The pumpkin harvest… it’s almost time for pumpkin pie


I don’t recall any specific memories of carving pumpkins when I was young. Though as an adult I’ve carved a few for my mother who usually makes a traditional Mexican pumpkin candy, referred to as Dulce de Calabaza“.  It’s a candy that can be eaten all year round, it’s got a bit of a hard shell on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside, if a bit gooey.


This pumpkin carving animation is part of the hay wagon that is a collaboration between Decor Junction and Shutter Field for this round of On9. The wagon has single, couple and activities that are available by menu. I’m showing the rustic version, but you will find a grey version available as well and both have a land impact of only 5.  It’s a fabulous decor piece for any landscape where you want that bit of rustic or country feel.


I’m also showing the Autumn Carriage House by Hive, which is available at Collabor88.  The carriage home has a land impact of 47, with an open room on the bottom with static pull down stairs that lead to the top level where you have another open room.  It’s quite cozy and serves for a great little get away place.

The last item that I am featuring is the rare 2-pumpkin hay bales near the carriage house by Bee Designs.  However, in my picture I modded them by making the pumpkins invisible.  I have included the gacha vendor ad below so that you get a proper viewing of the hay bales, that I will feature again with some more Fall/Halloween pieces as the holiday approaches.

I included the last picture, which was the full view one before I took to cropping.

Happy Thursday!

*The Autumn Carriage House by Hive @ Collabor88
*Hay Wagon – Rustic by Decor Junction & Shutter Field @ On9
*ToT Gacha 2-Pumpkin Doll Hay Bales Rare {Modded} by .:Bee Designs:.  @ Salem 
Beech Forest – Autumn Trees by 3D Trees
Weeping Willow Autumn by 3D Trees
Aspen-LP-Autumn-Sapling-4 – V2 by Heart Garden Center
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*
Wooden Fence Long by Frog’s Garden  {past group gift}
Sheep by Just Animals

Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+
Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Lemon by Tee*fy
Ripped Denim Shorts by Blueberry
Dahlia Socks by Maitreya
Patsy Boots – Tan by *Fishy Strawberry* @ The Dressing Room


Here little birdies.

Black and White

This picture was a result of over thinking and not knowing when to quit while I’m ahead.  Shakes head at self.   I had this idea in my mind of what I wanted the outcome to be and yet I couldn’t quite grasp it with anything I tried.  Everything from Second Life being wonky to not being able to find a wind-light that I liked.   That’s when I should have known better and just stopped and tried doing this another time.  I just finally said the heck with it and made it black and white and infused with a little sepia and called it a night.

We are having a little bit of a cold front here with a chill in the air and the wind is howling outside as I sit here typing this.   That means the birthday party I am heading to in the next hour is going to be moved inside, which means the noise level in a relatively small house is going to be unbearable after an hour.   Is it so bad that I am already thinking of an excuse of why I need to leave early?   Oh well… have a great Saturday everyone.

Alexa ~
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair*113
Cardigan – Coco – Open Front Cardigan Navy
Scarf – {ViSion} – S&F Mesh Scarf
Dress – Mikunch – Antique-op
Boots – Reign – Kenzy Boots Black

Sydney ~
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair*113
Scarf – Just Kidding – Winter Scarf Grey
Jacket – [Pudding Pop] – Part of the Persey Outfit
Dress – Forever Young – Amelia Dress Denim
Boots – Little Closet – Sock Boots Coal

Bird Apartments – Pilot
Grass Patch – [TUFF]
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden
Cocktail Birds – {anc}

Stuck Like Glue by Tiny Gems {used only adult pose}
A Fish! by GlamRus {used only one side of pose}

Just a tad bit early…

welcome autumn

I know we still have just under a month before the Autumn season is officially here.  For many this means the falling and changing of the leaves to the vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange.  I live in the part of Florida where the landscape stays green all year round.


The Fall for us Floridians down south of Orlando just means the oppressive heat of the summer months is a bit more pleasant as the temperatures aren’t as hot and humid.  It also means you won’t break out in a sweat the moment you walk out the door.

So here I am welcoming the Fall season a bit early.   By the way the use of Fall is used interchangeably with Autumn for us folks here in the United States.


Hair – Argrace – Sakura Black
Dress – Valentina E. Couture – Gillian Dress True Blue {just passed Dreaming Tree weekend item}
Hat – [NM] Atelier – Coppola {The Blue Hunt for men}
Shoes – Baiastice – Oxford Shoes w/ Socks Blue
Teeth – PXL – Open Mouth

Poses: Camera Set from Luxury Poses


Grass Patch – TUFF
Grass Sculpt SR – Serenah Raynier
4 Mix Maple Tree – Quark Fallen {old subscriber gift}
Wooden Fence – Frog’s Garden
3 Large Pines – 7 Pasangs to the South {free on MP}
Mountain Landscape – Kyara Lilliehook
Mesh Terrain – RMD Studio



There is a new event called The Seelie Court that just started yesterday and will run through September 10th at the Isle of Myrth.  It is going to be a monthly event that features fantasy related items.  If you want to learn more about this event or get more information on the isle itself, then please visit the Isle of Myrth website.   Little me is wearing a pretty yellow dress from SynCo Inc., who is showcasing their toddleedoo clothes at this event.

