SL Drawing Class 101

Yama 027-4

Doing a final post for the Home & Garden Expo, unless I get a chance to do some more or feature items in other posts.  I hope that by now you’ve had a chance to stop in and check out the expo and help support Relay for Life of Second Life. It ends on March 6th so you still have time.

I am showing some of the art pieces by Organica, which I absolutely love being an artist in real life.  While I sketch from time to time in pencil I am more comfortable with a paint brush using oils. The easel horses come with a few poses as does the posing stools. The light illuminating from the can light was inserted by me in the photo processing just so you know it’s not that lit. I just wanted to give our model a slow burn… coughs, as he was being a bit obstinate in not wanting to use the poses in the stool. The canvases leaning against the stool are by Meshopotamia and also at the expo.  I used other art pieces from various creators and are listed below.

I enlisted the help of some friends for this picture as it’s always nice to create scenes with other people and not just always by yourself.

Thanks Yama & Tall!

*Wooden Easel – [ Organica ] @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Can Light – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Posing Stool 1 & 2  – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Purple) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Blue) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Life Drawing Studio – Easel Horse (Red) – [ Organica ]  @ Hope 8 @ Home & Garden Expo
*Canvas Kit 002 – Meshopotamia @ Hope 3 @ Home & Garden Expo
“Torso,” Ingres, 1801 – Post {Framed Removed}
Toronto-Shelf Canvas – Bazar
Artistic Tray – {Vespertine}
Artist Box – Tartessos Arts
Artist Brushes – Tartessos Arts
Artist Paint Thinner – Tartessos Arts
Artist Palette – Tartessos Arts


The passage of time often brings much more than we anticipate

“The people have gone… the village remains, and time and nature now live here”.


The other day I got to visit Roots by Cica Ghost, a small village abandoned as the description implies that the people have gone and what remains are the scattered little homes whose fate is decided upon time and nature. If you look closely you might find me somewhere in that picture above.

LV 024

The creator previously had a similar exhibition in March-April 2014 known as the “Little Village” that I blogged under “T, U, V is for.”  This is slightly different and yet provides a very touching experience… what one would say a poignant reminder of the passing of time.


The music selected to play is very peaceful and tranquil and certainly can provide calmness to the weariest and chaotic of minds.


It really is worth a visit to walk around and take in every little detail.

Location: Roots by Cica Ghost


Linden Endowment for the Arts

“The mind of Frankx Lafavre is a dangerous thing.” ~ His personal quote

Frankx Exhibit 2
Butterfly Glass Sculpture

A friend of mine is participating in this current round of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) Artists-in-Resident Land Grants program.   The following description was taken from the LEA blog, which you can visit for more information.

“The LEA Land Grant program seeks to promote and nurture the arts in Second Life, through a five-month land grant to recipients. Recipients can be individuals or groups interested in creating or curating art, or proposing cultural projects which would require/utilise a full-sim build and can be completed within the allotted time frame. The LEA is able to offer land grants through the generosity of Linden Lab.”

I could not even begin to describe this Australian friend of mine as he is quite a mixture of many things combined — 99 % all good.  His land is called Devil’s Island, so I think he deserves that 1% bad.  Chuckles.   Since I have known him I have always admired his artistic side and his passion and tenacity for building and scripting.   I am extremely glad to see him finally taking more of a plunge to share his art with the Second Life community.

Many of his recent and some of his past works can be seen at LEA and the art sculpture below is a gift that you can locate during the visit.

Art Sculpture

Frankx Lefavre art at LEA 19 and his home sim, which he also makes available to the public. 


1st Picture –
Hair – LeLutka – Rykiel Hair in Pitch
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Pinot Gloss
Jewelry – Just Design – Carbon Dream Set
Dress – Baiastice – Hina Maxi Dress Ghost White
Pose – PosESioN – Dolce Poses Set

2nd Picture –
Hair – K-Code – Claudia Black
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – African American Gloss
Glasses – HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses
Top – Tres Blah – Long Sleeve Collared Blouse White
Necklace – Maxi Gassamer – Knotted Shimmer Pearls
Skirt – LivGlam Boutique – part of Absent Minded Friends Outfit
Shoes – Just Design – Cult Blue Suede w/ Tip Toe Feet
Pose – .Mien. Poses – Worry Poses Set