change
dust bunny . coffee machine . color change
dust bunny . coffee machine . color change
dust bunny & windsong . rose cake
dust bunny . summer picnic . silverware basket

Vintage Egg Basket by Floorplan

Decor Items by Agora
Agora – Cooking Pot
Agora – Recipe book
Agora – Soap
Agora – Scale
Agora – Colander
Agora – Wine Bottles


Our greatest experiences are our quiet moments

I am sort of getting this post in quickly as I need to step out and run some errands.  I’m featuring items from this round of On9, which goes until August 28th, so plenty of time for you to get there and shop.


*Hair: No. Champaign by No.Match @ On9
*Florence Jumpsuit & Glasses by SukiOn9
*Shoes: Sandals Eve Maitreya by G&D @ On9

Evergreen Set by Kalopsia @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Evergreen Cubby Bookshelf
Kalopsia – Evergreen Chair
Kalopsia – Evergreen Recycled owl Candle – White
Kalopsia – Evergreen Recycled owl Candle – Black

Tableau Vivant \ WE in London – Our breakfast
Tableau Vivant \ WE in London – White lamp
Tiny Houses Baker by Cheeky Pea
Paris Skybox by No So Bad.
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss – Ginger
SAYO – Ocean Oasis Gacha – Gilded Gator
-tres blah- Jolie – Vintage Bottle
Wire Clock by Fancy Decor
Scout Boho Bag by Ison
Daisy in Bottle by La Galleria
Flowey & *Art Dummy! Sleepless (Decorative Books) {Store closed}
not so bad . PARIS . ARTwork . v1 by No So Bad.
not so bad . PARIS . Travel Book by No So Bad.
Berlin-Potted Tree by ~BAZAR~
Architecture Books by :: 2Xtreme :: 
Fern Specimen by Apple Fall
Retro Chinoiserie- Perfume by [ETNIA]
-tb- Bon Voyage – Books by Tres Blah
-tb- Small Vase of Roses – Yellow by Tres Blah
Palma Stack of Books by {what next}
Amelia – Perfume Atomizer by Pixel Mode
Small Wooden Houses by Apple Fall

Pose: Unhinged I by Le Poppycock Poses

Learning to relax and let go is a must these days

This is where I wish to be right now, because who doesn’t need some relaxation from some of the stresses in their life right now. My day hasn’t started out as planned and I’m running into some road blocks, but I’m at the point that I’m just going to let it be what it will be.

It’s a gorgeous day out with the sun shining bright and great weather definitely for being out near the ocean. You can have it all day long here in SL so take a look at credits to find out where you can find all these goodies to create your own space and relax your stress and worries away.

Have a great one!

*Hair: Morgana ~ Total Styler by Iconic @ On9
*Shoes: Kniphofia – Maitreya by Empire @ Uber
Top: Lola Wrap Shirt – Maitreya by Ison @ Uber
Shorts: Nautical Shorts – Maitreya by Ison @ Uber

*Cape Cod Sun Lounger by N4RS @ FaMESHed
*Cape Cod Side Table by N4RS @ FaMESHed
*Lovers Blanket by Shutter Field & Decor Junction @ On9
*Romantic Tent by Shutter Field & Decor Junction @ On9
*Santorini Frame by CMYK @ 6th Republic 

Flower Hanging White by Mesh India
Blue Lamp Bottles by Happy Mood
Coconut Drink by Waterworks {old item}
Sweet Haven Cottage Deck by DaD Design @ FaMESHed

A change is gonna come


I felt so much better today even if I had a splitting headache this afternoon that sort of put a kink in that feeling better.  In any case, hopefully I am on the mend and back to my self soon enough.

Today I am showcasing a few items from Tres Chic, starting with the sweater by Rinka. Even though I’m using with a skirt, it’s also great for casual wear or lazying around the house type of wear so it’s calling my name. The bracelets are by AvaWay and come with a color HUD to choose from five different metal options.  The last item being featured is a new shoe release by N-core,  which are fabulous heels with spikes.  Surely they will come in handy if you need to defend yourself, but lets hope not.


*Corin Sweater by Rinka @ Tres Chic
*ZOI Bracelets by AvaWayTres Chic
*Shoes: Zoe for Maitreya High Feet by N-core @ Kustom9
Hair: Kiri // Ombre 10 by [DUE] @ Kustom9
Pleated Skirt -Maitreya by ISON @ Collabor88
Basics using Destiny Mesh Head

Bulldog_Dog_v3.3 by [TomatoPark]

*Pose: Studio Pack by Amitie @ Tres Chic

Location: Private

Hot Havana nights

Bee 0077ps

I’m doing a second post today as I have a few decor items that are coming up in the next days.

What I am featuring is this new swimming pool by Bee Designs.  It’s available at the Cosmopolitan Room. It comes with single and couple animations, including some swimming ones.  Everything in the picture except the house and palm trees behind me are included as part of the decor with the pool.

It’s raining crazy right now, but when it’s not it’s hot and humid and perfect for a swim in the pool.

