Seasons came and changed the time

No time to write anything much as I want to get this posted before I leave to an appointment, but it’s showcasing some wonderful finds at the Arcade and FaMESHed.

Have a great one!

*Braided Hat with Hair by [INK]The Arcade
*Liam Hoodie – Belleza by Etham -@ FaMESHed
*GraigJeans Belleza by Legal InsanityFaMESHed

*Old Car Swap Meet Gacha by Anhelo @ The Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-01-17BGA :: van
–ANHELO-G04-02-17BGA :: complete engine
–ANHELO-G04-07-17BGA :: cylinder head
–ANHELO-G04-03-17BGA :: roof carrier
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction gear
–ANHELO-G04-06-17BGA :: cooling fan shroud
–ANHELO-G04-09-17BGA :: muffler
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction box
–ANHELO-G04-14-17BGA :: handles
–ANHELO-G04-08-17BGA :: carburetor
–ANHELO-G04-10-17BGA :: cylinder/piston
–ANHELO-G04-12-17BGA :: distributor
–ANHELO-G04-04-17BGA :: transmission
–ANHELO-G04-05-17BGA :: engine
–ANHELO-G04-11-17BGA :: meters

*Holly Jolly Gacha by ActionThe Arcade
08 Action Holly Jolly – Red Rider BB Gun
08 Action Holly Jolly – Red Rider Box

Items by Anhelo
–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: Old Garage
–ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: Workbench
–ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: Hose

01 Action Used Cars – Bench Seat Ebony
Twisted Tree by Studio Skye

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