Special moments

I had another post planned for today, but then I realized that 6th Republic is going to end in just another four days and I wanted to get this post in and not leave it to last minute.  If you haven’t been you’re missing out on some great stuff.

Besides items from 6th Republic I am also showing some fashion items from a few individual creators participating in other events as well, including this raven wall decor that you can grab only today at a bargain for Hello Tuesday.

Until next time.

Look 1~
*Hair: Phaedra by +elua+ @ 6th Republic
*Dress: Italy Dress – Begie – Maitreya by fame femme @ 6th Republic
*Shoes: Ibiza (Maitreya) by Essenz @ 6th Republic

Look 2~
*Hair: Gin A by eXxEsS
*Formation Playsuit – Maitreya by Tetra @ Collabor88
*Shoes: Rondeletia – Maitreya by Empire @ Collabor88

*Swiss Cafe – W/ Scripted Bench by TRINN @ 6th Republic
*Coffee Table W/ Chairs by TRINN @ 6th Republic
*Travel Bag (No Pose)- Rare  by fame femme @ 6th Republic
*Traveler’s Fedora (Venezia V.1) Charcoal by JfL @ 6th Republic
*Canvas Bag Brown by .:revival:. @ 6th Republic
*Raven Wall Lamp Single by THOR @ Hello Tuesday
Bushmead Railing Wide (Black) by Apple Fall
Flagstones by Apple Fall

The pumpkin harvest… it’s almost time for pumpkin pie


I don’t recall any specific memories of carving pumpkins when I was young. Though as an adult I’ve carved a few for my mother who usually makes a traditional Mexican pumpkin candy, referred to as Dulce de Calabaza“.  It’s a candy that can be eaten all year round, it’s got a bit of a hard shell on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside, if a bit gooey.


This pumpkin carving animation is part of the hay wagon that is a collaboration between Decor Junction and Shutter Field for this round of On9. The wagon has single, couple and activities that are available by menu. I’m showing the rustic version, but you will find a grey version available as well and both have a land impact of only 5.  It’s a fabulous decor piece for any landscape where you want that bit of rustic or country feel.


I’m also showing the Autumn Carriage House by Hive, which is available at Collabor88.  The carriage home has a land impact of 47, with an open room on the bottom with static pull down stairs that lead to the top level where you have another open room.  It’s quite cozy and serves for a great little get away place.

The last item that I am featuring is the rare 2-pumpkin hay bales near the carriage house by Bee Designs.  However, in my picture I modded them by making the pumpkins invisible.  I have included the gacha vendor ad below so that you get a proper viewing of the hay bales, that I will feature again with some more Fall/Halloween pieces as the holiday approaches.

I included the last picture, which was the full view one before I took to cropping.

Happy Thursday!

*The Autumn Carriage House by Hive @ Collabor88
*Hay Wagon – Rustic by Decor Junction & Shutter Field @ On9
*ToT Gacha 2-Pumpkin Doll Hay Bales Rare {Modded} by .:Bee Designs:.  @ Salem 
Beech Forest – Autumn Trees by 3D Trees
Weeping Willow Autumn by 3D Trees
Aspen-LP-Autumn-Sapling-4 – V2 by Heart Garden Center
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*
Wooden Fence Long by Frog’s Garden  {past group gift}
Sheep by Just Animals

Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+
Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Lemon by Tee*fy
Ripped Denim Shorts by Blueberry
Dahlia Socks by Maitreya
Patsy Boots – Tan by *Fishy Strawberry* @ The Dressing Room


Sometimes this is all you need, a moment


*Aloha Bra & Panty – Hawaiian by [MUSE]
*Shark Tooth Necklace by JIAN @ Summerfest ’16
Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+

Great White Shark by JIAN Summerfest ’16
Beaches Closed Sign by Floorplan Summerfest ’16
Stella River Barge by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Stella Folding Chair by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Folding Side Table by Dust Bunny
Pineapple & Coconut Drink by Dust Bunny
Leaf Table Fan Black by -Attic- @ Kustom9

I’m full. Do you want some dessert? Yes, please.

FF 011

*Simple Wooden Shelves – Small by Dysfunctionality
*Dulce Dawn Dress by Les Encantades @ Fantasy Faire 2016
* Seraph Pendant & Earrings (Silver) by !Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2016 ~MFGC

Hair: Oceana by +elua+
Forest – Flower Pots & Bottles by Bazar
Brunchtime.Regrets Gacha by Nefarious.Inventions @ The Epiphany
-Lady Fingers
-Creme Brulee
-Kiwi Tart
Artemis Panel Wall Full – Dark Wood by LISP


Love doesn’t know any distance.


 Love doesn't know distance2

Neither is flirting and trying to hook up with total strangers over an app game.  Some days ago I mentioned that during one of my sleepless nights I found myself playing a game of words with total strangers, two in fact a male and a female.  Since that night the challenges have continued on and off as time permits.  I’ve won some and lost some and it keeps my brain active.

In the game “Words with Friends” there is an option for chat and can only be used if you’re in an active game.  Up until then no communication had occurred until this weekend the guy initiates a chat by messaging me that my next move better be a good one just before hitting me with a word that racked up his points.  This was all good until he starts to get a little more friendlier.

I’ll spare the details of the come on as it’s rather lame even to my own ears, especially when they have absolutely no knowledge if I’m married, single or whatever.  Politely I declined his offer quit the game and refused another challenge.

Maybe this is normal in this day and age?