*Paradise Swimming Pool by Bee Designs @ The Cosmopolitan Room
*Small Palm Tree by [ht:home] @ Genre
Sweet Dreams Cottage by DaD Design

Hair: Haku by Argrace
Slate Bikini by Ison @ The Epiphany

Lean on me

LB 013

*Sugar Maple.v2 & .v3 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Mockingbird Nook by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Springtime Pumpkin Ivy Garden Chair Brown by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade
Broken Wooden Garden Flower Funghi Basket by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade
Forget. Swallow [mistgray] by {anc} @ The Arcade
My Pet Adventure – Monkey Pup by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
My Pet Adventure – Puppy Companion by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
Lost & Forgotten – Broken Chair [White] by .random.Matter. @ The Arcade
Old & Rusted – Metal Container by Apt B
Itchy Grass [Light Green] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Green] by *alirium*
Dandelion by Kalopsia

Pose: Framed 21 by DeePosed {modified left hand}

Hair: Nia by Entwined @ Shiny Shabby
Dress: Badland -Maitreya- (white) by ISON @ Collabor88
Pom Pom Flower Bunch White by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade

Memories of you always make me smile

Today I’m simply doing a tribute to my father to celebrate his birthday. It’s been 6 years since dad passed and more then ever I miss him terribly.

Dad loved old cars and would from time to time share a long ago memory of some vehicle he drove or owned. The belair was one of those vehicles so when I saw this version recently it was a given that I needed to get it. It’s about the right size as he liked big cars.

His other love was music and dad played the accordion from a young age up until his last days.  I’ve showed this accordion on a previous post remembering my father and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring it back out to use as this was his passion. It’s not the same kind of model as his were always the button and not the piano variety.

That Texas marquee was another must have and no it’s not because all my exes live in Texas…well just one! My Dad who grew up in Texas would have chuckled at that as he was a bit of a jokester himself.

Today is a little hard for me not being close to home to take him flowers personally, but I know he wouldn’t want me to give it a second thought. Easier said then done.

Feliz Cumpleaños Papi! 



Jian for Home Show

Jian 056

This is a bit of a long post, though somewhat very therapeutic for me as this was not one of my best weeks and ended yesterday in not a very pleasant way. Though today is a new day and I look forward to just relaxing this whole weekend.

There is a new store called Jian coming to the grid, even though the creator behind it is not new and many know her work as a mesh artist under the brand of Dsyfunctional Designs.  The sister store will be on the same sim as Dysfunctional and while it is now open to the public it will have its grand opening on June 1st.  The creator has already made good on her renewed commitment to bring high quality mesh goods with low impact in geometry, textures and script time with their items at the Home Show 2015.

The first item that I want to mention is the ash trees.  The new system that Jian is utilizing works exclusively with their products and Jian foliage.  It’s such an easy system.  You rezz your trees and attach the HUD and click it.  There will be several options that you will be able to choose to work with the products… by season (spring, summer, autumn and winter), product or individual items.  The last is quite handy when you want to individualize and give it that personal touch by changing each tree with its own season, the leaves and bark.  I have a mixture of the spring, summer and autumn trees in this picture.

The next item is the bird bath that also can be customized with a texture choice menu that has 12 textures for you to choose from.

Jian 057

The last item that I want to point out is the hanging lanterns that too can be customized by just clicking on them.  You will be able to change the texture as well as make a choice for the lights being on, off or set to day cycle based on the sim daylight settings.

As always with script items, make sure you work with a copy and keep a spare in your inventory in case something goes haywire.  Then when you’re all done getting it exactly how you want it then you have the option to also delete the script so that it can reduce potential lag that scripts sometimes can create.  I know that whenever I have landscaped with lots of greenery, grass always seems to create lag for me and I have to make sure and delete scripts once I get everything looking exactly as I like.

The remaining items being shown are from various creators that participated in the just finished round of TAG! Gacha.  I don’t know if the machines will be available at the stores now that the event is over, but if they are and you get a mystery coupon you will not be able to claim those as that redemption location is now closed.

*Ash Trees – Jian  @ Home Show 2015
*Yusri Bird Bath – Jian @ Home Show 2015
*Vintera Hanging Lanterns – Jian @ Home Show 2015
Knife Throwing Set, Air Balloon {secret rare}, Welcome Sign, Zantor – DRD {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Fortunes Teller Divinatory Table, Panel, Crystal Ball, String Light & Wagon (Mystery), Gypsy Rugs – Milk Motion  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Curtain Kit 3, Rug Set 2, Pillow Set 1 & Pillow Set 3, Fortune Set, Fortune Tent, Fortune Teller Table, Wooden Chest (dark) – Ison {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Medium Sign, Levitation Table, Astrology Painting, Tree of Life Rug, Tarot Cards – Kalopsia {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Carnival Picture Machine, Carnival Ticket Booth – Apt B {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Just Like A Circus Hula Hoops & Jugglings PIns – Exposeur  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Storage Bench & Elephant Pull Toy – Lark  {just passed TAG! Gacha}

*Review copy.

The social media for Jian can be found at the following links:
Website: (coming soon!)

Their public update group can be joined by copying and pasting the following link into local chat, then clicking on it.

