In the times of revolutionary change

Genre 010

*Old House Brown by BananaN @ Totally Top Shelf
*Cannon Decor by Mesh India @ Genre
Askov Water Well Pump by POST
Big Ole Log by The Domineaux Effect
Garden Tree 08 by Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Titan [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Dark Green] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*


Lean on me

LB 013

*Sugar Maple.v2 & .v3 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Mockingbird Nook by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Springtime Pumpkin Ivy Garden Chair Brown by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade
Broken Wooden Garden Flower Funghi Basket by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade
Forget. Swallow [mistgray] by {anc} @ The Arcade
My Pet Adventure – Monkey Pup by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
My Pet Adventure – Puppy Companion by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
Lost & Forgotten – Broken Chair [White] by .random.Matter. @ The Arcade
Old & Rusted – Metal Container by Apt B
Itchy Grass [Light Green] by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Green] by *alirium*
Dandelion by Kalopsia

Pose: Framed 21 by DeePosed {modified left hand}

Hair: Nia by Entwined @ Shiny Shabby
Dress: Badland -Maitreya- (white) by ISON @ Collabor88
Pom Pom Flower Bunch White by [Black Bantam] @ The Arcade

Piglets on the loose

Jian 002

When I was setting out the pigs for this picture it made me think of the words piggly wiggly, which comes from another childhood memory.  It’s a name of a grocery store primarily located in the southeastern part of the US.

How can you forget a store that had a smiling little pig as part of their logo and it be the first thing you would spot when you got near the store.  It makes me smile as I recall those trips to the store with my parents and siblings.

Just look at those faces!

These are just a few of the barnyard buddies that JIAN has created for this round of the Gacha Garden.  The whole set is 25 altogether, which is 22 commons and 3 rares and has piglets, rams and ponies as well as a hay feeder, water trough, hay bales and wheel barrow.

The expressions on the faces of the animals just make you laugh and sure to bring you lots of amusement.

So go check them out!

Details on the gacha set are below the credits.

*Barnyard Buddies Gacha by JIAN @ The Gacha Garden
:: Hay Bales
:: Wheelbarrow
:: Pink Piglet (Wanderer)
:: Spotted Piglet (Wanderer)
:: Org Spotted Piglet (Wanderer)
:: Muddy Piglets Rare

L$50 per play \ 10% rare rate \ 3 rares \ 22 commons

━━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ RARES★ ━━━━━━━━━━━━

All rares in this set texture change the textures of the animal(s) and have sound.

━ Muddy Piglets & Resting Ram
These are rezzed decor pieces. They are 3 LI at included size and have all options in a drop down touch menu.

━ Pony Ride
This is a WORN avatar companion that overrides your avatar’s animations to have you sit in the seat.
Click the pony for all options in a drop down touch menu.
You can resize your pony as necessary. You can also adjust your avatar offset height if necessary and move
the object around as needed to fit your avatar.

━ Livestock Yard *SOI*
This item, granted to each player at the Gacha Garden who played 20 times, is a modifyable yard that texture
changes and has gates that open and close on click.

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ COMMONS ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

━ Wandering Animals ━
Wanderers are animals that you can set out on your land to let wander freely in a customizable radius.
Click on your wandering animal once it is rezzed ON LAND to get the drop down menu.
Radius will tell your animal how far from it’s rez point that it may travel in any direction.
Wander turns your pet on or off. Please turn your pet OFF before moving it!

━ Companion Animals ━
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.
Companions run along side of you and have idle animations that they’ll cycle through as you stand still.

━ Rezzed Decor Bits ━
These include: Hay bales, Wheelbarrow, Water Trough, Hay Feeder
These are rezzed decor items. Some texture change. All are 1 LI.
The water trough’s faucet will turn on or off at touch/click.


Holding On And Letting Go

Buglets Jian 020-2ps

First, thanks to everyone whose given me a kind word of getting well and each day feels better than the last. I was able to  eat something other than soup last night and that definitely felt good.

As I was laying in bed last night reading I ran across a passage in the book where one of the male character was sharing he didn’t want to be that man everyone perceived him to be.  The female character responds that having learned firsthand that no matter how many things she alters in her life she would never be the perfect woman. That we all make mistakes, give in to our weaknesses and stumble from time to time, after all we’re only human. Though with enough focus, we can make improvements over time.  The short paragraph spoke volumes on so many levels for me.

A situation happened recently that has me feeling mixed emotions, down and yet it’s forced me to look at my feelings, other people’s feelings and my part in it.  Kicking myself at the same time and wondering when did I lose my perspective and sensitivity that I missed seeing something.  Could it have made a difference somehow if I knew what I know now.  You then wonder, question and doubt. Not this time. There isn’t anything to wonder, question or doubt and I blame no one, but myself for this.

Syd 018
Lil Miss Stubborn

Yes, perfection doesn’t exist for me either.  I stumbled and made mistakes on this life road, giving into weaknesses.  Though life is presenting me with a chance to make it right and that’s where I am in my thinking of what should I do now.  That place where your head and heart contradict each other.  The side of harsh reality or the side where you hold on.  I don’t want to get stuck in the what if’s anymore. I placed myself on hold for far too long now.  I have no regrets for doing so. It shows hope is alive in me.  My faith is strong.  I gave my best. I gave my worse.  I gave of myself and the love in me I knew. No, not perfect. Just me.

That’s where I am right now and having to decide what do I need to hold on and let go of to get myself refocused.  I considered stopping to blog and even leaving Second Life, though it’s not something I’m ready to do.  Though I feel the need to cut back on some of my commitments.  One of those cuts is posts with lil me. Since one of the events I blogged for has been going through some internal issues and I blog only for a few creators, this seems like a reasonable place to start to pull back. This is not to say that I won’t ever take a picture again with her or take on a special assignment.  I just won’t have the commitments that I need to make sure and honor.   In fact, the little girl in me really needs some laughter to heal some of that brokenness I feel right now, so you may find a little imp running around on the grid soon.  She’s starting to feel a  little rebellious now.

For the most part I will be keeping only a few commitments and sticking to just home and garden.  My other blog gives me enough room to expand on my love of fantasy and learning additional skills in the world of photography and digital art.

Thanks everyone for listening to my ramblings today. I think that in some way I needed to verbalize them to initiate a change and a change in me.

*Nightingale Tree, Nest & Bird – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
Colored Bush – Purple, Green & Light Green – Happy Mood
Wagon Bike+Rust+Rare – / XIAJ x ZZANG /

*Pose: Lazy Afternoons – Buglets @ Post Fair 2016

Big thank you!

3-21-16 GC
March 21, 2016 Group Cover

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I have a splitting headache and blogging can sometimes help to distract my mind. Though my concentration is a little poor, so if I have all sorts of typos that I don’t catch lets blame it on that.

GC 3-15-16
March 15, 2016 Group Cover

When I opened my Flickr this morning I discovered that one of my pictures had been selected as a group cover.  It’s always a nice compliment and thought to share at least with everyone here who reads and follows my blog.  It seems a common thing to post on Flickr as well, but I don’t plan to follow that trend as of now.  The first two are still group covers, as you may be able to see if you click the date.  Just keep in mind that they do change within a week or even days.

Aphrodite Group Cover 2-21-16
February 21, 2016 Group Cover

Anyways, my energy is zapped already so I am going to take another long rest. Have a great Monday and start of the week!