I got you covered.

Meshed up 028

The theme for this round of The Secret Affair was end of times where you could find a lot of apocalyptic items, which seems to be a popular theme here in Second Life.  [MeshedUp] made a helmet and mask for this round.  You can also find all sort of other role-play items as well at the event.  My outfit is not necessarily indicative for end times… more or less I just started to throw things on using items from recent events.

Hair – [Entwined] – Nora @ The Secret Affair
*Helmet – [MeshedUp] – End Times Helmet Black @ The Secret Affair
*Mask – [MeshedUp] – End Times Mask Black @ The Secret Affair
Face Tattoo – Arise – Boda Facepaint Black Cyan
Collar – Khyle Sion – Corvia Collar @ We ❤ Role-Play
Dress – FDD – Endless Tunic Black @ The Secret Affair
Belt – Wimey – Sienia Belt Black @ We ❤ Role-Play
Armpads – Eudora 3D – StormWind Arm Pads Black {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Holster – Obscure – Assasins Holster (Colt) Black
Knife – Axix – [Fantasy] Savage Pose Set Prop
*Leg Tattoo – .Things. – Egeria Tattoo @ Skin Fair 2015
Boots – Yasum – The Thief Girl EPIC {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Rocks & Cliff – Fanatik Architecture
Wild Flowers – [We’re ClOSED]

Rogue Pose Set 2 by RACK Poses

Have a bang up St. Patrick’s.

Irish Bang Bar 017

The weekend was over much too quick and it seems the days are going much faster since the time switched or my body clock just needs a few more days to adjust.  I popped into SL late last night to get this shot in to post today, having interrupted my ongoing rhythm of blogging daily over the weekend.  It’s alright, it wasn’t a goal or anything.  I find blogging helps keep my mind occupied and that in itself helps me relax, plus its fun dressing up and creating scenes and even more fun sharing.

St. Patrick’s holiday is right around the corner and when I think of a celebration it conjures up Irish dancing, music, shamrocks, wearing green and drinking Guinness.  Aphrodite Shops wants to help you celebrate as well with this Irish Pub that comes equipped with 20 animations and 18 props, with many drink dispensers and St. Patrick’s decor.   It also includes one of my favorite features in furniture today, and that is having the option and choice to change the wood, fabric and metal.  Watch the video to see many of the animations that it contains to give you the ultimate role-play experience.

Speaking of role-play… poised with finger on the trigger… can I pass as a bond girl?


Hair – booN – PQP771 Black {New Hair Styles 50% off until March 15th}
Blindfold – BOOM – Last Goodnight Satin Blindfold @ Collabor88
Collar- May’s Soul – Biker Chest Collar @ Fantasy Collective 
*Dress – MoDANNA – [Monroe Collection] Metallic Leather Dress Black @ Whore Couture Fair 4
Boots – Supernatural – Lethal Boots @ WEIB Special Sale Room
Gun – David Heather – Diamond Gun/Gold Rare @ The Arcade

* Paddy’s Irish Pub Bar – Aphrodite Shop 
Sign – Apt. B – Bang Bang Neon Sign @ Collabor88
Chair – Trompe Loeil – Audrey’s Chair Black @ Collabor88

Pose: Pose_L_14 by [Iruco]

Video on Irish Pub Bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPGFXeFCFaw&feature=youtu.be

*Review copy.

La mirada (the look).

Purple Girl 005

It’s a given that everything that I purchase in Second Life is for my own entertainment regardless whether I blog, wear or even use it for that matter.  I try not to be too spoiled in my purchase endeavors, though without shame admit that I can fall prey to buying things without a second thought to the price if I want it.  I definitely don’t need it.  I confess to inwardly cringing when I see comments on blogs or Flickr about needing this or that even if I know they probably meant it as a want instead.

I didn’t need this lovely purple dress or this shiny hair edition.  Nonetheless, every now and then I will splurge on things that go beyond my usual purchases of stuff that I will use more than once if not more regularly. These items were just fifty lindens for this weeks round of 50L Friday, so I’m even conscious of not overspending too… written with a smug look.

Sorry no credits this post as I am not in-world and the cost for these items were for Friday only.  Though many creators leave it out all weekend, so check out the gallery at Seraphim and you’ll see what I’m wearing.

Muddling through the dark blue waters of life.


