Some people just like to show their “ass” off …

I’ve probably only attempted to play tennis in real life maybe once or twice when I was much younger and it wasn’t a sport that I took to.  I can only sit and watch it for so long, though it’s the same with most sports.  My attention just seems to wander off during sports games.

Today I am showcasing a few items in this scene/various pictures being shown. I really like seeing collaborations between designers and this is one of those times when everything is just marvelously done.

The tennis court set by DaD Designs comes with red/green clay tennis court, the metal fence kit modular system, the umpire chair and single and couple poses.  You can find this set at Shiny Shabby until May 15th and also get more details below credits.

Then you have Astralia who provided some of the accessories — tennis bleachers, umbrella and chairs, tennis balls basket, tubes and decor balls as well as the tennis rackets in different colors.  You can find this set at Shiny Shabby as well.

The tennis dress I am wearing is by Dead Dollz and available in a few colors and can be found at the main store.  While not featured, but part of the collaboration are Gabriel who has tennis outfits for men at Shiny Shabby and poses by RK Poses at their main store.

This blondie just can’t handle a loss…she’s so competitive!!  We started with posing using the Chloe & Odette pose by Ilaya at Pose Fair 2017, except Lotus started to move her face and arms and I took a snap as she was playing around.

*Tennis Court Set by DaD Designs @ Shiny Shabby
-Red Clay Tennis Court” c/m
-Fence System
– “Chair Umpire Tennis Court” c/m

*Tennis Collection by Astralia @ Shiny Shabby
-Astralia – Decorative Tennis Bleachers
-Astralia – Tennis Court Chair
-Astralia – Tennis Court Umbrella
-Astralia – Tennis Balls (rezz)
-Astralia – Tennis Balls Tube
-Astralia – Tennis Balls Basket 

*Smash Tennis Dress by Dead Dollz @ Main Store
Hair: Quinn by Elikatira
Racket by Astralia
Air Sneakers (Lime) – Maitreya by Tetra

Lotus is wearing…
Smash Tennis Dress by Dead Dollz @ Main Store
Hair: Loomer by Lamb
Lacey.Socks (Maitreya) by fri.
Tennis Sneakers White/Blue by Milk Motion
Racket by Astralia

*Poses in Pics 1-3 are in set by Dad Designs {part of tennis court set}
Pose in Pic 4 is Chloe and Odette [1] by [ILAYA] @ Pose Fair 2017


I’m very proud to present my latest creation “Tennis Court” 100% original mesh.

This beautiful Tennis Court is composed by:

Each of these groups is also sold individually

Footage: 34,6×17.3
Land Impact: 19
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

Is composed by
– Single post
– Double Post
– Door post
– Metal Fence 3 layout A-B-C-
– Door
Land Impact: 1 each
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

Land Impact: 6
Material enabled
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer
Include 3 single Judge pose

n° 3 couple poses
n° 5 single poses
(racket/outfit are not included)

Two sides to every person

Bail me Out

Just another quick post today as I want to show some more items that will be available at the Trick or Treat Event at The Shopping District that will open in two days and run only until November 1st.

Everything minus the hairs that I am wearing are from the event.

~On the right~
Hair – Lamb – Afternoon ROYGBIV Pack {from Sept. 2015 Arcade}
*Dress – Caboodle – Valentina @ Trick or Treat Event
*Stockings – Milk Tea – Morrigan’s Halfsies (Black) @ Trick or Treat Event
*Shoes – CUQUI – Peep Toe High Slink Black @ Trick or Treat Event

~On the left~
Hair – Magika – Sorcery {Subscriber Gift}
*Dress – Salt & Pepper – Romper Kiara Black @ Trick or Treat Event
*Stockings – Milk Tea – Morrigan’s Halfsies (Orange) @ Trick or Treat Event
*Shoes – CUQUI – Peep Toe High Slink Black @ Trick or Treat Event

*Pose – Trick? Or Treat? by Glamrus @ Trick or Treat Event

Whose lifting who?

