She’s a dreamer.

Dreamer 041

I’m rushed for time as I have a dinner date and I’ve yet to still get ready, but I wanted to sneak in another quick post to show another pair of shoes from MyADDICTION for the 21Shoe event tomorrow.  Plus showing some more items from the Wayward Hunt.


Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 6 Cinnamon
Hair – !Oleander – Oz. Dipped Tones for Wayward Hunt
Glasses – [ContraptioN] – Half Moon Glasses for Wayward Hunt
Dress – Garbaggio – Bandage Dress Red for Wayward Hunt
*Shoes – MyADDICTION – Iris for 21Shoe ***April 21st***


Wayward Hunt Items ~
Wall Hanging & Lights {Morrocan} – Toro
The Rodeo Chime – Cheeky Pea
Dreamer Sign – Casita
Eggshell Seeding Plants – Alouette
Shabby Vintage Piano – +Pepper+
Easel w/ Two Frames – Soy

Other Items ~
Boho Carpet #1 Rare – [Kunst] {past gacha for Shiny Shabby}
Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
French Bulldog – Just Animals

Pose: Leave the Pieces Set by Vibe

*Review copy.


Heels for 21Shoe

Shoes 039

Wearing some black heels from {MV} made to fit the slink feet that will be available for 21Shoe tomorrow.  More pictures of the shoes for this month have been added to the web site, so make sure you visit the catalog page to see the other pretty shoes you can purchase for 21Shoe.

If you’re into hunting, check out the Waywards Hunt for some great finds like most of the items that I’m wearing.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 6 Cinnamon
Hair – Due – Pia for Wayward Hunt
Dress – Kelini – Casual Chic Mesh Dress “Amore” Gold for Wayward Hunt
Bracelet – [Breathe] – Sooth Bracelet for Wayward Hunt
Ring – Izzie’s – Initials Love Ring {Lazy Sunday}
Phone – [Kunst] – kPHone 3C/Wood @ The Men’s Department
Feet – Slink – Avatar Enhancement High Feet
*Shoes – {MV} – Boudicca Heels Midas for 21Shoe ***Tomorrow ~ April 21st***
Purse – Mulier x 1992 – Obsidian Bag for Wayward Hunt

Girl At The Window Pose Prop – Exposeur for Wayward Hunt

Bloom where you are planted.

Shoes 096

21Shoe is right around the corner in a few days with some more fabulous shoes this month. For those of you who may not be familiar with this event, it is a monthly event where  you can get exclusive shoes never to be sold again. What makes it even more exciting is that you get two for the price of one.  I’m showing the “Los Angeles” shoes from Essenz that are made to fit the Slink and Maitreya high feet.

The shoes are yellow and peach and will also come with a HUD to change the sole and metal colors.  Make sure to check out the website to see the other great shoes that will be available only on the one day of the event, which is always on the 21st of the month.   Plus if you join the group you can get all the news and also group gifts.   All the shoes can be purchased at the store location for those participating in this round.

Shoes 097

I am also featuring these new mesh sunflower field plants from Little Branch that you can find at this month’s Liaisaon Collaborative.  They are super realistic and great for photos and doing up your landscape.   I’m am wearing this lotus headband also from Little Branch, that if you click brings up the menu to change colors.  You can find it tomorrow at the newest round of Shiny Shabby.

I am also wearing this nicely made blouse and skirt from NYU that is part of the Wayward Hunt that just started.  The swing from Pixel Mode has several poses and is also a gift for the Wayward Hunt. Lots of great stuff from some of the very well known creators in SecondLife.

Happy shopping and hunting!

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 6 Cinnamon
Hair – Truth – Nayeli
*Headband – Little Branch – Lotus Headband @ Shiny Shabby *** Starts April 20th ***
Dress – NYU – Floral Blouse & Skirt @ Store for the Wayward Hunt
*Shoes – Essenz – Los Angeles Peach & Yellow for 21Shoe ***April 21st***

*Mesh Sunflower Field – Little Branch @ The Liaison Collaborative
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {Group Gift}
Swing – Pixel Mode  @ Store for Wayward Hunt

Pose: Alone, Feel, Gone by GlamRus



She turned toward the voice and searched for his scent.

Unleashed 042

Mesh Body – Maitreya – Lara
Hair – Truth – Nayeli
Skin – Lumae – Adore
Teeth – PXL Creations – Mouth_open_Addon v7.1
*Blindfold & Gag Necklace – [MeshedUp] – @ Black Fashion Fair
Neon Skull – Floorplan @ Collabor88
Strafford Industrial Loft – Dark – EliBaily
Mesh Leashrings – Kelly Markus

Pose: Next to you – !bang {used female pose only}

*Review copy.

The PackUP Home

Painting Italiano 1

I’m showing the newest home by The [Den.], called the PackUp, that has a land impact of 18 and is full mesh with functional doors on three sides.  The interesting thing about the building is the clickable decks that raise up to give you that added privacy.  It was a result of all the windows and decks that I thought to put it out at sea with a deck leading back to land.

