Years past

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Hope it’s been a great day for you.  Today is not my usual kind of post.  It’s a fashion one and it’s in black and white.

This picture started when a fellow blogger showcased this mobile home and it threw me back in time. You see I grew up in a small community where mobile homes were the norm and so for the first 10 years of my life a mobile home was just that, my home.  There are so many good memories of living and growing up in this home and the neighborhood, where I played marbles, jacks and other games from the time period I grew up in.  The 70’s as a child and 80’s as a teenager.  I was a tomboy, in case you might wonder why I didn’t mention a doll.

Our mobile home was a double wide and behind it was a huge oak tree that today still sits behind another mobile home.  I use to climb that tree and got a scar to prove it.

The station wagon is something that I needed to add as it completes the picture of home from years past. My father was a lover of big vehicles and the station wagon was our family car for many years. In this case with eight children it could have been a necessity!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend and make sure you check out credits below for everything shown.

*Hair: Maria by MINA @ Blush 
*Cerys Statement Necklace – Rose/White by LaGyo @ FaMESHed
*Anna Romper – Maitreya by Kaithleen’s @ Blush
LeLutka – Simone Mesh Head 3.0
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Shape: Own

“The Simple Life” Mobile Home by *PAN* @ Ultra
Vehicle: Scenery Seducer  by Geek Werks
Wild Grasses – Khaki by Happy Mood
Boho Ivy Planter / Terracotta by Floorplan

A day out in the country


Today I am featuring the upcoming new release by JIAN of their lively labs that will be at the upcoming September round of The Arcade.  These are just a few of the dogs in the collection… the animated ones and if you think these are cute wait until you see the static decor ones.

The complete collection consists of 19 dogs, 16 commons and 3 rares with 1 reward to collect after you play their machine 25 times.  There are 4 rezzed wandering pups, 4 worn companion pups, 4 held ones and 4 static decor pups. Then there is 3 animated adult labs that are rare.  The decor pups are not shown in this post, but I can tell you as mentioned above they are cute and just adorable.  The colors of the dogs are white, chocolate, black and golden, which I’ve made sure to feature one of each color in this post.

Besides the static ones all the animals have unique little things they do. For instance the adult animated worn companions are idle, walk, runs, chases its tail, pants, barks and digs in the dirt as shown here. I really loved seeing this as it just brought it to life for me.  To give you another idea the small companion pups are idle, walk, run, pant and bark as well as yawn and scratch its ears as they walk with your avatar.

I can’t wait to show you the rest soon!

*Lively Labs Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade **September 1st**
-Adult (Companion) RARE
-Adult (Wanderer) *REWARD* {Black and Chocolate shown}
-Black Wander Pup
-White Companion Pup
-White Wander Pup
-Chocolate Companion Pup
-Golden Held Pup

Hair: Sylvia by MINA @ The Gacha Garden
Meryl Top Maitreya by Addams
Halsey Bootcut Jeans Maitreya by Vinyl

Garden Tree 08 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Fence Posts by Sensorya Xue {old item and part of a stable build}
Walking, Standing & Grazing Horses Beige by United InshCon
Itchy Grass [Gold] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dirt Road by Happy Mood

Pose: Beach Stroll by Bounce This Poses {female pose used only}

Her heart was like a secret garden, and the walls were getting higher

“Sometimes what we learn and who we become in the process of waiting is even more important than what we’re waiting for.”

Secret Garden 006

I’m going to get a little personal in this blog post, because occasionally a picture that I take is reflective of the mood that I am in.   I was sitting there last evening on this pose and realized it fit the inner struggles I was having.  I won’t get into the reasons for it, other than there are changes occurring in my life that are taking me out of my comfort zone and are leaving me in a period of uncertainty at the moment.  I won’t bemoan the changes… as I know that in a few years I will probably be seeing them as a blessing rather than what they seem to be now.

There is definitely some truth to the following… “there comes a point in your life when you realize what and who matters, what and who never did, what and who won’t anymore, and what and who always will.” In the end you learn what and who was fake or true.

Though luckily I was also able to use the time I was sitting there contemplating constructively by wearing some stuff that is available at the Trick or Treat event that opens in a few hours.

Specifically, referring to the skin I’m using by Zoul Creations and the socks by FDD, which are available in different colors.

