Big thank you!

3-21-16 GC
March 21, 2016 Group Cover

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I have a splitting headache and blogging can sometimes help to distract my mind. Though my concentration is a little poor, so if I have all sorts of typos that I don’t catch lets blame it on that.

GC 3-15-16
March 15, 2016 Group Cover

When I opened my Flickr this morning I discovered that one of my pictures had been selected as a group cover.  It’s always a nice compliment and thought to share at least with everyone here who reads and follows my blog.  It seems a common thing to post on Flickr as well, but I don’t plan to follow that trend as of now.  The first two are still group covers, as you may be able to see if you click the date.  Just keep in mind that they do change within a week or even days.

Aphrodite Group Cover 2-21-16
February 21, 2016 Group Cover

Anyways, my energy is zapped already so I am going to take another long rest. Have a great Monday and start of the week!

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