If you have the time and love fantasy stuff, go check out the event.


Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair*148* Jet Black
*Dress – SynCo Inc. – Tiny Dancer in Sun @ Seelie Court
Shoes – {s.o} – Mary Janes Black Leather
Socks – Cannibelle – Blackbottom Socks Dark for TD

Moss Oak Tree – New Trails
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden
Wooden Fence – Frog’s Garden
Recycled Tires Garden – VIKA Design
Sheep – Giddy Up Prop from Bounce This

Pose: Attitude RA

*Review copy

A Quiet Moment…

A Quiet Moment

Hair – Milk – Winx in Black @ Hair Fair
Top – Drift – Oakley Crop Shirt
Shorts – Rebel Hope – Kassy Mesh Capri Pants White
Shoes – Essenz – San Francisco White
Glasses – [Fetch] – Rinne Glasses Black/Red @ Save The Date
Ring – Enigma – Hibiscus Ring Purple @ Save The Date

Swing – Frogstar – Garden Bench Dark Frame Blue @ Save The Date
Grass – We’re Closed – Grass Field
Fence – Frog’s Garden – Wooden Fence Long
Rocks – Skye Studio – Rocky Outcrop

“Summer Flowers” Greenhouses


With the weather getting warmer every day here in Florida I could welcome one of these summer greenhouses in my back yard.   The perfect setting to relax, garden, read a book, taking a nap and so much more.   Aphrodite has given us this to enjoy in world in our own back yards.


The “Summer Flowers” greenhouses come with everything you see pictured here, plus plenty more not covered.   The greenhouses come in either white wood or oak wood.


The set up is also extremely easy!  Instructions directly from Aphrodite.  “Place the rezzbox on the ground, placing the GREEN arrow towards where you like the front middle to start. Select REZ, then wait till the set is rezzed. Move the rezzbox to place it in position, then press “FINISH” in the Rezzbox Menu to finish the setup (this is important). Now you can delete the rezzbox.  Before pressing finish you can move the whole set by moving the rezzbox alone. Please note, you can move the parts after rezzing, to fit your individual gusto, be creative! “


The greenhouses come with an abundance of animations that will allow you to tend to the flowers and activity poses to give you, your family and friends a wonderful role play experience.


*”Summer Flowers”  Greenhouses – Aphrodite Shops
Trees – 3D Trees
Green Shrubs – We’re Closed
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden


[Circa] Living/Z is for…(challenge)


Today I am finishing off the Alphabet Challenge with this zebra cream cropped blouse from Vive Nine and zebra sunglasses from Gabriel that were part of the swagbag gift from the Hollywood event that happened several months ago.   The challenge has been fun and I really enjoyed getting to dig into my inventory.    With this outfit I am also wearing a “Serendipity” diamond ball ring from [Circa] Living that is available as a gacha item at The Monochromatic Fair that runs until May 2, 2014.   There are 18 rings to win, with 8 being rare colors.


I am also showing off this excellent “Charlotte Bay” room set from [Circa] Living that you can also find at The Monochromatic Fair.  There are single and couple animations in the sofa swing and sit-lay single animations in the sofa, with 8 blue textures you can choose from to complement your taste and decor.


The retro chairs also give you several options of fabrics and sit animations.  It is a very detailed and well designed set.  The coffee table has three wood colors that you can change on touch.   The rest of the pieces in the set really fit so well in any room.  I added a few pieces like the glass bowl and vase with flowers and books in the corner crates to finish the room.


Hair – Mina – Rosa BB w/ HUD
Top – Vive Nine – SoftSilky Cropped Blouse – Zebra Cream
Pants – Mon Tissu – Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans Black
Sunglasses – Gabriel – Zebra Sunglasses {Hollywood SwagBag Gift}
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet
*Goldish “Serendipity” Diamond Ball Ring – [Circa] @ The Monochramatic Fair

*Charlotte Bay Complete Room Set – [Circa] Living @ The Monochramatic Fair 
Mountain Lodge RARE – Scarlet Creative {March 2014 Arcade}
Pug – BioBreeds
Great Dane – Zooby
Punch Bowl Flowers – The Loft
Temple Jar – Apple Falls
Arts & Crafts Books – Apple Falls
Stack of Books {Prop from Study Buddy Pose Set} Sparrowtree Studio Poses
Glass Vase w/ 3 Flowers – Dutchie
Mature Oak Trees – Lilith Heart
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden
Shrub Large Green – We’re Closed
Lupine Bold Red Flower Plant – Tm Creation/Tm.Susanowa

* Review Items