*Skin – Zoul Creations – Becca Fairy @ Trick or Treat
Hair – Mina – Yenna
Top – Villena – Denim Shirt Classic
*Socks – FDD – Socks Maitreya Fitted @ Trick or Treat

Juniper Garden Table & Chairs – Vespertine
Summer Picnic . Deli Sandwiches – Dust Bunny .
Elderflower Cordial – Apple Fall dust bunny
Some Snail Mail – Pixelwear
Stack of Mail Prop (part of a post) –  {what next}
Assorted Mail – Sari-Sari
Woodland Weed – Two Moon Gardens
Nanohana – *alirium*

Googly eyes just for him

Geeks 005

Some more geeky stuff for you today.  Everything that is worn and pictured is from the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds Event that will open today at Noon Second Life time.

Go get your geek on.

*Edith Hair – Mina @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event 
*Googly Eyes – Izzie’s @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Armwarmers – Fishy Strawberry @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Pencil Socks {Appliers} – Izzie’s @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Sticky Note – Teef – Izzie’s @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Suspender’s Tee – Fishy Strawberry @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Tennessee Shoes – Essenz @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*[Konrad] Chairs & Shelves Set – Sway’s @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*[Text Emoticon] Pillows – Sway’s @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Pixel Cabinet – Citrus/Light – Second Spaces @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Organic Computer-Screen, Keyboard & Mouse – +Half-Deer+ @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event 
*Chameleon Companion-Habit Rare, Violent Purple, Leaf – HEXtraordinary @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*You Are Loved Hanging, Silence Will Fall Hanging – Silence @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Gamer Tags – Loading, Game Over – Souzou Eien @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Data Storage Rug – Disc – [ht:home] @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event
*Java Pose {Pad & Glasses included} – Label Motion @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds Event 

You still make my head turn

“There is a shade of red for every woman.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Jian 015

I had hoped to get this blog out first thing in the morning, though good intentions don’t always work out.   I have had one of those debilitating headaches most of the day and finally succumbed to taking a pain killer to ease the intensity.

Most of you already know Jian for their quality home and garden items for most genres in Second Life.  Now you’re in for a treat as they start to expand their line under JianJAM, which is their division for jewelry, accessories, apparel, shoes and a whole lot more.   Today I’m wearing a dress that they created for the Mix Event, which runs until August 31st.  The dress as you see me wearing is a tube dress and is available at the main store.  It comes in three different patterns and each pattern comes in 7 different colors, so that’s a lot of choices for you to pick from.

I truly love this necklace from !dM, or also known as deviousMind.  There’s just something really sexy about a necklace that hangs down your back and was the perfect accessory for this dress.  You can find it currently at Genre in several colors.

Hair – Mina – Yenna  @ The Gacha Garden {until August 22nd}
Necklace – !dM/Devious Mind @ Genre {until August 1oth}
Dress – Jian – Anna Dress for The Mix {until August 31st}

Pose: My own

Location: Friends Home

She will fall again, and again.

Scraped Knees 001

I still bear some scars from growing up as a tomboy and even some as a clumsy adult like the slanted backwards letter “t” on my ankle for falling over bed rails during the process of moving.  It seems I can’t escape them in Second Life either.  Saying that my scraped knees with band aid is a new release by ‘Things’ for the newest round of The Fantasy Collective that begins today.  It comes with appliers for Slink, Belleza, Omega and TMP and a version without the band aid is also included.

I was pleasantly pleased when I saw the newest decor items that Little Branch recently released for the new round of Shiny Shabby.  The wall butterflies that come in various colors and the wall clock also in several colors fit perfectly with my newly decorated home.  I love having a decorated home in Second Life, though it does limit my space for creating scenes for blog posts.  I tend to always find just one more thing that feels right at home and my available prim count goes even lower creating more of a challenge.  Oh well, that’s another reason why derendering works so well.

Close up 004

I am also wearing a scarf that the designer of MeshedUp has released for the Fantasy Collective as well.  I did a zoom in picture above to show you how pretty it is.  You can find the scarf in several colors to fit just about any color combination that you’re wearing.  

