The Devonshire Manor


The week off I took from blogging has been productive. I managed to shave off a little over 10,000 items in my inventory and organized my folders  as well.  I also tackled going through a couple of my received folders that contained items purchased off market place that probably date back to when I started.  Those crazy nights when I was bored and used my iPad to visit the market place and bought things I liked.  I loved finding all the landscape stuff I purchased that I didn’t remember having.

Anyways, it’s great to be back to blogging.  I actually started yesterday posting a picture to my other blog as I had an event that I am committed to that had already begun.  I have quite a few decor items to show in the coming days, but I thought to start with showing the latest home by DaD Design and some new landscape by Little Branch.

The Devonshire Manor is a beauty of a home and it’s huge in size with a footage of 36.8 x 30, and has a land impact of 268. I absolutely love the majestic look of the home from the outside and could visualize landscaping it in many ways. Though I opted to go for a cleaner look with a  narrow stream of water to run through as any body of water is always so peaceful.  I’ve included the creator details on the house below as well as their ad for inside of the house.

The trees by Little Branch are the single trees in the front of the home. The first starting from the bench side are the Wild Sassafras, V1 & V2 and then the next after the twisted is the Maple Forest and the last is Oak Wood. All the trees are seasonal, meaning that on click you can pick what season you want.  I kind of took advantage and used all of them on this post, but will probably use them again in outdoor posts.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

*”Devonshire Manor” by DaD DESIGN @ FaMESHed
*Oak Wood {Seasons} by Little Branch @ The Men’s Department
*Wild Sassafras.v1 {4 Seasons} by  Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Wild Sassafras.v2 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Maple Forest {Seasons} by Little Branch @ The Liaison Collaborative
Marlow Bench by {what next}
Garden Tree0 8 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Garden Tree 07 – Green by Happy Mood
Shrub – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Speargrass Patch 2012 by .:buddhabeats:. 
Fu’s Grass & Popy 3tex L-mesh by Funny Honey

Footage: 36,8 x 30
Land Impact: 268
Copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
No transfer

“DEVONSHIRE MANOR” Is a beautiful family house. The style of the house the style of the houses that we usually find in some parts of England. Big windows that let in the light on foggy days of winter. A graceful, central staircase welcomes you inside with some libraries built on the sides. Two beautiful living room on the right, and on the left welcome you in and they are designed as a potential single spacious lounge. You can enter the kitchen from the main living room. Upstairs 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a second room which can be used as a study or a private bathroom. The two other bedroom have a common bathroom which can be easily accessed from them. The windows of the whole house can be opened and have been arranged openings of different heights to create the most natural look possible.

Customize your home has never been easier!

Scattered around the house there are buttons and by touch to access the menu where areas of the house have been loaded: For the large size of the house buttons to personalize each room they are divided on two floors

Living Room
Bathroom Ground

Master Room
Bathroom MR
Room 1
Room 2

ACCESS: Level 0 (everyone); Level 1 Authorized Only (add a simple notecard with complete name of avatar – not the display name -; Level 2 Owner only (default). For each zone, there is 74 pre-loaded colors to choose from, to personalize your new home and make it unique internally and externally.

Even the floors can be easily changed:
Edit Mode —- Select face
And you can add your favorite flooring texture
The windows open by touch as the doors to the easy step.

“DEVONSHIRE MANOR” It is a very large house so he needed to be inserted in a rezzer.  Rez ground DaD DESIGN “Devonshire Manor” c / m rezzer V.1.0 and touch rez. Move the rez to the desired location and when you touch temrinato FINISH! That’s all !


Her hideaway


In just under three hours the doors will be bursting open wide for the Arcade and the crowds will be wild.  I am doing a second post today even though it’s just gone past midnight so technically it’s the next day to showcase the rare in the Home for the Holidays gacha by Hive.  The whole set is 11 commons and 1 rare, which is this house that has a land imapct of 141.  It’s two levels that are open and has a one car garage.  I absolutely adore it and the rest of the items that I will show off soon!

I cannot take any credit for the landscaping, as it was done by a good friend of mine.

*Home-for-the-Holidays Gacha/Holly’s Home Rare by Hive – NEW @ The Arcade

The Tribeca Loft

“There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world.  It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.” ~ Henry Van Dyke

Dad Jian 014ps

It’s been a while since I’ve decorated to this extent, but I was in the mood to do it with this newly released loft by DaD Design at the Monsieur Chic, a new men’s high fashion shopping event that will also have some furniture.  The Tribeca loft is a limited edition item and only 100 of these will be sold, so grab yours quickly.  More information on the loft is below the credits and I have also included a photo collage of the loft itself.