Hair – +elua+ – Hollis1 @ The Chapter Four
Dress – Ronsem – Long Hoodie Tartan @ Creators Collection Box
Scarf – Shakeup! – Plaid Scarf [03] @ The Showroom
Boots – Just Design – LouLou Black @ FaMESHed

Delilah Curtain – [ARIA] {Part of the Delilah Living Set}
Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath – Cheeky Pea @ The Men’s Department
Pulley Light Espresso – Tarte
Round Woven Rug – Pilot
Painted Globe/Love – Vespertine
Dentist Table – Oyasumi
Simple Light – Oyasumi
Old Rose Bouquet Pink – [RH] Design House {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Glass Vase – ASO {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Industrial Shoe Rack – Oyasumi {House Hunt}
Valentine Tray – Dust Bunny & Windsong @ The Chapter Four
Love Sign – Sway’s
Sweetmallow Hot Chocolate – +Half-Deer+
Books – Apple Fall
Old Books – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Pop Choco – [i Home] {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Wing Loveseat Heart – Striped Mocha {House Hunt}

Patty cake.

The brats
While I don’t keep up to date on all stores geared for children I do know there is a reasonable amount of small sized events aimed for this population in Second Life.  When I get a chance I will try and update my blog to include a section of stores that cater to the Toddleedoo.
As you can see I couldn’t resist some of the fun and cute stuff there was to have at the latest round of The Play Room and Woodlands.
Alexa ~
Hair – Elua – Hollis 2 Black @ The Chapter Four
Dress – Valentina E. Couture – I Will Break Your Heart Dress Pale Blue Dots @ FaMESHed
Slippers – Blah. – (My Piggly Slippers) Blue
Dress – Buglets – TD Heather Romper Mint
Hair – Amacci – Greta {Had to use resizer script}
Socks – Turducken – Cloudy Jumper Socks
Giraffe Wall Lamp – Casita @ The Play Room
Lion Wall Lamp – Casita @ The Play Room
Boomerang Critter Vespa @ The Woodlands
Fun Time Puzzle Table – Bamse @ The Play Room
Fun Time Drawing Time – Bamse @ The Play Room
Fun Time Alphabet – Bamse @ The Play Room
Pillows – Little Nerds @ The Woodlands
My Little Bed – Razzberry @ The Play Room
MLP Coloring Book – LeMomo
Delilah Curtains – [ARIA]
Chambre d’Oliver Settee – Paper Flowers
Chambre d’Oliver Hatboxes – Paper Flowers
Chambre d’Oliver Rug – Paper Flowers
Laila’s Playroom Alphabet Wall Art – Noble Interiors {in-world store closed}
Pose: Mama and Me by Little Moments {Lazy Sunday}

Faced with inevitable change…the choice was mine.

“…Deception and manipulation kill relationships because they are the opposite of respect and honor.  Only honesty and openness build deep relationships.”  ~ Calvin Dillard

Frozen in time 4

My father was a musician and he played the accordion from a very young age teaching himself and learning from hanging out with musicians who played.  The music he played is known as “Norteno,” which means northern and a popular form of music that originated around the Texas-Mexico border.  Dad played basically everything from corridos that are long ballads usually about political and popular issues of the time and today some of the most popular songs are those that involves the drug trade, a major controversial issue that has resulted in the loss of lives for many musicians who sang those songs.   He played rancheras, which themes revolved around love, patriotism and the music is usually a waltz, polka or bolero.

Mexican music to me is a lot like country music where it’s all about love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak.

This accordion is a new release by Happy Mood at the SOU by Creation JP event, which is what prompted me to go to the event. While not the same kind of accordion my father played, which was the button accordion, it was a timely release because what I gained that day was an answer to a plaguing question.

Happy Sunday!

Skin – WoW Skins – Fionora
Hair – +elua+ – Demi in Blacks @ SOU by Creation JP
Outfit – [sYs] – Capucine Tuxedo @ SOU by Creation JP
Bow Tie – [sYs] – Bow Tie Red @ SOU by Creation JP
Shoes – *YS&YS* – Xmas Sandals @ The Dressing Room
Accordion – Happy Mood – Wooden Accordion @ SOU by Creation JP

Itchy & Puffy Grass Frozen by Alirium

Pose: Dumbfounded Male by Del May

Preparing dinner…

006 Cooking

Since growing up a barbecue grill was a common thing at our home.  The type and size of grill has changed over time, going from a round red grill with wheels to the stainless steel gas and charcoal combo grill.  Grilling is almost a competitive sport in my family.  It becomes a match between two brothers and one sister claiming they grill the best ribs, chicken, hamburgers and whatever else happens to be the meat of choice during family events.  You just learn to nod and tell them each they’re the best.

012 BBQ

Luckily in real life everyone is spared me at the grill and any type of disaster like charred meat, but here in Second Life I get to show off my grilling skills with this new Lakeside family BBQ set released from Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shop.  It is nearly 100% mesh and comes loaded with animations and props for solo, couples and also animations to use with kids.  It has so many features to it.  The ease to it is amazing, from just clicking the grill to start the barbecue and choosing the meal and let it cook.  Once it is done, it will tell you and then all you have to do is click the place mat to rez a platter with the food you just cooked.  Pretty easy!

008 Doing Dishes

Once you’ve enjoyed the fine meal you’ve cooked up there are dishes to be washed by hand or if you prefer just stack the dishwasher.   The set comes with a few props like a bread board, vegetable board and drinks cooler that are quite detailed and realistic.  If you like to entertain with family or friends this is the perfect setup for you.

016 After


Featured Item:
*Lakeside” Family BBQ Set by Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops

Hair -+Elua+ – Tricia Black
Top/Pants – Blacklace – Sally: Jean Set {this past Lazy Sunday}
Shoes – Reign – Petal Hoppers White

Deck – Lisp – Mesh-Bergamot Square Decking