I have a weakness. You.

Red Room Mine 0192

*The Red Playroom – Heart Homes @ The Cosmpolitan Room
{Mr. Greys Bed, Rug, Horse, Mirror & Decor}
Glowing Standing Candle – Lovers Playground {older item}
Claryon Curtains Black – The Loft
Bacall Bowl of Roses Peach – The Loft {Modified/Tinted Roses & Vase}
Rae Framed Roses – DIGS
Tease Me Set Noir – Ama. {past hunt gift}

You left me beautiful memories.

Only If you Knew 025

Head Accessory – LODE – Vesna [dry vintage] @ Shiny Shabby
Hair – Analog Dog – Tangled
*Jumpsuit – [MoDANNA] – [Buxelles Collection] Jumpsuit Black Birds
Necklace Top – Kibitz – Nara Top Steel Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Tattoo – Things – Fehu @ The Secret Affair

SACrE FrAnCaiS – Never Totally Dead
Garden Tree 07 & Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Red Poppies Field & Apple Tree Dark {with Apples Menu} – Little Branch
Primavera in Toscana Laundry Rack {March 2015 Arcade} – 8f8
Country Bucket & Dryer – Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress – Botanical

Pose: Sabrina Set by oOo Studio Poses

Silent predators always watching.

Jian 021-1

The tent, bed mats, fire and log are Jian’s latest creation for The Fantasy Collective.  The tent and beds are texture change to fit your color taste and you also get several options with the fire and beds and log come with a handful of animations.  The perfect set for your role-play needs.

The weekend is going by too fast for me, even though it’s a long one since tomorrow is memorial day and a holiday. It’s also the anniversary of my dad’s passing so this time also lends itself to feeling a little somber. Combine that with the recent events happening in my life it’s surely not put me in the most communicative mood lately, hence my posts without much to say other than posting credits.

I was in the middle of setting up this scene when a friend messaged me asking me what I was up to.  We live on the same sim and yet rarely get to catch up since she’s in Europe and on usually when I’m at work and she’s asleep when I’m on at night.  So it’s always nice to catch up with each other when we are online at the same time.  She is also a great sport as I had her out of her fancy clothes in minutes and into a field jacket matching mine, but that was after having a giggle when she kept her high heels on.   You can tell she’s never been camping.

Alexa ~
Hair – Analog Dog – Tangled
Jacket – Amitomo – Bon Voyage Gacha Field Jacket #3 {March 2015 Arcade}

Hair – Argrace – Sae
Jacket – Amitomo – Bon Voyage Gacha Field Jacket #5 {March 2015 Arcade}

*Camp Anawanna Tent & Bed – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
*Camp Anawanna Fire & Log – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
Spruce Tree, Forest Dark Dance Clover, Creeping Cinquefoil, Forest Stones, Forest Branch Tree
& Fern Young Sparse & Forest Plants – 3D Trees
Forest Life Deers, Ground Platform & The Bear – Alehandrita Design
Flask Decor – May’s Soul @ Shiny Shabby

Home always brings comfort.

Kuro 008

*Jane’s Set – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
~Jane’s Bathtub, Bucket, Kettle, Plant, Stool & Vases ~
Spargelton Veranda Cottage – Spargel & Shine Homes
Primavera in Toscana Curtain {March 2015 Arcade} – 8f8
Botanical Prints – Apple Fall
Douze Roses – Crate Pillows, Chair, Teacup Light – Apt B
Old & Rusted Floor Rags & Hanging Rags – Apt B @ Shiny Shabby
Carpet Candy Shades & Decorative Pitcher – GA Home
Rustic Now Stacked Pillows, Detached Door – Apt B @ Kustom9
Neva’s Vintage Lockers – Apple Fall
Butler’s Tray Table, Retro Radio – Apple Fall
Imported French Soap – Albion


Ties that bind you.

Things 016

Hair – [Entwined] – Kallista Light Brown
Jacket – r2 A/D/E – Leather Jacket Blue
Shorts – r2 A/D/E – Leather Short-Pants Blue
*Veil Corset White Rare w/ Tattoo – ThingsFantasy Gacha Carnival
*Veil Stockings White Common – Things @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Ancient Olive Tree – 3D Trees
Garden Tree 08, Dirt Road, Shrubs Green, Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Primavera in Toscana Manor, Loggia Roof, Courtyard Portal, Courtyard Table & Benches {March 2015 Arcade}- 8f8
Grass Field Green, Seraphim 2nd BD Tree – [We’re CLOSED]
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress, Wooden Arbor w/ Ivy – Botanical
Land Forms – Curvy Bank – Studio Skye
*Orange Tree – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Daggers Male by Del May {Slightly Modified w/ Animare HUD}

*Review copy

My attic space.

Attic Space 005

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *138* Jet Black
Glasses – {Tiny Trinkets} – Little Bear Glasses @ Limited 50
Outfit – {Aura’s} – Ammie 3 in 1 Outfit @ Limited 50
*Watches – BoOgErS – RAWtch Glitter & Purple @ The Kawaii Project
Bandaids – Just Kidding – Ton of Girly Bandaids
Bandaids – Soda Pop Shops – Kenzie (in green)

*Paper Diamond Curtains, Shabby Table Dark – BoOgErS @ Shiny Shabby
Fox Hat – BoOgErS @ Shiny Shabby {Gift at Event}
Garden Rose Rare & Macaron {March 2015 Arcade} – {anc}
Caterpillar Plushie Pink – Just Kidding
Houseplant Spathiphyllum, Snake Plant & Dieffenbachia – Artisan Fantasy
Rustic Now Hanging Seat Rare – Apt B @ Kustom9
Old & Rusted Attic Rare & Ladder – Apt B @ Shiny Shabby
Plushie Pals: Flight of the Dragonfly Rare & Friendly the Snail {March 2015 Arcade} – Intrigue Co.
Diamond Rug & Round Rug Floral Circle – Junk
Stockholm Headphones, Music Tapes, Flip Clock & Bicycle on the Wall Decor – Bazar @ 6th Republic
Keahole Lounger – M Law Bee Designs {was for Hello Tuesday}
Love Nest Vintage Books & Love Sign – [Zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Witchy Poses by .Click

Every morning brings a new start.

