The Devonshire Manor


The week off I took from blogging has been productive. I managed to shave off a little over 10,000 items in my inventory and organized my folders  as well.  I also tackled going through a couple of my received folders that contained items purchased off market place that probably date back to when I started.  Those crazy nights when I was bored and used my iPad to visit the market place and bought things I liked.  I loved finding all the landscape stuff I purchased that I didn’t remember having.

Anyways, it’s great to be back to blogging.  I actually started yesterday posting a picture to my other blog as I had an event that I am committed to that had already begun.  I have quite a few decor items to show in the coming days, but I thought to start with showing the latest home by DaD Design and some new landscape by Little Branch.

The Devonshire Manor is a beauty of a home and it’s huge in size with a footage of 36.8 x 30, and has a land impact of 268. I absolutely love the majestic look of the home from the outside and could visualize landscaping it in many ways. Though I opted to go for a cleaner look with a  narrow stream of water to run through as any body of water is always so peaceful.  I’ve included the creator details on the house below as well as their ad for inside of the house.

The trees by Little Branch are the single trees in the front of the home. The first starting from the bench side are the Wild Sassafras, V1 & V2 and then the next after the twisted is the Maple Forest and the last is Oak Wood. All the trees are seasonal, meaning that on click you can pick what season you want.  I kind of took advantage and used all of them on this post, but will probably use them again in outdoor posts.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

*”Devonshire Manor” by DaD DESIGN @ FaMESHed
*Oak Wood {Seasons} by Little Branch @ The Men’s Department
*Wild Sassafras.v1 {4 Seasons} by  Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Wild Sassafras.v2 {4 Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Maple Forest {Seasons} by Little Branch @ The Liaison Collaborative
Marlow Bench by {what next}
Garden Tree0 8 – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Garden Tree 07 – Green by Happy Mood
Shrub – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Speargrass Patch 2012 by .:buddhabeats:. 
Fu’s Grass & Popy 3tex L-mesh by Funny Honey

Footage: 36,8 x 30
Land Impact: 268
Copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
No transfer

“DEVONSHIRE MANOR” Is a beautiful family house. The style of the house the style of the houses that we usually find in some parts of England. Big windows that let in the light on foggy days of winter. A graceful, central staircase welcomes you inside with some libraries built on the sides. Two beautiful living room on the right, and on the left welcome you in and they are designed as a potential single spacious lounge. You can enter the kitchen from the main living room. Upstairs 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a second room which can be used as a study or a private bathroom. The two other bedroom have a common bathroom which can be easily accessed from them. The windows of the whole house can be opened and have been arranged openings of different heights to create the most natural look possible.

Customize your home has never been easier!

Scattered around the house there are buttons and by touch to access the menu where areas of the house have been loaded: For the large size of the house buttons to personalize each room they are divided on two floors

Living Room
Bathroom Ground

Master Room
Bathroom MR
Room 1
Room 2

ACCESS: Level 0 (everyone); Level 1 Authorized Only (add a simple notecard with complete name of avatar – not the display name -; Level 2 Owner only (default). For each zone, there is 74 pre-loaded colors to choose from, to personalize your new home and make it unique internally and externally.

Even the floors can be easily changed:
Edit Mode —- Select face
And you can add your favorite flooring texture
The windows open by touch as the doors to the easy step.

“DEVONSHIRE MANOR” It is a very large house so he needed to be inserted in a rezzer.  Rez ground DaD DESIGN “Devonshire Manor” c / m rezzer V.1.0 and touch rez. Move the rez to the desired location and when you touch temrinato FINISH! That’s all !


One thought on “The Devonshire Manor

  1. Moz Loordes

    Well done for cleaning that Inventory, Alexa! I had a go at mine for a couple of hours, tackling the dreaded “New H&G” file *laughs*. It is kinda getting there now. Wow – that is a beautiful house by DaD which I might try out although I have another one of hers on my wish list. She keeps producing such amazing designs – what talent!


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