Strongman 019

It’s very rare that I will feel hungry in the morning.  I try to at least eat something minimal and it’s usually a piece of fruit if nothing else.  Today I wanted something more and didn’t have the time to really make something so I decided to go through a drive-through of a popular fast food chain for a breakfast sandwich.  They were out of the muffin bread of the sandwich I chose and straws.  I am hoping it’s not indicative of how the rest of my day goes as today I’m playing nice with all of my four bosses.

I don’t know where I was going with this picture when I started to open and put down items received when I randomly played machines in this round of TAG! Gacha.  There were only a handful of stores that I really wanted to play and the others I played at random once or not at all.  I find this event to be like a little mini arcade except you go to each store to hit the machines.  Though what I truly like about this event is the HUD system that you can spin to get to the next destination.  It made going around to each store so much easier.

One of the rare items, not shown here, that I played for is actually all items for men.  Everything except the weights reminded me of those wrestler shows that my brothers used to watch when we were growing up. I think somewhere in a box of old pictures I have an autographed photo of some wrestler from a non-sporting event that I attended.  It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when or the name of the wrestler right now.  I do have a vague recollection of the picture itself as the wrestler is in jeans with no shirt and flexing his big muscles.

Have a great Tuesday!

Miss Mabel V3 {Mystery Rare} – Lamb  for TAG! Gacha
Red Corset Outfit, Pauldrons Red & Choker Black – Enfant Terrible for TAG! Gacha

Male Avatar ~
Strongman Suit Gray Strip, Black Harness, Gold Bracers, Black Boots & Vintage Barbells Blue – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Knife Throwing, Zantor  – DRD for TAG! Gacha
Fortune Set – ISON for TAG! Gacha
Carnival Caravan Rare, Sideshow Sign, Hanging Cloth, Travelers Box – Apt B  for TAG! Gacha
Levitation Table & Astrology Painting – Kalopsia for TAG! Gacha
Strongman Kettlebell Red & Blue, Ten Ton Lead Weight, Plaque & Stage with Poses Rare, Vintage Barbells Red – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Grass – Fanatik Architecture  {Group Gift}Pose:
Upside Down Pose by Migan Forder (Modified with Animare HUD)
Website: TAG! Gacha

Bites her lip, he didn’t answer.

Texting 011

Hair – !lamb – Craft Spells
*Outfit – MoDANNA – [Rones Collection] One Piece Outfit White Pants @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair
Watch – Mandala – Billionaire Pride (Silver)
Shoes – Enfant Terrible – Ulaas Heels {was for a specific event – the Ulla Event}
Phone – [kunst] – kPhone 3C/wood @ The Men’s Department

*”Sunny Spring” Rattan Complete Set – Heart Homes @ Cosmopolitan Room
*LB_BirdFlower_v1 {With Flowers Menu} – Little Branch
Enchanted Woods – Studio Skye
Mezcal Bottle – [kunst] @ Uber
Antipasto Italiano – GA Home {past gacha}

Pose: Call Me Set by aDORKable Poses {in-world store closed}

*Review copies.

The king of hearts.

“Every man has two men in him. A king and a fool. How do you know when you’ve found a queen? When she speaks to the King in you.” ~

Sometimes soothed by the darkness 01

Hair – Lamb – Stranger @ No21
Top – Milk Motion – Loose Knit Sweater Palegrey
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans @ Shiny Shabby

*Vintage Frames*Froggy – [MeshedUp] for The Neighborhood ***Saturday March 28th only***
Railway Set Rare & Mr. Spring Toy – Nomad @ The Arcade
Open Road Collection Radio – Consignment @ The Arcade
Trois Pillows Mono & Blue/Pink/Yellow – Llorisen
Garden Craft & Oldbook – {anc} @ The Arcade
Rug & DIY Picture Frame – Apt. B
Stack of Suitcase – DRD
Schefflera Tall – Dutchie
Book & Glasses – {CE} 
*Cassina Sofa *Latte* – Strawberry Box Home Store  @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect Ten Event ***Starts April 1st***

*Review copies.

Boot scootin’ boogie.

