Sobering thoughts


I’m doing a second post today; even though it’s a little after midnight so technically it’s the next day right?

What I’m featuring is this tavern set by [Nobles Creations], currently at the Lost & Found Event, which ends at the end of the month.  If you’re not familiar with this store, it is a Medieval Fantasy Store that has furniture and also role-play items.  The store is celebrating it’s first anniversary starting tomorrow.  There will be a party and during the party, a special crazy hunt where there will be 12 gift cards hidden in a small package somewhere inside or outside the store.

See details below the credits.

*Old Tavern Set by [Noble Creations] @ Lost & Found
{Barrel, Trunk & Glass}
Wild Grass Collection by Studio Skye
Mesh Log Bridge by Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz
Pallets by DBy

Hair: Alice-Praline by [LeLutka]
Leila Shirt by N-Uno @ We ❤ Role-Play
Aldo Maitreya Nude by Just Design

[Noble Creations] 1st Anniversary Party

When: June 29, 2016 to 30 June, 2016 at 16 SLT (SecondLife Time)
Location: [Noble Creations] Mainstore
Special Crazy Hunt — Gift Card Prizes

**Gift cards Value:
1st prize 3.000 L
2nd prize 2.000 L
3rd prize 1.000L
4th – 12th prize 300L

There will be no HINTS

You got to be kidding me.

Work Calleth 007

I’m stealing the line… “Oh the things we do for family” from a fellow blogger.  I ran around a few grocery stores this morning just to find a particular brand of peppered bacon for my sister.   My suggestion of just buy any regular brand of bacon and slap it with a load of pepper and you get the same thing quite wasn’t good enough.  It’s like you’re only feeding the family and we’ll understand if the recipe didn’t come out  exactly perfect.   We’ll only tease you from here on out at every family function.   You can see why I shy away from the kitchen.

Now a little Second Life.  As you all know I love creating fantasy outfits and with so many new inspiring items it’s hard not to want to create something fun and totally not of this century.  I plan on continuing to do this, except under a new blog created specifically for this purpose.  Every now and then I have felt my fantasy and/or role-play posts clashed a little with my mainstream posts of fashion and home and garden decor as well with the family oriented pictures with little me.  My biggest hesitation was the impact of having two blogs and what it would mean time wise and the additional work if any.

My experience with blogging so far has been very rewarding on a personal level and for the most part stress free. While I don’t know how long this journey will last, in the mean time I plan to just enjoy it if lasts only a week longer, a month or a year.   Not only has experience shown me, but the last few months have too that sometimes things can rapidly change.  Sharing all that if you wish to follow my newest blog you can find me also at Alexa’s Fantasy Wardrobe.  I’m still working on fixing up the layout as I remember how to do all those widgets once again, but slowly getting there.

Have a great Friday!

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jessie @ FaMESHed
Jacket/Pants – Valentina E. Couture – Jolie Silk Suit Noir @ FaMESHed
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls
Wallet – Just Design – Wallet Gacha 1 Flat
Key Chain – Lark
Glasses – Modish – Obscurity Shades Black

The Bakery, Chair & Bread Shelf – Hideki
Grey Newspaper Machine – Floorplan
Country Bushel Planter – Brown Wood & Antique Roses – [CIRCA] @ The Four Seasons Market

Pose: Newspaper Set by Label Motion 

Love doesn’t know any distance.


 Love doesn't know distance2

Neither is flirting and trying to hook up with total strangers over an app game.  Some days ago I mentioned that during one of my sleepless nights I found myself playing a game of words with total strangers, two in fact a male and a female.  Since that night the challenges have continued on and off as time permits.  I’ve won some and lost some and it keeps my brain active.

In the game “Words with Friends” there is an option for chat and can only be used if you’re in an active game.  Up until then no communication had occurred until this weekend the guy initiates a chat by messaging me that my next move better be a good one just before hitting me with a word that racked up his points.  This was all good until he starts to get a little more friendlier.

I’ll spare the details of the come on as it’s rather lame even to my own ears, especially when they have absolutely no knowledge if I’m married, single or whatever.  Politely I declined his offer quit the game and refused another challenge.

Maybe this is normal in this day and age?

Hair – +elua+ – Hollis1 @ The Chapter Four
Dress – Ronsem – Long Hoodie Tartan @ Creators Collection Box
Scarf – Shakeup! – Plaid Scarf [03] @ The Showroom
Boots – Just Design – LouLou Black @ FaMESHed

Delilah Curtain – [ARIA] {Part of the Delilah Living Set}
Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath – Cheeky Pea @ The Men’s Department
Pulley Light Espresso – Tarte
Round Woven Rug – Pilot
Painted Globe/Love – Vespertine
Dentist Table – Oyasumi
Simple Light – Oyasumi
Old Rose Bouquet Pink – [RH] Design House {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Glass Vase – ASO {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Industrial Shoe Rack – Oyasumi {House Hunt}
Valentine Tray – Dust Bunny & Windsong @ The Chapter Four
Love Sign – Sway’s
Sweetmallow Hot Chocolate – +Half-Deer+
Books – Apple Fall
Old Books – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Pop Choco – [i Home] {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Wing Loveseat Heart – Striped Mocha {House Hunt}

There is something in the air.

