There's a lot of history and memories waiting to be made in this home

Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s a quick post, but I’m excited to show the bonus reward for DRD’s monthly Shadow Box subscription.  For those of you who don’t know about this, it’s a monthly mystery box that contains 12 items, usually half in a light version and the other in a dark more sinister type version.  Every month is part of a series, which is 6 months.  At the conclusion of a series and if you’ve purchased each series or all shadow boxes then you will receive a bonus reward. This home is the bonus reward for the first series that just completed. I encourage you to visit the DRD website for more information.

I’m also showcasing these awesome morning glory wildflowers by Heart, currently available at FaMESHed. The packs comes in a few colors, and just perfect for the season were coming into.

Have a great one!!

*Series 01 – Shadow Mansion – Light by DRD 
*Wildflowers – Morning Glory – White by Heart @ FaMESHed
Oak Island {Seasons}*Big by Little Branch
Wild Oak.v1 {4 Seasons}*Animated by Little Branch
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Speargrass Patch by .:buddhabeats:.

In a field of wildflowers

Happy Sunday!! Plus Happy Mother’s Day to any of you who have this honor.  I had an early breakfast with mine and two of my sisters so it’s been a great morning already.

Today I’m showing Merak’s participation in the 6th Republic Event that is open for just another week.  Eva’s house is inspired by what the creator described as “authentic beauty of Santorini in Greece,” and what are small villas that you can see in all of Greece’s islands. It’s a one room house that has a porch with a land impact of 54. The set also includes some linked ceramic pots that are at the center of my picture. Not shown is the bed that is also part of the set, but seriously go check out all the great items before the event is over.

Then I’m also showing some fabulous landscape items by Heart Gardens. I’ve been a fan of their work since the early days of my SecondLife.  If you’re not familiar with them you really need to go visit them to see the variety of landscape items they have for every season.  Their recent releases have just been outstanding, like the wild flowers echinaceas shown here and currently at this round of FaMESHed, but the rest you can find at the main store.

That’s it for now, have a lovely Sunday!

*Eva’s House by [Merak]6th Republic
*Ceramic Pots by [Merak]6th Republic

*Wild Flowers – Echinacea – Blue Dream by Heart Gardens @ FaMESHed
*Wild Flowers – Campion – Blue by Heart Gardens 
*Wildwood – Mayapple by Heart Gardens 
*Wildwood – Alder Trees – Mature by Heart Gardens 
*Wildwood – Alder Trees – Sapling by Heart Gardens

Rib Vase (White Rust) by [Merak]
Flower Vase (White Rust) by [Merak]
Gate (Blue) by [Merak]
Fence (Blue) by [Merak]
Antique GardenTile Sink by Soy
Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl  by Soy
Water-Mashroom w/ Moss ball  by Soy

Spring is bird chirping weather


I showed you just a glimpse of one of the previews of The Arcade late last night with my previous post showing only one item of the JIAN collection, which I will show more in the coming days.

Today I am featuring another preview almost showing the complete collection from the Spring Things Gacha by Hive.  The whole collection consists of 17 commons and 2 rares with land impact ranging from the highest of 73 for the house to 1 for the smaller items.


If you want to take a peek at the key for the gacha, you can find it here or visit the The Arcade site to find the whole preview guide.

*Spring Things Gacha by Hive @ The Arcade **March 1st** 
hive // daisy’s cottage RARE
hive // daisy’s dainty gazebo RARE
hive // garden fence [curve left]
hive // garden fence [straight]
hive // garden gate
hive // large birdhouse
hive // fresh flower fence [light]
hive // primitive birdhouse set
hive // weathered wheelbarrow [light]
hive // fresh tulips [red]
hive // fresh tulips [pink]
hive // plant stand
hive // extra pots
hive // bunny frame
hive // vintage birdhouse
hive // love birds house
hive // new sprout
*Adirondack Seat -Driftwood by Shutter Field & Decor Junction @ Tres Chic

11){anc} Forget. Swallow [mistgray] by {anc.}
6){anc} Forget. Swallow [leafgreen] 5Li by {anc.}
Dirt Road by Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 06 – Yellow by Happy Mood
Shrub – Pink by Happy Mood
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
White Mizuti Car {old item} by Haru Motors

Spring is the first kiss of summer


Of all the seasons I think that Spring is the one that I have less landscaping stuff for. I have an abundance of Autumn and Winter and basic green stuff that covers Summer.  It may be time to scout for some new landscaping, so if anyone has any good recommendations for spring landscape let me know.

I’m showcasing the Timber Cove Cottage, a new release by DaD Design for Shiny Shabby.  It’s a lovely home with a land impact of 113 with a main area, bedroom and bathroom area.  Below credits you can find out more information directly from the creator.


The other items that I am showing are from JIAN and Shutter Field in collaboration with Decor Junction.  The first is the hanging couch with the dog, which is a rare item in the Scruffy Shepherd gacha set by JIAN for the Arcade coming March 1st. If you want a peek of the key for the gacha, look here.


