It’s time to burst the bubble


I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine was extremely blessed as I got to spend it with my family, eating good food and just spending time together. That alone is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. I got even an unexpected gift that for me went a long way in healing and restoring a little of that brokenness I’ve been feeling.  I have to say that it feels good when you finally start to get that sense of release from bottled up emotions.  It’s a step in being able to move forward and start embracing something new or at least feel safe enough to start coming out of the bubble and speaking of such.

I somehow missed seeing these glass ornaments at the holiday market and when I saw them on display recently I just had to find some.  I managed to grab all the commons at a yard sale and then the owner gifted me with the two rares. It was a very sweet present from a stranger.  It’s those acts of kindness that really keeps me believing that there is still good in all of us.

Hair – Magika – In My Mind
Aria Cuffs, Fur Boots, Skirt & Cloak – Le Forme {past gacha}

Glass Ornament Pod – {anc} {event over, and gacha not yet at store}
Enchanted Woods v2 –Studio Skye
PuffyGrass [Frozen] – *alirium*

The window to our soul.

Take me to church 043

I finally made it to the Fantasy Faire.  If you’re not familiar with this event, it is one of the biggest events for Relay for Life of Second Life, which is also a part of the Relay for Life fundraising of the American Cancer Society.  While I support this organization in real life in appreciation for their work and what it means to me personally, it is a fund raiser that I also like to support in some small way here in Second Life as well.

Even though I was able to get to the event I was not able to fully appreciate the design builds as I lagged pretty badly.  While I have better internet speed these days, there are certain places that I still struggle to walk in even if I get my rendering weight down to like 3000 and I derender everyone in sight.  Though from the pictures I’ve seen and whatever I was able to glimpse while I hopped around it looks pretty magical.

The event ends in the next couple of days so you need to visit now to take advantage of some of the great items made by some of the best fantasy designers.  Visit the website to find out what other events are happening within the event itself, because there is live music, book readings, auctions, a hunt and I even saw some areas for you to role play as well.   All that and more to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

The website also provides you with a preview of the items that have been discounted and proceeds go towards the fund raising goals.  This system works very well and I was able to just directly teleport to the area where the items I wanted to purchase were.

This hair pin/comb is a beautifully done piece that I made larger by stretching it out.  There is a crown version that is bigger except the comb is the item for Relay for Life and since I was able to modify this it worked out great.   The dress is also from the faire and is a gacha item and while I got lucky to get the rare one I was really vying for a common one in red.  I may just have to go back.

Have a great Friday!

Hair Pin/Hair Comb – Bliensen + MaiTai @ Fantasy Fair
Hair – Cheveux – FO64
Dress – Junbug – The Succubus in Ivory Fur @ Fantasy Fair
Controvers Harness Chain – Eclipse Art Studio @ Black Fashion Fair 

Neva Chapel – Scarlet Creative @ Shiny Shabby
Itchy & Puffy Grass – *alirium*

Pose: Lean Back by DeePosed

Website: Fantasy Faire

I just need your arms to hold me.

Alone 038

Hair – No.Match – No. Fate @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Accessory – Un Jour – Innocent Dreams @ Seasons Story
Dress – +Pepper+ – Midnight Dream Dress Teal @ The Cosmopolitan Room

Telephone Box – {anc} {March 2015 Arcade}
Mannequin Blue – {anc} {Feb 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Puffy Grass Frozen – *alirium*
Dress Form Mannequin – Remarkable Oblivion {past group gift}

Pose: Moment by !bang {used only female part}

Fairy Tales.

Spring Eternal 02-3

Did a couple more pictures showcasing some items that can be found soon at the newest round of “All The Little Things” event that will feature items for the toddleedoo that will start April 5th.


The theme for this round is fairy tales, so I had a little fun creating these scenes to go along with it.