Relaxing by Tree 003

“Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.” ~ Aurelius

Happy Friday!

Hair – Argrace – Irori
Top – Valentina E. Couture – Bittersweet Draped Top Slate @ FaMESHed
Jeans – Blueberry – Radi Mesh Belts & Jeans
Boots – Just Design – Lou Lou @ FaMESHed
Hands – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands

Tree – Happy Mood – Garden Tree 06
Sweet Garden Grass Yellow – Happy Mood
Our Secret Hideout Meadow Tree Bench Rare – 8f8 {July 2014 Seasons Story}
Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath – Cheeky Pea @ The Mens Department

Pose: Dumbfounded Male by Del May

Her thoughts drifted.

“The spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Just a girl

Just playing with processing.

Have a great Saturday!

Skin – *YS & YS* – Frida Smoky Tone 04 @ My Attic
Mouth – PXL – OpenMouth Addon v7.1
Hair – Little Bones – Eros Taken @ Uber
Vest – May’s Soul – Maochi Vest Black @ The Secret Affair
Jeans – Bueno – Skinny Jeans Black @ Kustom9
Tattoo – Identity – The Chemical @ The Showroom
Boots – Just Design – Penny Ecru

Rotten Docks – Sweet Revolutions
Cattails – 3D Trees
Grass Patch – [TUFF]

I wish Santa would come sooner.

Santa come sooner

Just showing another ideal winter scene, even though I would wager shoveling snow doesn’t look this easy.  I can’t say that my memory stretches far back to this age as a child to what I might have been like waiting for Christmas to arrive.  Though considering that I’m known to be a little impatient at times (smirks a little) it is likely that this would probably have been me waiting and thinking… when are you going to get here Santa!
Happy Thursday!
On Alexa –
Skin – Lumae – Star 5 – Caramel/Bare
Hair – Clawtooth – Snow Bunny Enchanting Brunettes @ The Arcade
Sweater – Erratic – Hazel Oversized Sweater @ The Arcade
Pants – [Decoy] – Dana 76 Jeans {old item}
Socks – Just Design – Navajo Boots High Socks @ FaMESHed
On Sydney –
Hair – D!va – Mimi in Onyx
Outfit – Baby Pie – Laila Winter Baby {past Limited 50}
Scarf – Just Kidding – Winter Scarf {past Limited 50}
Garden Gazebo – Snowy – Barnesworth Anubis @ The Arcade
Sledge – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Snowballs – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Victorian Snow Plow – Pilot @ Collabor88
Reindeer Games Hugs Baby – ToddleTeeZ @ The Woodlands {Kids Event}
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Enchanted Woods – Skye Studio
Granny’s Winter Cottage Picket Fences – 8f8 @ The Arcade
Dirt Shovel – Clutter
Despondent by Del May
Pitchforking by Kamala Animations

Just chilling.


I finally finished decorating my new home, which is a small cottage that is all open space.   Something different and can be a bit of a challenge to decorate when you have no separation of rooms.   It’s also the first time that I have a home without a bathroom.  I’m tempted to put an outhouse in the back and a small outdoor shower.  I’m odd in this way, that I feel a bit unsettled without those amenities.  I know.  Just call it my own peculiarity.   This time around my decor is shabby chic intermixed with Christmas decor in the typical season of living in Florida — all green no snow.   Maybe I’ll get to taking pictures soon to show it.

Hair – Truth – Thalia in Blacks
Top – Cold Logic – Koste Cream
Vest – Bens Boutique – Zelinda Fur Vest Black
Leggings – Kosh – Cotton Leggings Coal
Boots – Just Design – Navajo Black @ FaMESHed

Pose: Estelle 4 by Deesselle Destiny

Snowman Couple – Cheeky Pea

Taking a stroll.


I had a particularly rough day that I needed to distract myself with something lighthearted and fun.   Bringing out my child alt gives me that in an odd way, not only the silliness of being in a small body, but she makes me laugh at myself as I’ve mentioned before and that’s enough to lighten the load somehow.

Nothing much then a simple picture of walking through the grass at home and on that note we’re calling it a day in both worlds.