Shutter Field and Decor Junction made Adirondack seats for this round of Tres Chic. I’m showing the green colored version, but there is a white and driftwood version as well and come with single and couple animations.

*House: Timber Cove Cottage V.1.0 c/m by DaD Design @ Shiny Shabby
*Scruffy Shepherds 1. Hanging Couch Buddy RARE by JIAN @ **The Arcade -March 1st**
*Adirondack Seat – M/F PG – Green by Shutter Field & Decor Junction @ Tres Chic
*Vintage Road Bike (Rose Pink) by Anhelo 
Standard Curtains Forest Silhouette by Cheeky Pea
Milk Churn Planter w/ Bush by Shutter Field
Patio Table – White by Shutter Field
Pond / Garden Cushion – Green Checks by Shutter Field
Licking Red Cat *Gift* by THOR
Magnolia Leaf Wreath by Apple Fall
Rosemary by Apple Fall
Grass by Apple Fall
Avena Fatua 2 by Serious Business
Timid Flowers by Serious Business
MK-BT Bo Maple M1 v1-1a tf-3a derived 1 DBsp1 by Hayabusa
MK Ultimate Sc M7 v2-0 tf-4 DBsp1 by Hayabusa
Spring Daydream Tree by Over The Moon
Dirt Road by Happy Mood
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub – Pink by Happy Mood

*Timber Cove Cottage
Footage: 14.8x 21.0
Land Impact: 113
Copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
No transfer

I am very proud to present my latest creation “Timber Cove Cottage” 100% original mesh. This Cottage included veranda on the front of the Cottage
Inside includes a spacious main room, a bathroom and one bedroom.

Customize your home has never been easier!

Scattered around the house there are buttons and by touch to access the menu where areas of the house have been loaded:

ACCESS: Level 0 (everyone); Level 1 Authorized Only (add a simple notecard with complete name of avatar – not the display name -; Level 2 Owner only (default).

For each zone, there is 74 pre-loaded colors to choose from, to personalize your new home and make it unique internally.

The windows open by touch as the doors to the easy step.

Home sweet home


Somehow I pushed the button to publish without meaning to and so my post was up before I had time to complete the credits. I did delete it to redo the post.. and somehow it didn’t take as I’m having to update the post instead.


Once again I must leave you with just credits… though I will mention that everything that is being blogged today is from Cosmopolitan, an event that I’m happy to be blogging for.


*Digby Shoals Cottage & Yard by Spargel & Shine Homes @ Cosmopolitan
*Mesh Garden Decorative Plants by CCDesign @ Cosmopolitan
-MESH Garden Deco Plant 001
-MESH Garden Deco Plant 002
-MESH Garden Deco Plant 003
Decor Gacha by ChiC buildings @ Cosmopolitan
[Cb] Victorian Gazebo – Light
[Cb] Hezagon Patio Base – Light
[Cb] Victorian Wood Fence with planter – Light
[Cb] Friends Bench – Light Copy
[Cb] Balls and Vase Decor – warm
[Cb] Bench Table
[Cb] Metal Sunflower – Chrome
*Oak Wood {Seasons} by Little BranchCosmopolitan
Woodland Weed by Two Moon Gardens
Bohemian Curtains Boho by Cheeky Pea

There’s a trail that always leads back to you


I got so distracted decorating a skybox that I will be blogging soon that I forgot that I was also posting.  Then I had to run an errand during and here it is early afternoon and just getting around to it.  I can’t be the only one that loses track of time.

I’m wearing a new hairstyle by enVOGUE that is available at the main store. The Sabrina is rigged mesh and is available in 96 colors, root & ombre colors, and also an accessory that can be changed via HUD.

I’m wearing a romper by Wicca Wardrobe, which is still available at this current round of On9, which ends tomorrow.  It’s available in several colors. The last item being featured are these shoes by N-Core. They are fairly new, having been released at a previous event and are now available at the main store.  It’s made for the Maitreya Lara, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) and Slink (Physique & Hourglass).  It’s available in mix and match colors with loads of a girl’s best friend… diamonds!  The diamonds are removable.

Edit: I forgot to credit and mention the skin and tattoo that I am wearing. My apologies as I didn’t double check that I had everything when I just copied and pasted from my note card.

The tattoo is called Ameli and it’s by Aurica Store and available at the main store. It’s available in black and white and made Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Omega.

The skin I am wearing is by Essences and it’s a gacha skin set at Kustom9.  There are 12 skins total for the Imani skin, with 1o commons and 2 rare.

