The Yearbook Challenge

Yearbook Photo

I decided to jump in and do the yearbook challenge, not only because I like challenges but I’m also feeling like total crap.   There is a flu virus running rampant and it’s making its round with my family, so it’s my turn.  Even if I felt slightly better yesterday, today it seems like I’m even worse… though hopefully it’s just my delusional state of chucking down enough nyquil cold medicine to get a decent night of rest.  That stuff is pretty lethal if you ask me.

Anyways, because I am tired of laying down and I wanted to do something anything to ignore my down on the  dumps mood I thought it be fun to do this challenge.  To participate yourself here are the Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the Blog Memes flickr group if you like.

Though lookie here … a pixel beauty in the making.


Hair – Tram – C407 Black
Glasses – Balaclava – Kip Glasses (cream) Wide Nerdy
Teeth – Whatever – Lip Alpha No. 01 with Mesh Alpha Hooked
Teeth – Medley {now known as Ataxia} – Prim Teeth V2 Rugular Braces
Top – Social Vintage – Suspender Outfit Black
Imperfection Tattoos – A:S:S – Imperfections {free on Marketplace}
Pimple Tattoo – Foxx Designs – Various Pimple Options


Avatar in a Box Challenge

Avatar in a Box Challenge

A few days ago while going through and clearing out inactive blogs from my reader list and also reading new posts I saw the “Avatar in a Box” challenge at Pics by Peeps blog.  The originator of the challenge is Vanessa Blaylock, and if you visit her blog you can read further about her concept with this challenge.  The idea is pretty simple in that you are to creatively arrange yourself in a box. After viewing a few more entries it made me recall a picture that I took back in February 2012 with the words avatar in a box directly on the box itself.  The picture was taken at an event that was decorated a bit grungy.  I was touched by how the mattress laying against the building near a trash pile resembled the state of homelessness, a very common situation that unfortunately continues to exist in our world today.

No credits as this is just my participation in this challenge.

Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 8

“When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
5-1-14 w Draco 3
Yesterday I visited the China sim for the very first time.  From what I read from a description on it the sim was designed as an interactive Chinese brush painting.  It’s not a new sim.  It’s just new to me, having never visited or even known about its existence.
5-1-14 w Draco 7
I must admit as much as I still enjoy the wonders of this virtual world I had lost a little of that exploration bug.  Someone once told me that the novelty does wear off after a while.  Maybe there is some truth to the statement.  I like to believe that I try to always keep that inner child open to the creative imagination that gets sparked by the things I do in this world, including exploring places like this one.
5-1-14 w Draco 4
In thinking about this.  Sometimes I just lack the patience to stand still long enough for a place to completely rez so that I can enjoy what it offers.  More often than not I teleport out as quickly as I entered.  The landmark in the inventory for a future visit and as time passes the intention of visiting becomes something of the past.
5-1-14 w Draco 5
Though I was quite happy to visit this place and was quite delighted with the concept.  The simplicity is what makes it very appealing and beautiful in my eyes.
5-1-14 w Draco 6
Location: China Sim
If you would like to participate in the SL Travel 52 challenge, you can find all the information here at a SECOND for Imagination.

[Circa] Living/Z is for…(challenge)


Today I am finishing off the Alphabet Challenge with this zebra cream cropped blouse from Vive Nine and zebra sunglasses from Gabriel that were part of the swagbag gift from the Hollywood event that happened several months ago.   The challenge has been fun and I really enjoyed getting to dig into my inventory.    With this outfit I am also wearing a “Serendipity” diamond ball ring from [Circa] Living that is available as a gacha item at The Monochromatic Fair that runs until May 2, 2014.   There are 18 rings to win, with 8 being rare colors.


I am also showing off this excellent “Charlotte Bay” room set from [Circa] Living that you can also find at The Monochromatic Fair.  There are single and couple animations in the sofa swing and sit-lay single animations in the sofa, with 8 blue textures you can choose from to complement your taste and decor.


The retro chairs also give you several options of fabrics and sit animations.  It is a very detailed and well designed set.  The coffee table has three wood colors that you can change on touch.   The rest of the pieces in the set really fit so well in any room.  I added a few pieces like the glass bowl and vase with flowers and books in the corner crates to finish the room.