Hair – Truth – Neria in Blacks & Whites @ Mystic Realms Faire
Tattoo – Little Pricks – Violent Ends
Bra Top – Just Design – Gwen Bra Blue @ Mystic Realms Faire
Bustier – Just Design – Gwen Blue
Pants – Legal Insanity – Meadow Bell Bottom Almost Black Jeans @ Boho Cultural Fair
Shoes – Reign – Stark Pumps Navy

Hair – Love Soul – Hair*115* Jet Black
Dress – Little Nerds – Ruffle Delux Dress in Black
Socks – Baby – Florina Socks {part of outfit}
Shoes – {s.o.} – Mary Janes Black Leather

Pose: With my baby by K&S {modified}

Sweet Garden Grasses & Shrub – Happy Mood

Pumpkin Patch

“Things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe “

Pumpkin Patch

The last few weeks have been a little up and down for me and a large part is my own fault for allowing circumstances beyond my control to negatively get the better of me.  Though over the weekend I had a bit of an epiphany and accepted the circumstances in the best way possible by making a choice to let nature take its own course.   My seventy plus year old grandmother often reminds me that sometimes you have to let one door close to allow another to open.  Since she’s still kicking up a storm I guess she knows what she’s saying.

Feeling a bit of the tension now leaving me I found myself wanting to bring out little me, because she makes me laugh at myself.  I picked up these pumpkins during a 25L Tuesday, which I might add this list is mostly role-play items.  I have always loved the idea of a pumpkin patch and unfortunately here in my part of the world you only find them in the yard of a few churches who decide to sell pumpkins to raise funds.  Just not the same thing and it’s a good thing I’m in Second Life, because I’m definitely not wearing mommy clothes for such a place.


Alexa ~
Hair – Truth – Shae in Blacks & Whites
Top – Emery – Crop Top Feroe Black
Shorts – [JuSt CoOl] – Haven Hot Shorts Dark Denim @ FaMESHed
Boots – Just Design – Penny Red @ FaMESHed

Sydney ~
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *115* Jet Black
Outfit – Baby Pie – Juno {part of Limited 50 – no longer available}

Pose: A Pumpkin for YOU by Tiny Gems @ Kids Lazy Sunday  {modified by Animare HUD}

Mesh Pumpkin Patches & Vines Set – Roawenwood {previous 25L Tuesday}

Location: Friends private home.

Lesson 45/J is for…

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” ~ Carl Jung


I am combing this lesson with the letter “J” for the alphabet challenge.   Originally I had planned a totally different outfit and story for this lesson, except yesterday when I was meant to post it I had major inventory issues. Like in the split second of whatever I was doing I lost a significant portion of my inventory — going from 125,000 plus items to like 84,000.  Several attempts later I was beginning to get into acceptance mode and settled in for spending some quiet time relaxing with a friend.   Before going to bed I made one last attempt of cleaning out my cache as instructed on the Firestorm help pages and it seemed to work and I went to bed happy.

For my alphabet challenge I decided to go with these ankle boots from Just Design that have the imprint of the UK. They were included in the two for one in a past 21 Shoe events with the other imprint being the USA.  I wore them to represent walking in another’s shoes, even if it doesn’t apply to the actual lesson as given.   In Second Life we have the opportunity to meet people from many different countries.   The concept of walking in another’s shoes would perhaps serve us well in understanding their culture, expressions and behavior.

I love this lesson and it serves as a great reminder for me,especially as it comes in a very timely manner for something that recently happened.  Hope it helps you as well.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 45: Walk in Anothers Shoes

Most of us are so wrapped up in our own lives that we rarely stop to consider the needs, desires, and feelings of others. But it’s important for us to realize that when we view life from our own limited perspective, we’re only seeing half the picture. To have true intimacy and connection in our relationships, we must spend time walking in another’s shoes.

When we’re in conflict with those we care about; or when we aren’t being treated with the love, respect, or tenderness we desire, we have two basic choices. We can defend our position and try to prove that we’re right, or we can look at ourselves through their eyes. The first choice hardens our hearts, while the second opens us to new levels of compassion, understanding, and intimacy.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Think of someone in your life you don’t feel as close to as you’d like. This could be someone who you feel misunderstands you, judges you, or doesn’t treat you the way you’d like to be treated.

Imagine that you are this person, and write from them to you. It’s important to do this when you’re in a relaxed, centered mood. I recommend that you go for a walk or spend a few minutes getting quiet before you begin. Then, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that this person is sitting in front of you. Allow yourself to feel what life is like in their shoes. Just write from the other person’s perspective about what it’s like to be in a relationship with you.

Notice if walking in another’s shoes allows you to feel more compassion or connection with this person.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 100 points for completing this assignment.

Beanie – Pure Poison – Rockin’ Beanie
Hair – Pr!tty = Elle w/ Color HUD
Necklace – Pure Poison – Love Me {Group Gift}
Top – Emporium – Rockee Top w/ Color HUD {Rock Fashion Fair}
Shorts – Erratic – Briony Black
Boots – Just Design – Coral Vintage UK {previous 21 Edition}
Pose – Flash Friendly Poses – These Shoes Poses {previous BFF Hunt}