*Skin: Rare #12 [ImaniMo1] by Essences @ Kustom9
*Hair: Sabrina by enVOGUE ***New***
*Melinda Romper [Brown/Beige I] by Wicca’s Wardrobe @ On9 
*Tattoo: Ameli Tattoo by Aurica Store
*Shoes: Tiffany for Maitreya by N-core 

Snakeweed {4 Seasons} by Little Branch
Kikka yellow (E)_CM by AIR
Kikka yellow (F)_CM by AIR

Pose: Yvy by CW Poses

I like storms, they let me know that even the sky screams too

“Storms are the poetry of the earth.  The intensity, the emotion, the honesty, the music.  The language of darkness and light.” ~ Victoria Erickson

This Asian tea house by Pastiche that I am featuring is another preview at the Home & Garden Expo.  The premier yearly event where you can find the latest releases of home and garden decor at a discount and at the same time support Relay for Life of Second Life.

RFL 021

Quite ironic that I get to post this picture taken on Sunday today and last night we had a raging storm just after midnight when I finally hit my bed.  I laid there hearing the storm grow stronger as rain pounded against the house with the heavy wind mixed with the low rumbling sound of thunder.

Sort of the perfect weather for my own chaotic emotions as I laid there listening to the tempo of the storm increase in intensity. It’s like mimicking your own state of mind in that moment as you settle into bed letting the day’s events wash through you. The wet air coupled with leaving my fan on has given me a head cold once again.  I woke up with a pounding headache and just now in the right frame of mind and less intense headache to get this post going.

Even though the effects of a storm can be quite damaging as evident this morning on reading the news of a tornado touching down nearby and over 500 households without power this morning I am never terrified of the storms that pass through. You get that tornado warning on the phone at 3 am telling you to find cover and I just snuggled deeper into bed. There is just something that seems exhilarating and energizing about them and once they pass there is that calmness one speaks about after the storm.

Happy Tuesday!

Featured items found at Hope 6 The Home & Garden Expo
*Asian Tea House – Dark Wood – *Pastiche* 
*Japanese Tea Table, Cushion & Placemat with Menu – *Pastiche*
*Spring Tree Grouping – Dixie Dandelion

Seize the day!

Carpe Deim 005

Doing a second blog post today to show another preview at the upcoming 8th Annual Home and Garden Expo that opens tomorrow.  The Fernie Shed is by M. Law Designs.

The shed along with the decor is an easy setup that allows you to rez and place it basically wherever you want to create a cozy spot for chatting, relaxation or just a pretty scene.  The chairs have a female and male sit animation and the objects are modify so if you want to move anything around it would be easy to do.

This is an exclusive item, which means that 100% of the proceeds go towards Relay for Life of Second Life, the virtual counterpart that supports the American Cancer Society’s fight in eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

I’m also wearing a new hair called Sonya by enVOGUE that was just released at the main store.  It’s a cute style that lends itself to casualness or a bit of uptown sophistication.  It comes in various colors, the one I am wearing is the dark grey color scheme.

* Fernie Shed – M. Law Designs @ Home & Garden Expo
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium*
Titan [Old Gold] – *alirium*

On me~
*Hair – enVOGUE – Sonya
Blue Top/Skirt – Supernatural {past gacha}
Cowboy Hat – E-Clipse

Model Rebecca Pose – Quintessencia

Trusting the magic of change and new beginnings

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.” ~ Socrates

Winter 0492

I was going to wait and post this picture until after Thanksgiving, but this morning I woke up and my room was quite chilly.  I’m used to warm weather during this time of year so it’s a bit of a shock to the system to feel the chill in the air.  This means I’ll be trading in my flimsy thin nightwear for those plaid flannel pajamas very soon along with warm fuzzy socks.

Moving further up the state has been a bit of a culture shock as well and something that I am not adjusting to too well.  While a lovely scenic city with a lot of lushness greenery and some massive oak trees and bald cypress with Spanish moss it still feels a bit antiquated.

Change is hard and it’s something that I’m experiencing at a faster rate these days in just about every area of my life.  Some changes are not very pleasant as I just learned this past week, though I know overcoming these periods makes you stronger. Improvement can’t happen without change and so embracing it means you learn and grow as you turn the directional path from the one you’re used to.  It brings new beginnings as you turn the page and strengthens you for the next chapter in your life.

I put together the following scene just for fun using some more Christmas decor by Shutter Field and the newest trees by Little Branch, so check out the details below.

I think it just might be symbolic of changing the landscape from one season to another.

*Wooden Snowman V1 Light – Shutter Field
*Wooden Snowman V1 Dark – Shutter Field
*Wooden Snowman V2 – Shutter Field
*Milk Churn – Xmas – Shutter Field 
*Snow Bum {the snowman} – Shutter Field
*London Winter V1.1 – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
*Grass 1 l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
*Rainbow Tree {Seasons} – Little Branch @ Love to Decorate Event
*Rainbow Tree * Cluster {Seasons} – Little Branch @ Love to Decorate Event
*Wild Forest {Single} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*Wild Forest {Cluster Storm} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Burtonesque House – Scarlet Creative
Curtains-A-cream – BBQQ
Winter Dog Rose – 3D Trees
Reindeer – Ispachi {Store Closed}