For you, I was a chapter. For me, you were the book

“I never really understood what, ‘Calgon, take me away’ meant until I realized my alone time is sometimes for your safety.”

Aphrodite 011

I was sitting in the tub completely naked and rummaging in my inventory finding some decor to put this scene together to show you this new nautical boat by Heart Homes available at the upcoming round of Creators Collection Box.  Wondering at the same time how I was going to cover the top half of myself.  Then I put in towel in my search box wanting to find my towel on the floor, because I’m messy like that.

My wondering ceased when I found this towel that wrapped around my neck shielding everything I wanted covered.  I love my inventory for these reasons.

The nautical boat can be found in both pg and adult version with loads of animations in both.  It has some features like filling the tub with chocolate, milk or if you prefer the more traditional try hot water with some bubbles.

Also featuring the book lamp by Kuro, available at the Gen-Neutral event that runs until December 1st.  Available in red and black.

*Nautical Bath Tub – Heart Homes @ Creators Collection Box {Nov. 21-Dec. 12}
*Reading lamp (Black) – Kuro @ GEN-Neutral {until Dec. 1st}
Shower Cap, Shower Towel {on neck} & Shower Brush  – One Creations
Hang Over Curtains – [LeeZu]
LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Worn – LAQ Decor
Khotan Rug & Towel on Hook – Consignment
Wicker Laundry Basket w/ Towel – Dutchie
Candle 1 –  Dutchie

Surround yourself with what brings you joy

Bunnies 028

I’m pretty short on words tonight, so this time around I am going to point you down to my credits to get all the information on where you can find all these cutesy stuff including what I’m wearing.  Most of these items are at events or otherwise at main stores.

Hair – Dura – Boys & Girls *41
*Top – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Leather Top Black @ anyBody {August 7-31}
*Jacket – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Cascade Leather Jacket Black @ anyBody
*Shorts – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] High Waist Shorts Dark Blue @ anyBody
*Shoes – MoDANNA – [Moet Collection] Strap Cage Heels Art Deco @ Black Dot Project {August 10-Sept 4}
*Forest Fashion Friends – Baby Fox (Rare) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden

*Paper Cranes, Dandy Star Strings Long, Button Pouf, Paper Cranes Trio, Daydream Mirror – Dysfunctional Designs @ Collabor88
*Forest Fashion Friends – Bluejay Purse, Cardinal Purse, Bunny (White), Bunny (B&W), Bunny (Caramel), Bunny (Black), Bunny (Brown) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
*B&W Rugs 3 and Rug 5 – Kuro for  the Mix
*Nerd Bear Decor/Chair & Be Yourself Frame – Shutter Field

*Review copy

Memories take us back, dreams take us forward

I never tire of thinking of you 031

It’s a lazy Sunday for sure in both worlds.  Kuro has made a batch of breakfast pancakes for us to enjoy and is available today for Lazy Sunday.  The delicious looking pancakes come on a stand with a land impact of one.  You can find them at the main store.

Today,  I am also featuring this rustic bench by unKindness, which is their participation to The Lexi Project.  If you’re not familiar already with unKindness, it is a relatively new home and furniture store on the grid.  I look forward to showing you more of their stuff in the near future.  The bench will be available in both PG and Adult version, with single and couple animations and adult animations in the adult version.

In the meantime let me share with you The Lexi Project.  The owner of AngelRed Couture was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Second Life residents have banned together to support her by collaborating on a fundraiser to raise funds to help her with some of her medical expenses.  There are about 350 brands supporting this project, from apparel, decor, poses, skin, hair and so much more with 100% of the proceeds going directly to this cause.

The event is scheduled to open its doors Sunday, July 26th at midnight SL time.  If you would like to know more or interested in how to donate, please visit the The Lexi Projec blog.  I’ve included some more links at the bottom of the credits.

As I read her post on her blog, it was heart wrenching and my thoughts and prayers were sent up immediately for her and her family.  If you’re able to, please help support this event.

The taxi to The Lexi Project. 