Hair – Mina – Elvire
*Scarf – MeshedUp – Umut Scarf Pattern A @ The Fantasy Collective **Starts June 22 at 12 Noon SLT ***
Dress – Storybook – Torment Electric
Chest Tattoo – Things – Kreon
*Leg Tattoo – Things – Scarped Knees & Band Aid @ The Fantasy Collective ***Starts June 22 at 12 Noon SLT ***

Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
Primavera in Toscana Curtains – 8f8
Recycled Desk – Apple Fall
‘iFall’ Notebook 2015  – Apple Fall {was gift for Seraphim B-Day bash}
Sketchbook – Apple Fall
Bon Voyage Vintage Camera – Tres Blah
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod – Apple Fall
Shauna’s Chair – Apple Fall
With Love Pile – Zigana
Worn Luggage Bag – Apple Fall
Flea Market Finds Vintage Cigar Boxes Rare – Second Spaces
Artist Desk & Plant – Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
*Wall Butterfly {Green} & {Pink} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Antique Frame Natural & White – Picnic
Patchwork Rug – Apple Fall
Flea Market Finds Crate of Old Music – Second Spaces
Zigana Packaging – Zigana
Love Nest-Vintage Books – Zerkalo
Frame with Mail – Sari-Sari
*Wall Clock – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Roller Skates – Emporium

*Review copy

Butterfly kisses

G&G 009

It’s that wonderful time of the month again where you can grab two pair of shoes for the price of one for the 21Shoe Event that hits the grid on June 21st.  If you are not familiar with the 21Shoe Event. It’s a monthly event that takes place on the 21st of each month within Second Life and offers you the opportunity to purchase new and exclusive shoes at two-for-one pricing.  Designers are given the option to provide either new or exclusive shoes. So if you love shoes it’s a great bargain to take advantage of.  There is also an in-world group for you to join that will keep you informed of the event and as a member you will be entitled to monthly group gifts.

Some good news!  Starting this month instead of having 24 hours to shop the time has now been extended to 48 hours.  This change is to make sure all of our friends around the world get a chance to also shop and pick up some greats shoes.

This month there are twelve designers participating and today I am showing you the Sabot Janis Polka Dot heels from G&D The Italian Style.  This is one of two fabulous pairs from this designer. Shoes are made to fit the Maitreya, Slink and The Mesh Project.

So ladies get your pocketbooks ready… the time is only days away.

Hair – Mina – Guusje @ FaMESHed
*Shoes – G&D The Italian Style – Sabot Janis Polka Dot B for *** 21Shoe***  {starts June 21st}

ASBMF [Washtub] – Cinphul
Fluffy Grass – Garden of Dreams
Butterfly Rock (Emitter) – Dysfunctional Designs

Pose:  Created using Animare HUD.

*Review copy.

Gone fishing.

Gone Fishing 007

Hair – Mina – Guusje Natural @ FaMESHed
Top – The Annex – Kasa Bikini White {upper}
Shorts – Addams – Bermuda Denim Rolled Up w/ Belt @ FaMESHed
Fishing Pole – Vestige {prop for The Fishing Prop Guy pose}

*Gee Bear, Dave Bear, Big Hug Bear Purple, Big Hug Bear Pink, Lost Bear, Roscoe Bear, Big Hug Bear Blue, Buddy Bear, Big Hug Bear Magic – BoOgErS @ The Arcade
*Dock w/ Steps with Ramp, Dock w/ Steps No Ramp, Dock Chair w/ Blanket, Dock Chair Brown – Shutter Field  {made steps in one of the docks invisible}
*Crate & Blanket Set {Blanket, Lantern & Tray w/ Bread} – Shutter Field
Shrub Pink, Sweet Garden Grass 06 & 07, Swet Garden Grass 06 Yellow & Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Ash Trees – Jian
4 Season Ancient Double Oak – Sweet Revolutions

*Review copy.

Finding your anchor.

“As she sits in isolation, pondering her very existence, distant yet deliberate feelings of alienation in this backwards realm, leave her marooned.”

Alone 002

Hair – Mina – Elvire @ FaMESHed
Top – NuDoLu – Top Peplum Mariniere Motif @ The Chapter Four
Shorts – Blueberry – Cuffed Denim Shorts @ FaMESHed
*Tattoo – .Things. – Aietes @ anyBODY

*Pink Flowers {Field} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
*White Flowers {Field} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
*Daisy {Field} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
*Apple Tree White  – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
Paper Bag Light Anchor – Trompe Loeil {Gift at FaMESHed}
Ferret Friend – Birdy {Gift at The Chapter Four}
Shotgun Shack Bolivar – Trompe Loeil  {March 2015 Arcade}
Camp Stool – Revival {Gift at FaMESHed}
Milk Case – Kalopsia {Gift at FaMESHed}

Pose: Leave the Pieces Set – Vibe

*Review copies.