Blue Mistress 018

Hair – Truth – Sally
Headdress – Zenith – Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower Headdress RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Chain – Necklace – Zenith – Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower Chain RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Feathers – Conquest – [Heroic Vestments.] [Dyable.]
Chest Tattoo – Arise – Spirit Tattoo
Rose Necklace – Pure Poison – La Rose Necklace Black
Collar – Luas – Quala Collar Golden RARE {Jan. 2015 Secret Affair Gacha}
Nail Jewelry – Kibitz – Nila Claws Gold/White Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress – Peqe – Twentyone Gown Black @ N21 Event

Pose: Heitor 6 by Pose Maniacs



Yesterday my day was overly intense with having to get an MRI first thing in the morning.  For those who might not know what an MRI is, it stands for magnetic resonance imaging and its basically a test that produces detailed images of your tissues, bone and internal body.  The reason being is that in the latter part of 2013 I began to have some health issues that indicated I was following on the heels of my sister who was diagnosed and treated for cancer. I am all sorts of thankful that after my second minor surgical procedure I came out in the clear and this imaging procedure was a precautionary measure as part of my follow-up to ensure that everything continues to be normal and there is no out of control cells rearing their ugly heads again. For some reason other than I am quite forgetful sometimes I didn’t recall that this test required having an IV needle. That was a stinker.

Then I’m not sure I would consider myself to be full on claustrophobic though asking me to lay inside a tube with very little light pouring through, only if you threw your head back far enough to see the opening, for two hours and told try not to move, hold your breath, now breath is enough to get you off kilter. I’ve been here before.  I can do this. I had to do that kind of self talk to tell the technician to keep going as I held tight to the little squeeze tube in case you need them to stop all the while listening to the country music playing through the headset they give you so the noise from the machine doesn’t drive you even more nuts. I survived my morning. I picked country over the rock station only because I wasn’t sure that rock would rock my nerves even further.

My afternoon was just as stressful if perhaps not as intense, but after a long day I felt the need for some tranquility during my evening.  I opened more boxes from my trip to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and here I am showing my body as if it weren’t enough my real body got scanned enough.

Hair – Olive – The Ivy II Hair Noir @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar & Necklace – .aisling – Dangara Collar & Necklace Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara & Earrings – .aisling – Dangara Tiara & Earrings Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha
Bra & Veil – .aisling – Dangara Bra & Veil Aqua @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skirt & Panties – .aisling – Dangara Skirt & Panties @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Kimono – Foxes – Spiritualist Kimono Tranquil @ N021 EventScene:
Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 05 Yellow Green – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 06 Yellow – Happy Mood
Great Mossy Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed

Pose: Jenifer Pose 2 by Deesselle Destiny

Let’s bury the hatchet and buy shoes.


Showing another pair of shoes for the 21Shoe Event that occurs only on the 21st of the month for 24 hours and shoes are exclusive never to be sold again.  The dagger boots are from the House of Rain that come in the two colors that I’m wearing, so no I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I don’t know about you, but I have gotten so used to wearing my mesh feet that I was like.. oh a pair of boots where I don’t need to figure out which feet I need to wear.  Or having to change skins if I was wearing another skin during the last use.  As unappealing my non-mesh feet are it was sort of refreshing to walk around with no attachments when I took the boots off.

Don’t forget to check out the 21Shoe gallery on the website to see other great shoes that will be available in a couple of days.

Hair- .ploom. – Twig Browns @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar, Cuffs, Top & Skirt – =Kio= – Stories Dark Set @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pads – Una – PadSnife RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Shoes – House of Rain – Daggers Boots for ***21 Shoe on February 21st***

Sword – Empyrean Forge – Allegiance Blade Black/Silver {previously blogged}
Great Mossy Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed
Sweet Garden Grass 08 – Happy Mood

Pose: Sits Set by {Imeka} @ Kustom9 {modified with Animare HUD}

*Review copies.

Thief of Hearts

Thief of Hearts

This round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival has several themes: rogue, thief, fairy tales, fables and folklore.  I am wearing several of the thief creations by [MeshedUp], which come in either brown and gray.  The first item is the ultra rare spears shell that is amazing in detail as you can see in the close up below that show you the colors as well.   The set also includes the rare hood, common neck collar, forearm and upper arm bracelets.


The other thief items I am wearing are from Luas gacha machine.  The heart on a chain and nail is actually a trap for role-play use and available today for 30L Saturday.  See the credits for all the information.

*Spears Shell Brown ULTRA – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Hood Brown RARE – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Neck Brown Common – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Forearm Brown – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Upperarm Brown – [MeshedUp] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Thief Accessories Set Brown RARE {Collar, Legwrap, Pauldrons} – Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Thief Trouser Brown – Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Thief Corset Red – Luas @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tattoo – .Identity. – The Chemical
Shoes – Yasum – Roman Rap w/ HUD
Valentine Trap Rust – Ginger Line @ 30L Saturday

Into Dark Woods Forest by Sweet Revolutions
STFU Crickets! 1 Prim Black Grass {uncertain on creator}

Pose: Rogue Pose Set 2 by RACK Poses @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

*Review copies.

With a vengeance.


