There is quite a lot of summer time fashion and decor around right now at almost every event.  Here are just a few samples of what you can find, so take a look at credits for more details.


*Hair: Mango Hair by Tetra
*Harper Bikini Set by [The Forge] @ The Seasons Story
[The Forge] Harper Cateye Sunglasses
[The Forge] Harper Top
[The Forge] Harper Bottoms

*[The Forge] Itachi Platforms, Pink by [The Forge] @ The Gacha Guardians

*Small Things: Summertime Gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four
ionic : Outdoor Summer picnic Table – RARE
ionic : Summer skate (blue)
ionic : Summer skate (rose)
ionic : To Beach Sign
ionic : Ceramic leaf
ionic : Chocolate Icecreams
ionic : Watermelon Icecreams
ionic : Cheese table

*Summer Tent by [Merak] @ The Season’s Story

*[The Forge] Harper Sunhat {part of set mentioned above}

*Summer Nights Beach Towel – PG by Heart Homes

*Pose: Beach Bunny-5 w/ Soft Mesh Sand Photo Prop by FOXCITY @ On9

Beach Sand-v1 {Low Li} by Little Branch
White Palm Double {Animated} by Little Branch
White Palm.v1 {Animated} 3Li by Little Branch
Alligator Apple Bush by Skye Studio

Cottage BonneTerre

M&M 002

From the same creators that brought you the BeauRoche, that I blogged back in April, M&M Creations now bring you Cottage BonneTerre, which means “Good Soil”.  The creator writes… “We all know those cute little creatures with big flat feet who have great adventures all over the fantasy world. They live in even so cute homes with round doors and a lot of wood from the forest.

Personally, I thought of the movie Shrek and his little home that he had to bend down to get into.  M&M Creations has now made this cottage for big creatures. No need for bending.  The home is dug into a grassy hill with flowers and to help visualize the concept I did some landscaping using the Sassafras and Aspen trees by Little Branch, available now at ongoing events.  Both trees are seasonal trees that on touch change to the season you want. I also used a backyard swamp by TLC, modding the grass parts of it the same as the cottage so that they blended together and then used wild grass from Skye.

PicMonkey Collage
Click for larger image view

The whole process for the cottage took three month from inspiration to modeling to completion.  Below the credits I have included some additional details from the creator on the cottage.

*Cottage BonneTerre by M&M Creations ~ MFGC
*Sassafras.v3 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*LeSac Topiary2 {Spring} by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan {buried sack in ground}
*Aspen Trees by  by Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Backyard Swamp by .:TLC:. 
Wild Grass by Skye Studio
Willow Tree by Katz Republic
Deer Family with Sounds by Sweet Revolutions


-The oval front door with hand forged hinges leads to a spacious room.
-There you will find a very cute stove with its pipe going all the way up.
-The plastered walls are decorated with organic shapes.
-An arched window with 2 open-able windows gives a nice view on the surrounding scenery.
-The stone stairs just behind the huge tree, which supports the thatched roof, leads to an upper level with 2 light domes.
-From there wooden stairs go up to an octagonal room with a balcony overlooking the lower floor.
-When going down again you can enter the annex and go outside through the double doors onto the small terrace.
-Of course while exploring you discovered the stained glass windows dropping its light onto the floors.
-From the terrace a small path leads back to the front door.
-The scenic hill is surrounded by a dry stone wall from huge blocks which are used in the building as well.

Enjoy this adventurous new creation of M&M and find pleasure in making it your own.

Technical information:
– landimpact 90 (rezzed in the M&M store)
– footprint 28×27 meter
– designed for tall avatars, reduce LI by sizing down if you have a “normal” sized avatar.
– all doors and windows are scripted with sounds
– scripts are no modify

Box contains:
– copy modify build
– basic info, landmark etc.

M&M Creations


Castle 027

Today I am featuring this mixture of cottage and castle known as the BeauRoche by M&M Creations, designer and creator of sculpted prims and mesh. The cottage/castle was inspired by a late medieval cottage found in rural France. It sits atop a small rocky rise that gives it a grandeur presence.


