Forgotten trails

Happy Sunday! It’s going to be a lazy day for me even though I do have a few things on my to do list that must get done by today. I hope it’s been a relaxing weekend for all of you.

Today’s post is a fairly simple one and it’s been sitting in my drafts to get posted and it’s my last showcasing items from this round of Tres Chic, which ends on July 5th.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

*Hair: Laine by Tukinowaguma @ Tres Chic 
*Dress: Chalk Essmie Dress Maitreya by Petite MortTres Chic 
Freya Sandals (Rawhide) by Fri.

Hive // Camp Cabin Rare by Hive
Wild Grasses by Heart Garden
Land Forms Sloped Hill by Studio Skye
Shiki Husky (Want To Play) by Xin

*Pose: Effortless V1-2 by Foxcity @ Tres Chic

La Casa Del Pueblo


Happy Friday! Even though I got my days all confused yesterday evening when I hit my bed early and thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday.  I needed a good sleep to clear my head that’s for sure.

As I mentioned yesterday today I’m featuring the newest gacha set by Ionic called La Casa Del Pueblo.


The gacha set has 12 commons and 1 rare, which is the house that has a land impact of 79. The rest have an impact of 2 up to a range of 8 if I’m not mistaken.  I really love this set for many reasons.


The first is the flan. I absolutely love flan in real life and could have it almost at any time.  This and creme brulee are like my top favorites of desserts.   The details and realness of the items is just fabulous.  Then they evoke such good memories of times spent with family when I was young and surrounded by similar foods.


The last two pictures are just extra that I processed and decided to include them even though the previous ones gives you perhaps the better view of the items.


All the pieces of the gacha are mentioned below as written along with the details of all other items used.

Have a great one!

*La Casa Del Pueblo by Ionic – NEW @ The Chapter Four
ionic : la casa del pueblo RARE
ionic : la cocina del pueblo
ionic : provisiones para el invierno
ionic : crema de calabacin
ionic : madera para el frio
ionic : desayuno con huevo
ionic : ravioles de ricota
ionic : leche en botellas
ionic : el mate y la pava
ionic : flan de huevo
ionic : leche con rosquillas
ionic : la mesa del pueblo
ionic : el banquito del pueblo

Asher’s Hayride Fruit Press by Cheeky Pea @ The Epiphany
Asher’s Hayride Light Pot  by Cheeky Pea @ The Epiphany
Wooden Arbor with Ivy by Botanical
Shiki Husky (want to play) Xin
Asher’s Hayride Rare by Cheeky Pea @ The Epiphany
Plat Rock Multilevel by Jumbo Core
Ancient Olive Tree by 3D Trees
Dirt Road by Happy Mood
Fountain (Tiled) by Ionic
Garden Tree 07 – Green by Happy Mood
FG Tree 3 green 11 by Fiddler’s Green
Grass Field Green 01 by [we’re CLOSED]
Wild Grass {Autumn} by Little Branch

Musical session on a hot summer night

unkindness 005-33

Indie Teepee is back with a midsummer nights theme. If you are not familiar with this event, check out their website for more information. I’ve included the link below the credits, but taken from their site, it’s a place that “brings people together through their love of song and art – breaking down barriers and providing a haven for music genres like indie, alternative, rock, electronic dance music and hiphop.”

There is shopping as well!

Today I am featuring items by unkindness at the event.  The in tuned benches come in two version, with or without a blanket and include single m/f animations and couple ones as well.  There are four colors to choose from.

I’m also featuring the star fairy hanging by 7mad:Ravens, which is currently available at The Project Se7en event.  It’s been ongoing since June 30th and ends at the end of the month.  There are other sets available at the event as well.

Have a great Friday!

*In Tuned Bench Blanket Gypsy by unKindness @ Indie Teepee
*In Tuned Bench w/o Blanket Alpine by unKindness @ Indie Teepee
*In Tuned Bench w/o Blanket Celestial by unKindness @ Indie Teepee
*In Tuned Bench Blanket Navajo by unKindness @ Indie Teepee
*Star Fairy Hanging by 7mad;Ravens @ The Project Se7en
White Guitar by Beachstore
Pickers Guitar Decor Item by Zinnias
Decorative Guitar by Zinnias
Wearable Guitar by Shutter Field
Fairy Jars (Aqua, Green & Pink) by Sn@tch @ Indie Teepee {Gift}
Teepee Incense Burner by Balaclava @ Indie Teepee {Gift}
Shiki Husky (want to play) by Xin
The Cuddle Camper – Cream by [Con.]
Elderberry Flowering by 3D Trees
Bare Bush by T-Spot
Old Grass by S.R Creations & Clip Arts Pre Fabs
Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]

Event: Indie Teepee
Date: July 8th thru July 24th

There’s a storm brewing

DaD 02323

*Birch Cottage by DaD DESIGN @ Shiny Shabby
Windmill [Rused Metal] by Soy
Bushmead Railings (White) by Apple Fall
Wild Grass Collection by Studio Skye
Stepside Pick-up – Blue & Grey by Consignment
Lace Curtains by Kalopsia
Shiki Husky (want to play) by Xin
.01 Neva’s Tricycle Rare by [ kunst ]
[Koba] Lamp A . Yellow& Orange by Sway’s

Hair: Aspyn by Elikatira
Dress: T Back Dress Butter by Eyelure

Come on, you know you want it


Aphrodite Shops has a new garden porch set that comes with three seating sofa/chairs as shown that have an abundance of animations for singles and couples. What I personally like is the three winter color themes for the texture that are accessible by menu when you hit the shadows.  It makes for some lovely garden and/or porch furniture for the holiday season.