Painting Italiano 2

As you can see it can also be used in other ways other than just a home.  Being a painter in real life, even though it’s been ages since I last picked up a paint brush, I am still drawn to painting accessories whenever I see them in-world.

Painting the EL Italiano

I was painting my favorite subject, except Draco sort of took over… as always. Chuckles.  

Skin – Lumae – Adore Tone 6 Cinnamon Bare
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Mokuzai @ Xiasumi School Festival
Dress – Vive Atelier – Artists Apron Rare @ Xiasumi School Festival
Palette & Paint Brush – Finishing Touches {Past Hunt Gift}

*The PackUP Home – [The Den.] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Easel w/ Canvas Rare, Table, Acrylic Tubes Rare, Canvas Stack, Easel, Sketchbook (A) & (B), Water Cup, Brush Box – Sorgo @ Xiasumi School Festival
Art Class – Palette Light. Cup w/ Brush, Canvas, DIY Spray Paint, Modeling Clay, Colored Papers, Crayons Rare, Acrylic Paint – Sari-Sari @ Xiasumi School Festival
Artists Double Canvas Rack (Fully & Empty), Easel w/ Canvas, Jumbo Covered Canvas, Stack of Canvases (Painted & Clean), Paint Brush Jar, Easel. Floor Tarps, Used Paint Tubes, Studio Ceiling Light Copper, Artists Sketchbook & Box of Paint Tubes – Vive Atelier @Xiasumi School Festival
Mesh Bar Cart Silver – Construct
Retro Lunch Boxes (Spring Blue & Pink) – Balaclava
Basil Plant Potted – Alouette
Handbag & Scar – Apple Fall
Deer Planter Grey & White – +Half-Deer+
Plant (Exotic) – Apple Fall
Clawfoot Height Adjusting Table & Cafe Chairs – Apple Fall
Bergamot Square Deck – Lisp
Bean Bag – [We’re Closed]

So it is.

Jesus is Lord 007

Body – Maitreya – Lara V2.1
Skin – Lumae – Beth 6 Cookie
Hair – Tukinowaguma – Edana
Necklace – RealEvil Industries – Cora Necklace
Dress – Gizza – Louisa Dress @ The Chapter Four

Hurley Rural Garage – Post
Jesus is Lord – Seven Emporium
Old Water Tower – The Hive
Saddle Rack, Upcycled Horse Trough, Wagon Wheel – The Hive @ The Liaison Collaborative
Cow – Fashiowl Poses {Prop w/ Poses}
Itchy & Puffy Grass – *alirium*
Cowboy Hat Blue – Argrace {past Hair Fair gift}

Pose: Lotus Series One by an lar [poses] @ We ❤ Role-Play


Italiano 004

Every so often I have one of those days where I have what some may call uncanny coincidences, signs or starting occurrences or just synchronicity.  Like those moments when you think or dream of someone you haven’t talked to in years and suddenly you hear about them through others or run into them somewhere.  I had such a day yesterday, where it seemed the word “Italian” was being thrust at me.

It started when I was waiting in my car for the doors to open back up from the lunch hour at the doctor’s office.  I have an ear infection.  I looked across at a nearby vehicle that had a license plate in front and the word Italian in big bold letters.  I didn’t think much of it other than it did make me smile as I thought of a particular person of Italian heritage.  The doors open so I go in and sign up and go to the waiting room and during that time three people walk in and one of the individuals has a t-shirt with the words in big bold print 100% Italian.  That made me chuckle not so much that I thought anything then, just that again it reminded me of the same person who inherently defined that statement.

The man spoke in English without much of an accent and it broke the whole illusion.  I get home and check my email and the first one staring at me has the subject, “The Italian Job…. “ an invitation to attend an event being promoted by Miami City Social.  There were a couple more occurrences like this, though you get the drift.

In honor of a 100% Italiano, who once asked me if I were the kind of person who saw the glass half full.  That when my response was that I always saw my cup over flowing, he replied, “well…I’d simply say…”What’s up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don’t think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!”  

Smiles in memory and enjoys her 100% ITALIAN HUGE CANNOLO.

Skin – Lumae – Beth 6-Cookie
Hair – Truth – Avena
Top – Blueberry – Nicole Tank Top Black
Skirt – Blueberry – Bisquit Zipped & Strapped Skirt Black
Boots – Reign – Lizzy Boots Black
Choker & Necklace – Quirky – Love Lockdown Set
Cuff – Muka – Cuff Love-Wrist Cuff

Blossom Garden Set – Bee Designs

Pose: Breaststroke by Del May

Contemplates her choices.