Hair – Mina – Rosa BB w/ HUD
Top – Vive Nine – SoftSilky Cropped Blouse – Zebra Cream
Pants – Mon Tissu – Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans Black
Sunglasses – Gabriel – Zebra Sunglasses {Hollywood SwagBag Gift}
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet
*Goldish “Serendipity” Diamond Ball Ring – [Circa] @ The Monochramatic Fair

*Charlotte Bay Complete Room Set – [Circa] Living @ The Monochramatic Fair 
Mountain Lodge RARE – Scarlet Creative {March 2014 Arcade}
Pug – BioBreeds
Great Dane – Zooby
Punch Bowl Flowers – The Loft
Temple Jar – Apple Falls
Arts & Crafts Books – Apple Falls
Stack of Books {Prop from Study Buddy Pose Set} Sparrowtree Studio Poses
Glass Vase w/ 3 Flowers – Dutchie
Mature Oak Trees – Lilith Heart
Field Grass – Frog’s Garden
Shrub Large Green – We’re Closed
Lupine Bold Red Flower Plant – Tm Creation/Tm.Susanowa

* Review Items


Y is for…(challenge)


After another bout of losing inventory and clearing cache and getting some advice from the Firestorm support group — I made a decision to start to clean out my inventory to a manageable size.   If I can manage not to buy too many things in the next week those 2,000 items I deleted today should make a small impact.   Foolish thinking I know!  Anyway, in that process of deleting stuff I started to clean out my night wear folder when I came across these yellow duckie slippers.   You could say that’s how I came by my letter “Y” for today’s alphabet challenge.   In that same folder was this yellow morning nightie from Greymoon.   I was so happy to get my blog post done almost without any effort.

Hair – Milk – Speed Dial Pink Rollers @ Kustom9
Nightgown – Greymoon – Mornings Nightie Yellow
Duckie PJ Slippers – Tess Zimer
Pose: My Newspaper – Label Motion {Gift}


X is for…(challenge)

X is for 2

I thought maybe this letter would be my biggest challenge in finding something in my inventory. Though as I looked through I saw X-Clusives Animations as a store inside my folder marked “X” for animations.   I had completely forgotten about this store.   Seeing the name reminded me of one the first items that I purchased for my landscape decor.  This covered bridge, which by the way has been re-textured from the original texture. If my land was a bit bigger this is something that I would still use today.


Only two more letters to complete this alphabet challenge.   It’s been a fun challenge to do, and it’s given me an opportunity to dig through my inventory and revisit items I hadn’t given thought to in a long time.

Hair – Truth – Perla in Black
Dress – Glow Designs – Pencil Dress Mallow
Ring – H.M.A.E.M. – Rapsody Ring Night
Shoes – ieQED – Rumba.Sandal Prism

Covered Bridge Seaside – X-Clusives Animations
Arwen Tango Trees – Alirium
Grass Patch – TUFF
Dawn & Green “Goblin” Bushes – Alirium
Wild Flowers – We’re Closed
Sculpted Standing Swans – Bethi Catteneo

Accoude a la rambarde – Railing 1 – DeJezebel Animations
Haru Pose 5 – Kirin

W is for…(Challenge)

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.” ~ Author Unknown

Cleaning 1

When I was going through my inventory looking for what I might use today for the letter “W” I somehow gravitated to these cleaning supplies from “What Next” that I had not used.  They were part of this past month’s Arcade and can still be purchased at the main store.  Taking a break from cleaning to give some thought to something that I have been pondering the last few days.

Cleaning 2

I have been thinking that it is time to change houses.   This is probably the longest that I have kept a home without exchanging it in two weeks.   The layout of the house is fairly simple and yet it’s been one of my favorites. This has made me very reluctant to change.

Cleaning 3

I don’t know what I am going to do about changing houses in the near future.  Probably more than likely, as I have about three new homes in my inventory waiting to be given a try.  For now I am just going to give up the pretense of cleaning and just relax. 🙂

Hair – Analog Dog – Pause Black
Top – Tee*fy – Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Antique
Shorts – Wunderland – Summer Jeans Studded Blue
Shoes – Duh – White Canvas Slip Ons

House – L2 Studio – Tarrytown House
Window Cleaner Ladder & Bucket – What Next {March Arcade}
Housekeepers Box Decor Cream – What Next {March Arcade}
Red Vacuum Cleaner RARE – What Next {March Arcade}
Mop & Bucket Decor – What Next {March Arcade}
Dining Room Carpet – Bazar
Curtain – Fanatik
Garden Party Bird Cage – Cheeky Pea & Pilot
Poses part of the ladder.

T, U, V is for…(challenge)

Picture 2

The TRUTH is I am going to play catch up again.  You probably got my all caps as the designer I am using to represent my letter “T” for the alphabet challenge.  The hair is called “Maiko” that Truth had for the Arcade this past month.  This picture also represent my letter “U” as the pose is from Unorthodox Poses, from the series called Humble.

Picture 1

The denim jacket that I am wearing is from Vive Nine, which represents the letter “V” for today. Though V also stands for Village and I wanted to show a few pictures from this cute picturesque placed called “Little Village.”

Picture 7

It’s like the perfect postcard and I did nothing other than crop, using the region wind-light.

Picture 8

I always admire the work that is put into creating spaces like this, just disappointing that you always find these places empty.  The bright side of that is you can take pictures without anyone getting in your way.

Picture 6

The final picture is just a close up of some of the little houses.