Hair – – Lyena
Top – Tee*fy – Basic Knot T-Shirt White
Shorts – Erratic – Briony Shorts Black

*Rustic Bench – Unkindness for The Lexi Project {July 26th – August 9th}
*Breakfast Pancakes – Kuro for Lazy Sunday
Green Grocers/Orange Juice – 8f8
Bluestar_140725 in Jug – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Rose Roses Bucket – Atelier Visconti
White Roses Bucket – Atelier Visconti
Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
Country Living Frame, Stars, Gardening Chair, Metal Table & Rug – Apt B @ Kustom9
Floral Memories Box – [tea.s]
*Hook Thorn {Dark} & Lombardy {Spring} – Little Branch @ Wayward Carnival

*Review copy

The Lexi Project Blog
The Lexi Project – Facebook Event Page
The Lexi Project – Flickr Pool

The storm passed and the sunshine started pouring in

“When the sun shines.. we’ll shine together.. told you I’ll be here forever.. said I’ll always be your friend…took an oath ..I’m a stick it out till the end… now it’s raining more than ever… know that we’ll still have each other… you can stand under my umbrella you can stand under my umbrella.” ~

Kuro 029

With the heavy rain fall that we had today these umbrellas would be just the thing to sit under just to watch the downpour.  I love a good thunderstorm, though when it’s accompanied by lightning it’s best not to take that kind of chance.  I took a much needed nap instead.

This wonderful piece of artistic furniture named “Next To You Chair” was created by Kuro for the upcoming round of Shiny Shabby that opens its doors tomorrow.  It has 15 singles animations and 7 cuddle ones, plus 9 umbrella and 5 seat textures to choose from.

The hook thorn trees shown are from Little Branch and can be found at the Wayward Carnival event.  You will also find a few other new landscape items at the event, so plan a visit.

Hair – Damselfy – Livly Rigged {Hair Fair 2015 Gift}
Aphrodite Bra Silver – .aisling @ The Secret Affair

*Next To You Chair – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
*Hook Thorn {Dark} Little Branch @ Wayward Carnival Event
Wall Butterfly Green – Little Branch
Wall Butterfly Pink – Little Branch
Real Grass *Green Meadow* Yellow Poppy* – KIDD Creation

*Review copy

He’s a messy kind of guy

Kuro-Aria 003

I was slightly tempted to double log and bring in the male alt to feature one of the more pg versions of the poses in this adult furniture.  Though I work much faster just going alone at times.  It’s hard enough dressing one not to mention it’s a lot easier on my computer too.  I love wearing my mesh body, though I’m slightly put off with the fact it takes longer to dress these days.

Anyways, that’s a whole different conversation and a soap box kind of post that I’ll leave for a rainy day.  Instead let me talk about what I’m showing while I sit so modest in my red satin mesh corset lingerie by Blacklace.  I just got the updated version of this outfit that I never worn and thought perfect timing as I’m featuring adult items that just seemed to say wear it.

Kuro is participating in this round of ROMP with several office decor pieces that are available in PG or adult versions. It’s kind of neat that to use the desk you have to click on the key on the top drawer and a menu will pop up that allows you to rezz decor and to enjoy the animations all you have to do is sit on the desk decor you rezzed out.  The idea behind the rezzing menu is to give you some privacy and gives you the option to set it to group, everyone or just yourself.  You can find this set at a 30% discount throughout the event period.

You’re bound to get thirsty after the use of that furniture, so [ARIA] has you covered with the Lux bar cart that has wine decanter, glasses, cocktail shaker, coasters and a potted flower that comes with texture change options.  This bar cart can be found at this round of The Men’s Department and if you rather decorate the cart on your own, there is an empty version included as well.

All details below.

Hair – Little Bones – Nebula
Collar – Eclipse Art Studio – Collar Oculus Cross
Lingerie – Blacklace – Gloria: Red Satin Mesh Corset w/ Omega & Slink Hud

*Wavie Desk Black, Belted Chair, Haller Chair & Boy Lamp – Kuro @ ROMP
*Lux Bar Cart (Decorated) – [ARIA] @ The Men’s Department
3 Prim Retractable Silk Curtain – La Galleria
Inspiration Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag Rare & Tossed Clothes – Tres Blah {March 2015 Arcade}
Stockholm-Typewriter, Sneakers Decor, Headphones & Music Tapes – Bazar
Rotary Phone/Black – David Heather {March 2015 Arcade}
Zelia Pillow – Painted & Chevron & Plant – MudHoney {June 2014 Arcade}
Dover Clothes Gacha_Wire Hangers – EliBailey {June 2015 Arcade}

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Summer days drifting away

Kuro  SF 010

Since joining Second Life I have only lived on a sandy beach sim during the first few months of joining and having bought land to live on.  It was enjoyable for a while until I moved to a grassy sim and that seemed to suit me much better.  I haven’t wavered from that ever since. Though, I must say it’s been enjoyable doing up these scenes and having that feeling of my feet running through the sand and basking in the hot sun.