PicMonkey Collage
Click photo to enlarge

Another item that is being featured today is the cream and brown armchairs by DaD Design as well.  They come in pg and adult versions and are just so inviting with some very nice sit, cuddle animations in the pg versions shown here and can fit both an indoor or an outdoor setting.  These are available now at the Monsieur Chic event as well.

The last items being featured are the curious cats by Jian.  Now you must understand that I am not a cat person in either world, so it’s kind of hard to call them adorable.  Though Jian does a great job in creating some cute animals for us to enjoy the experience of having pets in-world.  Apart from stationary cats there are wandering ones that walk freely and then clinging cats for those who want to carry them around.  These curious cats are available for the new round of The Gacha Garden.  I’m showcasing a couple of common ones, a few rares and also the seed of inspiration gift that is received after a player does 20 pulls on a single machine.  I’ve put the event website below the credits, if you want more information and want to learn how to play.

The rest of the items used are from past events and a considerable amount of them are gachas.

*Tribeca Loft by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Tribeca Armchair by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Tribeca Armchair with Ottoman by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Curious Kitties by Jian @ The Gacha Garden
-Toy Truck Wanderer Rare
-Toy Truck Companion Rare
-Snail Plant Rare
-Flower Basket *Seed of Inspiration*
-Betta Bowl Rare
-Wanderer Org Tabby
-Wanderer Calico
04 Memories Sofa by *YS&YS*
12 Memories Rug 02 by *YS&YS*
03 Memories Cupboard by *YS&YS*
Riciclo Set Vases by *YS&YS*
Hello Billy – Bench Rare by Apt B
Umbrella Bag/Mahogany by -David Heather-
Super Long Hanging Hedera by Soy @ Kustom9
Water Dispenser [Rosybrown] by Soy
Five gallon Water bottle by Soy
Beta Video Player V808-A by Seven Emporium
Paper Lamp Twist by Trompe Loeil
Salad Days – Silver Cloche by -tres blah-
Shoe Clutter White by Garbaggio
Ocean Oasis Gacha – Gilded Gator by SAYO 
Reading Pile by Apple Fall
Crete-Succulents by Bazar
Crete-Basket 02 by Bazar
Salad Days – Passing Time by -tres blah-
Hanging Planter [Natural] by Pilot @ Collabor88
Crete-Potted Wall Tree  by Bazar
Items from The Kitchen Gacha by Pixel Mode
– Kitchen 5 Meters Width
– Storage Cabinet
– Bowls
– Side Plates
– Coffee Cups
– Canisters
– Eat Sign
– Fruit Bowl
– Cook Books
– Salt n Pepper
– Copper Kettle
– Island Counter
05 Memories Table by *YS&YS*
06 Memories Chair by *YS&YS*
Storybook Living . Cake Tin Planter by Dust Bunny
Rappelle-toi de Paris – La Pile de Livres by Knick Knacks
Cake by Tentacio
Love Blinds Narrow Closed by Scarlet Creative
Riciclo Set Forks Hanger by *YS&YS*
Luxury Closet Gacha – Folded Linens by Exposeur {Store Closed}
Riciclo Set Jars by *YS&YS*
Woodenplate Watermelons by -ATTIC-
Crete-Stool Table by Bazar
(Natural dining set) Rare2.pendant Lamp Rare by [NO CONCEPT]


– skybox with 7 New York City scenary
– Vintage Lamp on/off
– size: 29,4x 24,5 (with privacy cube)
– l.i.:47 prims
– copy /mod yes(scripts are not mod)

I am very proud to present this loft / skybox that reproduces the inside of an apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York.

The Loft is industrial-style consists of a large living room, a separate area to use as a bedroom. With a sliding door leads to another room / bathroom.

The loft has 7 scenary with views of New York City day-sunset and night.
Vintage street lamps on the ceiling complete the loft.

all open/closed by touch

Vintage Street Lamps:
Column that divides the living room from the bedroom is placed a switch to turn on or turn off the lights.

And ‘possible to add or remove Vintage Street Lamps: It is important in any case link new lamp to the rest of the loft

In the living room near the window there is the switch to change the external scenario.


This armchair is available in adult and pg version.
L.i. : 5
c/m (scripts are not mod)
no transfer

– Customizable with 2 leather texture (cream & brown) by touch shadow. seat-back-pillow and ottoman
– N° 16 single sit animations (included props and giver items)
– N° 1 couple sit animations

***** TRIBECA ARMCHAIR *****100% mesh

This armchair is available in adult and pg version.
L.i. : 4
c/m (scripts are not mod)
no transfer

– Customizable with 2 leather texture (cream & brown) by touch shadow. seat-back-pillow and ottoman
N° 16 Single sit animations (included props and giver items)
N° 6 couple cuddle animations
N° 8 sex couple animations
N° 16 Single sit animations
N° 6 couple cuddle animations

Website: The Gacha Garden

Cottage BonneTerre

M&M 002

From the same creators that brought you the BeauRoche, that I blogged back in April, M&M Creations now bring you Cottage BonneTerre, which means “Good Soil”.  The creator writes… “We all know those cute little creatures with big flat feet who have great adventures all over the fantasy world. They live in even so cute homes with round doors and a lot of wood from the forest.

Personally, I thought of the movie Shrek and his little home that he had to bend down to get into.  M&M Creations has now made this cottage for big creatures. No need for bending.  The home is dug into a grassy hill with flowers and to help visualize the concept I did some landscaping using the Sassafras and Aspen trees by Little Branch, available now at ongoing events.  Both trees are seasonal trees that on touch change to the season you want. I also used a backyard swamp by TLC, modding the grass parts of it the same as the cottage so that they blended together and then used wild grass from Skye.

PicMonkey Collage
Click for larger image view

The whole process for the cottage took three month from inspiration to modeling to completion.  Below the credits I have included some additional details from the creator on the cottage.

*Cottage BonneTerre by M&M Creations ~ MFGC
*Sassafras.v3 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*LeSac Topiary2 {Spring} by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan {buried sack in ground}
*Aspen Trees by  by Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Backyard Swamp by .:TLC:. 
Wild Grass by Skye Studio
Willow Tree by Katz Republic
Deer Family with Sounds by Sweet Revolutions


-The oval front door with hand forged hinges leads to a spacious room.
-There you will find a very cute stove with its pipe going all the way up.
-The plastered walls are decorated with organic shapes.
-An arched window with 2 open-able windows gives a nice view on the surrounding scenery.
-The stone stairs just behind the huge tree, which supports the thatched roof, leads to an upper level with 2 light domes.
-From there wooden stairs go up to an octagonal room with a balcony overlooking the lower floor.
-When going down again you can enter the annex and go outside through the double doors onto the small terrace.
-Of course while exploring you discovered the stained glass windows dropping its light onto the floors.
-From the terrace a small path leads back to the front door.
-The scenic hill is surrounded by a dry stone wall from huge blocks which are used in the building as well.

Enjoy this adventurous new creation of M&M and find pleasure in making it your own.

Technical information:
– landimpact 90 (rezzed in the M&M store)
– footprint 28×27 meter
– designed for tall avatars, reduce LI by sizing down if you have a “normal” sized avatar.
– all doors and windows are scripted with sounds
– scripts are no modify

Box contains:
– copy modify build
– basic info, landmark etc.

M&M Creations

In the quiet hours

P10 09

*Emily Vintage Bed, Armoire & Boxes – Adult – HJM Designs @ Perfect 1o Event at the Cookie Jar Home & Garden
*Hibiscus – Peach Melba – Simply Shelby @ Perfect 1o Event at the Cookie Jar Home & Garden
*Strength is Life Chalkboard – Against The Wall @ Totally Top Shelf
Vintage Plant Stand Plant – Storax Tree
Decor Floor Lamp – Deco Fans – Uncertain Smile
Cotton Heaven Curtain – Dreamland Designs
Rug Multi-Floral 3 – Spargel & Shine Homes
Vintage Wall Deco – MeshedUp
Vintage Love Sign – *Ionic*
Vintage Bottles & Flower – %Percent Furniture & Lighting
Burtonesque House – Scarlet Creative

Feeling the blues

Un Circa 002

* Myst Sitting Room Set – [CIRCA]
-Ribbed Curtains – In Ocean
-Modern Mesh Table w/ Orange Orchid – Walnut
-Curvy Lounge Chair – Ocean Velvet
-Area Rug – Ribbed – Ocean
-Area Rug – Chenille – Ocean
-Aloe Planter – Skye Blue Stone

*Gypsy Cabinets & Quilts Set – unKindness
-Cabinet Blue Full
-Quilt Clump 1
-Rolled Blankets
-Quilt Clump 2
-Frames Blue

Sleepless Attic Skybox – Dust Bunny

Country clubhouse living

RFL 004-1

Today I am showing another item at the Home & Garden Expo that is ongoing until March 6th.  The fishing shack is by Sahi Designs and includes the boat, rock and fishing rods with pail, lantern and the birch trees around it.  The platform is not part of the shack as I just created it to place the shack in the water.  There are six texture changing options for the bedding and four options for the house and trees.

If you haven’t heard the expo is the largest event that features some of the best home and garden designers on the grid who come together to raise money for Relay for Life of Second Life.  The Relay  for Life is the main fundraising event for American Cancer Society, and Relay for Life of SL is the virtual counterpart that supports this worthy cause.

Please take a visit and support Relay for Life!

*Country Clubhouse – Fishing Shack by Sahi Designs @ Hope 2 Sim @ Home & Garden Expo

The Cheyenne

G 0052

Just doing a quick post and showing the Cheyenne log home by Greymoon Designs, a store that specializes in creating detailed mesh houses, furniture and garden stuff.  It’s a huge home with open wide areas in the middle section of both the top and bottom with rooms on each side.


The creator uses original mesh and custom textures to create their low prim homes. This home has a land impact of just over 240, though you see it is a big home and comes in a rez box with everything you see pictured except the large spruces and the grass in front.


This last picture shows the outside space with a fireplace, which makes for the perfect space to enjoy the scenery from every direction.


The log home is available at the Home & Garden Expo on Hope 1 Sim.

*Cheyenne Log Home – Greymoon Designs @ Hope 1 Home  & Garden Expo
Spruce Trees – 3D Trees
Meadow Grass – Kidd Creations

Love is in the air

Circa 025

There are days when I just want to get into little me and go roaming around on the grid with her. She makes me laugh with her silly jumpy walking.  Plus its much more fun dressing her up!

Today I am featuring pretty much everything in the picture.  This cute dress and shoes I am wearing are by Stitches and is available at the current round of All The Little Things that just opened and will run until February 21st.  The pose used is  by p.o.s.e. and is to show the jewelry (not worn) that comes with the pose.  The jewelry did not match my outfit, so I will feature them in another post soon.

The South Woods Plus home I previously blogged today.  It is by The [Den] and currently available at Uber.

Jian has this collection of posh pups at the new round of The Gacha Garden. I am only showing a few of the whole collection.  The dog in the carrier and the dog snuggled in its bed are the rare items in the collection.  The dog in the pram is the seed of inspiration item.  You will need to visit the event website to get the full scoop on how you get to the seed of inspiration.  Though my last known understanding as previously described in a past post is that players will make pulls on their favorite machines as they normally would with any other gacha.  Every time a player makes 20 pulls on a single machine, they will receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” This is a gift by creators to those who play their machine at least 20 times.  Those seeds of inspiration gifts will be no copy transferable items so you can trade, sell or keep as you normally would.  Though once the event ends, those seeds of inspiration gifts will be retired and will never be made available again.

The remaining decor items being featured are by [CIRCA], which is just in time to help you decorate for Valentine’s Day.   The “Love Notes” collection is available in two colors.  The amaranth pink as shown or a deep red hue and it’s a mixture of vintage with a modern touch decor pieces that you can mix and match to fit your needs.  There are a lot of small details to look out for like the opening drawers on the desk, the heart dangling on the birdcage and desk chair comes with 24 sit animations for both male and female.

*Dress & Shoes – Stitches – Lucky in Love Pink @ All The Little Things
*Pose: Candy Jewelry Pose by p.o.s.e. @ All The Little Things
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *132*

*”Love Notes” Collection – [CIRCA] @ Color Me Project
-Multi Frame Heart – Petal
-Dasmask Chair – Amaranth (24 pos)
-Elegant Wall Table – White / Amaranth
-Birdcage – Pink & Pink Roses
-Letter Ladder & Rose Bush – Pinks (L)
-Vintage Side Table – White / Amaranth
-Vintage Desk – White / Amaranth
-Valentine Card String – Mixed Amaranth
-Area Rug – Amaranth Damask (Style 2)
-Area Rug – Amaranth Damask (Style 1)
*Posh Pups Gacha – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
-Rare Carrier Purse
-Royal Pup Pram *Seed of Inspiration*
-Rare Snuggly Pup Bed
-Black & White
-Brown & White
-Sandy & White
*House – The [Den] – South Woods Plus @ Uber

The Garden Gacha website

The retreat getaway

Aph 001

Heart Homes has released the Alpine Retreat House, which is a mesh home that has a land impact of about 145 and includes a working fireplace, lights and optional kitchen.

The bench out in front of the house is also from Heart Homes and is switchable from being snowed to cozy without the snow.  It has props for solo and couple poses for a total of 29 animations.

The winter sled, chiminea and foxes are all from Jian and can be found at the store. They are fairly new releases that were previously released at a just passed event, that I didn’t get a chance to post until now.  The foxes come in animated or static version.

*Alpine Retreat House – Heart Homes
*Winter Cozy Bench – Heart Homes
*Winter Sled – Jian
*Fox’s Fallen Tree – Jian {was a freebie at past event}
*Foxes – Jian
*Hearthside Chiminea – Jian
Alaska.v1~Cluster{Seasons} – Little Branch
XmasTree – Little Branch
Grass1l {Winter} Little Branch