Years past

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Hope it’s been a great day for you.  Today is not my usual kind of post.  It’s a fashion one and it’s in black and white.

This picture started when a fellow blogger showcased this mobile home and it threw me back in time. You see I grew up in a small community where mobile homes were the norm and so for the first 10 years of my life a mobile home was just that, my home.  There are so many good memories of living and growing up in this home and the neighborhood, where I played marbles, jacks and other games from the time period I grew up in.  The 70’s as a child and 80’s as a teenager.  I was a tomboy, in case you might wonder why I didn’t mention a doll.

Our mobile home was a double wide and behind it was a huge oak tree that today still sits behind another mobile home.  I use to climb that tree and got a scar to prove it.

The station wagon is something that I needed to add as it completes the picture of home from years past. My father was a lover of big vehicles and the station wagon was our family car for many years. In this case with eight children it could have been a necessity!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend and make sure you check out credits below for everything shown.

*Hair: Maria by MINA @ Blush 
*Cerys Statement Necklace – Rose/White by LaGyo @ FaMESHed
*Anna Romper – Maitreya by Kaithleen’s @ Blush
LeLutka – Simone Mesh Head 3.0
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Shape: Own

“The Simple Life” Mobile Home by *PAN* @ Ultra
Vehicle: Scenery Seducer  by Geek Werks
Wild Grasses – Khaki by Happy Mood
Boho Ivy Planter / Terracotta by Floorplan



I make no secret of liking to dress up in mythical and fantasy like costumes and events like 25L Tuesday, which are geared more for the role-player make it a lot easier.  It’s sort of my rationale for I won’t feel so guilty for buying something that I might just wear once for a picture if it only costs 25 lindens. The rest of the items minus the shoes, chalice and fruit were from the August Collabor88 event.

Hair – !Lamb – Pandora
Crown – (Yummy) – Golden Laurel Leaf Crown
Necklace – (Yummy) – Raindrop Chain Necklace
Dress – Luas – Olimpia Dress Red {arm bands and bracelets included} @ 25L Tuesday
Ring – LaGyo – Metis Ring Gold
Shoes – Eudora3D – Artemis Sandals @ We ❤ Role-Play
Feet – Slink – Female Feet (AvEnhance)
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands

The Garden Pavilion – Dysfunctional Designs {chaise & lanterns included with set}
Dragon Fruit and Lychee – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Seleful Chalice – .Eldritch @ We ❤ Role-Play

Pose – Stretch Series – Extend by an lar [poses]


Right at Home…

“Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who’ll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness?  It means you’re in the wrong house, that’s what it means.” ~ Henny Youngman

Living Room

That quote made me have a good chuckle.   No mistake here.  I’m in the right house — this is my current accommodations.

Living Room 4

I really love my cozy kitchen.  It took modifying some of the items and making them smaller to fit in the space, but overall I really liked the way it came out.


I used a mixture of old and new items, including hunt items.   My credits will be dragging. 🙂



Hair – Tableau Vivant – Low Hair – Equinox @ Collabor88
Dress – E C R U – Gwenyth Dress Texture Set 02
Necklace & Ring – LaGyo – Mother’s Pearls Set
Watch – [7891.] – Marco Loop Watch Gold
Shoes – Just Design – Coco Dark Packs
Feet – Just Design – My Feet Tip Toe


Tarrytown House – L2 Studio
Ines Chairs Nostalgia Haze – Trompe Loeil
Ines Ottoman Nostalgia Rose – Trompe Loeil
Metal Wall Hanging – The Loft
Temple Jar – Apple Falls
Flower Frame – Apple Falls
Raffles Blue Oriental Arrangement – Patron
Ivory & Green Distressed Italian Console – La Galleria
Pendant Lamp – UrbanizeD {Store Closed}
Hang Over Curtains – LeeZu {No Longer Available}
Raffles Range Planter – Patron
Roya Fluffy Carpet – Bazar
CD Pyra Double Vase – The Loft
Coffee Maker – Apple Falls {Previous Advent Gift}
Creamer & Cups – Teawood
Tray – Alexa Maravilla
Fine Chocolates Box – [DDD] {Previous Hunt Item}
Couch – Tartessos Arts
Designer Table – Apple Falls
Romantic Rose Vase – [DDD]
Mathis Console Walnut – The Loft
Mesh Art Gazelle’s Head – Ispachi
Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium – Cheeky Pea
Digital Gramophone – Love to Decorate Group Gift
Arts & Crafts Books – Apple Falls
Green Glass Buffet Lamp – Trompe Loeil
Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil
Bridges Bar Cart – Pilot
Cocktail Mixer Set RARE – Erratic Home @ The Arcade
Wine & Whiskey – The Loft
Lemon Bowl Blue – The Loft
Frame – POE Jackson Palmer Photography {Hunt Gift}
Nollaig: Lantern Cluster – Ispachi
Glasses – The Loft
Books – Tartessos Arts
Totem – Tartessos Arts
Potted Hydrangea A – UrbanizeD {Store Closed}
Toronto Kitchen – Bazar
Milk Shake Mixer – What Next
Kitchen Cook Books – Aria
Pickled Veggies 2 – The Loft
Milano Kitchen Deco Condiments – Aria
Red Heart Art – Seven Emporium
Vita Knife Stand – Aria
I Love You More Than Cupcakes Art – Seven Emporium
Milano Kitchen Canisters – Aria
Aloe Pot Mini – The Loft
Portable Espresso Machine Grass – Standby, Inc. {Previous Arcade Item}
Instant Coffee Canisters – Standby, Inc. {Previous Arcade Item}
Coffee Bag – Standby, Inc. {Previous Arcade Item}
Cereal Boxes – The Loft
Colander – Agora
Spice Bottle Racks – Kopi
Arizona Trash Bin – Bazar
Toronto Kitchen Island – Bazar
Recipe Book – Agora
Lemon Basket – Bazar
Cherry Voulevants – Apple Falls
Steel Fruit Basket – The Loft
Art Picture Canvases – Ruby Rossini
Claryon Curtains Cream – The Loft
Mesh Easter Texture Change – Lisp
Artist Table & Stool – Tartessos Arts
Jam Jar of Paintbrushes – Lisp
Pin-Up Crane – Apple Falls
True Love Sign – Seven Emporium
Canvas Rack & Paint Tins – Apple Falls
Strelitzia Plant – The Loft
Padded Headboard – MudHoney
Ashworth Bed – Pixel Mode
Avenue Beige Rug – Tartessos Arts
Neoclassical Seat Country – Apple Falls