Mesh Body 001

I mentioned yesterday that if there is something I really like and want that I will spend the lindens for it.  Though in most cases I might give it some thought before succumbing to that little voice that whispers in my ear get it now.  Though with so many events and creators producing new releases at a record speed not to mention the quality of mesh being even better these days, lets face it we’re spoiled for choice if not lindens.  I am sort of laughing as I think about gachas and I should have put a disclaimer that this does not apply to those gawd awful machines, especially the ones that don’t want to cooperate with you for that item you want.  If you get down to adding the cost for all those pulls on the machine… we pay a small fortune for an item we might not have otherwise spent full price on it at the store. Guilty.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve also noticed that the price of stuff in Second Life has slowly been creeping up.  No, I’m not about to go on a rant about this subject.  I think the choice of what we buy and are willing to pay for items is a personal choice.  It’s just an observation and it came to mind as I sat here writing this and thought of my waffling back and forth on purchasing a mesh body.

Given that 50% of the time when I am out shopping or anywhere on the grid I see all these mesh body parts all over the place it’s not the best incentive for me to want to have one.  I realize that’s probably due to my internet speed more than anything and the rest of you don’t see the same.  As for pros and cons there wasn’t much of an imbalance for me.  The creator of my signature skin hasn’t released an applier for it, though it’s in the works to be released soon.  It basically just boiled down to whether I wanted to fork over the lindens.   Then recalling that I had not properly spent the lindens that a friend gave me for Christmas and knowing his inclination of always improving yourself.  It was an easy decision to splurge using his gift of lindens to better myself.

Merry belated Christmas to me.

Body – Maitreya – Lara V2.1
Skin – Lumae – Beth 6 Cookie
Hair – Argrace – Seri
Top – Valentina E. – Bittersweet Draped Top
Pants – Maitreya – Cropped Pants White
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Mesh Hight Feet
Shoes – Bens Boutique – Valentine High Heels

Hudson Townhouse – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Amelia Loveseat Leather Brown – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Strandmon Couch Brown – Apt. B @ The Men’s Department
Banana Tree – Apple Fall @ Collabor88
Cream Animal Rug – Junk @ Shiny Shabby
Teddy Deer – Shiny Shabby {Event GIft}
Vintage Camera Light – Junk @ Collabor88
Branch Light – Consignment & Floorplan @ Collabor88
Masculine Bar – Apple Fall @ Collabor88
Happiness Frame – Consignment @ The Liaison Collaborative
Hanged Cups – GA Home @ Shiny Shabby
Fishie Fish Deco – Pure Poison {past 50L Friday}
Industrial Lamp w/ Extender – Apple Fall @ Collabor88
Antipasto Italiano – GA Home @ Shiny Shabby
Rose in Vase Pink – Consignment @ The Liaison Collaborative

Pose: Daggers Male by Del May



I tried to forget,
but you grew roots around my rib cage
and sprouted flowers
just below my collarbones.
all day I pluck their petals,
but I have not yet ascertained
whether you love me or not.

A big thanks to Canary Beck, who offered her assistance when I reached out for support through the [SL] Blogger Support chat group to help fix the side bar issue.   The problem turned out to be html errors in a recent post. I did have to redo all the widgets, because I must have deleted the information somehow.  I know for next time!  Thanks again Beck!

This round of the fantasy gacha has a lot of great nice sexy looking creations, which will require showing a lot more skin that I am today.  Though many pieces can be worn with other creative outfits as well.  It’s worth the visit to the event even if you don’t role-play.  Though you might want to wait until it’s not so full.

It can sometimes be amusing to read local chat and during one of my visits, because I have had to go in short stints of time to get through everything due to the slowness of my internet these days.  So during a recent visit this woman remarks that she just might have to join Gor, being there are a lot more sexy male pixels these days in it.  It made me chuckle and as I strolled around I tried paying a little more attention to the male pixels that were roaming around.

I think that I’m in agreement with this woman, at the least the part that there are some very nice put together male avatars.  Thinking on it there is a certain appeal for that whole male warrior who wield their weapons and shield to protect you.   I think… that I need a hero.

Skin – Lumae – Beth Tone 6 Cookie
Hair – No.Match – No. Hunt in Blacks
Tree Dress – May’s Soul – Forest Tales Cloth White @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Flower Headdress – Zenith – Ivory Flower Head Dress (Milk) @ The Fantasy Gacha
Top/Bottom, Straps, Mask – *MUKA* – Vix White Set RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Butterfly Jar – May’s Soul – Jar RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha
Eyelids – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed

Banyan Tree – 3D Trees
Cattails – Botanical
Waterlily Clusters – Botanical
Pond Style Dragonfly Emitter – Botanical

Pose: Country Girl Set by Focus Poses

The ride was good while it lasted.


Advice from a HORSE
Take life’s hurdles in stride.
Loosen the reins.
Be free spirited.
Keep the burrs from under your saddle.
Carry your friends when they need it.
Keep stable.
Gallop to greatness!

~llan Shamir ~

Skin – Lumae – Beth Tone 6 Cookie
Hair – LeLutka – Sheena
Jacket – Coco – Equestrian Jacket Navy @ Collabor88
Pants & Boots – Coco – Riding Boots + Pants @ Collabor88

Complete Pony Training Area – The Domineaux Effect
Yew Trees – 3D Trees

Pose: Farm Friend Pose {inc. Horse Prop} by Fashiowl Poses