Whose lifting who?

Strongman 019

It’s very rare that I will feel hungry in the morning.  I try to at least eat something minimal and it’s usually a piece of fruit if nothing else.  Today I wanted something more and didn’t have the time to really make something so I decided to go through a drive-through of a popular fast food chain for a breakfast sandwich.  They were out of the muffin bread of the sandwich I chose and straws.  I am hoping it’s not indicative of how the rest of my day goes as today I’m playing nice with all of my four bosses.

I don’t know where I was going with this picture when I started to open and put down items received when I randomly played machines in this round of TAG! Gacha.  There were only a handful of stores that I really wanted to play and the others I played at random once or not at all.  I find this event to be like a little mini arcade except you go to each store to hit the machines.  Though what I truly like about this event is the HUD system that you can spin to get to the next destination.  It made going around to each store so much easier.

One of the rare items, not shown here, that I played for is actually all items for men.  Everything except the weights reminded me of those wrestler shows that my brothers used to watch when we were growing up. I think somewhere in a box of old pictures I have an autographed photo of some wrestler from a non-sporting event that I attended.  It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when or the name of the wrestler right now.  I do have a vague recollection of the picture itself as the wrestler is in jeans with no shirt and flexing his big muscles.

Have a great Tuesday!

Miss Mabel V3 {Mystery Rare} – Lamb  for TAG! Gacha
Red Corset Outfit, Pauldrons Red & Choker Black – Enfant Terrible for TAG! Gacha

Male Avatar ~
Strongman Suit Gray Strip, Black Harness, Gold Bracers, Black Boots & Vintage Barbells Blue – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Knife Throwing, Zantor  – DRD for TAG! Gacha
Fortune Set – ISON for TAG! Gacha
Carnival Caravan Rare, Sideshow Sign, Hanging Cloth, Travelers Box – Apt B  for TAG! Gacha
Levitation Table & Astrology Painting – Kalopsia for TAG! Gacha
Strongman Kettlebell Red & Blue, Ten Ton Lead Weight, Plaque & Stage with Poses Rare, Vintage Barbells Red – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Grass – Fanatik Architecture  {Group Gift}Pose:
Upside Down Pose by Migan Forder (Modified with Animare HUD)
Website: TAG! Gacha

Two-for-one shoes.

21 Shoe Hopscotch

Coming soon is the new round of the 21Shoe, a monthly event that happens on the 21st of each month that gives us shoe lovers a two-for-one bargain on new and exclusive shoes. I’m showing off the shoes that HopScotch will have for this November round.   The red/gold shoes I’m wearing are called Capture and are designed to fit the SLink medium feet.  The second pair of shoes near the table are purple with an orange lining named Sidney, and also made to fit the medium mesh feet by SLink.

You can check out the 21Shoe website as the 21st approaches to take a look at the other shoes that will be available during this round.  All the shoes can be found at the main stores and you can also grab the slurls from the website.  The other thing about this event is that it only lasts 24 hours, from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of each month.

21 Shoe YS&YS 2

You could say I’m doing a two-for-one post today.  So this is what happens when you’re still half asleep.  I’m wearing the two shoes from *YS&YS* that will be sold also on the 21st.  The Tivoli a smooth crocodile black and the Latina open toe in beige.  The shoes are made to be used with SLink high feet and you will get two versions of the shoes — one with “sock” in the name that are made to be used when you want to apply socks to your feet.

Remember the shoes are only available for 24-hours from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of November.


1st Picture –
*Red/Gold Capture Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st of November*
*Purple/Orange Sidney Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st November*
Hair – D!va – Rosa in Onyx @ Collabor88
Top – Pixicat – Alchemy Top (warm) @ Collabor88
Pants – Milk Motion – Studded Leather Leggings Red @ Collabor88


House – L2 Studio – The Dove Bay
Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Chairs Set
Table – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Log Coffee Table
Rug – Storax Tree – Woven Diamond Rug
Books – Tartessos Arts – 212 Books
Game – Commoner – Chatterbox
Candles – Oyasumi – Log Candles
Pumpkin – Dust Bunny – Pumpkin Cats {Hunt item}
Frames – Apple Fall – Rope Suspended Gallery
Candle – Alouette – Medieval Candle
Pumpkin Candles – Pilot – Pumpkins & Candles
Frame – Post – “Torso” Ingress Frame {free @ store/picture changed}
Purse – Tentacio – Miyori Bag Brown
Biscuits Cup – Paper Flowers – Afternoon Tea Belle:Strawberry Biscuits

2nd Picture –
*Heel 1 – *YS&YS* – Tivoli Pump Smooth Croco Black @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
*Heel 2 – *YS&YS* – Latina Opentoe Croco Beige @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Rasayana @ Collabor88
Eyes – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Top  – Ison – Bandage Back Top @ Collabor88
Pants – Ison – Side Lace Pants @ Collabor88

Pose: On Your Wings by Bauhaus Movement {modified w/ Animare HUD}

Trees/Shrubs – Happy Mood
Steps – TUFF
Laptop – Pixel Mode {part of Moho Soho Bed Set}

*Review copies.