To help you set up your own summer paradise Kuro is also participating in this round of The Challenge with this wooden beach cabana called the Easy Breeze.  It’s 100% mesh and comes with single and couple animations.  It’s on discount during the time of the event that runs from the 1st to the 20th and you can find it at the Kuro main store.

Buglets 015

Shutter Field also has the beach deck chairs made exclusively for Best of SL Magazine readers and discounted for the month of July.  The chairs come with male and female sits and can be found at the Shutter Field main store.

The last item is worn by little me.  You know what happens when you spend too much time out in the hot sun.  Yep, you get a sunburn.  Buglets has created the sunburn and war paint set that includes tattoo layers and toddleedoo mesh head appliers for the Hello Beautiful Event.  You get 8 options with each set, that has 4 levels of sunburn with or without war paint.   Lil me is wearing one with war paint, because she likes being a little warrior too.

Alexa ~
Hair – Argrace – Anzu  **New**
Bikini – Zaara – Morjim Bikini Rare {June 2015 Arcade}

Sydney –
Hair – [Love Soul] – *113* Hair
Swimsuit – {Sugar & Spice} – Little Miss USA
*Sunburn & War Paint – Buglets @ Hello Beautiful

*Beach Deck Chair Blue & Green – Shutter Field for Best of SL Magazine Readers
*Easy Breeze – Kuro for The Challenge ***July 1-20th***
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Pampas Grass & Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creations
Bicycle Cart (Italian Ice) – Theosophy {June 2015 Arcade}
“Makin” Waves’ Wearable Row Boat – What Next {June 2015 Arcade}
Shade Umbrella & Getaway Basket – Dust Bunny {June 2015 Arcade}
Blue Hawaii – Poche {past gacha}
*TV Time Pillow (plain) {textured} – Little Llama for ***All The Little Things* **
Hanging Twig Light – Tarte {June 2015 Arcade}

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There’s a time to build and there is a time to tear down

The Den 014

Want a chance at building your own log home?  The [Den] has made that possible with this new LinkEm Log set.  It’s a full mesh building kit with all the pieces to make your own log home at any size you want.  Each piece is about 1-2 land impact and to help keep those prims low, just link all the pieces when you’re done with your creation.   You can find the building set at this new round of Uber.

Hair – Truth – Damaris @ The Arcade
Top – Cold Logic – Top Waid.Wine
Shorts – Drift – Daisy Dukes
Hat – Wicked Monkey – Builders Hard Hat

Hair – Aeros – Teghran
Jeans – Razor – Jaw Breaker Grunge Jeans
Boots – Combat Boots – V-Spot [past group gift]

*LinkEm Logs – The [Den.] @ Uber
V-Slum City Forklift II – AleyMart
Dirt Ground Heavy – [TUFF]
Check Water Bottle – +9 Products
Lunch Bag – Kuro {part of office decor pack 2}
Pallet – DBy

Pose: Sits 015-019 Set by !bang
Standing Pose – My own created with Animare Pose & Animation System

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day 002

Wishing all men who are fathers, whether it be biological, stepfathers or spiritual fathers a fantastic day.  Happy Father’s Day!

Aphrodite came out with some wonderful gifts to honor that father in your Second Life.  While I am only showing the luxury 50 years whiskey set and the golden whiskey and truffles tray, there are quite a few other selections for you to choose from.  I included the link to the marketplace and to flickr at the bottom of the credits so that you can take a look at the other items available for this Father’s Day.

I am also showing a new dining set by Kuro that is available at the new round of Shiny Shabby.  The dining set has several place settings (dining set, meal, soup and finished) along with the table and chairs that have ten single animations.  To complete the look there is a decor set that is also available.  Now if you happen to enjoy and want a little more…  lets say spice in your life.  There is a swingers version that comes with dining, cuddles and naughty animations for couples and swinger couples.