It’s highly detailed in both the mesh and textures utilized and to give a touch of realism the exterior texture has put-log holes to convey the age of the building.  All of the doors, gates and windows are scripted to open and close with original new sounds and the fountain seen in the first picture is scripted with running water that can be turned on and off.

First Floor

The balcony in the last photo could also be used as an entrance as the railing leading out from the house can be swapped out for a gate.  There is arch way in the courtyard/garden.

Second Floor

Each purchase includes a copy/modifiable version of high and low LOD build, and a template for the nameplate and also the shade maps.   The high has a land impact of 95 with the low at 56 with a footprint of 31×28.5 meter.

Back view

It’s a well done building that is great for medieval role-play enthusiasts. Go check out other builds by this creator at their main store

The leaning tree in the first picture is not part of the building.  It’s the newest tree by Little Branch called the Honey Tree, available now at the newest round of Lost & Found. The flowers also show in the first picture are by Little Branch as well and currently at FaMESHed.
*Castle Cottage BeauRoche by M&M Creations ~MFGC
*Honey Tree {Seasons}by Little Branch at Lost & Found
*Bouton d’or Orange , Lavender, Pink & Yellow {Rounded-Fields} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Grass by Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Deers by Just Animals
Enchanted Woods by Studio Skye
Stone Wall by aa Build & Designs

It’s still snowing somewhere.

Snowing Somewhere

After talking about dogs, chef, cranky men, sleet and snow with a friend yesterday I got inspired to do one more scene with snow.

Headdress – [MeshedUp] – Ushanka Headdress @ Fantasy Collective
Hair – eXxEsS – Dennica
Face Tattoo – Wicked Peach – Priestess Pack 1
Face Tattoo – ARISE – Boda Facepaint Black Cyan {Jan. 2015 Secret Affair}
Top – Cold Logic – Koste Crema {modified/tinted}
Vest – May’s Soul – Moachi Vest Brown {Jan. 2015 Secret Affair}
Skirt – Peqe – Green Maea {previous gacha item}
Boots – Cellar Door – Yetti Boots {Jan. 2015 Secret Affair}
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Enchanted Woods – Skye Studio
Snow – Best Weather System/Xavier.Novelli {Added more snow with processing}
Horse – United InshCon
Pose: The Priestess Pose by Rack Poses {past Fantasy Gacha Carnival item}

Keep looking up… that’s the secret of life.


I had a flashback when I saw the name of this top & skirt to the time I was on a business trip and my colleagues and I took a detour through the City of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico over 15 years ago.   I really can’t say that I recall much about the place as it was a very short time there and only stopping to grab a bite to eat before making the remaining way to our destination.  It’s just a name you won’t easily forget. The handbag certainly has that southwestern look that embodies that part of the country.

Now I’m feeling a bit nostalgic as I recollect some of my trips to the west coast.

Hair – LeLutka – Vague
Top – Neverwood – Truth or Consequences Tee in Blood  {Gacha} @ Oh My Gacha
Skirt – Neverwood – Truth or Consequences Skirt in Blood {Gacha} @ Oh My Gacha
Purse – Neverwood – Truth or Consequences Bag (Fringed) {Gacha} @ Oh My Gacha
Gnarled Cherry Tree – Skye Studio
Rocks & Cliffs Wales Rocks – Fanatik
Itchy & Puffy Grass – *alirium*
Pose: Moving Light by Ma Vie

Winter Home Retreat

007 The Den

I hope everyone had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year and hopefully still enjoying some down time.   Mine was great and I have a few more days before having to haul myself back to work and everything once again returns to a bit of normalcy.  Even though the Christmas holiday is pretty much over the winter months are not gone and what a perfect way to settle down here in your Second Life then perhaps getting away to a comfy little retreat home, which I am featuring today.


This is a lovely open space 15 x 15 mesh home made by The [Den.] with a land impact of 35 that comes with a built in fireplace and chandelier.  It is now available for purchase at this month’s round of Uber where you’re bound to find some other fabulous stuff.


My first two pictures show it as I envisioned it decorated for myself though with this big of space the possibilities are endless.  The last two pictures are just two close ups showing the building by itself.