Lesson 41

“We’re all human and we all goof.  Do things that may be wrong, but do something.” ~ Newt Gingrich

Working Hard

I couldn’t help and use this quote, because it perfectly fits these pictures of goofing off while in the office and by rights, totally wrong if it’s against office policy.   Perhaps your experience is different to mine.  I don’t know of too many companies that allow you to take the phone off the hook, sit back and recline to watch a movie on the computer and my favorite of all… to have a buttocks planter?

Taking a Break

I wouldn’t advice anyone to indulge in the activities above — unless you want to take a forced week off.  Smiles.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 41:  Take the Week Off!

Congratulations! Your assignment this week is to take a week off. Simply acknowledge all the great work you’ve done so far and luxuriate in your free time. Have fun!

Your Self-Love Assignment

Bask in What You’ve Accomplished!  This is a week to bask in the glory of what you’ve already accomplished. If you encounter any resistance to giving yourself time off, breathe in, and remind yourself that you deserve it!

See you next week.

Hair – Clawtooth – Betty Spaghetti (Silent Movie Star Pack) @ Collabor88
Blazer – Tres Blah – Blazer Dark Sand @ Collabor88
Skirt – Fishy Strawberry – Frankfurt Pencil Skirt Brown @ Collabor88
Shoes – Just Design – Cult Nude Lacquered  w/ JD Bare Feet

Office Cubicle, Will Return Novelty Clock & Paper Shredder – Intrigue @ Collabor88
Office Decor Pack 1&2 – Kuro @ Collabor88
Jacob Globe – Lisp @ Collabor88
Radio, Books & Wall Sign – Standby Inc. @ Collabor88
Mackenzie Tote Bag in Red – LaGyo @ Collabor88
Mesh Interior Plant – Apple Falls @ Collabor88
Bacall Accessory Tray, Bankers Desk Lamp & Bacall Portrait Frames – The Loft @ Collabor88
Bric-a-Brac Chair, Paper Trash, Coffee Decor – Aisling @ The Arcade
iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Falls {prim over top to put picture}
CEO Coffee-To-Go-Set Open – Imperial & Wearable Cup – 8f8

Fabulous Sin City

Sin City USA

Doing my inventory used to be a time of  stillness where I could do a mindless activity and let those thoughts in my mind reach a place of oblivion.  I haven’t been able to get into that place in the longest of time so my inventory is in chaos once again.   My cleaning habit lately consists of basically dumping all those purchases into a folder and labeling it by whatever day I happen to think it needs a bit of cleaning.

Needing Rehab

Usually when I’m groaning at having to scroll down a bunch of folders looking for something.   It’s probably a good thing I only blog for my own amusement and not trying to get something done on schedule.   Though I like to think it is nice to find things in my inventory that I’ve never worn and it’s like getting something new at the candy store all over again.


Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Pinot Gloss
Hair – Emo-tions – Collien 2
Top – Gizza – Spiky Fur Black {past Limited Bazar}
Pants – Emporium – Mesh Pants w/ Color HUD @ SL Fashion Week
Bangles – LaGyo – Misaku Bangles
Belly Piercing – Delicious – Spiky Belly Piercing Noir @ Fi*Fridays
Shoes – Similar – Palermo Unrigged Leather Shoes w/ Color Menu

Pose Pic 1 – NanTra – Runway Roadkill Pose Pack @ SL Fashion Week
Pose Pic 2 – Del May – Stuck With Me

Location:  Las Vegas City 

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions – Pablo Picasso


There is a concept known as color psychology, which basically is an explanation of how colors at the conscious and subconscious level affect a person’s emotions, mood and energy as a few examples.  In essence the study of how it impacts human behavior.

For instance you might have heard that the color red represents power and passion.  It is a very strong vibrant color that elicits a strong emotion.  Or yellow representing sunshine and cheerfulness.   In this picture I am wearing green, a color that many people associate with money and yet it is also known to be the color of balance, nature and often referred to as the color of healing.  Other meanings associated to the color green are growth, fertility and change.

When I was growing up, in one of the houses that we lived in there was a green toilet and sink, so for the longest time I was not too keen on this color.   Today I like green in all its variations — dark green, yellow green, olive and aqua to name a few.  It is a color that I like to wear often and I just love it on this dress from Zaara.  It has fabulous detail and it’s perfect casual wear.

So what colors do you wear and what do they mean?   Find out  here as it might help you in understanding your behavior.



Hair – Truth – Gogo in Night (sale to 10 May)
Dress – Zaara – Chaitra Chiffon Dress Olive @ FaMESHed
Shoes –  Bis[k]uit – Flats in Lime
Necklace – MG – Delightful Dahlia Multi-color Hud
Ring – LaGyo – Bonbon