Sometimes sitting back and doing nothing is all you need to do

SF 0072

It’s 83 degrees out today in my real world and so this rustic beach type furniture would be like the perfect set up for being outside enjoying the warmth or the evening while using the fire pit to toast marshmallows.

There are several pieces available as I’m only showing a few items.  The pallet chairs come with single and couple animations.  There are two versions of the chest table, a wood and rustic planks as well as two versions of the trays with goodies. I’m showing the one with the chocolate cake.

Everything in the picture is listed below.  One of the things I like about Shutter Field is not only that the prices are very reasonable, but you can just buy individual pieces.

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Ten
Shirt – *Chronokit* – T-Shirts 01 Skull Black Girl
Jeans – Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Dark
Glasses – Redgrave – Aviators

*Window Shelter – White – Shutter Field
*Fall Pallet Chair – Shutter Field
*Chest Table – Wood – Shutter Field
*Metal Fire Pit – Shutter Field
* Beach Pallet Chair – Shutter Field
*Beach Fence – Shutter Field
*Rusty Basket – Fall – Shutter Field
*Chocolate Tray – Shutter Field
*Beach Pallet Chair – Shutter Field
Pampas Grass – Kidd Creation
Beach Green Grass *Medium Sword* Wild Thicket – Kidd Creation
Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* Wild Circle – Kidd Creation

[ARIA] @ The Mens Department

Aria at TMD

The newest round of The Mens Department begins later today and [ARIA] has an upholstered bench set that you can get in either PG or adult version with optional pillow pile and a vase with poppies. The bench has single and couples animations by menu and with auto-attach props.  As always you will have a selection of texture options for the leather, pillows and vase.  Only during the event will you be able to grab this set at a special and heavily discounted price.

Skin – Lumae – Beth Caramel
Lashes – Redgrave – 31 Extralong
Teeth – [PXL] – Mouth_open_Addon v7.1
Hair – Dura – Girl*59
Top – Emery – Galadriel Top Grey
Jeans – Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Dark
Hands & Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

*Raleigh Upholstered bench Set – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
Iona Conservatory – Trompe Loeil
Vintage Eye Chart – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Trois Pillows – llorisen
Taylor Rug Greige – The Loft
Tripod Lamp – Junk
Balance Scales – Junk
Basset Hound – Mesh Mafia

*Review copy.

Christmas at [CIRCA]

Circa Christmas Decor

Besides delicious looking desserts [CIRCA] also has an abundance of furniture and accessories to help you decorate your home for Christmas.  I’m showing only a handful of the items that can be found in events that [CIRCA] is participating in around the grid or available at the store.  There are several decorations that are part of the Holiday Advent gifts that can be purchased at the store for minimal amounts ranging from $0 to $50 lindens.  You have to be a group member to take advantage of these items and right now group membership is free until December 24th.   The Christmas chaise is the gift for the Mega Stuff2 Hunt.  Lots of great things! Please see credits below for the items that are pictured and the location on where the items can be found.

Hair – Truth – Vida
Shawl – Erratic – Shawl/Pink @ The Arcade
Vest – Redgrave – Fur Vest – Sienna Pink @ Uber
Shorts – Erratic – Briony Shorts White
Socks – Erratic – Eva Holiday Socks Pink Hearts @ The Arcade

*”Highlander” Holiday Deer Frame – Red @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Highlander” Holiday Deer Frame – Beige @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Highlander” Holiday Tartan Deer Rug – Red @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Jolly” Velvet Chaise – Couple’s Sage Snow (SE) @ [CIRCA] {Mega Stuff2 Hunt item}
*”Winter Grove” Poinsettia Wreath – Red Natural 1 @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Christmas Cheer” Wine Bar Set {Holly Chalkboard, Wine Bar & Giver, Snowflake Twig Vase & Stools} – [CIRCA] @ The Black Dot Project 
*”Christmas Jewel” Mini Tree w/ Lights – Classic @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Holly Days” Gingerbread Cookie Plate @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Candy Cane Holder – Red Mix @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Candy Cane Holder – Green Glitter – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Deer Lake” Holiday Gift Stacks – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Deer Lake” HOliday Ornament Box – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Jolly Winter” Floor Pillow – Sage Snow @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Holiday Reindeer Stand @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Holiday Fireplace with Ornaments Rare – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Gacha
*Poinsettia Holiday Planter – Sandy Clay Large & Medium @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Holiday Cranberry Basket – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Deer Lake” Christmas Card – Semi Open & Open – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Deer Lake” Poinsettia Bauble Pyramid – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
*”Cloud 9″ Rose Dome – Red @ [CIRCA] {Advent item}
*”Deer Lake” Candle Stands & Poinsettia Decor – [CIRCA] @ The Promenade Holiday Room Gacha
Princess Jezibell Snug – Scarlett Creative @ Collabor88

*Review copies.