Picture 5

Hair – Truth – Maiko [Black Fade Purple] {March 2014 Arcade}
Jacket – Vive Nine – Stella Denim & Leather Jacket Grey
Top – Kyoot – Lacey Little Top White
Necklace – WTG – +Music {previous Group Gift}
Skirt – Tram – Linen Skirt Mesh Black

Humble Series – Unorthodox Poses

Great Island 
Little Village



Lesson 46/S is for…(challenge)

S Challenge

I don’t often like to post twice, though I really do want to catch up on items and today I am motivated. I’m making progress with my real life work and taking breaks does help when you start to get bogged down in technical writing of policies.

Today the letter for the alphabet challenge is “S” and so I am not only featuring myself (joking), these horses and statue that were group gifts from Storaxtree and these trees that were part of 30L Saturday this week {still can get today} from Sweet Revolutions.  The desk and stool are from Ionic gacha items at The Chapter Four event this month.  I thought it would portray the lesson for this week of creating a plan of action of actions for goals you want to achieve in the next twelve months. The pose in the chair is called “inspired” which I thought was appropriate.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 46:  Create a Plan of Action!

Lots of people have hopes, dreams, wishes, and fantasies about how they’d like their lives to be, but few have translated their desires into clearly defined goals. It’s time to review your goals and create a plan of action for their fulfillment.

For a goal to be effective, it has to meet a few basic criteria:

First, it must be specific. You must state what you want in a way that’s clear, concise, and easily understandable.

Second, it must be measurable. You must quantify your goal so there’s no mistake about whether or not you’ve achieved it.

Third, your goal must be set up within a particular time line. When will you start, and by when will your goal be achieved?

Your assignment this week is to set one goal for yourself that will give you the greatest sense of having lived an extraordinary year, then create a plan of action for its fulfillment.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What goal could I achieve within the next 12 months that would leave me feeling inspired by myself and excited about my life?”

Now that you’ve identified your goal, answer the following questions and you will have created a plan of action that, if followed, will lead you to its fulfillment.

  • What is the measurable result I want to achieve?
  • How will I know when it’s accomplished?
  • What is the time frame in which I will accomplish it?
  • What three actions can I take this week that will move me toward the fulfillment of this goal?

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 100 points for creating your plan of action, and another 100 points for taking actions this week to move you toward your goals.


Hair – Argrace – Sakura Black {Subscriber Gift}
Top – Mutresse – Nadya Tank Top w/ Color HUD @ FaMESHed
Shorts – Mutresse – Guzla Shorts w/ Color HUD @ FaMESHed

Trees – Sweet Revolutions – Cherry Blossom White Arch Way @ 30L Saturday
Grass – Amfora Garden Center – Mixed Grasses 2 Sculpted Meadow
Horses – StoraxTree – Equine Springtime Sniff {Black, Brown & Grey Exclusive}
Statue – StoraxTree – Spring Angel Statuary Exclusive
Desk & Stool – Ionic – “Como Te Va” Gacha @ The Chapter Four



Q & R is for… (challenge)

Catch Up

Happy Easter everyone.  The weather in my area of Florida is absolutely gorgeous and while today I am going to be working some to meet some deadlines for work I am also going to take the day to relax.   Taking pictures in Second Life to me is quite relaxing and so this morning I want to do a bit of catch up with the alphabet challenge and some Easter stuff that I wanted to show.    Twice again I have lost my inventory and while I have recouped it again both times, it is becoming a bit of an annoyance when I can’t get to items I want to use.

Anyways, on to better things.  I am wearing this hair called “Quirky” from Elikatira  for my letter “Q” in the alphabet challenge.  Unfortunately, this hair is no longer available as all the old style of hairs have been removed from the store.  For my “R” letter I decided to wear a combination of items from two stores.   The top and jeans are from Ricielli and the shoes and glasses are from Redgrave and all credits are below.

With my inventory loss I couldn’t get to some of the Easter items that Aphrodite Shops has as gifts for him and her.   The items surrounding me are from the Easter egg gift for her, which is flowers, a perfume and this animated  bunny that is in the pink and gold egg that gives you chocolate.  I think it is also absolutely lovely for a decor item as well.  If you want to see the items as a gift for him, I do have a picture on my Flickr page.

I took the picture at my home, which I have blogged before so I won’t go into those items.  However, I do want to mention this floor cushion from Digs that is part of the Easter egg hunt at the Nest sim. It has some some of the cutest poses and guess what it’s free. 🙂


Hair – Elikatira – Quirky Black
Sunglasses – Redgrave – Aviators V1.1
Top – Ricielli – Shining Shirt/White
Jeans – Ricielli – Anna Mesh Jeans
Shoes – Redgrave – Ankleboots Keira w/ 12 Color HUD

Aphrodite “Hearted” Easter Egg For Her (Pink) w/ Gifts:
– Spring Pink Roses Bouquet
– “Sexy” Perfume
– Easter Egg Gift Box Animated
– Luxurious Pink Gown {not shown}

Mr. Whootletoot Floor Cushion – Digs @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt