Cottage BonneTerre

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From the same creators that brought you the BeauRoche, that I blogged back in April, M&M Creations now bring you Cottage BonneTerre, which means “Good Soil”.  The creator writes… “We all know those cute little creatures with big flat feet who have great adventures all over the fantasy world. They live in even so cute homes with round doors and a lot of wood from the forest.

Personally, I thought of the movie Shrek and his little home that he had to bend down to get into.  M&M Creations has now made this cottage for big creatures. No need for bending.  The home is dug into a grassy hill with flowers and to help visualize the concept I did some landscaping using the Sassafras and Aspen trees by Little Branch, available now at ongoing events.  Both trees are seasonal trees that on touch change to the season you want. I also used a backyard swamp by TLC, modding the grass parts of it the same as the cottage so that they blended together and then used wild grass from Skye.

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The whole process for the cottage took three month from inspiration to modeling to completion.  Below the credits I have included some additional details from the creator on the cottage.

*Cottage BonneTerre by M&M Creations ~ MFGC
*Sassafras.v3 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*LeSac Topiary2 {Spring} by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan {buried sack in ground}
*Aspen Trees by  by Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Backyard Swamp by .:TLC:. 
Wild Grass by Skye Studio
Willow Tree by Katz Republic
Deer Family with Sounds by Sweet Revolutions


-The oval front door with hand forged hinges leads to a spacious room.
-There you will find a very cute stove with its pipe going all the way up.
-The plastered walls are decorated with organic shapes.
-An arched window with 2 open-able windows gives a nice view on the surrounding scenery.
-The stone stairs just behind the huge tree, which supports the thatched roof, leads to an upper level with 2 light domes.
-From there wooden stairs go up to an octagonal room with a balcony overlooking the lower floor.
-When going down again you can enter the annex and go outside through the double doors onto the small terrace.
-Of course while exploring you discovered the stained glass windows dropping its light onto the floors.
-From the terrace a small path leads back to the front door.
-The scenic hill is surrounded by a dry stone wall from huge blocks which are used in the building as well.

Enjoy this adventurous new creation of M&M and find pleasure in making it your own.

Technical information:
– landimpact 90 (rezzed in the M&M store)
– footprint 28×27 meter
– designed for tall avatars, reduce LI by sizing down if you have a “normal” sized avatar.
– all doors and windows are scripted with sounds
– scripts are no modify

Box contains:
– copy modify build
– basic info, landmark etc.

M&M Creations

3 thoughts on “Cottage BonneTerre

  1. Moz Loordes

    As a Hobbit fan, I fully appreciate this enchanting build! Good land impact considering you get all the landscaping with it and could just set it into a sim without any further fiddling, no problem.


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