Q & R is for… (challenge)

Catch Up

Happy Easter everyone.  The weather in my area of Florida is absolutely gorgeous and while today I am going to be working some to meet some deadlines for work I am also going to take the day to relax.   Taking pictures in Second Life to me is quite relaxing and so this morning I want to do a bit of catch up with the alphabet challenge and some Easter stuff that I wanted to show.    Twice again I have lost my inventory and while I have recouped it again both times, it is becoming a bit of an annoyance when I can’t get to items I want to use.

Anyways, on to better things.  I am wearing this hair called “Quirky” from Elikatira  for my letter “Q” in the alphabet challenge.  Unfortunately, this hair is no longer available as all the old style of hairs have been removed from the store.  For my “R” letter I decided to wear a combination of items from two stores.   The top and jeans are from Ricielli and the shoes and glasses are from Redgrave and all credits are below.

With my inventory loss I couldn’t get to some of the Easter items that Aphrodite Shops has as gifts for him and her.   The items surrounding me are from the Easter egg gift for her, which is flowers, a perfume and this animated  bunny that is in the pink and gold egg that gives you chocolate.  I think it is also absolutely lovely for a decor item as well.  If you want to see the items as a gift for him, I do have a picture on my Flickr page.

I took the picture at my home, which I have blogged before so I won’t go into those items.  However, I do want to mention this floor cushion from Digs that is part of the Easter egg hunt at the Nest sim. It has some some of the cutest poses and guess what it’s free. 🙂


Hair – Elikatira – Quirky Black
Sunglasses – Redgrave – Aviators V1.1
Top – Ricielli – Shining Shirt/White
Jeans – Ricielli – Anna Mesh Jeans
Shoes – Redgrave – Ankleboots Keira w/ 12 Color HUD

Aphrodite “Hearted” Easter Egg For Her (Pink) w/ Gifts:
– Spring Pink Roses Bouquet
– “Sexy” Perfume
– Easter Egg Gift Box Animated
– Luxurious Pink Gown {not shown}

Mr. Whootletoot Floor Cushion – Digs @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

St. Patrick Goodies…

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown


I remember growing up that St. Patrick’s always signified wearing green, otherwise, we would get pinched by someone.  My Google search about why pinching was done revealed that wearing green would make you invisible to the Leprechauns and the pinching is a reminder to warn you.   This seems to be more of an American thing?


The holiday is right around the corner and Aphrodite Shops has released some fun things to celebrate St. Patrick’s — like this Shamrock Pub, which is excellent for role-playing.   It’s an easy set up with a rezzer that allows you to position the bar and stools exactly where you want it or move it around as necessary.  The bar dispenses drinks.  To create the whole atmosphere of a pub, there is an option to add-on a barrel table and with stools, which you can see in the background in the first picture towards the windows.

While I didn’t use this buffet table full of yummy St. Patrick treats in the pub.  It certainly can be used in whole as shown for the pub, your own parties or you can always use only the foods you want for your own table settings.   Some of the treats you get in this buffet is pizza cones or pizza in a cute shamrock shape,  fondue, cake, cookies and drinks.


However, if you want a more intimate setting then try the romantic table for two.   This would be a wonderful way to surprise that special someone in your life.  The table rezzes food from a menu, from starters to desserts. This setting also comes with a limited edition of one of the most expensive champagnes in the world.  🙂 



Hair – Exile – Dream of Paradise in Blacks
Jewelry – Donna Flora – Rosea Set
Gown – Zanze – Vivienne {Champagne}
On Him:
Hair – Redgrave – Jacob Black
Blazer & Jeans – Wilson’s – Menstuff Hunt 2014 {March 1-31}
Shoes – Epia – Menstuff Hunt 2014 {March 1-31}
Glasses – X-Sight- Vit Glasses Dark Chocolate – Menstuff Hunt 2014 {March 1-31}
Standing Pose in 3rd Picture : Label Motion – Old ZPCH {previous freebie}
Other Poses part of Pub Stools and Table Setting from Aphrodite Shops

St Patrick’s Romantic Table for Two – Aphrodite Shops
Sneaky Shamrock Pub – Aphrodite Shops
Shamrock Pub Barrel Table & 4 Stools Add-On – Aphrodite Shops
$1L Building with Decoration – Tampon Inside @ MP
Sea Rocks with Waves by Antreas Alter
Summer Linden Tree – Botanical
Bridge Stone Bridge – FelixvonKotwitz Alter
Elegant Tree – Mitsuko Kytori
Reed Flexi – Annastasia Scofield



…isn’t always black and white.



Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Paradise
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 19 Diva & 31 Extra Long
Hair – CaTwA – Mesh Abi
Lipstick – Bilo – Nasreen Lip Crackle
Dress – CaTwA – Marilena White plus Color HUD
Jewelry – Yummy – Teardrop Gemstone Diamond Set
Shoes – N-Core -CINQ White


Tampa House – inVerse
Bed Curtains – MudHoney – Priya Bed Curtains
Bed – MudHoney – Rita Bed White
Headboard – MudHoney – Padded Headboard
Seat – Apple Fall – Neoclassical Seat Monochrome
Rug – Tartessos Arts – Bokeh Rug
Book – Aria – Aurora Open Book + Glasses
Butterfly Art – Aria – Daphne Wall Flutter {in black — white is modified}
Chest – Apple Fall – Mother in Pearl Inlaid Chest
Boat Art – Ispachi – Mesh Art Isolde


Maybe…or not.

Image 1

When everyone else was taking naps or sneaking off into a quiet corner during the down time from all the family activities yesterday I came online for my own moment of quietness and tried doing a bit of clean up of my inventory.

That was the original intention, though somehow ended up going into a store and buying a new skin.   I’m sure that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve only worn one skin outside of my original noob state and one other skin given to me by a stranger during the first few days of joining.   Sometimes and it’s very rare that I will use other skins for pictures and only if it doesn’t drastically change my appearance.

I also never tweak my facial features and I did with the use of this skin and there is a smidgen of change, which I might be able to live with.  I’m not sure that I’m ready to make a complete change to a new skin as I still like my current skin very much.  Maybe a short trial run to see how it resonates with me.



Skin – Redgrave – Liv in Tan Skin
Hair – Argrace – Olivia in Midnight {first picture slightly enhanced with photo software}
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 31 Extra Long & 39 Luscious
Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Open Mouth – PXL – Mouth_open_Addon_v7.1
Dress – Rebel Hope – Lola Mesh Dress White

It was perfect…


Several days ago I saw a Second Life picture that featured as part of the scene a station wagon, which stirred up some memories and a little melancholy.  It took me to happy memories in my youth, because a station wagon was our family vehicle for many years.  While my father had a love for big vehicles and by that I mean they were very long by today’s standards.  I remember one of his favorites was a 1979 Lincoln Town Car and it was in the eighties when he owned it.  As I think about it today, I don’t know if a station wagon would have been his first choice of vehicles to drive.   In his case, you could say it was an absolute necessity with eight children.


There were many road trips that we did going across the country to visit my father’s family, who lived on the west coast.  I don’t know how we managed to all fit in the station wagon, though maybe that explains why it only took dad three days to go from Florida to the state of Washington.  After spending the weekend with two children under the age of five — I can only imagine eight children would be incentive enough to drive with very little sleep and only necessary stops like gassing up just to get to your destination as quickly as possible.


That’s what made me search on marketplace for a station wagon and found this green one, which besides the color resembles one of the wagons we had.  It was perfect.   What made it right was that it has a Texas license tag and that’s where dad was born.


Skin – Dulce Secrets – Tierre.Cinnamon.Bare @ Bitacora Travel Fair
Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Paradise
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 31 Extra Long & 19 Diva
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Bijoux Hair
Necklace – Leonard – My Feather Necklace Brass
Top – EnvyMe – Hippie Brownish Dark Fringe Top @ Boho Culture Fair 
Skirt – Corvus – Brown Long Skirt @ Fi*Fridays
Poses – KoKoLoRes – {Mens} Stands 021-025 @ Fi*Fridays


Hurley Rural Garage from Post 
Station Wagon from Dragon Coachworks
Shiny Meadow Autumn from Alirium
Leaf Yellow & Leaf Autumn from Zigana 
Black Eyed Susans from Tuff


Tax Break

According to the Internal Revenue Service 25% of people wait until the last two weeks to file their tax return. Normally I’m not in that percentile, though this year I just couldn’t get motivated to get started even if I had all my paperwork in a stack sitting near my computer.

Now the clock is ticking with only hours before the big day. I settled into this comfortable chair to get mine completed. It didn’t take me that long, an hour if that. Though it’s one of those things that you really don’t want to do, especially if you’re in that percentile that has to mail in a check.


Up until now I have not put any credits on the items that I show in my pictures. Though after a bit of a chat with my sister this morning, she made a good point about not knowing where an item came from that you saw on a blog.

So here are the credits to what is shown on my avatar and decor:

Tank – Tee*fy Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Chilli (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Pants – Tres Blah – Juju Jeans Light Wash (three in one – wearing the rolled up)
Jewelry – Finesmith – Mango Set (April group gift)
HairDura – Boys&Girls*42 Black
NailsPulcino – Prim Nail “Granite” White
EyelashesRedgrave – 39 Luscious
LipstickBlackLiquid– African Dream Gloss
EyelinerBlackLiquid – Needle Black Liner
Shoes – Leverocci – Cadenza Wedge Flash (store currently closed for construction)

Chair – We’re CLOSED – Flower Power
Flowers – Lilith Heart – Meadow Flowers Fairy Wands Pink
Background Trees Etc. – 3D Trees – Forest Accessories Packs I & II

Picture location is my private home