*Luxury 50 Years Whiskey – Aphrodite Shops
*Golden Whiskey & Truffles Tray – Aphrodite Shops
*Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Roll Platter – Aphrodite Shops
*Zee Dining Set – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
{Set includes plate settings and unlinked table and chair}
*Zee Table Decor – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
{Set includes vase decor, cappuccino & newspaper}
*Room 143 – The [Den.] @ The Men’s Department {previously blogged}
Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame – Apple Fall
Horse Bust Fragment – Apple Fall
Venetian Tapestry – Apple Fall
Display Cabinet *TMD Edition – Abiss Design {Modified/Stretched}
Classic Kommode *TMD Edition – Abiss Design
Fiber Rug – Apple Fall
Bronze Pottery Bowl – La Galleria {In-store Gift}
Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall

*Review copy

Aphrodite: Flickr
Aphrodite: Marketplace

Just a suggestion

Just a suggestion 003

If you want a little more color in your gardens, these field of poppies by Little Branch come in several colors and are available right now at the LTD Event.  They come in two versions, the square field or rounded field and really make a nice addition to any landscape.

It’s been a long time since I have done a full hunt.  As it is my inventory really needs a major overhaul and one day I am determined to do something about it.  Right now I’m blissfully happy using what I can find in my somewhat organized folders when I search for what I need.  What I found that I liked in doing hunts is that it gave me an opportunity to discover stores I didn’t know.  With the number of events going each month it’s a wonder if anyone finds time to visit a main store anymore.

Getting back to hunts.  I noticed that Menstuff was having a hunt for men and given that I already shop for myself and lil me adding a third party to that equation would be excessive not to mention an expense I really can’t justify even to myself.  Given he only gets used sparingly when I want to have a male presence in my pictures.  Though given the way my computer groans when I am using two viewers it’s becoming less and less of a desire.  I did find with this last round of pictures that using the CtrlAltStudio viewer with very low settings and the regular viewer I use, Firestorm, it was a bit more manageable.  I’m straying again.  My mind seems to be all over the place lately.   I’ll just add this.  The Menstuff Hunt is a great hunt for men with about 100 stores.  I figured that my male alt could use a few new outfits so that he is picture ready for when I need him. The best part for you men is that each item will only cost you at the minimum 1L.

Just a suggestion.

That’s also the name of the pose that I am using on my main avatar.  It’s made by Kuro in Motion and can be found at the main store.   I teamed it up with this other pose to give him a little push to go.

Hair – Pr!tty – Loraine {Roots}{Browns} B @ The Chapter Four
Top – Tres Blah – Angora Sweater Red
Shorts – Muka – Petale Pack 1 @ The Chapter Four

On him ~
Hair – Aeros – Teghran
FitMesh_Mens Theless Top Grey – C&P Casual Wear  for ***Menstuff Hunt ***
Black Mesh Shorts (..::ILLI::..)  for ***Menstuff Hunt ***

*Field of Poppies {colors violet, fushia, orange & yellow} – Little Branch @ LTD Event

Poses:   *Just a Suggestion by Kuro in Motion & Double Take You by Del May

*Review copy

Menstuff Hunt Blog

It’s the right kind of weather for a little outdoors.

Aria Kuro LB 049

It’s a second post today.  I am trying to do a little catch up while I have some time before rushing off to meet some friends for dinner to show you some of the awesome stuff that you can find right now at current events.  The Deva mini living set by [ARIA] is currently at this round of Uber.  The rich colors of the pieces certainly meet the expectations of the theme spice.  The lotus candles, the tables and sofa all come with texture change options.

Next are the sun chairs with well over ten sitting animations that Kuro will have available tomorrow for Lazy Sunday. There a total of five chairs, the only color not shown is the blue.

The cypress oaks are from Little Branch and can be found at the current round of The Cosmopolitan Room.  I love the option of having all four seasons with just a few clicks.

You can find all the information below.

*Deva Living Mini Set – [ARIA] @ Uber
{Set includes the hanging tapestry, lotus candle holder, side table, two sitter sofa – not shown is the canvas rug}
*Cypress Oak {4 Seasons} – Little Branch @ The Cosmopolitan Room
*Sun Chairs – Kuro  ***tomorrow for Lazy Sunday***
Real Grass *Green Meadow* White Flowers – KIDD Creation

*Review copies