Preparing for the holidays

Today I’m showcasing once again the Woodpecker Cottage by DaD Designs, as I did just the outside and I wanted to show a little of the inside with this decor post.  The house is available at District 20, and you can refer to my previous post where I featured the house with all the details here.

The furniture is a mixture of different creators, beginning with Cheeky Pea who released the Anita Living Room set at the recently closed Rewind Event. I didn’t get a chance to post it until now, but this gives you an opportunity to visit the main store and check out all their awesome creations. Serenity Style is participating in Whimsical with their Loly Xmas gacha. I’ve featured a couple items previously in another post, but here is more of the set.

Zen Creations has some a few new items out for the holidays. The wooden Christmas trees are available in a few colors, the decorative home jar and holiday pumpkins that also come in different theme colors.  I’m also using their wooden linked tables and an older item, which is the yesteryear decor pieces. To complete the scene I am also using a couple of items from the Lady Conference set by unKindness. The laptop with the spreadsheet in the window is my favorite piece as it reminds me of something I have in common with Julie, as it’s a good tool to keep up with all we have to blog.

Anyways, have a fabulous one!!

*”Woodpecker Cottage” c/m V.1.0 by Dad Designs @ District 20

*Anita Living Room Set by Cheeky Pea
:CP: Anita Corner Sofa (Adult)
:CP: Anita Chair (Adult)
:CP: Anita Chandelier
:CP: Anita Radio Sign
:CP: Anita Art 1
:CP: Anita Art 2
:CP: Anita Art 3
:CP: Anita Art 4
:CP: Anita Potted Plant
:CP: Anita Side Table
:CP: Anita Bookpile
:CP: Anita Radio

*Loly Xmas Gacha by Serenity Style @ Whimsical
Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Stool
Serenity Style- Loly GIFTS BAG
Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Sack
Serenity Style- Loly Laced Gift
Serenity Style- Loly Happy Holidays GIFT BOX
Serenity Style- Loly Jingle Bell Box
Serenity Style- Loly Star Gifl
Serenity Style- Loly Christmas Greetings Box

*Wooden Wrapping Paper Tree (Red) by Zen Creations
*Wooden Link Tables by Zen Creations
*From Yesteryears Yardsale Set by Zen Creations
-Yesteryears Retro Lamp 1
-Yesteryears Retro Lamp 2
-Yesteryears Retro Tv
*Home Jar Deco Set by Zen Creations
*Chrumpkins Earthy by Zen Creations

*From The Lady Conference Set by unKindness
-uK – Lady Boss Conference Geo Planters
-uk – Lady Boss Conference Laptop

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the holidays

  1. Zhoie Zimermann

    Totally fabulous photography, what strikes me about this is how realistic it is, it is such great quality it feels like a rl photo, great scene set up, items working so well together, love it, thank you for including Zen!
    Zhoie Zimermann

    Liked by 1 person

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