First Picture:
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *140* Jet Black
Antlers – Ariskea – [Pot Pourri] Antler of Love Headband @ The Arcade
*Outfit – Doodlez – Fairytale Princess Pink @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
*Bunbunx Royal Pink – *BABY* @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***

*Fairy Garden Furniture: Table, Stool, Lamp & Chair – Enchanted Bowtique @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
Dik-Dik Dusty, Moonlight Unicorn, Plum, Sunshine, Ninja, Sugar, Spring Eternal Mira Fountain & Book of the Dragonfly – +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade
[Garden Friends] Basil the Bird, Pokey the Hedgehog, Sniffle the Bunny, Quackers the Duckling, Pickles the Chipmunk, Cap’n Oink the Piglet – Ispachi  @ The Arcade
[Pot Pourri] Heart in Plants Sign – Ariskea
Short Grass Green Lawn Lil Flowers – KIDD Creation
Pose: .click. – Dainty Set

Second Picture:
Hair – D!va – Hair “Yunie”
Wings – Tic Tot Toe – Cupid Wings {Part of Cupid Outfit}
Dress – {Lil Big Me} – Beige Flower Girl Dress
*Crown – *BABY* – Star Highness Crown @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***

*Mirrors – Cotton Tail – Fairytale Mirrors @ ***Starts April 5th***
*Once Upon A Time {Book w/ Poses} – [Dot Dot Dot] @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th*** {Poses will be only available at event}
Shrub Pink, Colored Bushes & Big Leafs – Happy Mood
Tic-tac-toe Stones – Sway’s -{Part of Stump Tic Tat Toe Set}
Great Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed

*Review copies.

I got you covered.

Meshed up 028

The theme for this round of The Secret Affair was end of times where you could find a lot of apocalyptic items, which seems to be a popular theme here in Second Life.  [MeshedUp] made a helmet and mask for this round.  You can also find all sort of other role-play items as well at the event.  My outfit is not necessarily indicative for end times… more or less I just started to throw things on using items from recent events.

Hair – [Entwined] – Nora @ The Secret Affair
*Helmet – [MeshedUp] – End Times Helmet Black @ The Secret Affair
*Mask – [MeshedUp] – End Times Mask Black @ The Secret Affair
Face Tattoo – Arise – Boda Facepaint Black Cyan
Collar – Khyle Sion – Corvia Collar @ We ❤ Role-Play
Dress – FDD – Endless Tunic Black @ The Secret Affair
Belt – Wimey – Sienia Belt Black @ We ❤ Role-Play
Armpads – Eudora 3D – StormWind Arm Pads Black {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
Holster – Obscure – Assasins Holster (Colt) Black
Knife – Axix – [Fantasy] Savage Pose Set Prop
*Leg Tattoo – .Things. – Egeria Tattoo @ Skin Fair 2015
Boots – Yasum – The Thief Girl EPIC {Feb. 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Rocks & Cliff – Fanatik Architecture
Wild Flowers – [We’re ClOSED]

Rogue Pose Set 2 by RACK Poses

Until the cows come home.

Cows Come Home 025

This picture really represents my desire just to be able to sleep.  I had high hopes of sleeping in this morning, when the neighbor’s car alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. and so after that wake up I drifted off only for my phone alarm to go off an hour later.  Guess it was a sign to wake up.

My big pixels have no trouble finding rest as you can see, while the little me wants to play.   These Bessie the Cows are from Dysfunctional Designs and are available at the Fantasy Collective.  There are two versions, the static grazing cows and one with poses and there are several texture choices for the cows.

I’m off to do some real shopping, so everyone have a fabulous Saturday!

Eyelids – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Hair – Little Bones – Lavender {50L Friday}
Top – Bueno – Vintage Bustier Black @ Kustom9
Skirt – Bueno – Denim Skirt Black @ Collabor88
Shoes – {Livalle} – Flup-Flops Paisley {50L Friday}

*Bessie the Cows – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ The Fantasy Collective
Seraphim 2nd BD Trees – [We’re CLOSED]
Shrooms Red – [We’re CLOSED]
Wild Flowers – [We’re CLOSED]
Kiki Simple Bench/Mint Leaves & Watering Can – {Vespertine}
The Philosophy of Time Travel Book – Floorplan
Retro Lunch Boxes – Balaclava {50L Friday}

*Review copy.

It’s a jungle out there.

Jungle Girl 011

I’ve had this outfit put together for several days now and was just waiting for the time that I could create a mini jungle or something of that nature to take photos.  After digging in my inventory I found something called the jungle island and attempted to rez it only to discover seconds later that it was the whole setup for a sim. Thankfully, I was up high in the sky on a platform and not on the ground when I made that colossal mistake.  I don’t think some of my neighbors would have been very appreciative of finding themselves buried in what could resemble the amazon forest.

It’s not the first time I have had this happen to me, except back then I was the new kid on the block and I buried a good part of the sim in an underground city.  I can laugh about it now.  It wasn’t so funny then.