Lets get the party started 032

We’re all waiting for the bride and groom to show up.  My sissy is getting married… again.  Chuckles… she might disinherit me for that comment, though isn’t this what siblings do?  Poke fun.  So what if you’ve only done this… a few couple times.  

Well someone has to get the party started!

Except reality is that time zones are a hindrance… and the wedding took place in the wee hours of the morning while my head still knew the softness of my pillows.

Congrats on your wedding sis!!!  I know you’ve been waiting for this day since forever and all joking aside I’m happy for you.  May he make your Second Life total bliss…fulfilling all your dreams…  well you get the drift. 😛

Hair – Lamb – Stranger @ No21
Dress – D R O P – Linen Dress (Soda) @ Shiny Shabby
Socks – Maitreya – Dahlia Socks
Boots – Reign – Nashville Boots

Pose: Free Spirit by Vibe



I make no secret of liking to dress up in mythical and fantasy like costumes and events like 25L Tuesday, which are geared more for the role-player make it a lot easier.  It’s sort of my rationale for I won’t feel so guilty for buying something that I might just wear once for a picture if it only costs 25 lindens. The rest of the items minus the shoes, chalice and fruit were from the August Collabor88 event.

Hair – !Lamb – Pandora
Crown – (Yummy) – Golden Laurel Leaf Crown
Necklace – (Yummy) – Raindrop Chain Necklace
Dress – Luas – Olimpia Dress Red {arm bands and bracelets included} @ 25L Tuesday
Ring – LaGyo – Metis Ring Gold
Shoes – Eudora3D – Artemis Sandals @ We ❤ Role-Play
Feet – Slink – Female Feet (AvEnhance)
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands

The Garden Pavilion – Dysfunctional Designs {chaise & lanterns included with set}
Dragon Fruit and Lychee – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Seleful Chalice – .Eldritch @ We ❤ Role-Play

Pose – Stretch Series – Extend by an lar [poses]


Remembering the words…


“I wish I wrote the way I thought;
With maddening hunger.
I’d write to the point of suffocation.
I’d write myself into nervous breakdowns,
Manuscripts spiraling out like
tentacles into abysmal nothing.
And I’d write about you a lot more than I should.”

~ Benedict Smith, I wish I wrote The Way I Thought

Reminiscing 2


Hair- !lamb – Craft Spells in Ink
Mesh Eyelids – Slink
Top – Luas – Ava Pink Top {Part of Ava Pink Partial Mesh Fantasy Outfit}
Wood Yellow Bracers – Aurica Store @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Wood Yellow Crown – Aurica Store @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Wood Yellow Staff Ultra Rare – Aurica Store @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Ancient Aralia Swamp Tree – Sweet Revolutions
Grass Sculpt Sr 1 Prim – Serenah Raynier
Reed Flexi – Annastasia Scofield
Forest Creeping Cinquefoil – 3D Trees
Dear John – Letters from John – O.M.E.N. {Past Arcade item}
Flying Paper – Kalopsia
Friend Close Letter & Open – End of Daze
Poses:  My Paper Airplane Poses – Kirin {Fifty Linden Fridays}


F and G is for…



Today I’m doing double duty and doing yesterday’s letter and today’s as I just didn’t have time to get around to doing a blog post.   I am wearing a jacket from a store called FA Creations (letter F) and I teamed it up with these leather pants that come with a bullet belt.   Yep, I’m being a little dangerous today.   This outfit just called for a gun (letter G) and Finesmith gave me that with this gun necklace.  All I needed was a pair of handcuffs and so when I put that into my inventory I found this necklace by Maxi Gossamer.

I’ve already found the bad guy.  He’s so bad.. that he’s sooooooo good. 😀


Hair – !lamb – Gemini Mesh Ink
Jacket – FA Creations – Janet Jacket
Pants – Sugar &Cyanide – Bullet Baby Black
Necklace – Finesmith – Weapon Jewelry Gun Necklace {Group Gift}
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Handcuffs Long
Body Chain – BabyDoll
Shoes – Hucci – Oria Sandal Leopard w/ Slink Feet High


Pose:  Ohkumaya Male Pose Set 002 Fat Pack @ Japan Fair