Delightfully bemused


Today I am showing this dreamy dress and hair by NSP Florals. I’m wearing the vintage look, hence the tone of my picture today.  It is going to be available in several other color huds like reds, pastels, denim and pinks just to name a few.  With the hud you get a set of colors for each collection to change the dress, flower and leave color.  I really like the sheer bustle and sleeves that come with it, along with the orchids and plumerias that attach giving it that romantic dreamy look.

The hair and hair flowers are sold separately, but are part of the same collection. It’s also available in several colors, and it also includes a hud to change the color of the hair and the flowers.  You can find these both at the Topaz Market, which opens on July 17th.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

*Hair: Breezy Blooms by NSP Florals @ Topaz Market *** Opens July 17th***
*Breezy Blooms Dress Vintage by NSP Florals @ Topaz Market *** Opens July 17th***

Dandelion by Kalopsia
Forget. Swallows by {anc}