Stop to Monkey Around 013

Instead of creating my own scene I thought why not search and see what I could find out on the grid.   I found this jewel of a place called the Makeahla Jungle, that has a tag line of “Rediscover the Heart of Nature.”  I was pleasantly surprised to find this place and see all the animals.  While most of them were mesh and stationary the ambiance of the place was very appealing.  I can’t wait to go back and explore again and take photos of the rest of the animals.

Hair – No.Match – No_Freedom in Black
Tattoo – +Nuuna+ – Yair Makeup @ Skin Fair 2015
Eyes – {SONG} – Alice//Light Grey @ Kustom9
Top & Arm & Leg Vines – Broken Style – Four Seasons Accessories
Vine Necklace, Knife, Bracelet, Staff, Hula, Mask Rare, Knee & Pad – PFC – Jungle Items @ The Arcade

Pose: F Blade Set by Repose

Location: Makeahla Jungle



Muddling through the dark blue waters of life.


Blue Mistress 018

Hair – Truth – Sally
Headdress – Zenith – Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower Headdress RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Chain – Necklace – Zenith – Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower Chain RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Feathers – Conquest – [Heroic Vestments.] [Dyable.]
Chest Tattoo – Arise – Spirit Tattoo
Rose Necklace – Pure Poison – La Rose Necklace Black
Collar – Luas – Quala Collar Golden RARE {Jan. 2015 Secret Affair Gacha}
Nail Jewelry – Kibitz – Nila Claws Gold/White Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress – Peqe – Twentyone Gown Black @ N21 Event

Pose: Heitor 6 by Pose Maniacs



Yesterday my day was overly intense with having to get an MRI first thing in the morning.  For those who might not know what an MRI is, it stands for magnetic resonance imaging and its basically a test that produces detailed images of your tissues, bone and internal body.  The reason being is that in the latter part of 2013 I began to have some health issues that indicated I was following on the heels of my sister who was diagnosed and treated for cancer. I am all sorts of thankful that after my second minor surgical procedure I came out in the clear and this imaging procedure was a precautionary measure as part of my follow-up to ensure that everything continues to be normal and there is no out of control cells rearing their ugly heads again. For some reason other than I am quite forgetful sometimes I didn’t recall that this test required having an IV needle. That was a stinker.

Then I’m not sure I would consider myself to be full on claustrophobic though asking me to lay inside a tube with very little light pouring through, only if you threw your head back far enough to see the opening, for two hours and told try not to move, hold your breath, now breath is enough to get you off kilter. I’ve been here before.  I can do this. I had to do that kind of self talk to tell the technician to keep going as I held tight to the little squeeze tube in case you need them to stop all the while listening to the country music playing through the headset they give you so the noise from the machine doesn’t drive you even more nuts. I survived my morning. I picked country over the rock station only because I wasn’t sure that rock would rock my nerves even further.

My afternoon was just as stressful if perhaps not as intense, but after a long day I felt the need for some tranquility during my evening.  I opened more boxes from my trip to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and here I am showing my body as if it weren’t enough my real body got scanned enough.

Hair – Olive – The Ivy II Hair Noir @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar & Necklace – .aisling – Dangara Collar & Necklace Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara & Earrings – .aisling – Dangara Tiara & Earrings Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha
Bra & Veil – .aisling – Dangara Bra & Veil Aqua @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skirt & Panties – .aisling – Dangara Skirt & Panties @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Kimono – Foxes – Spiritualist Kimono Tranquil @ N021 EventScene:
Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 05 Yellow Green – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 06 Yellow – Happy Mood
Great Mossy Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed

Pose: Jenifer Pose 2 by Deesselle Destiny

Train the mind to trust what it can’t see.


Speaking figuratively and literally.

Hair – Mina – Kaya @ Shiny Shabby
Blindfold – Silvery K – Blindfold Rigged Mesh Red @ Collabor88

Garden Tree 06 – Happy Mood
Shrub Pink – Happy Mood
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {Group Gift}
*A*NGR Gacha Train Rare – Alchemist @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Head Scarf – Bauhaus Movement – Anais Headscarf Red @ Collabor88 {Modified – scarf made 100% transparent}
Top – Baiastice – Cleo Sweater Carmine @ Collabor88
Skirt – Baiastice – Nayra Long Skirt Rouge @ Collabor88
Violin – Bauhaus Movement – Anais’s Violin @ Collabor88

Pose: Pose_L_11 by [Iruco] {Modified hands with Animare HUD}