Lets escape for a while

*Hemingway Gacha by Concept} @ Kustom9
Concept} 01.Hemingway.Bed Adult – RARE
Concept} 02.Hemingway.Canopy – RARE
Concept} 03.Hemingway.Note & books
Concept} 04.Hemingway.Carpet
Concept} 05.Hemingway.Chair
Concept} 06.Hemingway.Chair & books
Concept} 07.Hemingway.Desk
Concept} 08.Hemingway.Pitchers
Concept} 09.Hemingway.Pot 1 1
Concept} 10.Hemingway.Pot 2
Concept} 11.Hemingway.Pot 3
Concept} 12.Hemingway.Fireplace
Concept} 13.Hemingway..Frames
Concept} 14.Hemingway.Woods box
Concept} 15.Hemingway.Vessels

Marble Fox by JIAN
Concept} 03.Laguna. Pillows
Coastal Pier Set by Apple Fall
Rock 2014 by Happy Mood
Grass by Studio Skye

4 thoughts on “Lets escape for a while

      1. Moz Loordes

        Thank you, Alexa 🙂 Well, I stayed longer in hospital than I originally thought because of a bad reaction to the anaesthetic but it did enforce rest on me which was a good thing. Now I’m gradually getting back into things but I still need lots of rest each day and I’m quite tired out with it all. Anything to do with the spine always tends to shake you up emotionally anyway. My eyesight is heaps better and I’ll know about the rest (pain reduction and more movement) a few weeks down the track as things settle down.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It does get tiring, that’s for sure.. I’m still exhausted daily with the simplest things.. but gradually things will improve. I’m almost 6 weeks post op.. and some of the after effects are starting to set in.. and it’s a bit of a drag for me.. but trying to tough it out. Thoughts and prayers for you… for sound mind and emotional balance.. take care of yourself.. 🙂


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