Time after time

Jian 003

When I saw this clock from Jian it brought to mind the song “Time after Time” so I couldn’t help but look it up and hear it.  The clock can be found at this round of The Liaison Collaborative that ends November 3oth.  The canopy is also from Jian and can be found at the We ❤ Role-Play that also ends at the end of the month. It’s available in both adult and pg versions and each having quite a selection of animations and is 32 land impact.

I’ve included the video below for those who might like the song.  It’s a bit of a sad song describing two people who can’t keep the same pace within their relationship. The suitcase of memories representing one of them moving forward even though love still exists as the writer suggests it’s reaffirmed in the lines “If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, if you fall, I will catch you I will be waiting.”

Love shouldn’t be so hard or hurt right?  Though I’m of the belief that if it hurts it’s because it was real and it mattered. Connections made are not easily broken, only buried, ignored or walked away from, but it is said that true love has a habit of coming back.

*Autumn Canopy Retreat – Jian @ We Role-Play
*Rustic Clock – Jian @ The Liaison Collaborative
Jian – Ash Tree – Jian
Leaf Autumn Grass – Zigana
Old Grass sculpt SR – S.R Creations & Clip Arts Pre Fabs

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