Letting go of me


It seems that after a few weeks of on and off head colds my body has finally given in and I’m sick.  I pretty much have all the symptoms of the flu with the most severe having been the vomiting and this on and off fever.  I know that’s just what you wanted to read.

It sucks being sick, but with that said I may be on and off here for the next couple of weeks or how ever long this sickness runs its course.

This picture was taken over a week ago at a location in Second Life called Netherwood, that is inspired by the picturesque English Lake District in the United Kingdom.  It’s a lovely place and would encourage you to visit.

Location: Netherwood


3 thoughts on “Letting go of me

  1. I sympathise. I live in the UK and have just had the same/similar illness. I hope yours gets better quickly….mine lasted for weeks! Ginseng is what helped me though so maybe worth a try : )


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