Aria 002

This a quick post before I have to rush off.  I wanted to show another pair of shoes that are available today only for the 21Shoe Event.  The flat shoes are from Essenz and are made to fit the Maitreya and the Slink feet.  The other pair as part of the two-for-one is the same style in a pink tone.  All shoes for today’s event can be found at the individual stores participating and if you need to locate the slurls, they can be found on the website under the current catalog that also shows you all the shoes in this round.

I’m also featuring this cozy bistro cafe set by [ARIA] that is available at Shiny Shabby.  The set consists of the table, chairs, the strawberry pot and the watering can behind me and as with most of their products you will find the option to change the texture on the chairs, cushion and table.  It’s full of animations with auto attach props like the mini pad and coffee cup to help make your experience even more realistic and fun.

Hair – !Soul – Pansy
Dress – United Colors – Lace Dress Cream @ Tres Chic
*Shoes – Essenz – Tenerife for 21Shoe

*Hyacinth Bistro Set – [ARIA] @ Shiny Shabby
{Bistro Chairs, Table, Potted Strawberries & Rusty Metalic Watering Can}
Croissant Basket – GA Home

Shoes can set you on the right path.

21Shoe 037

It’s almost that time again ladies where you can grab some fabulous shoes for the price of one.   The 21Shoe event is every month on the 21st and only for 24 hours can you buy two pairs of exclusive shoes from some of the established shoe creators in Second Life.  I’m showing two pairs from different designers that are participating this month.  The first picture are the pumps from G&D that are made to fit the Maitreya mesh body, the Slink high feet and The Mesh Project body.

21Shoe 007

This second pair denim heels is made by KC Couture and has been made to fit the Maitreya mesh body, Slink high feet and the Belleza mesh body.  If you want to see the other shoes for this month, check out the 21Shoe  website where the pictures of the shoes are being added daily.   If you want to stay informed about the event and get some great gifts as well, there is a group in-world you can join for a small fee.  This month’s gift is 12 exclusive fashion poses courtesy of Thirty Loop Animations.

The last thing I want to mention is this brick path set by Jian that she is releasing tomorrow for 25L Tuesday. Seriously, that’s a steal!   The brick path is low impact, and has 26 pieces and 12 texture options that can be changed either piece by piece or to all paths of this set by one click.   After tomorrow the price will go up, so make sure you grab it.

1st Pic ~
Hair – [Entwined] – Kallista
Head Accessory – LODE – Magone Crown [yellow] @ The Chapter Four
Head Accessory – LODE – Magone II [blossom] @ The Chapter Four
Romper – Tee*fy – Giselle Romper Passion @ Collabor88
* Shoes – G&D – Pump Jenna SUN for 21Shoe May 21st only!!!

Winter Harvest Picnic Table – {what next}
Orange Flowers – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
Grass Patch 2012 & Speargrass Patch- Buddhabeats

2nd Pic ~
Hair – Magika – Mint
Dress – Karma – Nadia Summer Dress French Blue
*Shoes – KC Couture – Yaida “Denim” for 21Shoe May 21st only!!!

Hermit [Green] – *alirium*
Grass Patch 2012 – Buddhabeats
*Beaumont Brick Path – Jian for 25L Tuesday

Pose: Nitti 1 by {Pose Maniacs} **modified using Animare HUD**

*Review copy.

Some say a dog is a girl’s best friend instead of diamonds.

Shutter 036

Quick post to share that the wooden shed and the garden cushion I’m sitting on are from Shutter Field and can be purchased at their store in-world today at a discount for Lazy Sunday.

I spent my evening time last night sorting through my inventory organizing some items received and trying to see what I can do to take a few pictures to honor my commitment to those creators who share their creations with me to blog.   It’s two fold in a way.  I am trying to distract myself from over thinking and not let myself be hooked to give into irrational fears to the challenges that are forthcoming in the next few weeks.  That’s the problem with being the strong one sometimes, because when it’s your turn to face challenges no one really thinks you need a hand.

May you enjoy the rest of what remains of your Sunday.

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Shiny Hair
Top – Fashionably Dead – High Low Pleats Orange @ Collabor88
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans

*Old Woodshed – Shutter Field for Lazy Sunday
*Garden Cushion Vintage – Shutter Field for Lazy Sunday
Rural Farmhouse Rare & Potting Shelf {TCF March 2015} – Apple Fall 
Douze Roses Basket Pillow & Ladder {Shiny Shabby April 2015} – Apt B
The Industrial Side Letters – Apt B @ 6th Republic
License Plate Light {Kustom9 April 2015} – Apt B
Shabby Frames & Shabby Door Rare {Shiny Shabby Feb. 2015} – [kunst]
Roses Rustic Market Table – Lacrime dell’anima
Fluffy Grass V1 – Garden of Dreams
Sweet Garden Grass 07 & Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Ultimate Great Dane – Zooby