Well I finally made it to the Arcade only to crash after only a few hits on one or two machines.  I thought of going back to the off sim ship, except I kind of like being up close and personal to the machines when I play.  It’s like being at a real casino. I rather pull the lever down then hit the buttons — personally I get bored with just sitting there and pressing a button and besides don’t you think it takes your money much faster?

I thought this crazy hair I’m wearing deserved a little play and what better way then to play with this cute holiday hound that was an advent gift.

Enjoy this wonderful Tuesday!

Hair – LeLutka – Rykiel
Coat – Xin – Jaix
Boots – E-Clipse – Jolie Boots Black
Ornament – O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – I ❤ My Puppy #1 @ The Arcade

*”Winter Garden” Porch Set – Aphrodite Shops
-Sofa, Chairs and Tables
Washbasin Planter & Hedge – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Reclaimed Lantern – Trompe Loeil @The Arcade
Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray – {what next}
Chelsea Victorian Loft” c/m V. 1.1 – DaD Design
Holiday Hound – MeadowWorks {Advent Gift passed}
Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye

Pose: By The Scruff Male by Del May

I think a part of me will always be waiting for you

Decor 0022

I’m using my iPad to get this post published as I don’t have access to my computer at the moment, so here’s hoping it goes without issue.

Just when I thought that there was nothing more for me to show of Fall/Autumn seasonal stuff I get these new decor items that are available at the Trick or Treat Event that runs only until November 1st. It’s an assortment of items, so check out the credits below.

I’m also wearing leather patch leggings by MoDANNA as part of the [Trenet Collection] that are available now at Sad November in several colors.  The shoes are from Stitched and are at the Trick or Treat event.

Hair – Exile – The Countess
Top – Apple May Designs – Simple Sleeves White
*Leggings – MoDANNA – [Trenet Collection] Leather Patch Leggings Black @ Sad November
*Shoes – Stitched – Sunshine Wedges @ Trick or Treat

*By Kaerri @ Trick or Treat
-Fall Gazebo
-Fall Wagon
-Red/Yellow Windowbox
-Yellow Fall Roses
-Pumpkin Candle Tray
-Fall Showers Light
-Casa Fall Chair
-Fall Wreath
-Casa Fall Table
-Yellow Orchid Ikebana

*By unKindness @ Trick or Treat
-uK-Plaid Pose Pouf
-uK- Autumn Pose Pouf

*By Xin @ Trick or Treat
-Pumpkin Decor + Large
-Pumpkin Decor + Med
-Pumpkin Decor + Small

Beech Forest – 3D Trees
Beech Forest – Autumn – 3D Trees
Beech Forest – Ground (Autumn) – 3D Trees

Pose: Advent Gift 4 by Picture This! {past gift}

A labor of love.

Towing the Princess 035

“If you do something out of duty it will deplete you, but if you do something out of love it will energize you.”

“The moment when you want to quit, is the moment when you need to keep pushing.”

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.” 

Body – Maitreya – Lara V.2.1
Skin – Izzie’s – Neva Asian Skin
Tattoo – [Demonic] – Beauty Tattoo {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Hair – May’s Soul – Samurai Hair White {Feb 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Bodysuit – [R3Volt] – Dee BodySuit [V3]
*Top – MoDONNA – [Trompeur Collection] Bodysuit Black @ anyBody
Pants – Chronokit – Long Sarouel Pants Black
Shoes – 22769 – Femme Jika-Tabi Worn Leather @ The Fantasy Collective
Kasa, Lethal Ribs, Ninjutsu Belt, Grapple – PFC – NinjaStuffs {Aug. 2014 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Hair – D!va – Nene @ Shiny Shabby
Accessory – Axix – Sakura Dream v.2 Gold @ The Fantasy Collective
Purple Kimono Aiko – Sweet Tots
Qitou Paper Parasol Daisies/Green – Paper Moon {Aug. 2014 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Garden Tree 06, Wire Grass Green, Sweet Garden Grass 05, Dirt Road & Colored Bush Purple – Happy Mood
Cherry Blossom Rickshaw – Xin @ Origami

Blogger Bubble 4 – aDorkable {in-world store closed}
Don’t Drop It – Del May {slightly modified with Animare HUD}