*North Woods Retreat – The [Den.] @ Uber
Foundry Hammock – Scarlet Creative
Winter Larch Trees – 3D Trees
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Deer – Hannah Kozlowski
Rustic Water Pump & Bucket – Dysfunctional Designs
Victorian Snow Plow – Pilot
Snowy Logs – Hideki
Sledge/Natural – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Sled with Logs – Pixel Mode
Lumberjack’s Table – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Drafting Table – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Gacha 6 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Static Squirrels with Nuts & Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
*Ophelia Sofa & Armchair – [ARIA] @ Uber
Firewood Holder – Junk
NOEL: Feather Table/ Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
NOEL: Tears Tree/ RARE – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
Winter Rustic Chalkboard – [][]bh[][]/Beach Street @ Liaison Collaborative
Monogram Window Art D, & A – [Commoner] {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Cabin Gacha 4 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Lumberjack’s Axe – Dustbunny @ No21
Teapot Wind Chimes – Dustbunny @ No21
Animal Rug – Junk
The Winter Gacha 2 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Vintage Frames – Dustbunny @ No21
NOEL: Frilled Furrug Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
The Winter Gacha 8 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Cookie Box – Oyasumi
Twingle Twigs – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Desk Clock – Pixel Mode {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Crane in a Bottle Yellow – Attic @ Kustom9
Fireside Chairs Throw Dark – Junk
Winter Bulbs – Dustbunny – {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Traveler’s Table – Dustbunny @ No21*Review copies.

++Edited to include name of creator in post and error in events.  My apologies!

I wish Santa would come sooner.

Santa come sooner

Just showing another ideal winter scene, even though I would wager shoveling snow doesn’t look this easy.  I can’t say that my memory stretches far back to this age as a child to what I might have been like waiting for Christmas to arrive.  Though considering that I’m known to be a little impatient at times (smirks a little) it is likely that this would probably have been me waiting and thinking… when are you going to get here Santa!
Happy Thursday!
On Alexa –
Skin – Lumae – Star 5 – Caramel/Bare
Hair – Clawtooth – Snow Bunny Enchanting Brunettes @ The Arcade
Sweater – Erratic – Hazel Oversized Sweater @ The Arcade
Pants – [Decoy] – Dana 76 Jeans {old item}
Socks – Just Design – Navajo Boots High Socks @ FaMESHed
On Sydney –
Hair – D!va – Mimi in Onyx
Outfit – Baby Pie – Laila Winter Baby {past Limited 50}
Scarf – Just Kidding – Winter Scarf {past Limited 50}
Garden Gazebo – Snowy – Barnesworth Anubis @ The Arcade
Sledge – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Snowballs – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Victorian Snow Plow – Pilot @ Collabor88
Reindeer Games Hugs Baby – ToddleTeeZ @ The Woodlands {Kids Event}
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Enchanted Woods – Skye Studio
Granny’s Winter Cottage Picket Fences – 8f8 @ The Arcade
Dirt Shovel – Clutter
Despondent by Del May
Pitchforking by Kamala Animations

My winter dream.


I was short on time this morning, and was only able to post on Flickr before having to rush off for a morning meeting.  I have about fifteen minutes before I have to rush off again to meet a friend for lunch.  I figured that in that time I can get this done.  This is my first snow scene in Second Life all the while it’s only relatively cool with weather in the mid sixties today here in my real world as I type this.  It’s a small cold front we’re having as our normal weather is usually high seventies or low eighties.

When I thought of doing something snowy with the Christmas feel I thought of Norman Rockwell scenes.  I have always loved his work of portraying American life through his paintings.   I have been in Florida most of my life with only small stints of living in other parts of the US like a year in California and another year in Washington state.  The latter being where I experienced snow probably for the first time that I can remember when I was like seven years old.  Outside of that I have seen snow only on a few other occasions like in upstate New York while on a business trip and a family vacation in the mountains of Tennessee.

This would be my ideal snow scene.