I’m thinking of my feisty 81 year old grandmother who killed a 4 foot snake in the garage with the end of a bat the other day when I wrote my title for this blog post.   She’s formidable and I hope that if I get to reach her age in this life time that I am just as gutsy as she is.  She did the dirty deed and I got to do clean up, picking up the still slithering snake and dump it into the lake behind the house.   You could say that’s one of the disadvantages of living in Florida and near water.   Not to mention impatient women who will take matters into their own hands when it comes to protecting their own.

I was contemplating earlier whether I missed blogging or not and it was sort of in the middle. When I think back on why I originally started to blog over a year ago it was just to use it as a vehicle to take up my interest in writing and also document my time in Second Life.  It was a novel idea, with no forethought as to what I would share — given that I rarely did much more than hang out at music venues and decorated a new house every few weeks with the occasional hanging out with a few friends.

Today, my inner circle of friends can be practically counted in one hand and honestly I prefer it this way.   Gone are the days of listening to music and actively exploring in Second Life.   It’s a toss up if those things would hold my interest again for long and yet they can be dumped into the cyclical category.  Though stepping away from SL even if just a few days both physically and mentally has helped me tremendously regain some perspective and given me the motivation to move forward once again.

With that said I’m showcasing here some stuff from the current round of events that are happening on the grid.  I’ve become quite a fanatic of these fantasy role-play outfits that perhaps I should consider taking up some kind of role-play.


Skin – New Faces – Dark Elf (Black) @ We ❤ Role-Play
Eyes – Angelica – Sparkling Eyes Deep Sea @ Xiasumi School Festival
Hair – Argrace – Urei in Blacks
Face Tattoo – +Nuuna+ – Fen Set
Headpiece – Keystone – Desire/Silver-Onyx
Collar – AME – Milya’appa Black Leather Collar Semi-RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Top/Skirt/Shoulder Pads/Bracers – MUKA – Aura Black Set RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant 1
Claws – Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr Claws @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Sword – Empyrean Forge – Allegiance Blade Black/Silver
Pose – The Warrior by RACK Poses
Location – Fallen Gods, Inc.
*Review copy {previously blogged}.

The warmth of a home.


Another quick post to show some items that will also be available at the Mystic Realms Faire that will open in another couple of days on the 10th of October.   The Balloch Perch Collection is from Artisan Fantasy, and the pieces that are being shown is the bench that has solo and couple poses, the two decorative wall art pieces — the one with candles and the other with a lovely saying.  The ladder that has single poses and the herb shelf and also the rocker, which has single and couples poses.  The set also has another rocker without the decorative tree and then chairs in the same style that are not pictured.

The other items are from Dysfunctional Designs that have been part of my inventory for some time now and treasured.  This store is one of favorite not only for the quality in the items, but for keeping them affordable so that everyone can enjoy.


*Balloch Perch Collection by Artisan Fantasy @ Mystic Realms Faire
Gnesen Farm Shed – POST
Autumn Branch Shelf – Dysfunctional Designs
Tailoring Shop Stand of Rolls – Dysfunctional Designs
Autumn Cornucopia – Dysfunctional Designs
Shepherd’s Sandal Dysfunctional Designs
VD Creations Old Rusty Fireplace – Vexx.Daines {$3 L off Marketplace}
Fur Rug V2 – Tharyn Designs
*Review copies.
Landmark to the Mystic Realsm Faire will be provided upon event opening.

Bit by the gacha bug…


This picture I am blaming on Draco.  He feeds my addiction to gacha machines. ❤ There we were indulging my desire to go to Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is still running until tomorrow.   I was set only on just grabbing a few things, primarily a pirate costume.  Then as were walking along the shopping path he sends me something.. a cool necklace he said.  I thanked him and gave him a smirky smile when he tells me he’s only played three times and basically all for me.  It makes me melt a little, but I won’t ever tell him that.

I tried on the necklace and it’s absolutely lovely.   Then you know how we women get curious so I had to look at the rest of the set and thought how could I have missed it.  Of course now I want the rest of the items.  I didn’t play it then as it was terribly lagging for me and we left. Several days later after an ample amount of times to get the staff I gave up.   I resorted to trying to trade instead, which proved to be vain.  I went back and luckily I didn’t empty out my pocket book before I got the staff in the same color.

The animated butterflies are absolutely cute and I will probably use in different ways.  The necklace is priceless without saying and while I don’t have much use for the other stuff other than a great picture and an occasional wear with other costumes, it’s sort of nice to have the complete set.

Gracias Draco… es tu culpa amor por hacerme jugar con una adicción para conseguir la ultra rare staff.   Short translation – it’s Draco’s fault.


Crown, necklace, staff and animated butterflies – Enfante Terrible Creations @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair – Argrace – Kaede Black *New*
Dress – R2 Fashion – Suzuya Silver & Black {from May Collabor88}