Skin – Lumae – Star ~ Tone 5 – Caramel {Lazy Sunday}
Hair – Mina – Selenia Dark Brown @ The Arcade
Coat – COCO – Duffle Coat (Cyan) @ The Arcade
Boots – Baiastice – Gill Stretch Boots Knit Jacquard Cian @ The Arcade
Hands – SLink – AvEnhance Hands

The Dreamers Cottage RARE – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Fire Wood @ The Arcade
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Mailbox @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Tabletop Tree @ The Arcade
Enchanted Woods – Skye Studio
Remarkable Oblivion – Holiday Spirit – Lantern Plain @ The Arcade
Ispachi [Cherished Moments] Huskies @ The Arcade
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Velocipede [Limited Edition] – .Shi & Vibe



This is like the third or fourth day I’ve woken up with a pounding headache, today a little worse than usual.   I’m not lacking sleep and I’m not eating anything before bed and not overly stressed for once.  It used to be when I dreamed a lot I always felt my mind never rested, and yet I’m not dreaming often these days, or dreams I can remember when I awake.  I’m just babbling now trying to think of the reason for these annoying headaches.

I haven’t posted in a few days as I’ve been focusing on a few other things like decorating my land and putting a little more order to my wonderfully filled inventory.  It’s a bit embarrassing funny when someone else knows your inventory better than you do.  I made a joke that I was going to bequest all my gacha items to them upon my calling it quits.  Chuckles.

Hope your Wednesday is fabulous!

Hair – Mina – Selenia – Black @ The Arcade
Glasses – Modish – Obscurity Shades Black
Top – Gizza – Asymmetric Tank Red
Bra – Old/Unknown
Pants – Gizza – Asymmetric Leggings Red
Shoes – Reign – Allure Heels Black
Hands & Feet – SLink – AvEnhance Feet & Hands

 Pose: Sobriety Test #1 by Del May
The Old Bridge – Skye Studio
Tuk Tuks Bumblebee & Skunk – Zaara @ The Arcade
Bag – Sleepy Eddy – Leather Boston Bag Black @ The Arcade
Grass Field Green – We’re Closed
Enchanted Forest Trees – Skye Studio
Mesh Elk – JA/Hannah Kozlowski

Capturing a wild boar.



Here lately I have been in a changeable mode.  Like last night I was just standing at my landing point and it struck me that I have spent more time on that spot than anywhere else inside or outside in any of the sitting spots throughout.  Within ten minutes I took down the house, furniture and all the landscaping.  Standing there in an almost empty flat land I was thinking what comes next and so I put down these woods to get some inspiration.   It didn’t ignite in me any ideas and quite frankly I’m thinking of just renting a space that gives you a small allowance of prim to use.  I have never gone homeless for very long and it makes me antsy not having a place to park myself or having somewhere to open purchases.  Maybe by the time my tier is up in a few days I’ll have decided on something.

I was wearing just the dress as I was still working through some of the items that I picked up at The Secret Affair event when it dawned on me to use the woods as the backdrop.  Combining items from several of the fantasy events and here I am ready to capture a wild boar.

Hair – [Entwined] – Arya in Blacks @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – NOX. – Tottem Shadow [Black] @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – [theSkinnery] – Wisdom Eye Makeup 2 @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo – Yumi Chiuh – Dirty Face
Eyes – {Song} – Yuki ~ Aqua Eyes @ Kustom9
Staff – FDD – GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-Soul Reaper* Moon RARE @ The Secret Affair
Staff – FDD – GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-Soul Reaper* Moon v2 @ The Secret Affair
Dress – Pure Poison – Luana Dress Brown @ The Secret Affair
Armor – Valentina E. – Tya Shoulder Armour & Waist Belt Gold @ The Secret Affair
Stole – Valentina E. – Tya Shoulder Stole Mink @ The Secret Affair
Leggings – KOSH – Cotton Leggings
Leg Harness – [Haste] – Nsia Leg Harness Nude @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Arm Harness – [Haste] – Nsia Arms Nude @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Boots – May’s Soul – Ranger Boots @ The Fantasy Room

Pose: Paladin Gacha – RACK Poses @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Enchanted Woods V2 – Skye Studio
Grass Field Green – We’re Closed
Boars – Hannah Kozlowski